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Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House

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8681 10th Ave (at between Chilliwack and Langley St in strip mall), Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada,

An all vegan Burnaby restaurant. Vietnamese noodle soups and crepes, bubble teas, veggie salmon hotpots, veggie lemongrass chicken. Previously vegetarian, now 100% vegan as of March 2011. Mockmeats have been verified to be from reliable sources and all vegan. Open Tue-Sat 12:00pm-3:00pm, Tue-Sat 5:00pm-9:00pm. Closed Sun-Mon and on public holidays.

Category: Vegan, Chinese, Take-out, Vietnamese

Reviews (24)

First Review by scocasso

Awesome Vegan Pho - Edit

I was really missing Pho - hadn't had it for about 15 to 20 years on account of being vegetarian and then vegan... I was so happy to find this restaurant and have often gone there for lunch over the last few years. They have a faux seafood and vegetable soup that is delicious too. With lots of other faux meat options - it's a great place to take people who might be interested in trying vegetarian/vegan food and don't want to miss out on texture and taste. This is a very friendly place where the owner greats and serves you your meal.

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Good food Bad Service - Edit

I heard this restaurant had good food so wanted to try it when we were in town.
We went around 5pm on a weekday. We got hot tea right away. we ordered the the Grilled Vegan Pork Rolls, combination 3 plate and the Sweet & Sour Vegan Chicken . The food took awhile but it looked like the were only 2 people working. We wanted dessert but we never saw our server again. More people came into the restaurant and they were waiting to be served. Finally we needed to leave so went to pay and server was never friendly or asked how everything was. I found her rude right from the beginning. She left me to pay and the machine was not working and I had to try and get her attention to say it was not working.
I do not think I would go here again food was not the best vegan food I had and service was bad. I like to give restaurants a chance but I am not sure service would improve.

Pros: food

Cons: Service

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great! - Edit

We went all the way to Burnaby to eat here, to get proper veg Vietnamese after disappointment at DDmau. There was much to choose from and everything was tasty and very affordable. Worth the drive!
Updated from previous review on Thursday June 18, 2015
The fake pork dish was amazing!

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I absolutely LOVE paradise. If I could eat there every day I would in a heartbeat. Service is a little slow but considering there's only one waitress they do their very best. Food is 100% worth it. Order the number 12 with tofu if you visit!!! ❤️

Pros: AWESOME PHO, good dessert, comfortable atmosphere

Cons: service is a little slow, cramped

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Reviewer Avatar

Love this place - Edit

My family and I love this restaurant, everything is so yummy. My fave is the wonton soup. I haven't had wonton for years and years. Will be back to try the whole menu. Affordable prices too.

Pros: Delicious, Affordable, Huge selection

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How did I not know this place existed? - Edit

Let me say how completely oblivious I am. I went to visit my sister a few years back and she lives 2 blocks away from this place. I was bummed while at her house because I couldn't get a decent vegan meal so wound up buying stuff at the supermarket that is in the same complex. Now that I know this place is here I'll be back.

My experience was pretty decent here. The food was good, decently priced, and the desserts were awesome. I recommend the weird Vietnamese crepe/omelette thing, it was fantastic. We also ordered the lemongrass gluten and the waitress asked us how spicy we wanted it. We chose super spicy and definitely got that. It was also super tasty.

My only grievance with this place was how slow the service was. I get that its a small place, but there were only 2 people working. One in the kitchen and one half in the kitchen half taking orders. We had to wait for forever to order dessert and get our check. A little frustrating but we weren't in a hurry.

Pros: Good prices, Tasty cheezecake, 2 blocks from relatives house

Cons: Slow service, Gets a bit busy, Not air conditioned

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The Best Asian Food In The Suburbs - Edit

If you're looking for Great Vegan Asian food outside of Vancouver then this is the place for you. My husband and I ate here many times - several times dine in - and several times take-away. We even ate here for Mother's Day last May with my Dad's family - all omnivores - and everyone loved it.

The restaurant is small, but inviting. A cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, fast service, good prices and large portions. It's the perfect place to come with a crowd so you can sample as many dishes as possible. I've tried a lot of the menu and haven't been disappointed with a single dish.

The Spring Rolls and Fried Eggless Rolls are especially good. The Pho is amazing! The pan fried Vegetable Chow Mein is excellent, and so is the curried fried rice. The Vegan Salmon in Pineapple Sauce is amazing and so realistic. The Sesame Eggplant Tofu is fantastic, as is the sweet and sour chicken, the broccoli chicken with black bean sauce, and the sauteed ginger chicken. The Fried Bananas are also delicious!

I wish I still lived in the area, because i'd be going here all the time. They really do have some of the best vegan meats around, such great texture and flavor. I highly recommend this place.

Pros: Great food, Friendly, helpful Staff, Good Portions

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Amazing Faux Meats! - Edit

I went to this little place with few expectations. My own attempts at making seitan and other such meat substitutes have been less than perfect. I wasn't sure what their versions of fake meats would be like.

I was pleasantly surprised! The food was incredible!!! I went with my omni husband and sister and they LOVED it! My sister ordered the Eggless Rolls and Wonton Soup and she said she preferred the flavours and textures of the faux meat to the real thing! My husband ordered the ham and chicken noodle dish (sorry, I forget the actual name on the menu) and he really enjoyed it - he barely finished his plate, it was so filling.

I had the Eggless Rolls and the Chicken Curry Soup. It had faux fried chicken pieces, noodles, yams, and sweet potatoes in a yellow coconut curry sauce. I loved it! I think it would have been even better with something green in the bowl too, like spinach or kale. I was left with a half bowl of curry sauce, which I actually didn't mind, because I took it home and am currently marinating tofu in it! It was that yummy!

I can't wait to go back and try something new from this wonderful restaurant. The service was quick even though the restaurant was at full capacity. It's a little cramped, though. The tables are small and and the place fills up fast on a Saturday night.

Next time I plan to get take out.

Pros: Amazing faux meats, Vietnamese cuisine , Wheelchair accessible

Cons: Limited seating , Small tables

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Simple And Amazing - Edit

We have been going to Paradise for a couple of years now, and have probably visited 50 to 60 times (not proud).

The food is amazing... Not because of complexity but it's simplicity and deliciousness. The fresh spring rolls are the perfect appetizer, and almost all of the main dishes are to die for. Spicy veggie shrimp, garlic beef, and the lemongrass chicken are our favorites. The chow mein is awesome.

Where they really stand out are the soups. Who doesn't love a big streaming bowl of soup? In the winter, business picks up there for just this reason. Homemade vegan Wonton soup, vegan pho, the deceptively simple but delicious spinach tofu soup..... I want to go back again today just from writing this review (we were there yesterday....)

This place is run mainly by two passionate vegans.... The service is slower than most places, but we've never let it bother us.....It's worth the wait, and they clearly work hard.

Go. Now.
Updated from previous review on Saturday November 30, 2013

Pros: Delicious, Inexpensive (very) , 100 Percent Vegan

Cons: Location, Slower service, Limited seating

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Great suburban vegan! - Edit

Shame this restaurant is not closer to downtown Vancouver but a good stop on the way to Karmavore anyway! We have been several times and the food has been consistently tasty. Vietnamese food is not usually veggie friendly and here, everything is vegan, which is always a bonus. Garlic veggie beef and lemongrass tofu, yum. The Vietnamese crepe and curry veggie chicken come highly recommended. The service was quick enough, we must have gone at a good time, probably outside of standard lunch hours. Worth trying if you find yourself in Burnaby or on your way to Karmavore in New Westminster.

Pros: All vegan, Quick service, Many options

Cons: In Burnaby, small dining room

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Excellent Restaurant! - Edit

I have been to this restaurant a few times now (once with a meet-up group) and it is a wonderful vegan restaurant with plenty to choose from on thier menu, I personally love the chow mein and stuffed eggplant. They also offer the best cheese cake I have ever had and for a very decent price!!

Pros: Friendly staff, Fresh Food, Resonaly prices

Cons: Sometimes wait is long

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Vegan Vietnamese! - Edit

Everything we tried here was really good. I can't wait to go back and try everything else on the menu. The lettuce wraps with peanut sauce are amazing. The eggplant with something fried on top was also incredible. I also really liked the ginger soy meat balls. It is definitely hard to find though, it is in a mini-mall. My GPS couldn't find the address so we drove around for a while before finding it.

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Always worth it - Edit

When I first discovered Paradise I set out to try out everything on the menu; it's huge! However, my man and I got stuck ordering the broccoli veggie chicken with black bean sauce and the spicey potato and veggie chicken curry the last...several visits, because it's our favorite combination to share thus far. I still want to try everything. It's all so fantastic.

The desserts are all amazing but my favorite is the taro pastry(which kinda tastes like a fresh fried doughnut with a yummy soft center), and the vietnamese coffee is just perfect.

If I didn't live so close and was able to get there via car I don't think I would go as often(we go every few weeks). It's not in a very transit friendly area, which is unfortunate. Everything is made fresh when you order so be prepared to wait. There is some awesome reading material provided if you fancy it, which is pretty cool. Basically, relax and enjoy :)

I truly believe you don't have to be into vietnamese food or be vegan to enjoy it.

Pros: consistant, afforable, delicious

Cons: long wait, kinda weird hours, hard to get to by transit

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Review by a Vietnamese vegan - Edit

+I had never been a huge fan of regular pho, but vegan pho=mmm
+their food is also very much liked by a close omnivore friend of mine, where he & I make the long car trip from Vancouver about twice a month, which says alot
+very good prices +nice, authentic flavours +no msg
+wide range of menu items +consistent quality

-minimal staffing, so Fri/Sat nights are very busy
-inattentive service -location is not transit friendly
-located in northeast Burnaby, in a weird mall plaza out in the middle of nowhere

+++I've been vegetarian for 11 years & vegan for 7; this is my favourite restaurant in the Vancouver area. If it was within walking distance from my house, I'd visit at least twice a week
.....the downsides, I can live with, so I'd still have to give it a 5/5

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mmm, soup! - Edit

i first found paradise back in 2005; a friend and i were driving through the streets of burnaby looking for it, convinced we were going the wrong way...and then we came up over the hill, saw a mini-mall, and found the best soup i'd had in years. over the years, i've tried nearly everything on their menu, but now that i'm mostly raw, it's a bit difficult...but every so often, i'll get a craving for their soup, so i have to go.

i used to be all over their beef rice noodle soup, then their spicy noodle soup, and then their chicken curry vermicelli (with that spicy, coconut curry broth, sweet potates and potatoes), and then it was their vietnamese hot & sour soup. right now, my current soup obsession at paradise is their spinach tofu soup: a fragrant broth that tastes like sesame oil with slices of tofu and fresh baby spinach leaves.

i also love their diy dinner; it's colourful and fresh.

this place has great food, and is a must-try. it's also the only fully vegan vietnamese restaurant that i know of in metro van.

Pros: comforting and delicious soups, inexpensive, only vegan vietnamese resto around here

Cons: food wait times are sometimes long

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Paradise Vegetarian Noodle House - Edit

My ten-year-old daughter loooves this restaurant, and that's a whole review in itself. The soups are delicious, warming and really affordable, there are many non-soup items and we've liked all the ones we've tried. The staff are super friendly and even discussed ingredients with me and went as far as to show me where to buy things so I could use it in my cooking at home. They have a vegan cheesecake which I haven't had a chance to try yet since by the time we finish our mean we're too full for dessert, but one of these days I am ordering just soup and having cheesecake for dessert, yum!! This restaurant is on the border of New Westminster and Burnaby and is a gem in the neighbourhood. Great food to warm up with in the winter or a nice light meal after a hot day in the summer, great in all kinds of weather. Enjoy.

Pros: Great Quality, Great Price, Friendly Staff

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always enjoy - Edit

We drop by Paradise every other week and are so happy we found it! The ladies know how to make us smile with their delightful food. There are items with tofu as well gluten in various forms (faux meat - I think you can substitute tofu if that weirde you out). The food is a nice balance of spices and flavours, and when you leave you don't feel heavy and greasy like after eating from other restaurants. Its a healthy, compassionate, delicious and consistently good. Our faves are the fresh spring rolls, eggless rolls, crepe (savoury), spicy potato curry, wonton soup, pan fried vegetable chow mein, lemongrass tofu and curry fried rice. Enjoy!!!!!

Pros: delicious, good portions, consistent

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Small treasure in the suburbs - Edit

We've been going to this place for years and enjoy it every time. It's a small restaurant in Crest Plaza, with plenty of free parking. Service is generally very fast, and the food is made fresh. There's a good variety of soups and main dishes. The fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce are excellent -- you can also get them fried but I prefer not.

Also recommended: Ginger "chicken", lemongrass tofu, mixed veg curry, eggplant curry. The curry dishes are all very good, and they're all different, ie they don't all taste the same. Our favourite two soups are House Combination Soup and Spinach Tofu Soup.

Overall the food is fresh and tasty, with more coconut and curry than Chinese veg food, and less oily.

Tea comes with the meal, and there are soft drinks or soy or fruit drinks. The Vietnamese coffee is yummy -- made just like in Vietnam, with a filter and sweetened condensed milk (soy milk?)

The restaurant has recently been redecorated with nice hardwood tables. The photos on the website are old.

Prices are reasonable. Even non-vegetarians like this place. Can't say enough good things about it.

Pros: Fresh, tasty food, Fast, friendly service, Free Parking

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Home Made Food Still Exists In Restaurants - Edit

The food is pretty good, and different than what I usually eat. My kids really enjoy the food too. Choices Market (health food) built a store right next door for the obvious reason that this little Vegetarian Noodle House proved everyone wrong -- showing that there are indeed vegetarians and vegans outside of Vancouver. I believe this restaurant is the furthest vegetarian restaurant east of Vancouver in the GVRD area. Hurrah! As far as I can recall, I believe every item on the menu is vegan. They are not professional cooks and thus, service is slow therefore I recommend visiting outside busy hours. But, if you are used to the very very slow service of the typical Canadian restaurant (i.e. at least 45min until you see any food), then you won't even notice.

Pros: Near my home!!, Not driving 45km to Vancouver, Interesting tasty food

Cons: slow service, I have no idea how to get the by bus

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