Restaurant in the heart of Bath. Small plates and taster menu focused on organic, local and artisanal ingredients. Previously known as Acorn Kitchen. Instagram @oakrestaurantbath Open Mon-Sun 10:00-15:00, 17:30-21:00.

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First Review by Laura Lynne


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04 Nov 2023

How can vegetables taste so good?

This place is hands down the best food i’ve ever had in my life. Went back last night for the 2nd time - both times have had the tasting menu with wine pairing. The menu changes seasonally which is such a treat (also a great excuse to go back and try the changing menu!!). I have no photos of either occasion because I was so into the food / dining experience i forgot to take any. The staff are so lovely and super knowledgeable. The food is literally out of this world. I don’t know how they make everything taste so delicious. I would 100% recommend this to treat your self, and the wine pairing is definitely worth it too.



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31 Oct 2023

Vegetables have never tasted so good

My absolute favourite restaurant. We’ve been here many times and are always blown away. We usually have the 5 course feast which is amazing value and is a great way to try lots of the options on their regularly changing menu.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-31


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15 Oct 2023

The beautiful taste of plants.

Very well made food. All tastes very natural and cook to perfection. This restaurant is all about experiencing the flavours and textures.

Pros: Techniques , Quality , Service


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25 Sep 2023

Best hummus and homemade bread

Great menu featuring lots of seasonal vegetables. Some of the best bread I've ever had!

Pros: Homemade bread, Seasonal vegetables


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28 Jul 2023

Very disappointed

We travelled a long way on the basis of the reviews, to stay nearby and celebrate a big birthday. We’re both long time vegans and we believed the menu was mostly vegan or dishes could be made vegan.
We’d read the ‘sample menu’ on the website, as well as all the glowing reviews. The sample menu and the food pictures on their site look really exciting. The reality when we visited was very different. We opted for the ‘5-course tasting menu’ for nearly fifty quid a head. We fancied the ravioli and/or the risotto on the menu, but were told these weren’t vegan. A pity and quite lazy we thought. But never mind, we were prepared to be wowed by the rest!
The first course arrived: a plate of tomatoes with scattered buckwheat. Plus a small bowl each of green olives and almonds. Fine but an odd combination. The second course arrived: a bowl of new potatoes (overcooked and tasteless) in a creamy sauce, a plate of reasonably decent hummus and some fluffy bread. The third course was a creamy green soup. It was fine, nothing to write home about, and under seasoned. The next course was just a charred courgette, sliced, plus a stump of courgette, with a similar creamy sauce as the potato dish, and with it a plate of oak lettuce leaves, complete with soil and at least one bug. The leaves were past their best and came with no dressing, so basically just unwashed leaves.
The next course was more awful. Instead of risotto we got a plate of (tinned?) hot chickpeas and a scattering of small cubes of mushy, flavourless beetroot (supposedly roasted). The dish had a really odd taste and was very unpleasant indeed. We complained at this stage, for the second time, and the manager was called over and told us “oh, people usually like it”.
We agreed to try the croquettes instead and received four very small croquettes with mayo, between two. The coating was crispy but the filling had the texture of wallpaper paste.
Thankfully the dessert was good. Two balls of lusciousness: one of ganache and one a minty, vanillary ice cream.
Thank god for the pud!
The staff, mostly, seemed to have no interest in us whatsoever. I’d emailed prior to say it was a big birthday celebration, but no one cared and no mention was made of it. We left £110 lighter (inc a refund for the awful courses) and very very disappointed. I’m not sure who likes this place and why. We won’t ever return.

Pros: The dessert

Cons: Very poor quality. Uninspired vegan food., Under seasoned, tasteless food, Overrated and overpriced.


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13 Jul 2023

5 dishes to share

All but 2 dishes on the current menu could be made vegan (ravioli and risotto). So delicious especially the potato croquettes in a creamy cashew sauce!


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06 Jun 2023


We really enjoyed our meal here, sustainable, delicious and creative food and the staff were super friendly as well! The cauliflower and beans dish was my favourite.


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24 May 2023

Just incredible!

Have been coming here for the past 10 years as it’s evolved. Unfortunately can only justify once a year for our anniversary as it’s a long drive away, but that hopefully speaks volumes we make the effort time & time again!

It never disappoints & anyone who questions the price as I can see from other reviews online clearly doesn’t understand the love, time & effort that goes into making their dishes. Plus the fact they take the time to sustainably grow their own organic produce- not a claim many good restaurants can make!

I hope to be able to visit for many more years to come 😊🌱

Pros: All dishes can be made vegan, Sustainable business , Independently run

Cons: None


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01 May 2023

Delicious food in the heart of Bath

This is one of our favourite restaurant in Bath. Most of the menu is vegan, and all dishes can be adapted to vegan. Try the seared hispy cabbage - it’s the BEST! 😍

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-01

Pros: Unique dishes

Cons: On the expensive side


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24 Apr 2023

Food, the way it should be!

Love this place. Small plates, done really well, so you get to try lots of delicious dishes. The flavours were phenomenal too. Good stuff!

Pros: Amazing flavours, Exciting menu


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10 Apr 2023

An all round great

This is a small and intimate restaurant with a great team and a menu to satisfy. There are some interesting wines on offer too. Try the five course taster if the small plate choices are too much to pick from!


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03 Apr 2023

One of the best meals I’ve ever had

Divine food, highly recommend


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06 Feb 2023

Makes for a special evening

Got the vegan five course feast for my birthday. Really fun having all the dishes bought to you and knowing they're all vegan. Well paced, tasty and interesting food. Can choose to do a wine pairing too. Small quaint interior with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Would recommend for a special celebration.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Clearly labelled vegan options, Great staff


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19 Jan 2023


This restaurant is so special we have come here for all occasions over the years. The ingredients are organic and locally grown. You can tell each dish is thoughtfully designed. However really disappointed it went from being vegan to vegetarian, I have to say the food hasn’t wowed us as much since.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-19

Pros: Really high quality food, Organic , Healthy



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Mostly Veg
07 Jan 2023

Amazing wonderful meal

Five course vegan meal was delicious. It was also kind of 6 courses too. DELICIOUS! So many layers of taste sensations. I opted for the very well paired wine selections that complimented the food perfectly. My partner loved his local Bristolian beers. Would def recommend this place. Lovely staff too. #Veganuary

Pros: Tons vegan options , Beautiful delicious food, Organic biodynamic and we’ll matched wine

Cons: Downstairs basement area unappealing


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08 Dec 2022

Great Return Visit

Delicious predominantly vegan menu - we had the tasting menu with wine flight. Friendly and efficient service.

Pros: Almost all dishes are vegan, Many creative dishes, Centrally located

Cons: Table by fireplace draughty (during winter!), Some tables too close together


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15 Nov 2022

A nice evolution…

Having eaten at this place in its previous two incarnations, Demuth’s and Acorn, I am pleased to say that the food is still very good. A solid selection of mostly vegan dishes with the option of a 5 course tasting menu. The service is very friendly. The only thing to be aware of is that as the place is quite small, when busy, depending on where you’re seated, it can feel a little noisy and cramped.

Pros: Good vegan options


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05 Oct 2022

Delicious fine dining

Oak is a lovely restaurant in a great, central location.

We went for the tasting menu with accompanying wine flight which was delicious. Staff were attentive and the atmosphere is lovely.

Some of the tables (for example the one we sat at) feel a bit awkwardly placed (we were partly blocking the stairs down to the toilets), so think carefully or request a specific table when booking. Also, for this price I might expect a higher quality of service (eg a dedicated sommelier).

Pros: Fully vegan tasting menu, Friendly staff

Cons: Layout, Expensive compared to similar places


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27 Aug 2022


We search out PB restaurants whenever we visit a town or city and we were drawn to Oak in Bath and made a reservation for luncheon

It's a small intimate place with inviting decor and pleasant staff.

The food is not cheap but well presented and very tasty. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and pleasant.

Go for the taster menu


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24 Aug 2022

Food and price not aligned. Over rated. Would not recommend

If someone is early a blunt ‘see you at 5.30’ is not necessary. Just politely explain you can’t accommodate sooner, like better quality restaurants do.
Don’t take liberties with your prices. The cost does not reflect the work in some dishes. Pity as other dishes were good and I was happy with their prices. Recommend leek dish if you do go.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Convenient location , Forgot two dishes but charged for all

Cons: Rude welcome, forgot two dishes , 30 min wait for actual drinks , Not worth it. £9 for 1.5 grilled courgettes?


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28 Jul 2022

Nice vegan food

Food was mostly good, but very small portions for what you pay. Would recommend not coming too hungry😉

Pros: Almost all vegan, Delicious flatbread

Cons: Expensive , Small portions


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15 Jun 2022

A delightful experience!

The restaurant we had planned for lunch the day we traveled to Bath was full (on a Monday!), but I am so glad because we tucked in here and were delighted with the experience.
When I first saw that they offered small plates (and not necessarily a small price), I was a little disappointed because in the past I have spent a lot of money to still feel hungry or not totally satisfied with this kind of menu. However, I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed every dish and felt very satisfied at the completion of the meal!
The dishes were unique, artfully presented, and delicious! We ordered the baba ganoush with pita, the homemade focaccia bread, the roast potatoes with zhoug, spiced carrots, and my omnivore husband and son ordered the Jersey curd malfatti. All were divine!
We also really appreciated the staff and were made to feel very welcome and felt like we had a special rapport with our server.


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02 May 2022

This was sooo nice

Huge surprise stumbling upon this place and discovering their nearly all vegan menu. They’re mostly sharing platters which, if you’re a curious vegan, is an exciting way to try new flavour and technique combos showcasing plant based ingredients. Wasn’t mind blown by any dish in particular but it was so damn close they 100% deserve a visit.

Pros: 90% Vegan, Lovely atmosphere, Small Plates

Cons: Affordable


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14 Apr 2022


Friendly little vegan and vegetarian restaurant - on a path off Abbey Square, near the tourist’s favourite Bun Shop.
I only had time for soup and coffee, but it was truly magical -served with really fantasic bread. Can’t wait to come back!

Pros: All food can be made vegan, Very Friendly and kind , Stylish and gorgeous interior


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07 Apr 2022

Mostly vegan

Great little spot with very helpful staff and good food. The menu is a good size, plenty of options and even the veg options can be veganized easily. Fresh and varied ingredients. Price is good considering the location and type of food. This place is VERY small and has limited hours. Reservations recommended. Not a place for large groups or children.


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08 Mar 2022

Lovely food and amazing service

Lovely little restaurant tucked in a side road near the cathedral. Tapas style so small portions but plenty of them. Had the risotto and was so good. A must see if you're in the city center.

Pros: All vegan apart from one item (This was all explai, Staff a very helpful and very much on the ball., Food was lovely

Cons: None


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31 Dec 2021

Amazing food

Majority is vegan and the one veggie dish was adaptable for vegans. Pricy though but worth it as a treat

Pros: 99% of the menu was vegan , Amazing food

Cons: Expensive

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