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Lakeside restaurant on 3 floors, reported to be all vegetarian. Its first outlet is in Kathmandu. Offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Falafel, hummus, vegan breakfast, tagine, organic salads, shakshuka, tahini, pakora, and more. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by Beanna


Points +193

19 Oct 2023

The view and the food!

We were craving a bit of vegan junk food and ordered the vegan meat pizza and it satisfied but also in a healthy way. The people next to us ordered the Buddha bowl and gave us food envy. Looked amazing. The view over the lake with he Himalaya in the clouds was magic.

Pros: The view, The food , The wifi



Points +91

12 Oct 2023

High quality, excellent view, good service.

We had a super delicious breakfast at OR2K, one full vegan, one vegetarian option. The location provides a perfect view on the lake. Nice terrace and the service was very friendly.


Points +7444

17 May 2023

Brunch with a view

Beautiful space, delicious food, and friendly staff. Great variety and we’re happy to have vegan omelets.


Points +2701

28 Dec 2022

Vegan dessert with a view

Only popped in for something sweet and the chocolate pumpkin tart hit the spot. Expensive when you add on the service charge but good for an occasional treat.

Pros: Great view

Cons: Expensive


Points +24

04 Dec 2022

Fantastic Vegan Shakshuka

Plethora of vegan options with a dedicated page on their menu being only vegan food.


Points +62

20 Nov 2022

Amazing view whit good food!

Nice place to take a breakfast and have a lunch! Lots of vegan options


Points +1164

13 Nov 2022

Use to be good..not much now

I use to love this franchise 10 years ago, but over the years since I travelled to Nepal it has not been maintained in quality and the atmosphere has dropped a lot. Not as welcoming and the food options were lacking a lot since COVID.

Cons: Food options, Atmosphere, DIrty


Points +1519

01 May 2022

Cosy place with a good vibe

Very nice place, though very Western-style. Service is fast and friendly. The place is super cosy, you can sit both at a table and on the floor, and there is a beautiful view of the lake. The choice of food is amazing, although most items are not Nepali. I would appreciate if vegan items were clearly marked on the menu, which is not the case. I had a small combo platter and it was very tasty. You can pay by card.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-01

Pros: Cosy interior, Nice staff, Great choice of delicious food

Cons: Vegan items not marked


Points +970

21 Feb 2022

Nice falafel but pricey

It was really nice to have falafel and something a bit different. Compared to everywhere else this place is pricey, and I think working with a reduced menu so there are not many vegan options.

Pros: Fresh falafel.

Cons: Expensive. , Not many vegan options.


Points +1528

01 Dec 2021

Nice place

The food was delicious and cake was good either.


Points +20

12 Mar 2020

Great food

Lovely restaurant, great atmosphere and lake view. Great choice in food, from Indian and Nepalese to Mediterranean. Didn't think the food was too pricey for the kind of place it was, around 400-500 for a main.


Points +66

10 Mar 2020

Nice space, decent food, but a little pricy

Food good but on the pricier side. Coffee was decent too, though they charge extra for soy milk. Lovely space with cushions on the floor and a nice view of the lake.

Pros: Vegan options clearly labeled, Great view and nice space

Cons: Expensive, Charges extra for vegan substitutes


Points +391

09 Mar 2020

Nice place

The food was really yummi, but it was really pricey! The view and the interior are really nice and comfortable

Cons: Expensive


Points +725

25 Feb 2020

Really good

Nice place, view over the lake but inside a bit vold because doors to terrace are wide open
Good menu (cleaner than in Kathmandu) en nice service

Pros: Nice place, Good menu, Good service

Cons: Too cold inside because of open doors


Points +28

30 Jan 2020

Good quality

The food was tasty and cocktails were nice. While the espresso martini is unfortunately vegetarian not vegan my man said its the best espresso martini he's ever had. The serving sizes are also generous which is nice.


Points +229

19 Jan 2020

Amazing quality, if you come at the right time

Make sure to come for dinner. Vegan breakfast and lunch options depend on the staff's and chef's mood. Besides that, very good foods. Vegan paneer... absolutely amazing!

Pros: Lots of vegan options...

Cons: ...if staff and chef are in the mood for it.


Points +145

17 Jan 2020

Loved it

I had the vegan linguini with tomato sauce. Was very good. This place has an extensive menu, very good options. Also beutiful view to the lake


Points +60

12 Dec 2019

Best vegan desert

I looooved their vegan chocolate pumpkin tart! Creme brûlée was also good😄


Points +116

08 Dec 2019

Same but different

I went the Or2k in Kathmandu and loved the atmosphere and the food there. I ate amazing vegan and gluten free pancakes and thought I'd treat myself for the same dish again in pokhara... Not a good idea. The pancake was plain (I had to ask for some maple syrup and banana after it arrived, whereas in Kathmandu they served it with delicious fruit and syrup straight away) and dry and not at all like the delicious one I got in Kathmandu. And on top of that they charge a higher service fee which made it more expensive, even. The staff weren't so nice, either...

Pros: Many options

Cons: Not the same standard as the Kathmandu or2k


Points +106

28 Nov 2019

Great food, nice location

I’ve been to ork in Kathmandu. It’s the same great food and atmosphere. However the staff are rude and lazy. They are slow to take orders and appear to be standing around chatting. The ork in Kathmandu is much better.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Delicious food

Cons: Rude and lazy staff


Points +2147

13 Oct 2019

Great Atmosphere

Having been to their restaurant in Kathmandu, we were keen to visit OR2K in Pokhara. They have a huge space, which was very busy and buzzy on each of our three visits - great atmosphere!

We had the falafel with a huge side serving of fries on one visit, and we tried the mushroom chole (ask for vegan) which came with Seitan and chapatis - both delicious.

Compared to other places locally, OR2K is quite expensive, especially once taxes and service charges have been added on, but I think it’s worth it for the venue.

Pros: Lots of vegan-friendly options - ask, Great atmosphere

Cons: Not 100% vegan, Relatively expensive


Points +76

22 Sep 2019


They have quite a few vegan options but you need to specify that you want certain dishes vegan as some say they are vegan but aren't (stew I had which said vegan but the cous cous was actually cooked in butter). But the staff were very knowledgeable and the food was [censored] peng. Fried cauliflower was really good and the chocolate pumpkin tart was bad boy.

Cons: Quite expensive but for me worth it after eating, Nepalese food for 3 weeks!


Points +506

15 Sep 2019

Excellent vegan options!

Vegan and vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Super delicious with a beautiful view.


Points +64

15 Sep 2019

Vegan pancakes and fruit bowl? Breakfast set.

Pancakes, eggs, butter, honey and milk replacements available for nearly all meals.


Points +14

Non Veg
12 Sep 2019

Good food, good service, great view

We ate here twice, delicious and filling meals. Varied large menu in English. Lots of vegan options. Slightly more pricey than other veg restaurants in area but larger portions. Really enjoyed and recommend.


Points +58

03 Jun 2019

Light meal

we had a higher expectation of this place so we were a little dissapointed. Juli buddha bowl was good if u are looking for a light meal. We ordered french fries which was hard to eat seemed old, so we exchanged it for pumpkin chocolate vegan tart which was really good!

Pros: Lovely view and seating area , Good for light meal, Friendly staff

Cons: Had higher expectation of the food


Points +160

05 Mar 2019

Delicious vegan dinner

This restaurant has a great lake view. The interior is really cozy. The food is a bit pricey but delicious. We had the OR2K platter. We asked for the vegan version of it and it was delicious. We indulged and tried both vegan desserts on the menu: the vegan creme brûlée and the pumpkin chocolate pie. Both were equally yummy. We’re coming back tomorrow for brunch to try their smoothie bowls.

Pros: Vegan options clearly visible in the menu, Great lake view, Atmosphere

Cons: A bit pricey

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