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CLOSED: Parsifal Vejetaryen Restoran

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Contact +90-212-2452588

Kurabiye Sokak No 9/A Beyoglu (at near Taksim end of Istiklal Caddesi and the French Consulate), Istanbul, Turkey,

Features a varied vegetarian and vegan-friendly menu with changing specials on some days: soups, salads, and mains. Waiter takes in consideration if you are vegan and so ask before ordering. MAR 2016 REPORTED SHUT, TO RE-OPEN LATER IN THE YEAR. PLEASE LET HAPPYCOW KNOW WHEN IT RE-OPENS!

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Reviews (61)

First Review by sarahsvati

Very good food, friendly staff - Edit

We had a very good dinner at Parsifal. They have many vegan menu items, and the service was good. The Parsifal Special with basically a little of everything is worth getting to try it all. You can choose between three patties - the mushroom one is best!

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Delicious - Edit

Not sure why the bad reviews, but the place and the service were great to me.

The quantity of food options is very good and the quality of the good is amazing (even the tea is great). The portions might not be as big, but still fair.

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central and delicious - Edit

Parsifal has very central location. you can find easily if you are in taksim.
stuff are not much friendly and warmblood but menu has a lot of vegan chooses.

not so much cheap but vegan desserts really tasty

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Vegan-friendly, delicious food - Edit

I enjoyed a wonderful meal here with friends. Menu had lots of choices for vegans even though it is a vegetarian restaurant, and the staff was very pleasant. Definitely recommend if you are in the area.

Pros: vegan-friendly, affordable, delicious food

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Never again - Edit

I went to Parsifal with modest expectations.
The restauarnt is located very central from Taksim, and I really liked the decoration, which is cosy.

Still, I find the food overpriced for Istanbul. A Falafel Dürum with a small side salad and French fries cost approx. 16 Lira. This is too much for the low quality of the dishes.
The salad came without any dressing, so I used the mustard they served with my fries (I still wonder who eats fries with mustard). The Dürüm came without the Hummus it was described with on the menu. When I asked for it, I got a portion of Hummus - the most tasteless hummus I have ever eaten.

But most disappointing was the service. Normally, you would expect people in veg* places to be welcoming and relaxed.
The waiters were sitting outside the restaurant when I approached, and did not respond my greeting. In fact, they did not talk at all - I have never felt so uncomfortable in a restaurant before. They gave me the feeling that I was a burden which disrupted them from their break. The waiter who served me almost did not say anything at all - only wwhen I asked him for some more hummus, he said "OK".

Plus: Before I almost finished, I found the famous "Hair in the soup".

I would not recommend visiting this overpriced, bland and unfriendly restaurant.

Pros: nice decoration, central location, easy to find

Cons: not hygienic, unfriendly staff, bland taste

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Good food - Edit

Has an extensive choice of turkish dishes. I had the stuffed spinach with bulgur which was lovely. I would definitely come there again for the food, although I found the atmosphere a bit lacking. It is in a great neighbourhood though, so the location is great.

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meh - Edit

I don't like to give negative reviews for vegan restaurants, especially in a city where they are a minority, but I wasn't crazy about this place. The staff will ask you if you are vegan or have allergies. The cafe itself is pleasant. I had a mushroom soup that was decent and the chard dolmas, which were not something I enjoyed. They had a sour taste. The menu has a lot of fried foods, burgers, fries, etc. Though I am glad this place exists in the hectic Taksim area, I didn't feel compelled to return. But if you're in that area and hungry, give it a try, maybe you'll have a better experience.

Pros: good location, staff sensitive to vegans/allergies

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Really awful customer service experience - Edit

I've been eating at Parsifal since I moved to Istanbul in 2007. I can say in that time that the quality of the food has varied. Probably they have changed cooks every now and then over the years.
I recently developed some food allergies, so was happy to see that they mark their gluten-free options on the menu. I ordered the Parsifal Izgara, or grilled vegetables with cheese, which is listed as coming with sade pilav, or plain rice.
When I placed my order, I told the waiter that I am allergic to mushrooms, and asked if they could prepare the dish without mushrooms. He acted strangely when I asked him, so I asked if it was a problem and he said it wasn't.
When my food came, the cook had left mushrooms out of the grilled vegetables. But as I started to eat the rice, I realized that there were five or ten pieces of cooked mushrooms mixed in with the rice, which I picked out and ate around. While it is common to find orzo cooked in rice in Turkey, in my 8 years here, I have never found rice cooked with mushrooms. If, for some strange reason, they prepare their rice with mushrooms, they could have told me, and I would have changed my order.
It's impossible to know what the intentions of the waiter or the chef were, but I can say that it put me in a very uncomfortable position to either eat something which potentially could make me very sick, or confront them. Not in the mood to argue, I just ate around them.
Needless to say, I will not be eating at Parsifal again. I recommended the restaurant to many friends over the years, took guests from abroad, and had written a positive recommendation here, which I am now revising.
I would not recommend this restaurant at all.

Pros: Variable quality, Convenient location, Vegan options

Cons: Poor service, Don't accommodate food allergies, Overpriced

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Tasty, adequate - Edit

We had veggie burgers and really, there was nothing wrong with the food. Nothing amazing, but nothing wrong. It was lunchtime, the place was dark and the staff were not particularly inviting or welcoming. They weren't bad, they just weren't good. And that really sums up the experience. In a city full of amazing dining experiences, I don't see much of a need to return here. If I were hungry and in need of a veggie meal and I happened to be standing in front of this place, sure, I'd go. Otherwise, I'd walk for a bit to one of the other options nearby.

Pros: Tasty food, Extensive menu

Cons: Unwelcoming, Dark

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Not great.. - Edit

I had read quite a few reviews on here before we went to Parsifal and I saw a fair few negative comments, but a few good comments. I thought if a restaurant is always full and it is recommended you book - it must be good.

My boyfriend and I went here for dinner - and what some of the other reviews said - you should book - as it was a week night (I think Wednesday) and it was really full! We were lucky that a couple were leaving just after we arrived so we could get a table. I thought this was a sign it would be really good - but I was wrong,

We ordered about 5 dishes between us (we were really hungry and thought we would try a few things) and everything tasted quite oily and bland. Probably one of the worst vegetarian restaurants I have been to.

We were in Istanbul for 8 days and ate at mostly regular restaurants and staff everywhere were very helpful and knowledge about veganism and I never had a problem anywhere eating a vegan meal - all those meals were much better than the meal we shared at Parsifal.

Parisfal was one of two vegetarian restaurants we tried while in Istanbul and the other was not very good either - overall I would say stick to regular good restaurants in Istanbul and leave the veggie places as they are generally not very tasty.

The staff at Parsifal were quite friendly and the best part of our meals were the fresh orange juice they made, it was really good.

Pros: Fresh Orange Juice, Staff were friendly

Cons: Food - Bland & Oily

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Adorable, Parisian feel - Edit

Great little restaurant in a wonderful, vibrant area of Istanbul. It almost feels like you're in Paris, there is a very French vibe to the decor. I also loved it because they clearly adore cats, you'll notice that from all the photos on the wall! Aside from the feel, the food was delicious, everything vegetarian with a wide range of vegan options. Really a must try for vegans/vegetarians visiting this city.

Pros: Neighborhood , Food options

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Best Vegan Place in Istanbul - Edit

This was the only great restaurant with many vegan options we found in Istanbul. There are a lot of options, the food is good, the ambiance is very nice. It is a bit annoying that there are no hours so you never know if it's opened or closed- Luckily it was down the street from my hotel so it all worked out.

Pros: Vegan Options, Great Ambiance, Nice Staff

Cons: Unknown Business Hours

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Many vegan options, prices are ok - Edit

I have been there a couple of times. Once, before I was vegan, and once after. Tried a lot of things. I really enjoyed ''Parsifal Spesiyal''. They asked if we want it vegan (we didn't have to ask them to make it vegan). I enjoyed vegetables with soy sauce and a veggie burger (without bread). Also sarma and potato pastries were delicious. I didn't like mashed eggplants but in overal, everything was ok. The atmosphere is good too. We didn't wait for a long time. I enjoyed Parsifal and I suggest it to vegetarians and vegans especciallu.

Pros: Many vegan options, Not too expensive, Big portions

Cons: It is dark inside

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Great Option - Edit

I have been to Istanbul several times and this place has never let me down. The only challenge I have had is the hours and days open are not posted so you have to swing by and check to see if they are open. Also, they will typically ask if you are vegan to ensure your meal is so if they don't be sure to let them know.

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What A Disapointment - Edit

As one of the only truly vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul, I was super excited to eat here. My first attempt on a Sunday found them closed at dinnertime. There was no sign or hours in the window so I was at a loss. My second attempt was on a Monday for lunch. Again, closed. I am not sure why, but I went for a third. I tried for dinner on Tuesday and found them open. I think the universe had been trying to send me a message. Lesson learned, universe. Lesson learned. I sat down and upon looking at the menu was super excited. The menu clearly marked items that were vegan or could be made vegan. I was already planning my second visit before I had even ordered my food. There were so many great options to choose from. I decided on the special as it was a little bit of everything. It arrived and was huge. But disappointing. It was really salty. In fact, that was kind of all the flavor there was. The fried dough pockets were good, but a bit greasy and in the end, I just could not bring myself to eat much of it. All the items were just overly salted. I don't know if this was an anomaly, but it brought my thoughts of a second meal there to an end. In the end it was one of the worst meals of three weeks of travel. I decided to go for broke and try dessert and I will say the vegan brownie was an absolute delight and I was glad to walk out of there with that as the taste in my mouth. The other thing that was unfortunate is that the clientele and staff seemed to all be chain smokers. While they went outside to do so, it is a small narrow restaurant and the smoke all just wafted in and I could literally taste it in my mouth as I ate. I am not one to really be bothered by smoke so you can imagine that it was pretty bad for me to be affected. I was really disappointed all around.

Cons: Salty, Smokey atmosphere, Hard to determine business hours

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It's ok, nothing special - Edit

I ordered the Parsifal Special (made vegan for me). With a burger, vegetables and some bits to try from their menu. I liked the little filo-dough pirogies the best. The meal would have benefited from some dips, not a huge salad in the middle. If you are a vegetarian it comes with tzatziki, why not just make a vegan version for the vegans?

The food is ok, nothing special and the prices are cheapish/ok.

Such a shame that we had to wait 1,5 hours for our food to arrive. They should really invest in more staff around lunchtime!

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New menu is a big improvement - Edit

They've just recently updated their menu in the past week or two and it seems to be much better compared to the old one.

One of the main problems before were the very bland veg. burgers, however I ordered the Vegan burger from the new menu and was very happy to see that they had made it much better with an actual burger bun, and mustard/ hummus(?? how about some Veganaise?) garnishes, tomato slices, lettuce etc.

They've also added a new falafel plate and falafel wrap so
the choice is a lot better than before. Looking forward to trying it.

The prices are still reasonable and all of the other good points (location, ambiance) remain the same so it appears to be quite a good option now. Still wish Loving Hut was open again though!

Pros: Location, Only serves vegetarian/vegan food, Good selection

Cons: Food quality can be hit and miss

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agreed, bland - Edit

the food is bland and not so cheap. Its in a good location, so if you are not having any luck with the "vegetarian turkishfood" filled with meat stock then i guess you could come here, as i did... it will fill you stomach and your tastebuds wont care for it.

Pros: location

Cons: not tasty

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Not very good... - Edit

I went there last week. Honestly I have to agree with most of you. The food was not very good. Staff was very friendly and location and space very welcoming. I had the vegan burger. I basically consisted of 3 balls of mashed potatoes filled with soy-mince. Plus some pre-cut salad. Extremely boring, salty and too heavy. No sauce or bun. My husband had the Parsifal Special. A plate with different kinds of food. It looked very nice and was better than the burger. But again, most of it was bland and very salty. We felt really heavy and stuffed afterwards...in the not nice way.
I would recommend people to just go for Turkish food. They have plenty of dishes which are vegetarian and vegan. Most of their appetizers are, and they are very tasty. So just look for a nice Turkish place instead.

Pros: Nice staff, Location

Cons: Boring

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Bland vegan/vegetarian food - Edit

I was excited to find a purely vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Istanbul but was disappointed by the food. I told the waiter I was vegan so got given different bread to my husband. The bread was flavourless. My main was the stir-fried veggies, which was full of veggies but once again had no flavour. My husband had the vegetarian burger - the patty fell apart as soon as he tried to eat it and once again very little flavour. Prices reasonably expensive for Istanbul. I would not recommend this restaurant and would not go back.

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Not good. - Edit

Had a vegan 'burger', which was TVP encased in a fried potato pattie. The TVP was unseasoned (i.e., totally unflavoured, just rehydrated with hot water) and the potato was cooked without herbs or any flavourings. The 'burger' had no bun, no sides though it did come with fries. There were no sauces offered. Also had a clay pot vegetable dish which was bland and lacked any satisfying flavour. A side salad was bitter, though it was fresh.

I actually don't understand why anyone would make TVP and not know how to prepare it. It's like they'd never read a recipe for making something with TVP. Bizarre.

Very expensive for such incredibly low quality food. Would never go again, nor recommend it to anyone.

Cons: Expensive., Tasteless.

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Good but not fancy - Edit

Good food (we got the grilled vegetables and "burgers" - which is in reality stuffed and fried funny things), but weird staff. Maybe they misunderstood us or something, who knows. The price was really good, and everything seemed fresh. A lot of vegan options, all of them clearly marked on the menu card. I'd go a 2nd time.
Oh, and the location couldn't be better if you want to hit a dive bar after dinner.

Pros: Cheap, Location, Weird cat theme

Cons: No outdoor seating

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Reviewer Avatar

''Best dinner in Istanbul...'' - Edit

In your beautiful restaurant we had our best dinner in Istanbul. Thanx for everything.
We will come again when we are back in istanbul.
The food was excellent,
The service very friendly,
The ambience is cozy..

à nouveau pour discuter...

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, cozy ambience

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not very good food.. - Edit

i was really excited to eat vegan in istanbul ! my bf and me ordered to different kinds of burger and it was disappointing cause there was no sauce with it, very very dry meal and not really tasty. we didnt order a dessert after that. staff was really friendly and the place is really cute but i would not go there anymore.

Pros: friendly staff, cute place

Cons: food was not good

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such a lovely place - Edit

Parsifal was the best place to be in Istanbul for a vegan menu.
We loved the atmosphere there and the dishes were great. Especially we loved the vegan brownie and a vegan cappuccino (we couldn't find another place which could serve soy-milk).
The staff was more then friendly and they are animal rights activists also. We found a fur-free-propaganda at the toilet :)
We couldn't order tofu or other faked "meat", like saitan or something. But I think it's not common in Turkey. Anyway the meal was nice and tasty.

Pros: soymilk, very vegan friendly, very nice atmosphere

Cons: no tofu options

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Points for effort but not great - Edit

Very disorganised. We got what was supposed to be a starter with the main course, whilst still eating the other starter. A drink arrived with the bill as if it had been completely forgotten to that point.
Veggie food looked much nicer than vegan. There were few vegan choices and some items listed as vegan were not - e.g. one had honey in. I was brought non vegan mayo with fries which was removed when I asked if it was vegan. So always double check.
A bit tricky to find. Disappointing as we were hoping for so much more.

Pros: Veggie/vegan food available in Istanbul, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Disorganised, Limited vegan choices, Needed to check food really was vegan.

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Tasteless and expensive, but the place was nice - Edit

The food was tasteless and watery, and crazy expensive. We had four different dishes and only the bread and French fries were OK thanks to ketchup. If the surrounding had not been nice and we had not been able to film there, it would have been a total bummer.

Pros: Nice place, Friendly staff, Good location

Cons: Watery food, Expensive, Tasteless

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Really great spot! - Edit

In our stay in Istanbul, my friend and I visited this place five times.

Most of the menu is vegetarian but they do have quite a few vegan options including a delicious vegan brownie for dessert! Their tahini spinach pastry dish is fantastic, as well as the roasted vegetable dish which is skewered veggies roasted with an amazing tomato sauce and rice. They always serve bread and a herbed olive oil with dinner.

The atmosphere is really nice, cute space. The staff weren't overly nice but they were still fantastic! Our non-veg friend came with us and really enjoyed her dinner. I would definitely recommend anyone to go there.

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Delicious! - Edit

Last week, we vistited this wonderful city and we went to Taksim just for having dinner at this restaurant, which we found via Happy Cow: It was definitely worth it -- very delicious! The service was very friendly, the atmosphere in the restaurant is elegant and very pleasant (with some nice artsy-fartsy fitments).

BTW: The Google Maps place marker given by happyCow is wrong -- OpenStreetMap shows the right place: http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=41.03632&mlon=28.982463&zoom=18&layers=M

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A vegetarian oasis! - Edit

Turkey has a lot of vegetarian food. However, if you are used to spice and variety, things get dry pretty quickly (every restaurant in the tourist areas seems to have the same five or six vegetarian dishes). Parsifal had a very extensive menu. They don't make everything well (the stir-fry seemed barely Asian) but there is tremendous variety, good-quality ingredients, and helpful staff. Many of the dishes have egg and/or dairy which the staff will point out. A bit hard to find (it is on a side-street of Istiklal), even with our guide (although to be fair, we might have found it more quickly without the guide...). The atmosphere has a nice vibe and the food is not overpriced. There is another vegetarian restaurant close by, which looked interesting. Overall, worth a meal when on Istiklal street.

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Not what I expected - Edit

The restaurant is in a prime, easy-to find spot in Taksim and the restaurant is cozy and inviting but the food was lackluster. When I said my original order, the waiter urged me to avoid it and suggested a dish of potato patties filled with soy meat. Such highly processed vegan foods aren't my preference.

Pros: location, cozy, non-vegans would like

Cons: fake meat use, oily, not raw-friendly

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Makes you want to eat at a non-vegetarian place - Edit

The restaurant provides food without meat - but lacks in taste, diversity and any concept of health mindfulness. The mezzes I had at a meydane last night was much better. Parsifal gives the impression of many choices but is heavy on the cheese and dairy. The soup of the day had a cream base.

My husband had the Parsifal special platter which seemed ok - the dolmas were nice, with or without yoghurt and the veggie burger was good but it seemed deep fried and may have had egg in it.

The vegetable stew bore a close resemblance to upscale airplane food. I regret having eaten it.

If you are in the neighborhood, it is ok but I would not go back. The waiters were really nice and accomodating but don't really speak English very well enough to answer questions.

I wish I had nicer things to say about it.

Pros: friendly waiters, Gluten free bread

Cons: Not so much English

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Very good totally vegan/vegetarian restaurant. The food is simple and very tasty, the place is cosy and familiar. Try the mixed salads and the aubergine Greek style...

Pros: Good food, Nice place

Cons: Whtie bread only, The waiter did not speak English

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Best place to eat in Istanbul - Edit

Even if I were not a vegetarian, I would love to eat here - the food is simply delicious, the service is personalized and friendly, the restaurant is attractive, and the situation is central and perfect. Go especially for their wonderful dishes with yoghurt and spinach.

Pros: excellent food, freiendly service, no smoking

Cons: great variety

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Bland and Disappointing - Edit

On the plus side the vegan options are clearly shown on the menu which is in English, but the food is sadly lacking in any flavour. We visited twice (the second time because the restaurant we wanted to visit was closed), trying the potato pies (quite nice), "Apple style potato wedges" (or chunky chips, quite nice as far as chips go), Greek style vegetables (luke warm sick on a plate), Grilled Vegtables (sloppy luke warm veg with Italian seasoning), and Soya Burgers (bizarrly deep fried mashed potato patties with an uncooked soya mince filling). The staff don't speak English and are uninterested in even faking an interest in serving with a pleasant nature. Avoid if you can.

Pros: Vegan food, Menu in English, Nice chips

Cons: Bland food, Uninterested staff, Hard to find

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not bad but we expected more - Edit

We were happy that we could at least find a veg restaurant in Istanbul. However after reading all the reviews we had higher expectations. The food was quite tasty, but the taste of salad was plain - it was amazing that in the country that is leading in olive oil production, there was no dressing in the salad :). Menu was in English, but the staff was not speaking English :) :) In spite of these disadvantages we would recommend this place. Vote is 3,5.

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Best bread in Istanbul! - Edit

This is a fantastic restaurant, warm and welcoming with delicious food, plus it is good value for money. The staff is very friendly and the chef accommodating. We had dinner twice during our week-long stay in Istanbul and the meal was delicious both times. The bread is freshly baked and you are served both corn bread and wheat bread - both are wonderfully soft and melt in your mouth. The decor is simple, but stylish. The main courses are particularly good value - not to mention hearty, wholesome and nutritionally balanced - as, combined with the delicious warm bread, they can be a meal in themselves if you are on a tight budget. If I ever come back to Istanbul, I will definitely return to Parsifal! Keep up the great work!

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Nice bistro-type food - Edit

We ate here twice. The menu is huge, the food very tasty, the portions generous and the staff quite easy on the eye ;)
Highly recommended!

Pros: tasty food, extensive menu

Cons: not cheap, but it is very central

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Stylish - Edit

I visited Parsifal in the end of December 2010. A stylish place. My salad tasted "too healthy" so it did not have any special for being tasty.

Pros: good location, stylish

Cons: a bit expensive

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Good food - BUT ... - Edit

After having read all the good reviews about this restaurant, I had very high expectations. The food was good, BUT ... it reads "VEGETARIAN & VEGAN" at the shop's sign, and the staff gets their food at McDonald's during lunch break and eat it right in front of the people who try to enjoy their delicious vegan meal. This was a huge disappointment.

Pros: Good food, Prices are okay, Location relatively easy to find

Cons: Staff eats meat in front of customers

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Simply the best in town! - Edit

Simply the best restaurant in Istanbul - vegetarian or otherwise.

Cosy, clean, in the heart of Taksim - the heart of Istanbul, with a gorgeous host, Ayfer. This is home-made vegetarian food at its best.

Go and have a meal there - you won't regret it. And it will make you want to go there again, and again, and again.

Pros: Great food, Great ambience, Most welcoming staff

Cons: None

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When I was in istanbul, Parsifal become my favorite restaurant.
Meals were very tasty, place was cosy and people of Parsifal were very friendly. In Parsifal I felt myself as at home.
I wish Parsifal was in Rome as well. I asked them if they planned to open Parsifal's branch in Rome.
Thank you Parsifal, thank you Ms Ayfer( Owner of the restaurant).

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Great! - Edit

This is a restaurant I frequent a few times a month, and I can easily say it is my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Istanbul. The atmosphere in nice and quiet, the servers helpful and the cook goes out of her way to ensure that customers are happy. The menu is completely vegetarian-friendly with about a third of the items being vegan-friendly. If you're in Istanbul, make sure to drop by and try some of the local vegetarian dishes!

Pros: Good atmosphere, Good food, Affordable

Cons: Could add more vegan dishes

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Great Selection, Worth seeking out ! - Edit

Me and my partner spent a few days in Istanbul last week and as usual did a bit of research on Happy Cow beforehand.The 1st time we tried to find Parsifal we were unsucessful as the google map was wrong(also powercut and fire at the top of Iskidal Caddesi added to the confusion)Rough Guide has a clearer map so the next night we found it no problem.The interior is pleasant with some good photos hanging up.The waiter was helpful and attentive, the restaurant was very quiet.The menu had an excellent selection, that made it hard to choose what to get.We had starters and mains.I had a delicious pasta with cheese which was very filling.We ordered a salad with it, which was delicious and very fresh.The bill was really cheap for all the food we got.I would recommend this restaurant for Veggies travelling to Istanbul, its hard to find but the food and service were good.

Pros: huge portions, cheap, Great Service

Cons: hard to find from google map

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The best in Istanbul - Edit

My girlfriend and I were in Istanbul for a week and ate here most of the time. We tried other restaurants too and though some were good the number of options and variance in the food at Parsifal made it our favorite. The staff is very friendly and proficient enough in English. The food itself was delicious, as was the free olive bread. All in all a great place to eat.

Pros: Vegan options, Friendly staff, Lots of choices

Cons: Vegan dishes sometimes contain yoghurt

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Good place to chill - Edit

It has a big awning with a few tables under it on pleasant Kurabiye Sokak.
Inside it reaches back quite far with yellow walls hung with lots of pictures/ photographs. When I took a look at the pictures they were an odd mix, some showing heritage shots from other parts of the world, others animals.. There is wifi and the general atmosphere is calm and pleasant and is good for chilling.

The menu is fairly extensive with different vegetarian standbys including a couple of Chinese styled dishes such as stir fry.
First I had bread with olive oil. The mustard seed and olive bread was especially good.
I had the artichoke salad which came without the dressing listed on the menu. It was made up largely of iceberg lettuce. Very plain tasting.
They have an enticing list of fresh juices but they were out of most of them except for the basics such as orange. This seemed strange as the fruits were in season. They had plum juice though and it was really yummy.

The food was basic so that it made it definitely expensive at between YTL15-20

Pros: chilled space with wifi, central

Cons: food

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Çok güzel - Edit

I love this little cosy restaurant on one of the side streets of İstiklal. The place is nice and calm and you can realy enjoy your meal. I preferd the burgurs but everyting that I've tasted was cok güzel, as the ruks would say.

Pros: Tasty food, Good price, Nicely decorated

Cons: Expencive and small water bottles

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Less good than anticipated - Edit

After having read the reviews here, we looked really forward to visit this reataurant, but were somewhat disappointed by the taste of the food. It is a relieve to find one place in Istanbul that serves vegetarian food, but in fact the made for us vegetarian options in the non-vegetarian places had much more taste than this one.

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Great place - Edit

The food is really good, people working there were always extremely kind and happy to see that I am a vegan.
Getting free internet was nice too.

Pros: vegan food, friendly, tasty

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delicious place - Edit

the place is a nice homey restaurant with a good selection of vegetarian dishes at good price.
The staff is very kind.
They have three or four vegan dishes, all are delicious and we really enjoy the vegan homemade bread and the salads are simply great!

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Nice vegetarian and vegan selection - Edit

This restaurant is still called 'Parsifal' and is still 100% vegetarian. I'm not sure what the previous reviewer was talking about.

The menu is written in English and Turkish and about 1/3 of the items are vegan. I recommend trying the more traditional Turkish dishes like chard dolma and veggies baked in a clay pot. Entrees run about 12 TL maximum.

I enjoyed Parsifal. It's a great vegetarian oasis in an often meat-centric Istanbul.

Pros: Yummy, filling bread, Traditional Turkish dishes

Cons: Can be smoky

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