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487 Cambridge St (at N Beacon and N Brighton), Allston, Massachusetts, USA, 02134

Vegan pizzeria offering hand-crafted pizza made with organic sauce and toppings, as available. Whole wheat and gluten-free crusts available. Also calzone, pizza by the slice, salad, bread sticks, desserts, and drinks. Sunday brunch 11am-3pm, regular menu from 3pm. FEB 2013 REPORTED SHUT DOWN BY THEIR OWN FACEBOOK PAGE.

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23 Reviews

First Review by akina

recomended but not if you don't like fake meat - Edit

I love this place but I enjoy vegan "meat" products like soy peperoni and such. My wife on the other hand finds fake meat and cheese products to be nearly as repulsive as the real thing. As a result she really doesn't like this place at all. If you are the sort of vegan or vegetarian that misses meat and cheese, or at least can enjoy plant based versions of those items(like me), this is a great spot for classic pizza joint comfort type foods without worrying about what you are eating. For those vegans and vegetarians who find meat and animal products fundamentally unappealing even the synthetic variety, this spot, and others nearby like grasshopper are not for you.

I give it two thumbs up but be aware of your dining partners feelings about soy sausage and the like.

Pros: good veggie pizza joint classics, good atmosphere, lots of choices

Cons: lots of fake meat items may be issue

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Awesome! - Edit

The only thing better than eating a piping hot vegan pepperoni at the store is taking it home and having it for breakfast the next day.

Or both.

Pros: All vegan!, pepperoni pizza!!!!, vegan pepperoni pizza!!!!

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Amazing! - Edit

Amazing, amazing pizza. We are addicted to this place. We brought my non-veg father here who lived in NY for 30 yrs and even he loved it. We've enjoyed most things on the menu, especially the apple sage sausage. Breadsticks and calzones are great. Here's the thing, you want to make sure Jessie is making the pizzas. If you let him have creative freedom with your pizza, maybe giving him a little guidance (eg. spicy, bbq sauce, no pepperoni,) he'll make you a work of art. There is a new fellow that doesn't know what he's doing there on certain days (seems more often on the weekends) and I'd recommend avoiding his pies. Although this is pricier pizza compared to other places, they do have meal deals on certain days. They also do a Sunday brunch with a rotating menu that is great (price based on weight). They've been introducing a lot of new items lately (like deep fried pizza!). Check 'em out!

Pros: imaginative chef, best pizza ever (lots of flavor!), vegan brunch

Cons: no bathroom

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Great pizza! - Edit

This place has the best vegan pizza in town. Really friendly and nice staff, pleasant atmosphere, and great music. Great desserts too if you have room for them. The onions are a bit uncooked and the calzones have a lot of dough in them, so stay away from those if you don't like those things!

Pros: GREAT pizza, nice staff, pleasant atmosphere

Cons: undercooked onions, only two ready made slice options

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Best pizza!! - Edit

I come from NY and while they don't serve NY style pizza I am wicked picky on my pizza. That being said, they are PHENOMENAL. They serve excellent pizza, desserts and appetizers that just happen to be vegan. I can't recommend them enough!!

Pros: appetizers are amazing, pizza best ever, desserts amazing

Cons: Slightly pricy for pizza but oh so worth it, they are an evil tasty :)

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Very Yummy Pizza - Edit

I had a groupon and tried Peace o' Pie 3 weeks ago, I have been back twice already and I'm 10 miles away from the location. Went with my carnivore friend and both of us loved teh Buffalo "chicken" pizza. The spicy soy strips were "meaty" and flavorful and I loved the mounds of not overcooked onions and the spicy jalapeno. I have never had daiya cheese and it was very tasty. Highly recommend trying Peaco o' Pie!

Pros: tasty, healthy

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Good Pizza - Edit

Good pizza, quick eat in service - leftovers taste good the next day too!

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Can't compare to Nice Slice in Providence! - Edit

I wanted to love Peace o' Pie -- but I have to say that their pies pale in comparison to the vegan pies at the Nice Slice in Providence. On our most recent trip to Peace o' Pie, we had a buffalo chicken pie. We felt that it had way too much buffalo sauce on it. It made the pie taste like a vinegar pizza! Also, it was loaded with raw onions. I am happy that a vegan pizza place exists in Allston, but the execution of the pies leaves something to be desired. I cannot rave enough about the amazing whole wheat crust vegan pizzas at the Nice Slice on Thayer Street in Providence -- not to mention their hard-working crew. The folks who are raving about Peace o' Pie will have their minds blown if they try the Nice Slice.

Pros: it's vegan, good effort

Cons: pizzas are disappointing, crust is unremarkable

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Pure Pizza Joint - Edit

I took an omni friend and my 3-year old to Peace o' Pie on a Wednesday night for dinner. It was great. Other people have described the food pretty well, so I'll keep it short.

Me: great pizza, reheats well the next day, kick-ass ginger beer (Maine Root?)
Omni: interesting pizza, but isn't ready to switch from dairy to daiya
Kid: yummy bread sticks, food took a little too long

It was surprisingly busy for a wednesday night, so we had to wait a while for our food. It would not have been so bad if they'd brought the breadsticks out sooner, but there was only one cook and everything was on a first-in, first-out queue.

Pros: food, price

Cons: lawn furniture, small seating

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vegan pizzeria with a full range of options - Edit

I must say I was pretty impressed with this place. Pretty much any sort of pizza toppings you'd expect from a regular pizzeria, they have a vegan version of. The Hawaiian was pretty killer.

Pros: great selection, only 100% vegan pizzeria i've heard of

Cons: a little pricy

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I loved it; the co-owners are most gracious - Edit

My vegan and vegetarian meetups thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Peace o' Pie. Eric and Miguel also gave us day-old pastries - for FREE - just for showing up. I'm told that this is a regular practice at Peace o' Pie. The vegan pizza was delicious.
Updated from previous review on Saturday December 11, 2010

Pros: vegan, tasty, fun

Cons: not cheap, not based on vegetables

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Pizza! - Edit

What can I say? The one thing vegans tend to miss is a decent food delivery service, and peace o' pie fills that gap perfectly. Tasty pizza, either to be had in the shop or delivered. What more could you ask for?

If there's one small criticism I can find it's that they don't seem to be open around lunchtime. We were looking forward to having another awesome peace o' pie, but were denied.

Pros: pizza, delivery, flavour

Cons: opening times

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Great Vegan Pizza - Edit

This place makes the best vegan pizza I've ever had. They have interesting topping options and their crust and sauce are delicious. Their desserts are great too (especially the peanut butter sweet roll). The price is a bit high, but that's understandable since they use organic ingredients.

Pros: awesome pizza, delicious desserts, environmentally conscious

Cons: small dining area

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Best pizza ever - Edit

Visited Boston for the first time in Oct. 2010. Went to Peace O' Pie right away. I ordered a calzone and cheezy bread "sticks" (but it is really a loaf). The service was okay (one of our orders came very slowly and part of one order was forgotten, but otherwise they were very attentive). The food was terrific! I loved the selection of toppings. The spinach in my calzone was raw; would have been better if it was a little bit cooked. I hope I get to visit again. Will go to Peace O' Pie every chance I get.

Pros: excellent food, good portions

Cons: no bathroom

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Awesome - Edit

I would highly recommend this place. I live in WPB, FL actually own Darbster in WPB so when I travel I love to try other vegan places. I brought my 82 year old Dad there for a pepperoni pizza and brought some baked goods to go - we opened the baked goods as our pizza was being prepared and almost finished them all - coconut cookies were especially great. The pizza was beyond good - they use Daiya cheese, hot, crispy, melts in your mouth delicious. A couple of the younger people asked my Dad what he thought and I honestly think this is going to be his new go to pizza place. Staff was great, atmosphere was good as well - clean. Would love it if they could add outdoor seats and may be some ice cold beer!

Pros: Location, Cheese, Staff

Cons: Parking

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epskionline 22 Feb 2013 - Thanks for the review!

We'd love it if we could do outdoor seating (city won't let us) and serve ice cold beer (license almost impossible to get), too!

Hope to see you again. :)  

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CRAZY GOOD!! Cheesy bread was so delicious, pizza-unbelievable!! cheesy goodness, delicious fresh toppings! i wish i could eat there everyday!


plus-dandies marshmellowss


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Vegan Pizza WOW - Edit

I recently at at Peace o' pie and what an amazing experience.
I was with 4 other meat eaters who said they did not know the difference between dairy cheese and daiya cheese -which is vegan.
I made up my own pizza with artichokes,roasted garlic,kalamata olives,portabella mushrooms,caramelized onions and organic tofu ricotta.
It was the best vegan food I have ever eaten and if I am in the area again I would definatly go back.
You can get Whole wheat crusts and gluten free (but gluten free is only on thursdays for now)
They also make calzones abd breadsticks (cheesy)

Pros: very yummy food, nice staff, mmmmmmm

Cons: none

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Maybe the best vegan pizza I've had yet! - Edit

Having eaten vegan pizza for years in spots around N. America I have to say that the only place that might be better is Pizza Research Institute in Eugene, Oregon. But back to POP: I just had one slice but would love to eat there again! The space is nice, there were a good number of other folks eating there & the slice I had was very tasty. It was the first time I remember having had vegan cheese & sausage in a pizza place. The price wasnt cheap: $3.50 for a smallish slice but it was worth doing at least once and I believe the whole pies are a better deal. It is also great that they are so close to Grasshopper, another vegan place!

Pros: All VEGAN!, Vegan cheese & sausage, Very close to another vegan place

Cons: My slice was a bit small for the price, Evening hours only, Not near me!

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Yumm! - Edit

Haven't been there since January, but I loved it. They use daiya cheese which is soy-free and melts like real cheese. Dessert was great too. If you miss pizza that tastes like pizza since becoming vegan, you HAVE to try this place. Uninteresting decor, but with the good food and friendly staff, you won't care.

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You've gotta try this place! - Edit

I have eaten at Peace O'Pie several times now and I just can't get enough! Since I have first eaten here, they have expanded their menu, standardized the use of Daiya cheese on ALL pizzas (so no more upcharge!) and added delivery. YAHOO!

I look forward to the Wednesday night meal deals. The "Night Out" is my favorite: 1 order of cheesy breadsticks, 1 med. 2-topping pie, 2 non-Naked drinks, and 2 cookies or cupcakes. And it's only $28.00! That might sound like a lot of money to some people, but for drinks, an amazing appetizer, gourmet pizza entree, and dessert for two people, it is great. It is more than enough food for two people. I have leftovers for lunch the next day every time (and yes, cold vegan pizza is awesome!).

The "cheesy" breadsticks are to die for. They are so light and fluffy and are served piping hot out of the oven with the most delicious dipping sauce. My boyfriend and I both look forward to them every time we go.

As for the pizza, it is also always delicious. I have tried the MD, EP, BBQ "Chicken", and Hawaiian. Although every single pizza at PoP is amazing, the BBQ "chicken" is my personal favorite and it is always a crowd pleaser (especially for non-vegans). The sauce is perfectly sweet, the texture is great and the mixture of mozarella and cheddar "cheeses" adds even more delicious flavor.

THE CUPCAKES! My boyfriend and I contemplate going to PoP some nights just for the cupcakes! They are perfectly moist and sooo tasty. They are definitely the best cupcakes I have ever eaten (vegan or not). My boyfriend isn't even vegan and he agrees!

Also, they serve the BEST cream soda ever!

The only negative things about PoP are the parking and seating arrangements. Parking is definitely tough. We usually get lucky though (thankfully!). And, thus far, it has never deterred us from going there vs. somewhere else. The seating can also be tough. This is a small place so on a busy night, you can end up waiting for a table. Or, at some point, someone could be standing over you while you eat, waiting for their table. Neither thing has been a major issue with us since the pizza is so good.

This place is totally worth checking out whether you are a vegan or not. I have brought many non-vegans here and every single one of them have loved it!!

Pros: delicious food, great staff, ALL vegan

Cons: tough parking

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Great Vegan Pizza in Boston - Edit

Peace O' Pie is absolutely first-rate in all areas. It occupies the space where TJ Scallywaggles (also a vegan pizzeria) used to be, and it's far superior. A great range of combo pizzas, some with (very good) fake meat, some not. Or, you can design your own. The default cheese is Daiya, my personal favorite, for that great gooey mozzarella feel. Delicious crust as well. We had a large white pizza, very cheesy and delicious. You can also buy Daiya there, $5 a half pound, which is what you'll pay anywhere else. Very friendly staff, and they deliver! I got takeout and drove home to Worcester - I had a hell of a time not eating it while driving.

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Great Gourmet Pizza and baked goods - Edit

Seriously this place is really really great. I'm a vegan musician so I've eaten in a ton of ve*an restaurants whilst on the road, and this one really stands out. They have pizza that impressed my meat-eating friend as simply great pizza, vegan or not. They have tasty pizzas and they make calzones too. Don't miss their baked goods too, they are top-notch. They have 2 kinds of vegan cheese there, the default is now Daiya but I personally prefer the vegan gourmet, I find it creamier and the daiya is a little sweet.

I was excited to discover this place, I can't wait for another boston gig!

Pros: Astoundingly good food, great menu, tasty deserts

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Go to Peace o' Pie and feast, vegans (et al.)! - Edit

My partner and I stopped by Peace o'Pie on our way through Boston sort of by accident. We were looking for TJ Scallywaggle's, which we had not yet heard is actually closed. We found Peace o'Pie in the same location.

The menu here is just like a good pizza shop should be - short. They have pizzas, calzones and breads (i.e. garlic and cheese). They have some combos, but you can also just design your own. We tried the EP and the MD combos and both were fantastic. We also got the calzones. I had not had a calzone since before my vegan days and I almost melted with joy. They give you a choice of daiya cheese and vegan gourmet cheese. To anyone who hasn't tried daiya - it is worth the extra $1.50.

The food: chewy, thick crusts, very fresh and flavorful sauce, great quality veggies and a good amount of cheese on top. Best vegan pizza and calzone I have ever had.

The restaurant: Cozy and clean. Really well designed.

The staff: Unbelievably friendly and very enthusiastic about vegan food. We hung out and chatted with one of the co-owners for the entire time our pizzas took to be ready and delicious.

Bonus: They sell vegan goodies in addition to their food, including Dr. Cow Treenut cheese, Dandies marshmallows, Daiya cheese and candies.

Thank you to the gents and ladies at Peace o' Pie! You made two long drives very worthwhile.

Pros: Great, fresh food, Friendly space and staff, Extra vegan goodies

Cons: Not in Philadelphia

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