Serves meat, vegan options available. In Harajuku district. Vegans could have a coconut-based green smoothie and the white miso coconut ramen with option to add vegetable toppings like bamboo shoots, sprouts, spinach. Relocated from 1 Chome-21-15 Jingūmae Shibuya-ku.

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First Review by sp13490


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21 Mar 2023

Quite good

Nice quick and flavorful bite in Harajuku. I miss their old shop that featured a bigger variety of vegan options, but the one ramen they offer now is quite yummy!



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20 Mar 2023

Great food, long wait.

The ramen was great. There was one option and we had a group of 4. Me and 3 non-vegans. The others all had wanted to try the vegan ramen as well. You order at a machine, and then wait in line. We ordered and had no problem, until the third ramen, the machine said they were out. We had already ordered the first two, so my friends got one non-vegan meal to share until we could go somewhere else for other food. I was sad because if I had known, we could have all gone to another restaurant. So anyway, when they go to sit down, they are told that it’s one seat per bowl of food, so just so they can both sit down, they ordered another small bowl. Just be aware that the vegan options might run out early in the day.


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09 Dec 2022

Noodle Stand - 4 Stars

Excellent ramen but some flavors/textures were weird together…such as the chilly diced tomatoes in the extremely hot soup. The soup was so thick and creamy it almost tasted like mac ‘n’ cheese soup, which is fine but just be prepared for a heavy meal. This is not my absolute favorite Tokyo ramen but it’s definitely one l’d eat again and certainly one I’d recommend everyone try for a different version of ramen. If you’re debating on eating here or at Afuri across the street….eat here and forget you even saw Afuri. You’ll have a much better ramen experience here!

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15 Jan 2022

Super good

This one and T's Tan Tan is my no.1 vegan Ramen!

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-14

Pros: Super delicious


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31 Oct 2021

A bowl of rich noodle soup

Located on the 2nd floor of Jingumae Comichi, 3 minutes away from Harajuku Station, Noodle Stand Tokyo promised us 'The world's best vegan ramen' (世界一おいしいヴィーガンラーメン).

The ordering process was quick, put money in, press the button, give the ticket to the staff and wait around 3-5 minutes for your ramen.

A youtube food reviewer said that this vegan ramen was too rich, and I can see where she's coming from. The broth was rather thick and rich, but it was balanced nicely with the chopped tomatoes (although not enough of it), and the chopped nuts add more depth to the broth. I also love the fact that they use legumes instead of the usual beansprouts et al., toppings, as well as the minced soy meat (which was cold) and broccoli, since it adds the heartiness of the soup. The noodles also have the right chewiness, but the thickness was a tad too much for me. In terms of portion size, I'd say it's just right (although I could eat a bit more to be honest). However, compared to other bigger sized ramen bowl that I have had, this is one is a little bit pricey, considering the ramen shop is a bit cramp.

I wish that this place has more vegan options, because this one bowl of ramen is definitely up there with the best I have had, but sadly, not the best in the world for me.

Pros: Filling, Friendly and attentive staff

Cons: Only one option


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25 Sep 2021

The Hype was Warranted

Y’all weren’t lying, this was pretty darn good ramen. The broth is rich and creamy from the coconut milk. The tomatoes are weirdly tangy?? Like maybe lightly pickled?? There was also steamed broccoli, mixed beans, and soy meat in the soup. Very very very good!

Pros: Truly delicious vegan ramen


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13 Jan 2020

Best vegan ramen in the world

Listen here my fine feathered vegan friends.. in a country where vegan ramen is a growing idea, this one takes the lead. I had about 5 or 6 different vegan ramens in my time in japan and this was so heavenly, we came back our last night, coming out of the way from Asakusa, just to savor the flavor one more time.. I actually almost booked a layover in Tokyo for a different trip specifically to get this ramen..
Anyway, they only have one option, and that’s all they need. It’s the coconut miso ramen. It’s so creamy and flavorful. I actually had never had a creamy broth before so that was new and I don’t know if I can go back to clear broth. It was very simple., noodles, broth, mock meat, and very little veggie.. just pure simple perfection. They also had this broth in non vegan options if you’re with an omni who wont eat vegan meat.
Highly recommend you make this a stop over t’s tantan if you couldn’t do both.

Also it’s cash only and you use the vending machine to order. Beware at lunch time there might be a wait as it’s a small place

Pros: Best ramen ever

Cons: I can’t have this everyday


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12 Jan 2020

Feb 2019

The vegan ramen was freaking amazing!


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26 Jun 2019

temporarily closed

note didnt translate well but its close for the time being fyi


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24 Jun 2019

Nice little place

Situated in the lower floor of the building this is a small little noodle restaurant that make some really good noodle soups. i ordered the vegan option with extra noodles. it came with coconut milk. it was good but i missed a bit of punch in the flavor. good option if you are around the area!!


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22 Jun 2019

Gluten free!!

Amazing little spot. You pay and order through a machine and hand tokens in. Best gluten free vegan ramen i ever had. Great prices too.

Pros: Vegan, Gluten free, Cheap drinks


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20 Jun 2019

I’d go back to Japan just to come here again.

Just stumbled into this place near Harajuku thanks to this app. It happened to be on a Friday which is the only day of the week that they offer vegan tan tan ramen.. I don’t know how I got so lucky because that bowl of noodles is the best thing I’ve every had.

It’s scary because I still crave it to this very day (mind you, it’s already been a couple months). They have different vegan options on other days but try to come on a Friday. You won’t regret it!!

Pros: Delicious, Affordable

Cons: Addicting💀


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15 May 2019

Must try

One of my favorite ramens! It’s quite different than anything else I’ve tried in Tokyo so far. Milky broth with soy meat.


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10 May 2019

Vegan Fridays dish

On Fridays they do a vegan ramen dish. Coconut milk, and soya, great for lunch.

Pros: Vegan option , Special vegan option on Fridays

Cons: Limited range of vegan food


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01 May 2019

Nice ramen.

Loved the soy meat pieces. Really delicate coconut broth featuring perfectly cooked noodles.

Pros: Authentic ramen spot experience.

Cons: Could have definitely used a few more veggies.


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21 Apr 2019

Coconut milk ramen in Harajuku

Tatsy ramen and soup but the soy meat had no flavor. Its in a good location though and a change of flavor from other ramen places in Tokyo. Only one vegan option.

Also when we were there we sat at a table, two of us and a four seater table but the restaurant was quiet and the staff guided us to that seat. Not long after we sat down and got our ramen, a family came in and stood right next to our table until we had finished eating. They were literally watching every spoonful... It was really awkward and they could have sat at the counter or one of the other tables. The child kept saying she wants to sit where we were... I feel like the staff could have handled that situation better. Just made our experience bad.

Pros: Tasty coconut milk ramen , Good location

Cons: Uncomfortable experience , No taste soy meat


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03 Apr 2019

tasty ramen

They do one clearly labelled vegan ramen option with coconut milk. It’s so good I went back to have it again!

Pros: Friendly helpful staff, tasty and filling ramen

Cons: only 1 vegan ramen


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16 Mar 2019

Super tasty

Although they only had one vegan option - it was super good i don’t do spice very well so i let them know and they made it mild for me


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26 Feb 2019

good for coconut lovers

the location is convenient to the JR station. except for Fridays, they only have one vegan ramen, a coconut noodle broth with a slice of lime, some ginger, noodles, a little bit of vegetables and faux meat. I enjoyed it but it's only for people who like coconut. It was written in the menu that you can change to gluten-free noodles and the ticket machine said they have vegan dandan noodles as well, but only on friday. I like T's Tantan in Tokyo Station the best because they have the most choices (everything is vegan) instead of just one choice.

I didn't notice you can add on vegetable toppings so I might do that if I visit again.

Updated from previous review on 2019-02-22

Pros: only one choice

Cons: Good for coconut lovers


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17 Feb 2019

Welcoming and delicious

Staff helpful even though not speaking English. Food prepared quickly and tastes great. Kitchen visible from table. Will come again.

Pros: Delicious, nice ambiance, food looks great

Cons: Only one vegan option when we were there.


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30 Jan 2019

Super ramen

The coconut milk ramen is one of the best I’ve ever had! Definitely worth to go there.

Note: we came at 5.55 pm and was told they don’t open until 6 pm.

Pros: Nice staff, Super delicious, Only one vegan option

Cons: Very small so may be crowded


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26 Oct 2018

Best Tokyo Noodles

Located in the basement level near Takeshita Street train station. Order from the vending machine in the noodle shop and hand the chef your meal ticket. I had the DanDan noodles on a Friday, they were in a very rich creamy savory broth, not too spicy, comes with soy crumbles and veggie toppings. Very delicious and generous filling portions. I’ll be returning to try the second vegan noodle option!

Pros: Generous portion, Low price, Fast service

Cons: Limited seating, Limited vegan options


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02 Sep 2018


Delicious vegan ramen!! Wish i was there on a friday to taste the vegan dan dan noodles (friday only)

Pros: So tasty!

Cons: Not just vegan


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02 Jul 2018

5 Stars!

It’s a very small spot, but authentic and tasty. The vegan ramen was hot and had plenty of toppings. The coconut broth was very savory and salty, with only a hint of coconut, which I loved. If you are nearby on Takeshita Street, give it a try!


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18 Jun 2018

Absolutely delicious!

I wish I could rate this restaurant with 5 stars! We had the coconut oil ramen and it was one of the best I’ve had during our trip to Japan. Also, they serve two other vegan options, a cold noodle dish (summer only) and a spicy ramen dish (available only on Fridays). The ramen we had was very filling and cost around ¥1100. Highly recommended!!


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27 May 2018

I had to come back

I’ve been coming back for 3 days now. I’m so obsessed with their vegan ramen!!! Even my non-vegan friends preferred their coconut vegan ramen than the regular one. SO YUM.


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20 May 2018

delicious vegan ramen option in harajuku!

i stumbled upon this place after trying to get ramen down the street at afuri (the line was insane...). it was a relief to be able to order right away and have a seat. the vegan ramen option is clearly marked, and easy to order - plus, you get to use those fun ordering machines!

the flavours of the coconut miso ramen were amazing - i've never had a ramen like it. 10/10 would recommend!

Pros: delicious!, good value, no wait :)

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