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Independent store stocking organic produce, nutritional supplements and vitamins, veg-friendly packaged foods, chilled foods, and other natural groceries. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by soopernish


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15 Jan 2024

So many fun vegan items

This place is a vegan haven!!! It’s definitely expensive, so I don’t know how often I’ll be able to go, but it’s got so many fun vegan items.



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29 Sep 2020

Great source for vegan food.

Sign up and order what you like.

Pros: Very kind staff


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08 Jul 2020

The best!

The absolute best place to get vegan groceries & fresh organic produce. I’ve been able to find vegan items here I’ve never seen anywhere else. You can also sign up to be in their members program & get discounted food every visit. Staff is always friendly & store is always clean!


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Mostly Veg
09 Jan 2017


Great place to buy Organic products. I buy for my rstaurants

Pros: friendly staff, good value

Libby Ann

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19 Jul 2014

Love this place!

I'm a local so I pre-order groceries from them on a regular basis. They are a locally owned business and ALL of their fresh produce is organic and mostly local. I know this for a fact because my husband worked there. By pre-ordering you save 10% and you just pick up your stuff that's already packed up for you and pay.
They carry almost everything you would want from a Health Food Store. Those hard-to-find items can usually be found online, if not in the store. The store is rather small so they don't carry EVERYTHING in it.
They have a small bulk section with reasonable prices.
For those passing through, there's a cooler with drinks and veg/vegan to-go prepared foods. They're all pretty good. You can pick up a piece of organic fruit and a bag of vegan chips to accompany it.

Pros: Reasonable Prices, Great Variety, Locally Owned & Opperated

Cons: Small Store


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27 Jun 2011

Visitor had a good experience

I agree that the store is pretty small. My husband and I are from Arkansas and so we are used to the organic stores being pretty tiny. We were just looking for some veganaise to make a macaroni salad for a bbq and they had it. We also got some Kambucha for the road which was good. The guys at the front counter seemed friendly enough. Overall it was a good experience, but if I lived around there I would definitely be searching for another store to frequent that had more choices. Such as, low fat veganiase :)

Pros: healthy choices, pretty friendly

Cons: prices were a little high


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11 Sep 2009

Good products. Everything else not so good.

There are two other Organic Depots in the area - one in Portsmouth and one in Virginia Beach - and they are fantastic! The Norfolk Organic Depot, however, has a much smaller selection than the other two, they are frequently out of stock when it comes to common things like tofu, and the staff is consistently unhelpful.

It has always taken me awhile to track one of the staff members down, and then it's not worth the effort because they have no idea where their products are or what they are for anyway, and they seem a bit annoyed that I have interrupted them. I have actually had a man come up to me and start asking me questions while I was shopping there, because I was the only other person he could find in the store so he assumed I was working there.

The prices there are pretty high. You can order food online from Organic Depot, and you can request to split a case of something with other Organic Depot members in the area, which gives you a cheaper price. However, in order to do this, there must be enough members in the area ordering that product to make it worth it for the store to order the case. In other words, if you want three boxes of tea out of a case of twelve, nine other boxes of the same exact tea must be ordered by other Organic Depot members at the same time in order to make this happen. This has never worked out for me. After about six months of trying, I stopped trying to order groceries online.

That being said, the products that they do have in stock are pricey but great. I would definitely choose to go to one of the other two locations if possible, though.

Pros: Products

Cons: Prices, Some of the staff, Out of stock a lot

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