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Vegetarian restaurant with smoothie and juice bar. Has vegan and gluten-free options. Confirmed closed May 2023.

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First Review by frkmunthe


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14 Mar 2023


This lovely café only serves vegetarian and vegan food. They offer a variety of fresh and homemade dishes and several smoothies. Unfortunately it's just a café so that you are not able to go there for dinner. Nevertheless it's worth a visit or twice.

Pros: at least Vegetarian menu, with a bunch of vegan options , homemade and freshly prepared

Cons: higher pricing , Only opened until 4pm



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16 Apr 2022

Lovely small restaurant!

The spelt crepe was really delicious, the fruit juice was great, and the dressing on the salad was to die for!

Pros: Good vegan options, New dish of the day everyday , Great smoothie + juice selection

Cons: No vegan dessert option


Points +366

13 Jan 2022


Deliciosos desayunos y con terraza al aire libre 💜 #Veganuary

Pros: Muchas opciones, Servicio de 10

Cons: Caro, No puedes ir con tu portátil


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04 Dec 2020

Excellent Vegan Burger

The small place offers fresh smoothies and juices and wonderful bread rolls with homemade bread and spread. There is a breakfast and lunch menu, vegan and gluten free options available. Would visit again.


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12 Mar 2020

Nice cafe

Very nice and cozy cafe with delicious cappuccino with vegan options :). Nice location!


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16 Nov 2019

varié et delicieux

Plat du jour et quiches, smoothies, salades. Tout est frais, varié et délicieux. Une adresse en or. Dommage que les horaires d ouvertures soient aussi restreints.

Pros: Prix raisonnables

Cons: Fermé le soir


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20 Oct 2019

Delicious vegan food

3 years ago we already got some nice vegan food there, this time we had avocado filled with beans, the most delicious salad ever and for dessert waffles and crepes! 😻
Everything was really good and worth its price.
I love that they use a lot the palm “honey” from the island.
Bring time when you go there- slow food before fast food 🙌

Pros: Good music, Excellent food, Fresh food


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13 Oct 2019

Comida rica, servicio sin más

La comida está muy rica, aunque los platos principales de la carta no son muchos. Cada día tienen la quiche del día que va acompañada de ensalada. Pedimos la de berenjena y estaba bien.
El aguacate al horno estaba buenísimo y la crepe de postre también.
El servicio no nos pareció el más agradable del mundo, parecía que nos estuvieran haciendo un favor al darnos de comer.
Si se va a Valle Gran Rey es una buena opción para comer o tomar algo, ya que tienen una carta con muchísimos batidos y zumos.

Pros: Precio razonable, Entrantes originales

Cons: Servicio , Poca oferta de platos principales


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Non Veg
01 Apr 2019

Great juices and vegetarian as well as gluten-free meals.

It was absolutely no problem to get a gluten-free meal, they even offer it on their menu. Furthermore the staff is well informed and super friendly!

Pros: Gluten-free pancakes , All kind of juices, Very well informed and friendly staff


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11 Feb 2019

Heavenly smoothies and avocadoes

Great place for smoothies, so thick and filling with an extensive amount of choice! The vegan avocado tapas was also amazing. Well worth a visit.

Pros: Delicious smoothies, Delicious avocados


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27 Jan 2019

The world's best salad dressing!

We tried everything on the menu and each one outdid the last. But, no matter my order, I always had a salad as well because the homemade dressing was amazing!!!! Do not miss an opportunity to eat here.

Pros: Great coffee and breakfast options.

Cons: None!


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03 Jan 2019

What a welcome break

I'd like to disagree with some of the negative reviews below. Yes, there is only one vegan item on the menu, but the daily special was usually vegan when we ate there - quite a few times in the 11 days we were in VGR. All the staff were pleasant, helpful and efficient. Most important of all, the cooking was appetising and appealing - unlike the dreary, inedible fare offered in a certain vegan restaurant back on Tenerife I could mention (but won't). We had falafel salad washed down with German wheat beer (they have both Franziskaner and Erdinger) for our Xmas dinner - what's not to like?

My one criticism is that, on Xmas day, when the place was jam packed and people were trying to get a table, there was a woman with a nasty little Apple laptop hogging one table for herself: all she had was a measly cup of coffee, but she was indulged and not told to go elsewhere and sponge off someone else's wifi. But it's a small quibble, compared to such excellent food.

Updated from previous review on 2019-01-03

Pros: Great menu, Proficient cooking, German wheat beer

Cons: Table-hogging Apple skinflints


04 Feb 2019


Points +23

Mostly Veg
24 Dec 2018

One of my favorite places in VGR

I go there a lot for vegetarian lunch. Every day they have a different dish of the day costing between 5 and 6 Euros. I have never been disappointed.
Sometimes it is a bit full and you have to wait. But it's nice to sit there. When I am in a hurry, I just call them first and get the food on time.

Pros: 100 percent vegetarian , Locally sourced eggs, Tasty food

Cons: Crowded , Not many organic offerings


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07 Nov 2018

Poor vegan options and very expensive

We came here looking for good vegan breakfast options, since we had been having "Tostadas con Tomate" for breakfast for the last week. But we were very disappointed. The only vegan options were the varieties of granola and, with plant milk costing extra, they were more than 7€!
So instead we just had a coffee there and went somewhere else to have "Tostadas con Tomate" for breakfast.

Pros: Some vegan options

Cons: Expensive, plant milk costs extra.


07 Dec 2018

We pay 3 times the price for plant milk than cow milk, we also have 5 vegan breakfasts on our menu and more than 8 vegan options on our menu it a shame you didn't look, our menu is published on Facebook and Google.


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12 Dec 2017

Great food and smoothies

Awesome food, had Veggie doener and baked avocado, and great smoothies


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24 Nov 2017

small portions and pricy

Not a smile on the face on either the waitress or the man who seemed like the owner.
If it was cheap with poor service, it would at least be something.. but its not cheap, its actually pretty expensive. Nothing 100% vegan but smoothies. We shared a plate of hummus and vegetables(todays vegetarian option) for almost 7euros, size small enough to be a starter.. no fun spending time at a place where the owners are grumpy.

Pros: vegan smoothies

Cons: expensive , only germans, bad service, not friendly


08 Dec 2018

It seem strange that you have only made 1 review on happy cow either you are not a vegetarian or this review was something personal.

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