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Serves meat, vegan options available. Chinese restaurant on 1st floor of MBK shopping center, next to Tops supermarket. Has a separate vegetarian menu - no garlic, onion, eggs, or dairy used. Menu includes soups, noodles, rice, vegetables, faux meat, beverages. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:30pm.

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03 Jun 2023

Nice Vegan Options

A group of friends and I were looking for a place that would cater to vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. This food was brilliant, cheap and looked exactly like the pictures in the menu and on the wall!

This restaurant is mixed in with lots of shops in the shopping mall but has seating inside and out

Pros: Separate vegetarian menu, Some staff spoke english

Cons: Vegetarian menu doesn't specifically mention vegan



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30 Jan 2023

Delicious vegetarian option

You can ask for the vegetarian menu, the staff speak English. I had some meat alternatives of dishes that I had wanted to try for a long time, mainly the steamed tofu with pork floss. I would recommend the Chinese roll, pork floss and steamed tofu and the Thai basil with duck.


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16 Aug 2019

Good option in mbk mall

This restaurant has a cart for vegetarians and another one for regular clients,
It’s a good option remembering it’s a restaurant in a mall , good meals not expensive good service

Pros: The got a especializad in vegetarian plates , Not expensive


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20 Aug 2018

Delicious vegetarian food

My Malaysian friend (not a vegetarian) loved all the vegetarian food we had for lunch. Good place to bring friends along after shopping.


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15 Mar 2018

good chinese-thai veg options

This Chinese-Thai is on the ground floor of MBK in front of Tops. They have separate veg and regular menus with plenty of options, both faux meat and plant based. Excludes eggs. Service was prompt and friendly and bith dishes I ordered were fresh and tasty. Great downtown choice for vegetarians.

Pros: separate vegetarian menu, plenty of choices, reasonable prices

Cons: ambience as you'd expect in a mall restaurant


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10 Dec 2017


I have been visiting this restaurant for the past 10 odd years. It's one of the first restaurant which I can find vegetarian food in Thailand thus very thankful to the owner who provide a separate vegetarian menu.
Even though there's an significant increase in vegetarian options in bangkok, I'll still come here every time for their wonderful dishes.
It's the only place where I can find vegetarian shark's fin soup in bangkok and it taste great! Their vegetarian thai fish cake along with their dry noodle are good too!

Pros: Awesome vegan Shark's fin soup , Dry noodles with vegan pork slices , Thai fish cake

Cons: Harsh reviews from some diners


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19 Oct 2015

Nova Kitchen - MBK, Bangkok

When I 1st took a look at this place and seen the amount of prawns etc on the menu I was concerned that shrimp paste / fish sauce would be an ingredient even in the allegedly non vegetarian dishes. With a perfectly good all vegan place 6 floors above in the food court, Nova has serious competition for the vego market in MBK. However Nova is open after 9 pm so me and she ventured in to check it out further...

1stly the waitress very much tried to be helpful. She explained about vegetarian dishes being cooked separately so we gave it a spin. we ordered a stir fry and some pineapple and cashew fried rice. The down side was the fried rice contained some mock meat. This wasn't listed as being included on the menu.

The waitress was defo left a tip, she genuinely tried.

Pros: Open til 10, helpful waitress

Cons: Mock meat included when not menu listed


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28 Jan 2015

Terrible Food and Service

I wanted to try this veg restaurant, but was not so hungry. I ordered steamed buns and vegetarian dumplings. I probably should not have sat down, as the hostess was rude, and the place smells.

They first brought some sort of terrible tasting seitan, and the waiter said they were dumplings. The rude hostess said that the waiter brought us the wrong dish. Horrible taste and presentation.

The waiter then brought out disgusting dumplings. My pictures make the food look better than it tasted.

Upstairs in the same mall in the food court there is an excellent vegetarian restaurant.

This is one of the worst restaurants I have ever eaten at globally.

Pros: none

Cons: disgusting food and rude hostess


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03 Nov 2014

Nova kitchen – large vegetarian menu

Nova kitchen – large vegetarian menu
MBK is a huge mall, with hundreds of little stalls, where you can literally get anything. Next to tops supermarket s a restaurant called nova kitchen, which has a huge vegetarian selection.

Nova kitchen located in MBK mall, which is a huge 8 stories shopping mall. I was excited to go here, because I read about the big vegetarian menu with mock meats on happy cow, but when we got to the actual location there was an awful smell coming from the kitchen. Being tired I was not bothered going anywhere else, so decided to sit at the other end of the restaurant. I had duck sweet and sours with rice and spring rolls. The food was average, lacking in flavour, definitely not worth the price.

The waiters were slow, an awful smell came from the kitchen (not sure what the people next to us ordered) and the food was okay. Save your calories for a better restaurant, lots of them around!
for full review with pictures:https://apartment2504.wordpress.com/2014/10/09/nova/

Pros: large vegetarian/vegan menu

Cons: better restaurants around the area


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31 Dec 2012

Not bad..

We were in a hurry so we only had two basic rice & mock meat dishes here- they were basic and good, did the job!

If you're stuck and can't find this other veg place inside (we didn't find it) then this will do, although they do serve meat etc so something to be aware of.


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Non Veg
28 Oct 2012

Nova - great food

My husband and I spent four days in Bangkok staying at a hotel attached to the MBK centre. We ate at the Nova Kitchen every day, trying different dishes. The staff were so welcoming and friendly and treated us really well. The food was fresh and delicious. We thoroughly recommend this little restaurant to all travellers, especially Aussies who are looking for reasonably priced great food with exceptional service. Our policy is try local and if you like it, go back, if you don't - go somewhere else. We really liked the atmosphere, food and friendly staff. Eat here!

Pros: Staff were friendly and helpful. , Food was fresh and delicious, Great variety


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07 May 2012


Was at this place years ago when it was all veg and upstairs. I was pretty disappointed with the food. Boring and pretty tasteless. I'm guessing they're not much into the veg section of their menu anymore and most customers go there to eat meat dishes. They do advertise the veg menu within MBK though, so maybe they care and just don't know better.

Pros: Location in MBK

Cons: boring fare


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10 Feb 2012

Vegan feasting

To find a restaurant on our door step that sold the sort of food they do here, was like heaven. (And I'm not even religious)
The variety of vegan options in here was amazing! For the first time in ages, we even had a sweet.
It's almost like over-kill on the 'mock' stuff, but I didn't complain in the slightest. I just filled my face.
The staff here are amazing. No matter what time we went, be it for breakfast of dinner, the same staff served us with a friendly smile. They were great and it soon became our second home.
The food was amazing. Lots of choices and the portions were not too bad. For the price, we often ate a few portions of bits and pieces for variety.
The cost was average, though due to the amount of times we ate there, I sometimes wished it was a little cheaper. But still, I think it was good value for money. We ended up paying between 3,500 to 5000 Bht for a good meal.
The locating is inside the min shopping mall and a little noisy but still it was nice.

Pros: delicious food, brilliant staff, lots of choice

Cons: inside a shopping mall, slightly sterile environment


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08 Aug 2009

handy if you're in MBK

I'm a veggie who likes mock meat dishes, and this place is good for a quick meal if you're in MBK. I had the barbeque chinese style "chicken" (120 bht) - this was fairly good, the bbq sauce was nice. The portions could be larger for the price, and the food doesnt have a particularly healthy or wholesome feel to it, but I'd be happy to go again for a quick meal if I'm in the area. They also had a separate veggie specials menu with some rice dishes (again, many with mock meat) priced more around 70-100 bht.

Pros: fair selection of mock-meat dishes, quick/convenient to MBK

Cons: didn't tast really fresh, portions quite small


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12 Aug 2008

Pretty Ordinary

Ate here early August '08. Firstly, this is not a vegetarian restaurant. It's a regular Chinese food court eating place with a separate vegetarian menu.
I wasn't too inspired by the look of the place or the menu but I was hungry so I took a punt.
Had some fried rice & spring rolls. The fried rice was OK but had too much of a mock meat taste. I'm a vegetarian who doesn't like meat at all & I'm sick of mock meat. Mock meat is meant for meat eaters who want to pretend they are not eating vegetarian.
The spring rolls were pretty bad - it was mostly thick pastry with only a small amount of filling. So basically i was eating some deep fried pastry. There were 3 of them but I could only manage one.

Overall it is bland shopping centre food mall grub. In retrospect I wish I'd gone to the fruit & juice bar in the coupon section.

Cons: mock meat

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