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Panthere Verte - Centre-Ville

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2153 MacKay St (at downtown), Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3G 2J2

Laid back cafe in downtown Montreal offering sandwiches, soups, smoothies, and salads as well as raw food and energy boosters and healthier desserts. A few locations. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-10:00pm, Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 11:00am-7:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Raw, Western, Take-out, Canadian

Reviews (28)

First Review by D and D

Fresh and satisfying - Edit

Panthere Verte has a good thing going, with very friendly service and fresh, salubrious, and satisfying food.

There is a variety of healthy drinks. I had the "tropikale" smoothie, which was fresh and energizing.

The food menu is a bit on the small side, centered around sandwiches and falafel. I wish they had just a few more options, but at least these things they do very well.

Don't miss the dessert case. :-)


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Fantastic food & service - Edit

This place is 100% plant based and organic. It is known for their falafels. The staff was exceptional and allowed you to taste many of the offerings before you purchased. We got the falafel pita and the temptation pita. Both were great! There is a decent beer, wine, and cocktail selection here, as well.

Pros: Tasty and organic food, 100% vegan, Wonderful staff

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Awesome! See for yourself! - Edit

Gosh, I really do love this place!
First of all, look at their mascot the Green Panther - it's so taking, I would probably even buy nuclear waste if this panther would persuade me to do so.
Pretty centrally located venue, there is a vegan drug store right above it, green inside with plenty of trailing plants - just great!
At peak times it can get crowded, but many customers just come in for lunch break or even order their food for take-away, so normally you shouldn't fear not to find a place to seat. There is even a special pillow-covered spot to sit in the shopwindow (you have to take off your shoes there).
The sandwiches (filled pitas) are probably their flagship. All of the choices are tasty, but my favorites are VégéPanthère and Tempehtation. Highly recommended is also viramisu, their version of a vegan tiramisu; that's so amazing it's ridiculous. The whole lot of the menu is just pretty good value.
Actually I never tried any of the energy balls they seem to be famous for as well, mainly because I am not a fan of all those superfood-raw-stuff.
However, apart from the raw stuff (which probably isn't bad, I am just not interested in) I can't underline enough how great the place and the food and the staff is.
The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful and simply awesome.
You'll find sandwiches (and plenty of other items as well, such as salads) also prepacked in the fridge, if you are in a hurry.
I would eat there regularly if I would live there. Come and see for yourself!

Pros: amazing venue, good attitude, pretty damn tasty

Cons: there is no Panthere Verte in Germany :(

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Speedy Healthy - Edit

If you need a quick healthy bite downtown, this is a great place. I ordered the special with a salad and it was delicious. A kind of chickpea curry with rice for a decent price. The portion was generous.

Pros: Healthy, Quick and Easy, Near museum

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One of my favourite restaurants in Montreal! - Edit

When I lived in Montreal, I used to go there all the time!
If you go during lunch, there's a very long line up, so don't be in a hurry.

Check out my blog post about it for more info :)

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Quick & Easy! - Edit

We were recommended to eat at PVerte from our organic food provider in Ontario. We sampled the burger and pate sandwich in combo with the potato rosemary soup. Great university vibe and delicious food. Had the halva cookie on the side. Good food, good value.

Pros: tasty options, cosy enviro

Cons: crowded....if that's a bad thing!

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Flavourful sandwiches - Edit

Small, simple and lovely place. I was here one month ago with a friend and we tried falafusion, tempehtation, daily soups, mango lassi.
We both thought it was tasty, the staff was friendly and the service was quick.

Pros: Friendly and welcoming staff

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Panthère verte at the city center! - Edit

This new Panthère Verte at the city center is great. The restaurant is just beside Crudessence on Mackay and offers more room than the one in Mile End. The place is cute, the staff is friendly and it offers a wide range of fresh sandwiches and drinks. I took a sandwich to take away and a smoothie and I enjoyed them really. Prices are relatively fair and portions are correct (but not huge). I really recommend this place for food to take away.

Pros: fresh vegan food, take away, location, pleasant place

Cons: not huge portions

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Disappointed.. - Edit

I am a crazy falafel lover. I wanted to try for a very long time the Panthere Verte's falafel, and I finally did it...but was really disappointed. The pita was wet, the falafel balls really dry and overall the flavour was poor...

Cons: Small portions, Flavourless , Soggy sandwich

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Healthy organic vegan food - Edit

This is the second location opened by La Panthère verte. It is quite bigger than the Mile-End location and the setting is very nice.

The food is good and healthy. I am particularly fond of the desserts (most particularly the brownies, the tiramisu and the pecan tart) and sandwichs come in thick fresh pitas (I like the tempeh sandwich the best, but if you haven't overdosed on falafel sandwiches yet, you should definitely try theirs).

Pros: Nice vice, Tasty food, Organic

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Cute, neighborhood cafe - Edit

This is a great place tucked away under a set of stairs. The foods are simple and clean. We had two sandwiches - Tempehtation and BBQ. They were fine, although not with any real spice. The cookies were great. We had two soups that were FAB.

Here's the take out deal with soup, they give you a glass, jam jar, charge to use it and rebate the charge when you bring it back.

VERY eco-friendly. Smoothies basic, but flavorful. Coffee and teas available Beers available.

The staff was very friendly and spoke english as well as french. Your orders come out very quickly. There is seating available, about 15-20 seats.

I wish this was in my hometown.

Pros: All Vegan, Clean food, Friendly staff

Cons: Small, Not for major dinner.

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Nice Falafel sandwiches - Edit

This is a very small restaurant and usually quite crowded.
I like to go there for take out whenever I am downtown.
The Falafel sandwiches are really good.
There are few other things I would like to try in the future.
Since I am not a big eater, the small size is perfect for me and the price is quite reasonable.
It is great that the downtown is coming up with more Vegetarian options.

Pros: Cheap, Good location

Cons: small, crowded

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Super restaurant/great prices! - Edit

I love the Panther Verte! I love this location better than the one on St Viateur as it's bigger and has a cute window cushion seating spot. THe sandwiches are delicious! And I love the variety. I've been there multiple times and have not even tried them all. They also make delicious desserts! I looooove their Tiramisu and cookies!

Pros: Desserts!, Large portions, Cool ambiance

Cons: often busy/wait time

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Panthere Verte - MacKay, Montreal - Edit

The 1st thing is that it is literally next door to Crudessence which is also 100% vegan so you could take a look at both and take your pick.

I wasn't sure what to have so I asked the guy named Jordan for a recommendation. I usually am not the most enthusiastic salad eater but when I seen what was being dishes up I was more than happy to give that a blast. It was very nice. No complaints at all re food quality, service nor setting.

Pros: All vegan, Good food

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Nice place, but so-so sandwiches - Edit

Not too far from McGill Uni, Panthere Verte had a good selection of pitta-based sandwiches and the various other drinks and cakes that one expects of a bakery, along with friendly and sociable staff. The sandwich was...well, it was fine. It wasn't amazing, it was perhaps a little blander than necessary, but it was cheap and filling.

They also sell beer, which is a plus point in my book, although they had a bit of difficulty working out which one was on discount, until eventually deciding that none of them were...

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panthere verte/ green panther review - Edit

We found parking easy on a Saturday late afternoon. The selection is not large, but it all sounded delicious. Lots of sandwiches and salad, smoothies and teas. If you don't want bread, they will sub it with the insides of the sandwich for basmati type rice.

The staff was VERY friendly and warm.

There are about 10 or so tables, don't quote me on that. one table by the window is sort of Middle Eastern style, and you can lie instead of sitting straight up. Very cute.

The food is not fancy, but it is GOOD. The prices are reasonable.

They have desserts that look good.

Stop in when you are hungry!

Right next door to this place was another vegan restaurant which looked like the upscale sister restaurant to the green panther. I would like to try that one for dinner.

Pros: quick, pretty darn tasty food, very friendly staff.

Cons: kind of small portions.

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Tasty food and healthy - Edit

Went there in April 2012 and i really enjoyed it !
The food is healthy, tha place very nice and the staff friendly. If I ever go back to Montreal I'll eat there again !

Pros: Healthy, Friendly staff, Nice place

Cons: Not really cheap

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Amazing falafels - Edit

La panthere verte on McKay is next door to Concordia University and not far from McGill so naturally, it has a very studenty feel. It is a bit of a hippy cafe and we went there for lunch 3 times and the food was consistently fresh and delicious. Do not miss their absolutely delicious falafel pita bread, they are possibly the best I have ever had.
Also if the place is packed (which it is at lunchtime), you can always go right next door to Crudessence.

Pros: Downtown location, Great falafels, All vegan

Cons: Small

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Healthy and Delicious - Edit

I went there with my non-vegan and sceptical friend. We both had a sandwich, which was delicious - even my friend loved it. The cookies were even better, the staff was friendly, and the atmosphere nice.

Pros: very good food, nice atmosphere

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"Noonday special" expensive - Edit

I had their "daily special" which was misleading. The "special" consisted of a plate with tempeh stew, white rice and a salad. It was ten dollars, not including sales tax. If I wanted anything else, say a bowl of soup, a coffee or even just a slice of bread, I would have had to pay extra. If I go there again, I will have the combo falafel plus soup & beverage: more mileage for the same price. I was also disappointed that they served white rice instead of brown, and left the place feeling a little cheated. On the plus side, the food was tasty, the ingredients fresh, organic and entirely vegan. Service was fast, but I arrived before the noonday rush hour.

Pros: Entirely vegan, Fresh, organic ingredients, Nice decor

Cons: "Daily special" misleading and expensive, No menu du jour at fixed price

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Excellent Food - Edit

We went there in a Saturday around 1.30pm. The restaurant was pretty quiet. But after we got sitted and ordered, suddenly there were 3 different groups of around 10 people came into the restaurant! It works as: You just order the food with the staff at the counter and pay. When the food are readied, the staff will call your name and you pick up your food at the counter. The restaurant is well decorated and way much more spacious than the one at Mile End. The staff speak both French and English and knowledgable to the food they serve. i had the special du jour: aubergine in peanut & tomato sauce with rice, a small salad and a santa cruz organic juice, at 10 dollars. The aubergine dish was excellent, even my husband who normally doesnt like aubergine said so. My husband had tempeh burger, equally well done. The coffee was good enough too. However, we did not have dessert as they looked too 'normal', like those that i could make myself easily at home. The down side was, they did not have high chair for children. So bring your own boaster chair if you have a little one.

Pros: Food, Location, Atmosphere

Cons: No high chair

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Good, filling, healthy food - Edit

I dropped in to Montreal's latest Panthere Verte - ideally located, essentially, on the downtown Concordia campus and right next to le Frigo Vert and a couple of other vegetarian restaurants. Panthere Verte is a good choice, along with those in the neighbourhood.

I went soon after they had opened this new location and were offering a 2-for-1 promotion on falafels! Very tasty!

Along with sandwiches/wraps, salads and a raw item or two, they serve home baked treats and if the vegan chocolate chip cookies were anything to go by, whoever is baking for them has a knack for it!

The interior is a pretty good size with beautiful wood chairs - things of beauty, they are. There is also an elevated widow seat looking out onto MacKay street from below (Panthere Vert is down a very short flight of stairs from street level) where 2-4 people can squeeze in and sit at a low table on pillows - I'll go back to try that someday!

Prices are reasonable but not exactly cheap.

All in all, this is another fine addition to a city (and two block radius of the city) that is quickly becoming more vegan friendly. Try it.

Pros: Good food, Nice staff, Nice layout and decor

Cons: Selection limited

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A Vegan Treat - Edit

The food was unusual and delicious. The space is small and very personal, we loved the atmosphere. Everything was vegan including the deserts. Great rapport with the staff on our first visit. Can't wait to go back.

Pros: excellent food, good portion size, friendly staff

Cons: none

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