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The 2nd outlet of this vegan fast food eatery. Serves burgers and fries, pasta, soup and salad, ice cream and sweets. No garlic or onion used. NETS payment ok. Instagram: @nomvnom_sg Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-8:00pm. Last order before 8.30pm.

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27 Dec 2023

OK, a bit lacking in atmosphere

Itโ€™s Vegan, very good. I had a cheesy burger, which was OK, my partner had a spicy soup which was much better.
However, it was a bit disappointing

Pros: Totally vegan



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11 Dec 2023


Basically, what interest me to come here are the burgers esp the Satay ones.Price are quite ex. From 9 to $14 for one person. Be prepared. They dont have ice for your cold drinks. No straw as well. Preserve the Earth mindset boss.

Pros: Burgers- Many varities to choose

Cons: No straws, no ice .


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05 Aug 2023

Vegan Comfort Food

We tried their Bamnut Be-Pho, made with Bamnut milk which gives the soup a rich and nutty flavour. It is so hearty and satisfying! And hubby love their Vietnamese Be-Pho so much that he slurped up every drop of the broth, seriously good!

We also ordered their Truffled Mushroom Spaghetti for our little ones. The pasta was perfectly cooked, and the sauce was creamy and fragrant with truffle oil and mushrooms. The kids polished it off in minutes.

Every main dish is served a small glass of vinegar to be drank before eating to aid digestion and appetite. We liked it so much that we bought a bottle to take home.

We also got some French fries, which were super crunchy. They were gone before I could snap a photo.

To end our meal, we had their Lemon Passionfruit Tea, which was the perfect balance of sweet and sour. It was so refreshing and thirst-quenching!


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01 Jul 2023

Great vegan burger, udon and pasta

Vietnamese Be-Pho
Improved version, a lot better than it was previously, more flavourful now, good.

Pesto spaghetti
Could be better if it was more creamy and flavourful, not bad

Mushroom fritters
This was very good, crispy outside and juicy inside, recommended.

Shacha lion mane udon
Very good, recommended

XO lion mane rice
Delicious, recommended

Instead of the conventional truffle or bolognese pasta, decided to give their spinach linguine a try, not bad, can taste the fragrance of the spinach, and it goes well with the mushroom.

Tried their Hainanese chickless rice, only available on weekends, for me the chicken is too tender, and the Japanese rice is too soggy, most suitable for elderly, the only thing that I like is the ginger paste, but it's cold... think can just go for any of their burger, udon or pasta.

Take away their dumpling udon and OmniMeat cheesy toona burger, the soup base for udon is very delicious with strong miso aroma, lots of ingredients. Ate the OmniMeat cheesy toona burger a few hours later, still very cheesy and flavourful, the patty is well seasoned, yummy.

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07 Jun 2023

Local Fusion Burgers, Asian-Inspired Mains

Originally known for their allium-free vegan fast food such as burgers, they have recently also launched more Asian-inspired mains! My personal favourites are the Temptation Satay Burger and Thai Green Curry Rice. The Tai Seng branch is smaller and more suitable for casual dining. Would recommend the Clarke Quay branch for gatherings and more special occassions as it is more spacious, has a nicer ambience, and also has a larger menu. The standard/quality of the food is just as good across branches though!

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05 Nov 2022

Friendly staff

Quality burger as the burger is handmade.

Zalmom fried rice is sweet due to te mayo and saltish due to too much mock used. Not to my liking.

I love their soy tart, as always.

Updated from previous review on 2020-11-01

Pros: Lots of variety, Friend staff

Cons: Poor ventilation, Pricey, Limited space


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29 Oct 2022

Lion mane udon ๐Ÿ’›

The udon was very delicious. You can choose the level of spiness. Medium worked best for me!


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Mostly Veg
23 Mar 2022

Best alternative

Ordered their delivery on 2 occasions.
Once I had Truffles Lion Mane burger - itโ€™s a good size for ladies, smells and taste good!
And Bolognese Pasta - taste good for a vegan option! Not to my liking with the nom sausage though.


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21 Nov 2021


Great dessert, but the main meals were disappointing. The pizza was cold when it arrived, but still inedible after being reheated.

Pros: Great desserts

Cons: Poor quality , Poor service


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27 Nov 2020

Great variety, good food.

The menu items such as the truffle mushroom pasta was worth it and even came with a shot of vinegar as appetiser. The sweet potato fries were delicious and of decent portion. My only complaint would be the narrow corner seat i was in. Great experience! ๐Ÿฅณ


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06 Aug 2020

Staff not friendly, and food is tasty but not fresh.

Could be a one off incident but this is my experience during my first visit. I'll give the other branch a try and see.


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21 Nov 2019

Simple, delicious, affordable!

Been here many times and I love their their king mushroom head burger ($8.90) the best! Especially with the cider drink that comes with it that you will have to drink first to help with digestion. Sweet potato fries which you can add on as a set is amazing, sweet, crispy with the right amount of chunkiness. The great part: itโ€™s very affordable!

Pros: Full vegan menu, Tasty burgers, Great service


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14 Sep 2019

Great delivery service

Ordered delivery for office lunch. Very prompt delivery, and good service with staff calling to inform of status. Food is good. Even non-vegetarian were all praising. Just that kimchi soup is way too spicy for taste, more like levelled up mala instead.


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30 Aug 2019

Hummus Beatroot burger with coffee chickpea icecream

Nice ambience with great food. The staff was polite and kind. Would visit again!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Affordable


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20 Jul 2019

Cozy little corner

Great food with friendly service.


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16 Jun 2019

Good Taste

Lots of burger options.

Pros: Options

Cons: Pricy


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04 Aug 2018

Petatic seating

Limited seats and yet there's seat reserved. Single diner like me was ask to be seated at the corner with low hard stool. Totally uncomfortable. Just wondering why allow reservation when you don't have enough seats for diners.

Cons: Limited seats


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30 Jun 2018

Great burgers

A vegan burger stall at TaiSeng. Many varieties and taste good.

Pros: Many options to choose from Nice environment

Cons: Not a food for everyday


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03 May 2018

Come for the burgers!

Great tasting burgers and pasta! The variety of different flavours gives a diff experience every visit.


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22 Apr 2018

best burgers ever!!!

Iโ€™ve tried vegan burgers in New York, London, Australia, but nothing can beat nomvnomโ€™s burgers!! I love that they have such a wide range of burgers and thereโ€™s options for everyone. I especially recommend their king mushroom head burger (the truffle mayo is to die for) and they have the best sweet potato fries. I tried their ice cream today and it was surprisingly very tasty :-) always a treat coming here

Pros: value for money


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31 Mar 2018

Delicious Vegan Burgers & Pastas

My favourite items are the thick-cut yam fries which are extra crispy and nicely salted AND the mouth-watering Rocket Tower Burger that always satisfies my notoriously ferocious appetite.

Pros: Friendly staff, amazing variety, healthier options available


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Mostly Veg
21 Mar 2018

Tasty truffle lionโ€™s mane burger

Tried their truffle lionโ€™s mane burger ($9.90). The truffle flavour in the mayo was kinda subtle, but the creaminess of the mayo balanced the soft sliced mushrooms & crispy lionโ€™s mane mushroom patty pretty nicely :) Tbh I prefer the taste (though not the less instagrammable appearance x) ) of the burger patties, buns & sauces at grEAT, but I really appreciate the far more extensive range of options over at nomvnom :)

Pros: Wide range of burgers, pasta, ice cream & drinks


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12 Mar 2018

Most number of Vegan Burgers in the World

23 types of yummy vegan burgers on the menu. There is something for everyone. Yum!

Pros: Lion Mane's Burger, Truffle Fries

Cons: Limited Seats


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08 Mar 2018

favourite hangout

I love nomVnom and their service and good food and amazing sofas and overall cute atmosphere. In fact, I think I prefer this outlet over the one at Clarke quay (with occasional exceptions), mainly because it is so much more convenient now that the linkway between 18taiseng and the Mrt is open.

My favourites:
Burger: lionmane truffle mushroom, baby truffle, king mushroom, beetroot hummus
Sides: cauli salad, recommend jap sweet potato fries
Drinks: matcha latte
Dessert: earl grey muffins, matcha ice cream!!

Pros: convenient location, friendly service , great food


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10 Feb 2018

Good burgers

Been here twice and I enjoy this place. My favourite is the satay tempeh burger, while my Sister likes the qq burger. However, im still looking for burgers that are juicy...not dry. The sides such as the goro goro balls and the mixed sweet potato fries are good. I also enjoy their beet root drink.

Cons: Slightly pricey


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07 Feb 2018

World's Best Vegan Burger

Words can't describe the joy while having dinner at Nomvnom. I had tears in my eyes. I have never eaten such a delicious plant-based burger in my life before. One of my favorites is the Temptation Satay Burger. The burger is made from all-natural ingredient, and it is soft, tasty and freshly packed with veggies that will leave you craving for more. All combo set meals are also paired with a small glass of lovely vinegar drink to be consumed prior to eating the burger.

The amazing thing about Nomvnom is the wide variety of burgers available for selection, and you would definitely find one of the burgers you like on the menu. Some of my favorite sides are Goro Balls, Golden Rings, Mushroom Fritters, Vietnam Yam Rolls & Yam Fries + date dip. I personally like the fresh lemon passion fruit tea and avocado smoothie to go along with my combo meals, but you could also opt for the hot drinks at the same time.

It's really one of the most creative plant-based and guilt-free fast food restaurant that you can find in South East Asia, and it's right here in Singapore! This is definitely not the usual burger joint that you can find in Singapore. I will be eager to come back for more, and try all the burgers they have on the menu!

Keep it up, Nomvnom! You're the Best :)

Pros: Excellent Food, Good Value, Friendly Staff


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31 Jan 2018


Iโ€™m always here to satisfy my QQ Cheesy cravings! ๐Ÿ”

Itโ€™s fried mushroom nuggets with fresh lettuce and cashew cheesy sauce sandwiched in between two toasted buns - no mock meat at all, and itโ€™s one of their bestsellers. If you love it spicy and nuttier, try the Purpurish QQ instead

P.s. wifi is the ownerโ€™s phone number

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