Everything except the spices are prepared from scratch in the kitchen. Menu offers a large selection of hot and cold drinks and savory dishes like vegan burgers, Japanese curries, and plates of grilled vegetable and mix grain. Raw cheezecakes, parfaits, and creme brulee for dessert. Last order 6pm. Location is close to Harajuku and Gaien stations. Est. 2014 as non-veg then changed to all-vegan in 2017. Reported closed, Feb 2021.

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First Review by KoheiMatsuda


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Mostly Veg
17 Dec 2020

Permanently Closed

Tried to come for lunch. No longer operating.

Couldn’t find the restaurant where happy cow said it was so did a search on google maps where I learned it has shut down. Sales clerk in a nearby store who had been a fan confirmed that it is closed because the building is being vacated for a new construction project.

Will be missed.

Pros: Will be missed...

Cons: Out of business



Points +28

30 Nov 2020

Fulfilling and delicious

Pretty stylish neighborhood and delicious food. I order the avocado burger and it was just right, fresh and tasty. They have homemade ketchup and mustard, the mustard is a bit spicy and I really loved it!


Points +441

25 Oct 2020

They have the best staffs

This place is one the busiest vegan restaurants in Tokyo. But I love how still welcoming they are even if they are super busy. They are nice not only when you are there but also over the phone when you make reservations. They spend time giving each customer accurate recommendations and explains about their menu / services with great attitude, and still serves you in perfect timings which is magical!

The food is not as good as I expected after seeing all the good reviews, but it’s still decent, nothing to complain about. There are just so many good vegan restaurants newly opening around the area, and this fact makes this place less special.
I hope they’ll will comeback with something more special after closing at the current location!

Pros: Great service, Fresh food, Cute interior


Points +146

25 Oct 2020

Nice atmosphere & good food

Went there for lunch on a Sunday without reservation, as soon as we got there the waiter showed us to our seat right away.
I got a Lapaz burger and my partner got a soy fillet burger and soy karaage (yes he was hungry ;). I liked the lapaz burger better as I’m not crazy for soy meat in general but that’s just my taste. I though the burger had a nice taste balance overall, it came with a small side salad, french fries and pickles (amazing pickles by the way).
We also got a couple glasses of red wine from Georgia, it was nice but a little overpriced for 1200¥/glass.
I liked the atmosphere a lot, the place has a very large wall size window looking to the street so there was a lot of natural light inside. I will definitely go again.

Pros: Good taste , Nice atmosphere , English spoken

Cons: A little pricey


Points +1629

25 Oct 2020

3.5* Friendly, with a nice ambiance, but not the best vegan food in Tokyo

I heard good things about this place, and wanted to come before they closed this location. The meal was quite nice, but they were sold out of about half their dinner options (4:30pm on Sunday). The burger was smallish but came with nice sides. It didn’t blow me away taste-wise.


Points +607

08 Jun 2020

Burger and cheesecake

I recommend a delicious veggie burger with mushrooms. Comes with a side of fresh green salad, pickles and real thick cut chips. Also, a slice of lemon cheesecake and iced latte for a dessert!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great customer service, Pleasent atmosphere

Cons: A little expensive


Points +26

20 Mar 2020

Great food and atmosphere!

A variety of delicious dishes and very friendly service!


Points +134

15 Mar 2020


Great little spot with amazing vegan food!

Pros: Fresh, Variety


Points +86

12 Feb 2020

Delicious “homemade” vegan food

Everything here was immaculately prepared - felt very homemade and delicious. Excellent service


Points +1080

16 Nov 2019

Taste food and lovely vibes

This place feels really expensive when you look through the window and it is quite expensive, the burgers are around 1500yen and then you can add things to it. Do I think it was worth the price? Definitely! It was real homemade amazing food. I had the avocado burger with rice bread and it was so good. We got a lovely little table in the corner and the staff was super nice and helpful!


Points +181

23 Oct 2019

Lovely place - go there!

Really heplful waiter and tasty food after 10day living out of [censored] conbini shops!

Pros: Ask you about allergies and things you don't like, Gives you homemade mustard and ketchup


Points +115

19 Oct 2019

The place that defines the vegan burgers.

The 4 vegan burgers have all a special vibe, with the Japanese twist. All cooked in place and all ingredients are fresh. The greatest meal ending in a high note with the special desserts. All are better then the other. The problem is that the place categories as "1 $ sign" but the prices are high (about 1500 Yen for burger).


Points +33

13 Oct 2019


We had a wonderful experience here! The staff were so friendly and inviting, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was great. The portions look kind of small compared to what you get in the US, but once you dig in, it's the perfect amount of food. We had 2 different burgers, the soup of the day, and cheesecake, (plus drinks). The burgers were served with some salad and pickled veggies that were very tasty. Everything about our meal was good. The front of the restaurant is a large window overlooking a very charming street, so that added to the experience. I definitely recommend making time to visit Harajuku and Organic Table By Lapaz

Pros: All vegan, Friendly staff, English speaking, Great atmosphere


Points +32

25 Aug 2019

The burger was ok. Nice atmosphere

The burger was slightly cold. The atmosphere is fine. Worth the visit tho!


Points +15

17 Aug 2019

Perfect, if SLIGHTLY inautokyoyhentic

DELICIOUS. Inventive, interesting menu. Incredibly friendly. English-friendly.

Got the mushroom burger. Wow!!!! Yeah, it was a little hard to eat - no complaints. I love that feeling of the sandwich coming apart as I go, licking my fingers... Mmm mm good. The sauce was amazing, and the mushroom were fabulous. And, of course fries are always good, but these were especially so.

One not even complaint but fair warning - when I was there, the two tables around me were speaking English. Don’t know if that means this isn’t a particularly authentic Japanese place.

As for price - maybe a TAD pricey, I spent $26 for a sandwich and a drink. Make your own judgement.

Pros: Delish & Friendly & English-Friendly, Bright

Cons: Inautokyothentic, Slightly pricey


Points +119

06 Aug 2019

Restaurante muy recomendable

Buena variedad de comida y calidad de insumos.

Pros: Comida muy rica, Ambiente agradable, Buena atención


Points +3399

31 Jul 2019

Pricey, but good

A bit pricey, but still good (small portions). Food is a bit spicy, although menu does not state this.Really nice location and interior and very nice owner. A 15 min walk from Meiji Jingu Mae station.

Pros: Totally vegan, Has desserts, Nice atmosphere

Cons: A bit pricey, Very spicy dishes (menu does not state this)


Points +1628

27 Jul 2019

One of my favorite restaurants in Tokyo

Nice atmosphere, great selection of food. I recommend trying the brown rice bun on the avocado burger. Also I love both the cheese cake and creme brulee. They close for 2 hours in the middle of the day and then become an izakaya at night time.
Closest station is Gaienmae station, it is about 25 minutes if you walk from Harajuku station.

Updated from previous review on 2019-07-27

Pros: Delicious, Friendly service

Cons: Weird opening hours, Location is a bit inconvenient


Points +34

11 Jul 2019

Decent but pricey

I tried the South Indian curry plate and a limenade and the limenade was the highlight! The curry plate was alright — Indian food is vegan usually anyways so I feel like I ordered the wrong dish for the restaurant. It wasn’t authentic as something you’ll find in an Indian restaurant but was double the price... I’d say it’s a nice American/western perspective of Indian food.


Points +1216

10 Jul 2019

Definitely get to this place in Harajuku

What a lovely cafe! It is beautifully decorated inside and has a great ambiance! Also the food is wonderful. I had the vegan karaage and it came with a plate full of veggies.


Points +218

23 Jun 2019

super cool

have yet to try all the menu options but its great. atmosphere in restaurant, hospitality of employees, an all vegan menu - the interior design and decor is lovely and tasteful. super cool


Points +1824

19 Jun 2019

Beautiful Cafe, Delicious Food 🌱

Read the Vegan Tokyo Guide on https://itravelforveganfood.com/vegan-tokyo-guide/

Beautiful food, modern comfy decor, and friendly staff.

This vegan cafe is near Gaiemmae station on the Ginza line. A short 5 minute walk will take you to this beautiful cafe.

This Lapaz burger comes is pretty good. The patty is a mixed grain patty, which can be a bit too soft for some. But the mushroom gravy sauce on top is good. The onion is cooked soft and doesn’t have that raw onion taste at all. Be careful the mustard has quite a kick and is quite spicy. Overall it’s a very good burger.

The burger set also comes with some soy nuggets, pickles and salad. They all taste very good.

The matcha latte is freshly made with traditional matcha and steamed bonsoy. Very delicious and it’s a joy to see the match whisking/frothing in action with the bamboo whisk.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious and Beautiful food, Welcoming staff


Points +216

06 Jun 2019

Fantastic food

Had the burger with avacado. Burger, fries, salad, and lime lemonade were all delicious. Wasn't a fan of the nuggets (had that really soy flavour). Paid ~2500. Which isn't the cheapest but I think it's fine for what I got. As I left I realised they had some vegan desserts like creme brulee and choc&mint mousse, so will have to be back for them! Great English spoken too, wiater recommended me a restaurant in Kyoto as well for my later travels.

Pros: Great options, Healthy, English spoken

Cons: Nuggets lol, Price I guess


Points +46

05 Jun 2019

Simply amazing!

This restaurant was well worth travelling to. We had the avocado/soy fillet burger, the soup of the day and banana shakes. The avocado burger was so delicious, especially the sauce on the burger and the soy fillet was yummy. We both LOVED the banana shakes. The staff was very friendly and service was fantastic.


Points +2968

05 Jun 2019


Some of the best burgers I've had in Japan. We had the Lapaz Burger and the Teriyaki Tempe Burger. They each came with a salad, home-made pickled veggies, fries, and fried soy meat. Everything tasted amazing, and the staff was so kind and friendly!


Points +34

02 Jun 2019

Good burgers and service

Had a lovely lunch/early dinner here today after lots of walking in the bustle of Shibuya. The restaurant is located in a quite part of town and the food was good! I had the soy avocado burger, they make their own tomato sauce and mustard (was confirmed neither horse radish or wasabi isn’t in the mustard but it has a kick to it!) and it comes with pickles, salad and either chips or soy nuggets and we got both. It was probably one of the best vegan burgers we’ve had in a long time!

Besides the good food, the staff were super lovely. When we ordered an apple juice and a beer they tell you where it’s from. They seem really proud to make fresh vegan food and it totally shows! The touch of their home made sauces and knowledge of produce is nice. Nice place for a filling meal😄

Pros: Good food, Large portions , Friendly staff


Points +86

30 May 2019

Could have chilled here all day!

Worked our way up to the quieter streets of Shibuya & found this little gem!
Loved the location & venue, super chilled & service was excellent!
Good selection of food & drink. Cheesecake was a particular highlight!
Sat in the window on the comfy chairs & relaxed for I don’t know how long! Don’t forget to take a pic for their wall before you leave!
Definitely stop by if your in the area!

Pros: Chilled & relaxed atmosphere , Super friendly staff, Cheesecake!

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