Serves meat, vegan options available. Pizza restaurant where you will be able to get different kinds of vegan pizzas. Reported closed, Sep 2020.

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First Review by Ida Maria


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17 Jul 2020

An institution

First pizza place to make vegan options in Stockholm. Friendly staff and a solid vegan menu.



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10 Feb 2020

Nice vegan pizza

Nice place with many choices and not too expensive (120-150). Yet de pizza vegan is systematically 10-15sek than the same one with cheese and meet...

Pros: Beaucoup de choix de pizza , Tasty

Cons: Pizza vegan plus chère que celles specistes..., Menu only in Swedish


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30 Jan 2020

a good one

i once googled ”best vegan pizza in stockholm” and this place showed up. they have many vegan options and the cheese has a good texture and flavor. it’s not a gourmet extra deluxe homemade style rustic pizza but it’s really tasty for a standard pizzeria-pizza, a cheesy, greasy plate of comfort food.


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11 Jan 2020

Good range, decent food, average service

Lots of vegan options and the pizza itself is quite tasty though nothing special. Service was average - the main person we dealt with had headphones in the entire time but if you're just there to eat it's not really a major issue.


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17 Oct 2019

Lots of very good vegan pizzas

A lot of delicious pizzas to choose from as a vegan, they even have a variety of vegan cheeses and meats. The only thing that bothered me was that the menu was available only in Swedish but luckily the owner was happy to help me out.


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05 Aug 2019

A lot of vegan pizza options

I don't think I've ever seen such a huge variety of vegan pizzas in Sthlm.
The place is pretty nice, quirky decorated with souvenirs and creepy dolls, but has a sort of style.
I'm guessing, the owners are from Georgia.
The staff is a but grumpy, doesn't speak good English (but do understand it), but luckily Swedish is an understandable language if you know English, so you can easily navigate through the menu. The service was... not terrible, not great.
The serving size is pretty huge, and we all ordered a pizza per person. Really filling. Oh, and they give you a salad on a side with every pizza.
If you're in the hood longing for some vegan pizza it's a nice place to pop in, usually not too crowded as well.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, A salad on a side with every pizza, Not too busy

Cons: Grumpy stuff, No English menu


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04 Aug 2019

Never felt like so much of an inconvenience

We arrived at 20:05 after the online information stated open til 9pm. On arrival we asked for a table for two and he looked at us like we were the devil and said "Yes but I only open 30 mins". He then sent us to get our own menus, none of which had anything in English and waved us to a table near the back after we attempted to head ito the alcove area which looked pretty. We ended up walking out as there was no way we wanted to spend our money somewhere so unwelcoming.


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20 May 2019


Lovely uniquely decorated restaurant. Loads of pizza options from the menu. Vegan section has 4 Kebaps and 3 sauces. I went for the special... Woah!!! It's sooo good!!! Fresh Za dough wrap filled with Seitan and salad! I ordered the V Bernaise sauce on the side(should have asked for it in). So good!!!


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14 Mar 2019


Honestly the pizza itself is very average. Not bad at all. A lot of options, which is nice. They also have vegan sauce which I appreciate!! Nice staff as well.

Pros: Lots of options, Nice staff, Cute restaurant

Cons: A little bit overpriced , Could be more spiced


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08 Nov 2018

Big vegan range, ok taste

They have heaps of vegan food. I chose a vegan Bolognese pizza. The size was pretty big, the crust was ok (not crispy, a little bit undercooked) and the topping was nice. So they serve average pizza, not bad but not ground-breaking. Nice service and good atmosphere.

Pros: Vegan range, Fair size for fair prize

Cons: Average


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27 Oct 2018

Average Pizza, but still good

They have over 30 different vegan Pizzas, which is very cool. Our Pizzas were ok, but not particular good. We both thought, that they took out of the oven too early.

Pros: Over 30 different vegan options


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16 Sep 2018

Mamma miaa!!!

Great place. Very friendly personnel, and over 30 different vegan options for pizza (rollos and other dishes as well). Food came super fast and it was delicious. We will repeat!!


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27 Aug 2018

Vegan cheeeeese

Wow!! There were so many vegan options! Definitely check the place out, the vegan cheese was so good and there are so many toppings!

Pros: Amazing vegan cheese, Crazy amount of options, Friendly service


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27 Aug 2018


Great variety of fully vegan pizzas with about 30 different and very creative options.

Pros: Lots of options , Good pizza , Very quiet on Sunday night

Cons: No English menu


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06 Aug 2018

Vegan pizza!

O’Mamma Mia was not far from our hostel, so we ate here on the last night of our holiday. After wrestling with over thirty vegan options (!), I went for the Hawaiin pizza and partner for the salami (vegan salami and fresh tomato). The vegan ham was really tasty and cheese was good too. Very generous with toppings (see photo), friendly staff and outdoor seating area. Very relaxed. Pizzas are cooked fresh and came very quickly.

Pros: Over thirty vegan pizza options, Friendly staff, Delicious food


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03 Aug 2018

Only good for the many vegan options but bad service

It's a small place with few outdoor seating but plenty and plenty of vegan options. Literally the whole classic menu was also available in vegan. But the service was terrible! When I made a reseervation they didn't even want to write my name down. The service seemed uniterested and clueless. They took ages until they took my order. I had a Vegan Pizza Tropicana with veg ham, cheese, banana, curry powder, pineapple. It arrived fast and tasted OK. The dough was quite good - thin and crispy. I personally disliked the combination of banana and curry.

The place is pricey for what they really have to offer. I would only really go there if you want a good range of vegan pizzas.

Pros: huge range of vegan options, good dough, outdoor seating available

Cons: pricey, terrible service, few outdoor seating


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15 Mar 2018

Great Pizzas

I had the Kebab-Pizza, which tasted amazing!


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12 Mar 2018

Absolutely Awesome

They have a big choice of vegan Pizzas. I wanted togive them 5 stars but its not allowed. But the Pizzas are just amazing!


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25 Jan 2018

taste, size and cost.

Tastes good but unfortunetly the size of the meal(vegan kebabtallrik) is too small imo.

Pros: Lots of vegan option!

Cons: Small sized meal/Costs are high compared too the a


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03 Nov 2017

perfectly thin pizza at a good price

The pizza there was huge and thin and came with a free bowl of coleslaw pretty soon after ordering. The menu made it hard to pick as the vegan part took up almost four paged, including pasta. Despite it being a Friday evening it wasn’t very busy, giving the place a cozy, quiet and calm atmosphere.
Do choose takeaway if you are scared of strange dolls and masks as the walls are covered in them.

Pros: free coleslaw, big vegan menu


03 Dec 2017

The cabbage sallad not coleslaw is a standard in Sweden, sometimes it's extra but good places will offer it irregardless


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11 Aug 2017

Vegan pizza - not great

I did not enjoy the pizza I ordered. I asked for the best-selling vegan pizza and the cheese was really disappointing. Would have been fine without the cheese. I do appreciate the large number of vegan pizzas on the menu.

Pros: Large selection of vegan pizzas

Cons: Cheese was not good, Staff was not so friendly


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07 May 2017

Tasty Pizzas, Much Variety, Fast Serving

Not to be confused with "Oh Mamma Mia" in Södermalm, who, unlike this restaurant, have a website. So many Pizzas to chose from! We had the O'Mamma Mia Speciale and the Mezza Luna; the vegan faux meat and ham as well as the garlic sauce were very tasty, though overall we liked the Mezza Luna a bit better, because the other one was swimming a bit in the fatty (mozzarella?) cheese which I found a tad bland. The Pizzas were served quite fast and the pricing is good.

Updated from previous review on 2017-05-07

Pros: Cheap, Tasty, Quick


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06 Mar 2017

A great selection of vegan pizzas.

We went there because we read about the huge selection of vegan pizzas. We were not disappointed. There are over 30 vegan choices. Their meats and cheeses are homemade. Our pizzas were delicious and came out quickly. You will not be disappointed.

Pros: Many vegan options, Romantic ambiance, Moderately priced

Cons: Out of the way


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29 Jul 2016

Amazing pizza!

Im surprised no one has reviewed this resto yet! They have a humongous selection of vegan pizzas, made with faux meats and vegan mozzarella. All pizzas are prepared in a stone oven. I absolutely loved the vegan kebab pizza! also had a bite of the curry banana pizza, yum. Grest selection of beers to go with the pizzas. Must visit in Stockholm!

Pros: Extensive selection of vegan choices, Yummy vegan mozzarella

Cons: Closes at 21:00


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11 May 2016

Vegan pizza but curb your enthusiasm

Classically decorated pizza restaurant a bit off downtown but still pretty good to arrive at. The furnishing is ageing, but there is still enough comfort.
Notably long list of vegan pizzas is impressive and worthy of acknowledgment. I had a vegan capricciosa (with vegan cheese, vegan ham and mushrooms) and a a Swedish draught beer. The beer was excellent whereas the pizza dashed my expectations. Dough and sauce were top, however, the toppings couldn't really convince me. Whilst the mock ham looked not very appealing, it actually tasted quite good; yet the vegan cheese was the main disappointment - I have seen (and eaten) several better ones. It isn't bad, but it has this weirdly artificial texture and taste.
Service was average, prices were OK for Stockholm. All in all nothing to jump for joy for, I give them credit for their extensive vegan menu though. That doesn't hide the fact that they still do serve lots of meat.
O'Mamma Mia isn't bad by any means, just go there with modest expectations.


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23 Apr 2016

amazing choice on vegan food!

as said, they have 37 vegan pizzas and other vegan plates. perfect!


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25 Jan 2016

Love the pizza

So much to chose from with really nice dough and nice vegan cheese

Pros: Awesome tasting pizzas

Cons: Sometimes a bit cold

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