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CLOSED: O! Vegasm

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Contact 504-945-0194

1200 St Roch Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 70117

Serves an array of creative vegan cuisine including jambalaya, cheezy chorizo nachos, and gourmet sandwiches. All vegan brunch on Sunday only, with gluten-free options. Previously located on Lyons St. Reported closed to HappyCow.

Category: Vegan, American, Beer/Wine, Catering

Reviews (21)

First Review by staywellhealth

Amazing! - Edit

We went to O! Vegasm while in town for a wedding last weekend. The food was AMAZING! It was a bit hard to get there from the French Quarter (we took a cab) and the place has no signage, but it was totally worth it!!! The food was amazing--creative, tasty, and lots of food for the price. Honestly, it was a dive bar, but it almost added to the ambiance. Everyone was friendly. And again, the food--I had a vegan jambalaya, BBQ pumpkin seitan with kale slaw and cashew mac 'n cheese. Everything was amazing. Wish someplace like this was in St. Louis! Yum!

Pros: Creative and tasty food, Friendly staff, Unique ambiance

Cons: No signage

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Amazing - Edit

This place was amazing. The food was good and the cook was very nice. Yes it is a little hard to get to and it was in a dive bar but it is worth it trust me. AMAZING!!! The cook was talking about moving so call them to make sure they are still open.

Pros: great food, nice people

Cons: a little out of the way, in a dive bar

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The Vegan taste of authentic New Orleans - Edit

We had a week in New Orleans and wanted to have some authentic New Oleans food. This place really hit the spot- the jambalaya was amazing, the namesake cheese steak was incredible and we were about to have a duel over the kale slaw! This is not close to most of the touristy areas, and is a little bit of a walk from the last trolley stop along the river- but it is so worth it. You also need to accept that this is not the four seasons- it is in a "dive" bar that has gambling and smoking- it is tolerable because the food is that good. They also have Sunday brunch which I heard from other tourist patrons was super delicious. I would call before you go because he may not be there for much longer- which would be a total shame!

Pros: Tasty, tasty, Authentic

Cons: Smoking, Closed Monday, Far from touristy area

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vegan food that's Southern as all hell - Edit

As I learned on my trip the best vegan food is often served out the back of dive bars (Vegasm and Wandering Buddha) which is cool with me as I don't mind a drink or two with my meal. O! Vegasm was exactly what I've been looking for, vegan Southern food! And dude knows what he's doing. I'd give it 7 cowz if I could cheers man.

Pros: Southern Cooking, Southern Cooking, Southern Cooking

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New experience - Edit

Despite this place is in a bar it was very worth going to eat at. We almost didn't eat here because it "looked" like it was in a bad neighborhood and just was run down. I am glad we ate here though. Our waitress was very nice and made the place worth eating at. She was very knowledgeable about Vegan food. There is not a huge selection on the menu being a small place but there should be something for everyone.
We had the fried pickles and fries for an appetizer. The fries were very greasy but they looked fresh cut and not frozen. I had the Jambalaya my mom had the BBQ sandwich and the kids Mac and Cheese.
The Jambalaya was really good but a little salty. I would order it again.
The BBQ sandwich was too spicy for my mom and I ate hers along with the cole slaw. It was really good and I didn't find it too spicy.
The Mac and Cheese was the treat of the evening. I managed to eat some of the baby's and it was really good. It was made with Cashew cheese, which I had never had before and was awesome. It was even better as left overs too.
I will go back here every time I go to N.O. The cook even came out and talked to us for a bit and apologized that they had run out of the "chicken strips" (Vegan) for the kids. Despite it being in an old bar to me it was worth trying something new.

Pros: Large portions, Friendly , Vegan

Cons: Small place, In a bar

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Delicious! - Edit

Go get this food tonight. You won't regret it. I highly recommend the nachos. Drool inducing daydreams of those nachos will result in the future. They usually have the most impressive delivery range too: ALL OVER THE CITY! I live far too far away from them to enjoy them as often as one should, but they save me from pouting by bringing it all the way across town and to my door. How amazing is that? I haven't met a single person who didn't like this food meat lovers/addicts and vegans alike. And the brunch? Oh the brunch. Huge/amazing/creative breakfasty concoctions! And did I mention you can get it delivered? Yeah, just making sure. There's a good reason they have the blush worthy name, and the tagline, giving you bedroom eyes for vegan food, oh yes: here's lookin at you nachos.
Getcha some!

Pros: Super Amazing, City wide DELIVERY!!, Deeeelicious

Cons: Not right next to my house?

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wow, it sure has changed ... - Edit

I have reserved special time to eat at O Vegasm every time that I visit New Orleans, going back to when they were operating out of their old location. So, when I visited last week for Mardi Gras, I once again looked so forward to the food and the service that I had craved. However, what I ended up with on this most recent visit was nothing but a "bad taste in my mouth."

I had seen that they were offering delivery, so I was psyched with the thought that I could enjoy the food even more regularly on this trip, as I was staying in the Marigny area close by. However, when I called to place an order, I was told that there was no delivery available and that they weren't sure which days it would be available. Inconvenient, but understandable, since it is a small business. Anyway, anyone who read my previous review would know that I had really raved about the atmosphere that they had created in their new location, and most importantly about the wonderful service that I received. So, imagine my disappointment when, after waiting for someone to notice me for over ten minutes, I was greeted by a guy who seemed more pissed off that I was there than happy to see me. I think it was the head chef, but I had never been introduced to him, so I cannot say so with certainty. In any event, after minutes more went by without even an offering of a glass of water, I left. Thankfully the food co-op a few blocks away had everything I needed to make a tasty sandwich. I don't know what's happened to this place, but it just isn't the same. Shame.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday December 14, 2011

Pros: vegan

Cons: miserable service, unreliable delivery schedule

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Johnfierydesire 29 Feb 2012 - hey.. its been slow deadly slow.. and it was looking like we may have to close.i had to release my waitress and dish person and was doing EVERYTHING my self. like food shopping as well. as far as the delivery is, we are in the process of finding a all area driver.. no one was ordering so they left.. it was looking ultra grim. it is however starting to pick up again and ive just hired a new waitress to help take the load off.. as well as help with food shopping. im sure by the time you came in i was already depressed and zombified. this is nolas only all 100% vegan restaurant located in a dive bar, because thats all thats available right now.. i need support and business to survive and keep this thing going and hopefully move to my own location.. im also in the process of looking to put up a curtain seperating the dining area from the bar area. its what i have to work with and thats it.. i apologize if you were put off by the energy that day,, but i was nearing the end. my sole base clientle is tourists and believe it or not non vegan meat eaters. ive changed the menu and have added a new vegan philly style cheesesteak thats blown away everyone.. im trying to improve everything and would appreciate support.

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Great potential - Edit

I discovered this restaurant in one of my searches for Vegan options in New Orleans. It was difficult to find since there was no sign posted on the front of the building. You walk into this smokey dive bar with locals playing slot machines and you're like Woah! The dining area is a tiny room off to the side with dim lighting. I was excited to try the food since I was told the chef originally cooked for K-Paul's, a pretty well known dining establishment.

I had the Nachos with a side of jambalaya and my friend had the BBQ Sandwich with coleslaw. At first the food was amazing, but slowly we realized how loaded with salt it was. We could not even finish the food it was sooooo salty. This is not the place for a healthy veggie lover vegan. I think it really has great potential, especially if they add some health conscious options and sides to the menu and cut back on the salt.

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Highly Recommend! - Edit

My boyfriend and I are visiting New Orleans, and we were so excited to find out about O! Vegasm. The food was absolutely delicious! We split the Vegasmic BBQ Sandwich and the Double Decker BLT. The cheese on the BLT was especially delicious. The owner gave everyone dessert on the house--deep fried ginger cookies with coconut--and they were awesome! We will definitely come back a few times before we leave. Try it! It is too good to miss out on!

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Food good, space-not so much - Edit

Located inside a smokey and noisy dive bar,the St Roch Tavern. Dirty, large cockroach on floor. Almost walked out as I was grossed out. Menu inside a clear plastic sleeve, food served on styrofoam plate. But owner was kind and sincere, and I wanted to look past "the cover". Food was good, ordered the vegan Jambalaya, and he gave me a complimentary kale slaw that was superb. Portions good, and excellent value. Carrot cake for dessert was not too bad (after Sweet Life in Eugene, nothing comes close). Smoke from bar was overwhelming and the live music so loud could not hear myself think.
Food and staff - 3 stars. Ambiance and space - 0 stars.

Pros: Friendly owner, well porportioned servings, Fair prices

Cons: location - in a smoky bar, far too noisy (bar), not clean

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I walked over 2 miles to get to O! Vegasm and it was totally worth every step (though I don't recommend it!) Amazing Jambalaya, and I heard others raving about everything on the menu. The chef came out and I got to talk with him for awhile which was great, he said he'd whip something special up for me when I came in again! HIGHLY recommend it. PLEASE NOTE: Building doesn't say O!Vegasm on it at all, it's located within 1200 St. Roch Tavern.

Pros: great food, friendly staff, intimiate style

Cons: smoking is allowed in attached bar

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Absolutely Delicious! - Edit

O! Vegasm is a gem! I cannot recommend it highly enough. The food was out of this world. I had the nachos and my boyfriend had the BLT with a side of jambalaya (although there was plenty of sharing.) The "cheeze" is unreal and just thinking about the jambalaya is making my mouth water. The portions were big and the prices, reasonable. I only wish we were going to be around New Orleans for Sunday brunch. They had sold out of dessert, and I'm sure it's well-worth getting there a bit earlier for it (not that we had any space).

Our server was great and the Chef came out to check on us during the meal. I can't believe they've only been running dinner service for a month. Don't miss out on O! Vegasm!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good value

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Name says it all.... - Edit

For our long weekend trip to New Orleans, I was most looking forward to eating at O!Vegasm and it did not disappoint. The name really says it all. We had both dinner on Friday night and brunch on Sunday. We took taxis on Friday, but the bus stop (which we checked out on Sunday) is just a couple of blocks away. The service was so friendly and welcoming too. They are located inside St. Roch Tavern making it easy to have drinks as well.

Onto the food! For dinner, we ordered the spicy black bean burger and double decker grilled cheese BLT, both with tater tots. Our friend ordered the crab cake po'boy special with coleslaw. We all shared the nachos and a side of mac n cheese. The smoked cashew cheese is out of this world. The grilled cheese rocked with it as did the mac and cheese (probably the best vegan one I've ever had). The black bean burger was so gourmet. Our friend (who is non-vegan and loves crab cakes) said he would not have believed the po'boy was vegan if he didn't know that in advance. He was mighty impressed. For brunch, it was just the two of us and it's a set menu of two items (changes weekly). Yes, two items (both savory and sweet) for only $15! We each got our own plates although we saw other couples sharing. It consisted of tofu benedict with sausage and rosemary biscuit and a cinnamon roll pancake with glaze. So glad we didn't share as I wanted it all to myself. Dirk got a bloody mary as well. We also took the mini pistachio bundt cakes to go along with more mac and cheese. Both delicious. My only complaint is that I didn't get to try everything on the menu. I'm still thinking about the jackfruit reuben and BBQ seitan sandwich I didn't get to try. Next trip, right? Definitely go support them!

Pros: fantastic vegan food, friendly service, smoked cashew cheese

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A Real Winner - Edit

The food is incredible. We went to the Sunday brunch, and were amazed. It is a fixed menu on Sundays but we are returning on a weekday to try the regular menu. The chef is a true artist so your meal looks like a piece of art as well as being delicious. Service in the restaurant section was great, super friendly. They do have service in the bar as well, but the restaurant is the side to sit. Good atmosphere and really friendly clients. We got to know several other patrons just over one meal. This should be on everbody's must try list.

Pros: Amazing food, Friendly service, A chef whose heart is vegan

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O my Vegasm - Edit

We went for the Sunday Brunch which sounded super. Be warned, go early. Instead we ordered off the regular menu and it was great. I had the bean burger on gluten free bread with avo, onion rings and cheesey cashew sauce, yum.
(be sure to ask for the gluten free bacon cause they have both).

My buddy had a jackfruit reuben. I swear, jackfruit. Great. With soy cheese, sauce and kraut.

It is located in a pop up kitchen in a hipster bar but that is a very cool development in urban veg cuisine.

So check it out.

Pros: food, gluten free, people

Cons: smoke

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The best vegan food in NOLA - Edit

The food is amazing! You will not find better vegan food anywhere in or around New Orleans. Better than anything I have had in NYC, Seattle, or LA. If you pass this place up, you are missing something truly amazing. The chef is bound for greatness.

Pros: Good Selection, Great Taste, Fair Price

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Great Vegan Breakfast - but not inexpensive - Edit

My experience with the brunch was positive. The place is a bar with a pool table, table and chairs and booths. I showed up at 10am and they got to serving around 11am. The price is $15...which to me is not inexpensive. It didn't include drinks which would have been nice to have coffee and juice. Totally great food though. They did take my credit card at the bar which was nice as I wasn't expecting to pay that much.

Pros: Great Food, Good Vibe, Good to give your $$ to cool people

Cons: Not Cheap, No Drinks Included, The atmosphere lacks

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santafefoodies 14 Dec 2011 - Hey, I just revisited New Orleans recently and had a chance to enjoy their food again. I just wanted to let you know that they've moved to a new and better location - in the Bywater area, now. It's still a pop-up restaurant inside a bar, but I felt that this new place had a better atmosphere than the last one they were at. Still the same great people and food, though, but just with expanded hours and menu!

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Pancakes from Paradise - Edit

So I was looking for a place to get some vegan grub and I opened up my iPhone app "VegOut" (which helps locate veg*n restaurants, etc. nearby) and it listed this place!

I found Grit's Bar to be really cool and full of history and warmth. Of course the food was amazing especially the pancakes (which I had a massive stack of!).

My visit was on their second week of operation and I wish continued successes to O! Vegasm for the future to come! Blessed be!

Pros: Great food, Reasonable priced, Super friendly

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Addictive! - Edit

I only had the pleasure of attending the first brunch, but it was spectacular. I'm already addicted to the granola and biscuits-- actually, I'm hooked on everything. I can't put into words how excited I am to have O! Vegasm in my city. I'll be attending as often as possible ^_^.

Pros: excellent food, vegan option, home-cookin'

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Amazing Food! Best Brunch in town!!! - Edit

Chef John Morales made two amazing brunches both Sundays I attended! The food flavors were creative and out of this world! The first Sunday was sweet potato pancakes, tofu scramble, home made granola, chive spelt scones with a smoked almond gravy, and roasted root vegetables. The second Sunday was Arepas corn cakes with a guacabello topping, chimichurri, black beans, cilantro lime rice and yet more scones....can't wait for more choices! I highly recommend this place and seems to be the only 100% vegan breakfast in town, a great value at $10/plate! I hear lunch and maybe dinners are coming soon.....

Pros: good value, cool atmosphere, friendly staff

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