Serves meat, vegan options available. Has five house-made vegan mains plus specials such as a spicy smoked mixed bean chili & rice or lentil potato mild curry. The Moroccan tagine with roasted squash & chickpeas with couscous can be vegan by substituting the honey. Also offers its own chipotle fire hot sauce, bruschetta, carrot & coriander soup, traditional Madeiran Bolo do Caco served with soy garlic butter, vegan crumble, and cappucino with plant milks. Uses locally grown ingredients wherever possible. Multiple languages spoken. Open Tue-Sat 12:00-15:30, 17:30-21:00.

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First Review by ThomasG


Points +13

Mostly Veg
17 Aug 2023

Nice Options!

Restaurant with everything and an extra vegan menu to choose from. I had a Moroccan tagine which was very yummy!!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-17

Pros: Vegan options



Points +36

25 Jun 2023

beautiful restaurant before sunset

they had some vegan options listed on an extra menu and it was delicious. Price was also really good!


Points +83

Mostly Veg
20 Apr 2023

a bit overpriced

Qualitiy of the food was good, but nothing was elaborated.
Beans were in every choices.
Overall was a bit disapointing 😕

Pros: quick service even in busy hours

Cons: price


Points +19

29 Jan 2023

Lots of vegan options but flavours are missing

We had the crumbled mushrooms, bolo de caco, vegan chili and Maroccan tagine. The food was just very bland and missing flavours. The chili was nothing special, just beans in a red sauce and not spices. The tagine we couldn’t even finish.


Points +1211

15 Sep 2022

best vegan friendly restaurant on madeira island - delicious food

the staff was very friendly and we enjoyed each stay a lot (many times 2019-2022). everything tasted really good and the atmosphere is great. i can highly recommend this restaurant. you can ask the restaurant for any recommendation.

Updated from previous review on 2019-09-29


Points +16

31 Aug 2022

Tolle vegane Alternativen mit Liebe zubereitet.

Tolle vegane Alternativen an der Tafel beschrieben, vielfältige Auswahl!

Pros: Viele vegane Optionen , Optisch sehr ansprechend , Tolle terrasse


Points +59

02 Aug 2022

Good amount of vegan options

With my parents I went there twice, since there are not so many restaurants with a variation of vegetarian/vegan options in the area. In most restaurants the only thing that is vegetarian is fries and a very simple salad (lettuce, 2 slices of tomato and 1 olive)

However, this restaurant takes a lot more effort for vegetarians and vegans! On the chalkboard they have a special veggie section.

The first day I had the morrocan tajine with couscous, which was very well flavored with good amount of oil. It felt like a varied dish. I also tasted the vegan caco do bolo, which was pretty good (although the original caco do bolo today tasted a bit better I think) And for dessert I had vegan crumble, which I also liked. It was funny that I was tricked to think it was with cranberries, but actually it was with apple and strawberries.

Today I had the jacked potato with beans. The beans were in a jummy sauce and I liked it had some salad. The salad could have been a little bit more varied, but for Madeiran standards it’s nice. If I had to choose to recommend a dish however, I would go for the tajine:)

I am still very curious to taste te vegetarian spaghetti bolognese!

The service was good, the people were friendly and if we wanted something extra they gladly helped. The waiting time was also not very long.

Pros: Good variation of veggie/vegan dishes, Good service, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Meat in eyesight on skewers


Points +82

02 Jul 2022

Yummy local food!

It was great to find a place that served vegan bolo do caco! Since going vegan a concern of mine has been missing out on authentic local cuisine so this was a huge plus! I had the corn and beans with salad and it wasn’t an overly large portion but it was enough for me. Lots of other options too and they’re clearly labelled!

They do serve a dish that involved chunks of meat on a spit at the tables. Consider yourself warned if this will upset you. It was a bit jarring.

Pros: Authentic cuisine made vegan, Clearly labelled vegan options

Cons: Serves some in-your-face meat dishes


Points +131

26 Jun 2022

Maçaroca de milho com cajun!

Pedi o bolo do caco vegan que estava bom mas para mim a estrela da refeição foi a maçaroca com cajun que estava incrível, recomendo!
O espaço tem uma esplanada muito boa e confortável.
O menu vegan está bem visível na entrada do restaurante.
Espero que possam vir a ter mais opções, alargando um pouco a oferta.
Fiquei na dúvida se é possível pedir só a maçaroca com cajun (sem os restantes elementos do prato) em caso de não ser, fica a sugestão para que isso venha a ser possível!
O serviço é (ou naquele dia foi) um pouco demorado.
Pelo que vi permitem que os animais estejam na esplanada, o que é sempre de elogiar!😄

Pros: Vegan bolo do caco, Cajun bbq corn

Cons: Not a quick service


Points +3322

01 Feb 2022

3 stars

It is one of the few restaurants in west madeira where there are many vegan options. I like that the vegan options are well labeled and there is an extra vegan menu. Here we could finally try the typical bolo do caco in vegan. We had it as a starter and it was super tasty. The main dishes were okay, not special. The vegan crumble and cappuccino were not as tasty as hoped.

Pros: Labeled vegan options, Vegan bolo do caco


Points +60

11 Dec 2021

Good food ruined by worst cappuccino

I went here to try the traditional bolo do caco in a vegan variant - which indeed was great. The vegan fudge offered was also nice, while being a bit pricey for the portion. However, the vegan cappuccino they offered ruined the experience for me. First of all, it was boiling hot, while a cappuccino should be around 55°C to 65°C (to not burn the milk (alternative)) and definitely not burn your tongue. Additionally, it also lacked in taste and foam – my guess would be that the barista tried to get foam with an unsuitable milk alternative (my guess would be rice from tasting), but only boiled and burned the milk. Better stick to a simple bika.

While they grill the meat outside, there was not a lot of barbecue smell.


Points +127

31 Oct 2021

Nice surprise on the island

This place has the more veg options than most restaurants on the island. After few days on expensive boring salads it was paradise. Local cuisine and friendly staff. Nice place, great start for sunset.

Pros: one of the few veg options on the island, nice place, friendly staff


Points +564

30 Jul 2021

Dine while the sun sets

Great that they have a dedicated vegan menu even if the food was pretty standard home-cooked offering. The corn is the only thing that takes advantage of being "O Forno". Lovely to have a long dinner in the evening watching the sunset alfresco. You can walk down to a very impressive "mirador" viewpoint by the village church

Pros: Great location, Dedicated vegan board, Friendly staff

Cons: Flavours a bit underwhelming , Staff only new what was on the board


Points +97

21 Jul 2021

Special experience

If you can stand the BBQ meat fumes as a vegan, this is definitely a great place to try. The owners of the restaurant are super hospitable, fun and there's a full vegan menu. We (of course) had the vegan bolo do caco, fried panko mushrooms and then the tagine. The portions are huge so we didn't have room for the vegan dessert (crumble) They offer a free glass of Madeiran wine as a thank you before you leave.


Points +213

15 Nov 2020

Overpriced and little

Menu (little jar of beans corn cob) for 9 euro is way overpriced as ordering them as sides, cost just 5 euros. Friendly staff, but this place is not a veggie heaven.

Pros: There is veggie choice, yes

Cons: expensive, nothing wow


Points +11

Mostly Veg
28 Feb 2020


This place has the more vegan options than most restaurants on the island. Worth a visit. The food is excellent and you get a free shot of poncha after the meal. They make local cuisine and the staff is very friendly.

Pros: Full vegan menu with a few options, Make local dishes vegan, Shot of poncha after the meal


Points +174

23 Nov 2019

Perfekter Service, köstliches Essen!!

Als erstes hat uns ein extrem freundlicher, amüsanter und erfahrener Kellner überrascht. 😃
Anschließend bekamen wir das *weltbeste Knoblauchbrot* (1 ist wie eine Mahlzeit), weshalb wir am übernächsten Tag (Montag/Ruhetag) zum Mittag nochmal hin sind.😋
Auch die anderen Gerichte (Marokkanische Tajine & Chili) waren sehr aromatisch und toll gewürzt!!
Der Crumble wie auch der Cappuccino haben ebenfalls sehr gut geschmeckt!!

Wenn 5* gingen, dann hätten wir die auf jeden Fall gegeben!! Allein der Service ist zu gut für nur 4*❗

Wir waren noch 2 weitere Male da nur für das knoblauchreiche Bolo do Caco 😍 Also wer Knoblauch und Brot liebt ist damit gut bedient und gesättigt 😊😋

Pros: Einige vegane Optionen, samt Cappuccino , angemessene Preise, extremst guter Service - perfekt!


Points +21

Mostly Veg
10 Oct 2019

What a surprise!

We didn’t find this place until our last night on Madeira—we may have to come back just to eat here again! In a tiny town where you wouldn’t expect to find such a great place. They had great meat and vegetarian/vegan options. The staff was so nice and it was amazingly inexpensive. Highly recommend!

Pros: Many vegetarian options, Generous portions, Friendly staff

Cons: None!


Points +454

06 Sep 2019

Great food and a welcoming atmosphere

Food was absolutely top notch and even better than any restaurant I found in Funchal so far. If you happen to be on this side of the Madeira, and especially being vegan, a must.
All vegan items clearly marked, fair prices & staff and owner very friendly.


Points +600

19 Jul 2019

Delicious food

A great place in the middle of beautiful nowhere
A lot of vegan options with great traditional bolo do caco
Very friendly staff

Updated from previous review on 2019-07-19


Points +36

11 Jul 2019

Get the garlic bread!

Delish spot in western Madeira

Pros: Garlic bread, Milk alternatives, Dessert too


Points +158

24 Apr 2019

Great spot on a way from Porto Moniz to Funchal

Definately worth a visit!

Pros: Clearly marked vegan options, Good value for money, Vegan crumble on a menu


Points +93

07 Apr 2019

Holy moly

Finding a place with 7 different vegan options plus dessert was really amazing. We met very friendly staff and oooomg! If you like garlic, you should go for the Bolo Do Caco (sweet potato bread with garlic butter - vegan). It’s the best I’ve ever tasted! We got one as a starter and ordered one more (to bring home) immediately after the first bite!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, REALLY good garlic bread, Friendly staff + cheap


Points +25

07 Apr 2019

5 Stars!

The food was amazing! After a few days on Madeira island we found this gem. The road is steep, the view breathtaking and the food amazing. The vegan Bolo do caco must be the best starter I’ve ever had. We enjoyed it so much we even got one to go.
For the main I had the vegan chili - it was warm and filling with a nice heat to the dish without being too hot. Sadly we were too full to try the vegan apple/strawberry crumble - too bad, I guess we’ll have to try O Forno again!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Very cheap prices for great food and drinks, Super nice staff


Points +515

14 Jan 2019

great place for vegans in Madeira

very good food, vegan food clearly marked, great and helpfull service

Pros: great food, good service, vegan food clearly marked

Cons: there was no dessert available


Points +13

02 Dec 2018

Wonderful staff, delicious food! Absolutely recommend it!

Wonderful staff (entertaining our baby and even holding, amazing!), delicious food! Absolutely recommend them!
Oh the traditional bread with cheese as a starter, the best in Madeira so far!
Vegan and vegetarian options! Grilled fish on spot, and hamburger, all mouthwatering!
This is only one visit, next time more dishes to taste!

Another amazing thing is that, the wonderful co-owner Louise offered us a giant box of baby toys for free. We met through Madeira Active Facebook group! Heartwarming souls!
Suositelemme lämpimästi tätä ravintolaa! 😄


Points +20

01 Nov 2018

A delightful find

It was a lovely surprise to find such clearly advertised vegan food. It was delicious and the staff were great, very friendly and professional. Thoroughly recommend.

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