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Vegetarian restaurant and shop with vegan options. Menu changes daily. 'Stravenky' vouchers accepted. Open Mon-Fri 07:30-18:00.

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First Review by arahja


Points +52

15 Jan 2023

Cheap and tasty vegan options

Oaza offers great vegan options for a reasonable price. Perfect place for students.

Pros: Cheap , Vegan options



Points +50

02 Dec 2021

good and cheap

very good prices, the portions are satisfactory maybe a little smaller. food is really good. it is very busy during lunch hours and the best options are not available quite soon during lunch hours


Points +53

22 Mar 2021

Basic food

If you want really cheap options go for it. But do not expect any special gastro experience.

Pros: Price, Location

Cons: Grumpy staff sometimes, Taste is average


Points +78

22 Jul 2019

Cheap and fast

Great for a lunch on the go. You stand whilst eating, very fast! Tends to be crowded during lunch hours, many meals not available in the afternoon.


Points +297

30 Sep 2018

Folk, so called cheap and very average food

People like this place because it is cheap. I am not sure, after their lunches I will get hungry about 1-2 hours again, sometimes it is not enough even one their meal to be full.


Points +382

01 Mar 2018

simply food and good price

I must say it is bistro where are not seats but good options for vegans available! I must say the portion is very good for this price ! Very simple meals but tasty!!! The is no cheaper place in Brno definitely!!!!


Points +81

26 Dec 2017

Cheap and delicious

It is a small bistro with some vegan option, the rest is vegetarian. They are really cheap, but also good and delicious. Also they have a small shop with some vegan option like some spreads, tofu, tempeh etc...


Points +35

01 Mar 2016

Small but enough!

This small bistro, in the centre of the city, offers both vegetarian and vegan options (vegetarian meals are more frequent). The prices are the lowest you can imagine and they are adequate to the quality of food. Oaza offers traditional Czech meals with healthier options and also some international foods like tortillas etc. The philosophy is to buy-eat-go, so there is no place to sit so for some this might be a huge minus, especially in the rush hours. But overall, Oaza is good option where to eat in Brno!

Pros: Non-smoking, Quick, Cheap

Cons: Too crowded during rush hours, No sitting area


Points +138

02 Nov 2015

The cheapest bistro I´ve ever been to.

Great choice if you don´t have much (or any) money. Meals usually cost about 50 czk each!!!
Not every food is vegan, but there are usually some possibilities. Oaza is more bistro than restaurant (no chairs, only counters where people eat). It isn´t a high class cuisine, but it´s kind of place, where you eat (or take away the food) when you hurry. Food is quite healthy (some veg protein + wholemeal side-dish, buckwheat, millet...personally I hate it, but for this price? :D) and I think that it is really tasty as well.
You need to try it on your own, but I think, that there is no cheaper bistro in Brno (and all Czech Republic as well?) and I appreciate the equality of price, quality and quantity.

Pros: THE CHEAPEST!!!, fast service, ideal whe you hurry

Cons: No possibility to sit and eat, common interior


Points +65

20 Jan 2013

Hard to rate

Oaza on Slovakova street is a hard place to rate. On the one hand this this ideal place to eat when you're poor student and want to be sure that your meal is vegan - food is cheap (cca 1E for meal), hot and marked properly. You can choose between 2-3 soups and 5-7 main dishes. And the food is not bad at all! This is one of very few places which serve buckwheat. The food is trying to pretend traditional meals and their taste. Food is marked with M for milk, V for egg (sorry, Czech word is vejce), S for sugar and L for gluten. That's enough to find the good combination.
But: there is no place to seat - you eat standing. The food isn't made from fresh vegetables - soups contain frozen mixes, base of every meal is quasimeat (soya, tofu, klaso, robi) + typical sauce + rice/buckwheat/knedlik (dumpling). There is salat (mostly cabbage), but with sugar. Nutritionally nothing to be proud of. Spices: sugar, salt and pepper. Around 12-1pm it can be full od people
Maybe now you can see why it's so difficult to rate. It's good but not really healthy. It's average, but not a culinary orgasm. It's finally cheap, which makes this good destination for everyday eating (definitely better than bread and bread).
I would say: in between the price and quality given - Oaza is excellent.

Pros: price, variety, vegan option

Cons: nowhere to seat, way of preparing food

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