Vegan fish and chips, burgers and salads. Order through UberEats or via website. Relocated from Osborne Park. Reported closed August 2023.

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First Review by eatingtheanimalsfood


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26 May 2023

Fish and Chips!!

Really delicious food! I found the “fish” wasn’t as flakey as I would have liked and a bit hard (the crust), the taste was superb though! Salad was also very good and overall definitely a place I would go to again.

Pros: Heaps of vegan seafood



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26 Apr 2023

A warm welcome

Such a lovely welcome as we arrived and felt really looked after. A huge menu to choose from, if only we could have tried it all! The Fysherman's Basket was really good, a bit too much batter on each item, but I think that's just us and our own preference. Fab chips. Clean, great decor and comfy seating inside and out, and in a great location. So glad that we could visit here, especially as its currently the ONLY vegan fish n chip shop in Australia. Would definitely visit again to try the other items.

Returned for another meal. Absolutely loved the Grilled Fysherman's Basket and chips. The Taco was divine. Highly recommend!!

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-26


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31 Mar 2023

So realistic

I went here with my friends, one who is a meat/fish eater and she was shocked how realistic everything was.
We got the fisherman’s basket and was impressed how good everything was, just like fish and chips!
The owners were so friendly too, so happy and bubbly, such a lovely atmosphere in the place.

Pros: Friendly owners, Lots of options, Realistic


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28 Mar 2023

Fysh friendly

This lovely little fysh restaurant was opened in 2021 but I've only just "discovered" it. I wish I had found it earlier.
I had the Fysh Box which consisted of three generous sized pieces of fysh, tartare sauce and a slice of lemon. The batter was so light and crispy. The fysh in the centre was again so light. The Greek style salad went perfectly with the fysh, the sharp flavours cutting through the oiliness of the fysh.
The two women who served were really friendly - willing to chat but also left you to eat in peace. Forget the car, it's a five minute walk from the train station. "I'll be back" as one person famously said.

Pros: Menu has quite a variety for such a small place, Indoor and outdoor seating


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04 Mar 2023

The unreal fish

Sooo vegan! Finally a vegan fish and chips in Perth

Pros: Amazing customer service , Sooo vegan!

Cons: I can’t see one


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31 Dec 2022

Always Delicious!

Love Nuthin Fyshy! So much choice, always delicious. The service here is amazing, so friendly and warm. Try the cheeze burger!

Pros: Delicious food, Amazing Service , So much choice


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30 Oct 2022

Great customer service

Such lovely service and delicious food. It all is quite heavy but so yummy. We had the fisherman's basket (favourite was the prawn and calamari) and the special lam' and potato gems. also quite reasonably priced and I liked they made a number of things homemade.


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20 Oct 2022

Awesome food!

Great food, we had the fysh and chips and it was sooo good! Must do for Perth trips!

Pros: Amazing food , Lovely owners


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16 Oct 2022

Great Vegan Food

Always have a friendly welcome and great food here. Can’t wait to try some of the other food options as the fish is amazing.


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22 Sep 2022

Amazing food

This is an all-vegan fish and chip shop run by two friends. And it's fantastic. We ended up getting the Fisherman's Basket and the lamb, something unexpected. Now while the vegan fish was good, some of the best vegan fish we've had, the lamb, which was made of mushrooms and was a bit like doner lamb, was exceptional. We had a good chat with the two owners as we left too. The place is well worth a visit (it feels like a traditional chip shop) and the food is great.


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14 Jul 2022

A proper treat!

The owners of Nuthin Fyshy are so friendly. Makes me want to go back every week although that might add a bit to my waistline! 😂. Super delicious food. I highly recommend the chowder. Soooooo delicious!

I thought my days of eating seafood were gone and now… a vegan option! Love it! 🤗

I’m making my way through the menu. Everything is a proper treat!

Pros: Full vegan menu 🌱 , Super friendly atmosphere & staff, Lots of options

Cons: Addictive 😂 Be warned! Yum!


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11 Jul 2022


I visited Nuthin Fyshy yesterday while in Perth, and boy was I impressed! The staff were super friendly and very passionate about their offerings! All the ‘seafood’ and other items are prepared painstakingly with care and love, and some items, such as their signature tartare sauce, is made from scratch. It’s incredible! I had the Fisherman’s Basket, and the Greek Salad. Both were amazing! I especially loved the calamari and scallops, but my favourite was the Greek Salad. It was incredible. So much flavour and the feta was creamy and not too sharp. The dressing was so good! I can’t wait to go back! 👌🏽

Pros: Lovely staff , Delicious food

Cons: They don’t yet have a restaurant in Melbourne 😢


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05 Jul 2022

Absolutely DELICIOUS

Amazing food, amazing service.
The owners are great. We took our own coffee as it was kind of cold outside which was fine with the owners.

We ordered the fysh basket, fysh box and a large chips and honestly it was amazing!

Would highly recommend coming here

Pros: All vegan, Fysh , Other options besides fysh


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18 Jun 2022

Delicious entirely vegan 'fish' and chip shop

Nuthin Fyshy is an absolute must for anyone living in or visiting Perth. Lots of effort and care go into delivering great quality food, and the place itself is very cute.

Pros: All vegan, Amazingly lovely owners, Right next to the number 15 bus stop

Cons: Doesn't open until 4pm on a Tuesday and Wednesday


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20 Mar 2022

Awesome food and such friendly staff!

Will definitely be back! The staff were lovely, and the food just as good. Love that they’re an ethical vegan place as well!

Updated from previous review on 2021-12-12

Pros: Excellent food, Very friendly staff, Good value


04 Apr 2022


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25 Feb 2022

#1 vegan seafood

Been hearing about Nuthin Fyshy for quite a while now and been meaning to pop in and give them a try. I’m not going to lie, before coming in my expectations weren’t as high as I’ve had vegan fish quite a few times and I’ve always been hyped up and then only let down from the taste point of view. But let me tell you Nuthin Fyshy was so impressive and so bloody delicious, from quality, presentation and of course taste!! Even had me thinking “is this even vegan” haha the taste is bang on and definitely get the taste of seafood! This place is a must visit and has become one of my favourite places to eat! I recommend the seafood basket if you want to experience bang on vegan seafood!

Pros: 100 percent vegan, Quick and friendly service , Absolutely delicious

Cons: Bit pricey but I love it that much I don’t mind


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15 Jan 2022

Give this a shot!

It is a tough gig taking on fish n chips, the stigma is high with this one. They do a great job and I applaud them for doing so. Since relocating from their small factory location last year, they appear to have expanded the menu and the burger I tried recently was superb. Great location, smack bang in the middle of Leederville and well worth giving any of the options on the menu a try. Dirty take away, treat yourself!

Pros: Tasty, Friendly


04 Apr 2022


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Mostly Veg
06 Jan 2022


This vegan cafe is conveniently located at 125 Oxford Street Leederville. Lots of car parking spaces available within 200 metres (if not outside the front door), and an easy 300 metre walk from the Leederville train station. The food I had for lunch was very tasty. I had a Fisherman's Basket (for $18 – any chips or salads are extra), and a freshly-made very nice Greek salad (for $12). For lunch, the $9.50 lunch specials may be more cost-effective and better value for money. Won't have the Fisherman's Basket or the Greek salad again, but will definitely try one of the lunch specials.

Pros: Very tasty all-vegan food (very nice)!, Convenient parking, and easy access by train.

Cons: Value for money, some prices are expensive.


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24 Dec 2021

Would love to eat this everyday from now on

This was truly amazing, so delicious. We had the fysh burger and fysh box and they were just great. Also the best chips we've had in a very long time. So crunchy! Highly recommend. They have a couple of tables inside and out the front, if you prefer to eat there.

Updated from previous review on 2021-12-24

Pros: 1 hour free parking in the back., Very friendly owner / staff.


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21 Dec 2021

Vale Nuthin Fyshy!

Delicious, friendly & fresh. Our omni family enjoyed everything too 😏

Pros: Delicious variety of veganised 'seafood', Perfect potato chips, Salad options looked yummy too!

Cons: Piece of fysh in seafood basket was quite small, No option to buy single pieces of seafood


04 Apr 2022

We have a mix n match now. You asked, we listened. Thank you so much for your support 🐠💕


04 Apr 2022

Aw yay! Thanks Kyzzzzzz! Time to come back to Perth then, I guess 💁🏽‍♀️


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Mostly Veg
05 Nov 2021

Incredible fysh & chips

It was pretty great to get our fish and chips fix whilst keeping it plant based. Everything was good, a bit greasy as expected but the calamari was insane!!


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05 Nov 2021


In the UK there’s fish and chips everywhere and they offer ‘fish’ which is essentially a slab of tofu with seaweed on it and it’s not very flavourful. These guys know what they’re doing!! It’s Gardein fillets with local Gage Roads beer batter! Never thought I would miss crab sticks so much after 6 years of not eating them!

Pros: Good portions , Friendly staff, Tasty food


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31 Oct 2021

Amazing vegan fysh and chip shop!

Their menu looks like a typical fish and chip shop menu, with beer battered fish fillets, fisherman’s baskets and delicious burgers (I’ve been told there are some new items coming soon to the menu too!).

I highly recommend getting the Fisherman’s basket, it’s great for trying a bit of everything! The products are made from either soy protein or konjac, and the flavor and texture of each item is incredibly realistic. I also absolutely LOVED the batter, so deliciously crispy! Their fysh is also available as a GF option, and they have a separate fryer for GF items.


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28 Oct 2021

Some of the best vegan food you’ll ever have at a restaurant

Absolutely delicious food. If you’ve missed the taste of fish and chips you can’t go wrong with this place.


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28 Oct 2021


AMAZING!! So unique never been to any place like it. All the fysh/meet and even the cheese is homemade and it shows! That [censored] is quality, gorgeous texture and flavour. Even before going vegan I’ve never been a fan of seafood but absolutely loved this place. The owner/ staff are all incredibly lovely aswell. Cannot recommend more!!


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27 Oct 2021

Vegan treat

Want a break from lentil bake try this place for some sinful/comfort food that does not involve killing or animal mistreated.

Pros: 100% vegan, Friendly staff, Clean

Cons: Nothing really


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Mostly Veg
21 Oct 2021

"Thought" I'd Never Had Better Fish in my Life!

Well blow me down... I am Astounded. Was in Leederville - a once in a blue moon trip for me. Have been craving fish for several days. When I saw this place walking up Oxford I did not know it was the business' opening night nor did I know that the Fysh Burger I ordered had no "Fish" in it. I was pretty damn hungry and the play on words did not sink in until I had demolished the burger and went online to write a five star review proclaiming this the "best fish burger I have ever eaten!" More fool me eh? I have never been more surprised in my life! Seriously, I did not expect to be one of those folk who finds out they've eaten a meat alternative after the fact when they could not tell the difference. To be clear, the place doesn't sell fish! Such an awesome surprise and experience! The fried fysh batter was pillowy yet with a nice, golden crunch and the "fysh" itself tasted like a perfectly cooked piece of quality white fish! The slaw was fine and crunchy; the bun perfectly toasted, and the tartare was crisp and did not overpower the slaw or fysh as other fish burgers often do. I am going to add here that I don't think I have received such friendly and personable customer service in my life. Again, I did not know the place had literally opened its doors! This has been an amazing experience for me. From savouring this masterfully made fish burger to learning, upon attempting to sing its praises, that it wasn't fish at all, but something equally healthy and sustainable if not more so! Whether you are vegetarian/vegan or a dude who craves seafood like me doesn't matter. Do yourself a favour, try this place out - I cannot see anyone possibly being dissapointed!
Aaron :)

Pros: Amazing Fish, Not Fish?!?, Fast and Friendly Service


04 Apr 2022

Love this review! Thank you so much 🐠💕

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