An art gallery and veggie restaurant with panoramic view of Baguio City. Unique and eclectic ambiance. No MSG. Open Mon 11:00am-7:00pm, Tue-Thu 11:00am-8:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm, Sun 11:00am-7:00pm.

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28 Aug 2023

They seem to have improved

Top floor! Keep on climbing. While none of the menu options are actually vegan, the server did understand what vegan is and offered to veganise certain dishes including the veggie dish with tofu (removing the egg) and pasta dishes. I love the atmosphere and the concept. The place was quite busy, but they were very kind and accommodating. I really enjoyed my spaghetti and pesto and would return for the space alone.

We need more vegan options. Please at least include veganisable options on the menu in case some staff doesn’t know and to make it easier for us. 3.5 ⭐️

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Mostly Veg
08 Aug 2022

Beautiful place but only two pieces of salad for vegetables

More vegetables and more variety of spices for taste


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23 Feb 2020


Nice atmosphere and good effort on the look but food was very disappointed. Not many vegan option. They didn’t have my first second or third choice. The waiter recommended their “most popular” dish. Red rice with seasonal veg, tofu and a fried egg on top. I asked if I could have extra tofu instead of egg. It came, with the egg, two small pieces of tofu, three small pieces of cabbage, one small piece of carrot and one thumb nail size broccoli. Yes, I complained. They brought it back without the egg and added 4 more pieces of tofu (uncooked) So 175 pesos for rice and an egg basically. Pasta “looked” good won’t go back to try.

Pros: Nice atmosphere

Cons: Expensive , Bad quality , Not much vegan


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27 Sep 2019

Vegetarian-friendly, not vegan-friendly

Almost everything has egg and/or dairy.
It’s as if they made an effort to say “f*** vegans” with their menu.

Pros: Hipster vibe, Nice view, Friendly staff

Cons: Too much egg and dairy


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15 May 2019

Limited vegan options

Aside from the salads, there are basically only a few main options for vegans: puttanesca pasta, a modified Mongolian rice bowl without the omelette, and stuffed beancurd if available. Food is subpar in my opinion.

Pros: Interesting local-style dining atmosphere

Cons: Very limited vegan options, Subpar taste


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02 Mar 2017

nice view and artistic design

easily accessible and location is a plus

Pros: love d rustic design, presentation of food. thumbs up

Cons: food takes too long, i saw a rat


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07 Jan 2013

good for drinks but NOT for food

We had dinner there a couple of weeks ago. We loved the atmosphere - even the COCKROACHES we shared the floor with didn't scare us away - and were excited about the food reading the menu but the disappointment was big when our food finally arrived. The portions were tiny and the food was prepared without love and tasteless.

We had Onion Rings (okay but nothing special) and Lumpia Salad (tasteless dressing, only iceberg lettuce) for starters, followed by Pancit Gulay and O My Gulay Rice. Both main dishes were supposed to have "10 assorted vegetables" which we could neither see nor taste and "steamed/fried tofu" which turned out to be 5 or 6 tiny cubes of wobbly tofu tasting like nothing. The pancake with icecream for dessert was okay.

On top of that, the staff was very inattentive, slow and not particularly friendly. We waited a long time before someone came to take our orders and equally long after asking for the bill until it arrived. Although I specifically asked to leave the omlet out of my dish I found it on top of my rice.

Altogether a very disappointing experience. Go there for drinks to enjoy the view and the tree-house-atmosphere but don't waste your money on the food.

Pros: tree house atmosphere

Cons: overpriced, boring & tasteless, inattentive staff


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24 Aug 2011

Delicious but long wait time

The first time we visited this resto and we were a bit disappointed. We arrived and there were bunch of people eating and noticed that there's only one waiter delivering and asking for orders. Approximately 30 minutes after before our order was taken and we asked the waiter why, she said that she's the only one serving. She's helpful and looking at her, we managed to control our temper for waiting that long. After taking our orders, we only waited a few minutes and we are happy when our food was served. We stayed longer waiting for our orders to be taken than to eat our food. By the way, we were extremely happy with our order except for the sandwich where it contains egg when we told the waiter to not include that as we are lacto-vegetarians. She managed to replace it after all or maybe just removed the egg??? Oh well! I think for a restaurant that charges this amount ( a bit expensive), they should hire more people in order to accommodate their guest. They should improve on this.

Pros: excellent food, ambiance, large portions

Cons: long wait time, a bit pricey.


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28 Jun 2008

Artsy ambiance but apathetic staff

The decor and ambiance of this place is out of this world. It's almost like a little theme park inside, with artsy decorations, antiques, and artwork. Very eclectic and hippy-like. And the view of Baguio from it is very panoramic. The only thing lacking about this place is that the menu doesn't have very many dishes on it. Most of the meals tend to be noodle or pasta dishes, and there are a few desserts too. It doesn't have the variety of most vegetarian restaurants, especially asian ones. The food is not really Asian either, but more like generic organic food. Not bad, but not very ethnic.

The downside of this place is the staff. I have no idea what the owner or management is smoking, but their waitstaff are like statues who never smile and never take your order unless you walk up to them and ask them to come over. It's like they are totally apathetic. They don't like to talk and they look like they don't even want to be there! What the @#$%? So why did they get hired? When I complained about this, some hippie grungy looking bum told me that that's how Baguio is, so laid back that the waitstaff don't talk to you unless you talk to them first! Uh huh. Yeah right. And in spite of all this, they have the nerve to charge me a service charge of 10 percent? That was a ripoff and wrong!

If you are the owner or manager of this place, I request that you email me with an apology -


Pros: artsy decor, ambiance, panoramic view

Cons: horrible apathetic staff, horrible apathetic staff, horrible apathetic staff


10 Aug 2011

I agree, the wait time is a bit absurd. They should consider hiring more staff the fact that they charge 10% or 12% on your food.

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