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CLOSED: New Stars Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Vegetarian Vegetarian
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Contact 559-434-6363

1134 E Champlain Dr Ste 108 (at Perrin), Fresno, California, USA, 93720

Vegetarian cuisine featuring a variety of flavors. Will accommodate special requests. BYOB. Reported closed to HappyCow.

Category: Vegan-friendly, International, Juice bar, Asian

Reviews (18)

First Review by VeganVice

not so great.... - Edit

The last time I went to this restaurant, my Dad had ordered a meal to pick up for my birthday. When we went to pick up the order and there was a _lot_ of confusion. They had accidentally put dairy all over the food we had ordered, even though we had requested a dairy free meal. They had to remake the food, and the waitress was still unsure as to whether or not our meal had dairy in it. She said some of the things might have had dairy, but she wasn't sure and didn't want to go back to check. They were less helpful than a restaurant that doesn't cater to vegans would have been. The waitstaff was very rude (they acted like we were putting them out), confused, unfriendly, and unhelpful-which was frustrating because I'm very allergic to dairy. They weren't busy, so I think it was more laziness than anything. I also didn't understand why there was so much confusion considering this is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. In the end, I was afraid to eat anything and didn't have a lot of trust in the restaurant or their food. The food that I did try wasn't that great and definitely wasn't worth the hassle. I've been there once before and it wasn't my favorite vegan restaurant by far, but I thought I'd give it another shot. I won't be going there again.

Pros: one of the only veg places in fresno

Cons: unfriendly waitstaff, menu confusion, bland food

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snoopy888 31 Oct 2010 - Hi Jenna, I totally agreed with you. I hope they will be closed for good. They are one of the dishonest and rudest retaurant I ever visited... BYE BYE NEWSTAR... serve you right NEWSTAR for cheating and treating the customers badly. You have changed your restaurant to YUCKY STAR..

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always enjoyable - Edit

i've eaten here with my wife and friends many times. the service has always been friendly and helpful. we still haven't found anything on the menu that we didn't enjoy.the food is always well prepared and fresh. best bar be q sauce in fresno. i'd recommend it to anyone. their religious beliefs are no concern of mine.

Pros: ood, servce

Cons: not free

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Well, I am glad that I came on the site today. Seems as if my favorite restaurant has had a cranky customer review. In all fairness, I feel I must come to their defense. I have been dining at The New Stars Vegetarian Restaurant for 3 years now. I am there on a weekly basis, if not more. My husband and I have eaten everything on the menu, everything is delicious, of course we have our favorites, such as the sesame eggplant and the chowfun, when available. The food is always fresh, you can tell by the look and texture of the vegetables, that they are very, very fresh. I would think that with all the times we have eaten there, if they were to ever sell noodles or vegetables that were old, we would have at some point and time eaten bad food. We have NEVER had a bad meal there, nor ever even questioned if the food they used was fresh. And we have never known the Manager or her daughter (who by the way makes the most delicious vegan cakes ever!!!) to be grumpy. If anything, they bring the "light" into the establishment. I do know that the Manager, has had some health problems and is not always her bubbly, cheerful self, but I have never, ever seen her not smile or be "grumpy" perhaps it was only you Mr. Snoopy, who was the grumpy one. And as far as the owners go I know that there is two of them, both of which are contractors and work outside of the restaurant. If I remember correctly, one runs the kitchen as well. I cannot imagine anyone lying to you Mr. Snoopy, and as for disgracing your Supreme Master, whoever/whatever the heck that is,(sounds like some religious cult crap)I could care less. But it is you that are a disgrace, by posting such "vile" about this restaurant, owners and staff. as a matter of fact, they recently had a statement of what is going on in restaurant for you to read on the table. One thing I did note in that statement, is that they would close their doors before compromising the quality of their food. As well as they need more support to be able to stay in business. Now how much more honest than that could you get? This is the very best restaurant in Fresno, whether you are a vegetarian or not (my husband is not) and he still loves the food. In these times, restaurants cannot afford bad reviews, this restaurant does NOT deserve to have a bad review. Furthermore, if it was so bad, why did you give it two stars, why not just a half of one. You sound like a very sad human being that has nothing better to do than create problems for other.

Pros: Fresh food, Wonderful staff, clean environment

Cons: not open 7 days

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snoopy888 22 Feb 2013 - Hello Janesmith,
I believed that day was my unluckiest day to dine at this restaurant. Secondly I did not want to give any stars rating to this restaurant but the this website forced me to give a minimum 2 stars. I feel sorry for you that you have been fooled by the restaurant. I think you have never tried other vegetarian restaurants. Why don't you try Vegetarian Wok (626) 288-6069 - 529 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 and see for your self. You will notice a BIG difference.

Tim Huynh

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Reviewer Avatar

Dishonest & worst restaurant - Edit

My wife and I dined at this vegetarian restaurant tonight 8 May10 and we found this restaurant was the worst restaurant we had ever been to. My wife and I ordered "pho" noodle soup and chow mein (chinese fried noodle) respectively. The noodles were tasted like some cheap instant noodles that we used to buy from the asian supermarkets. We could not believe the owner of the restaurant has the conscience to use this type of the noodles to serve to the customers. We did not enjoy the meals at all. We could not believe how the owner could disgrace the Supreme Master Ching Hai by hanging her picture on the wall when they serving not freshly made noodle and charging the meals at an expensive price. I rang the owner to make a complaint but the owner denied he was the owner and refused me from talking to the owner. He told me the owner was in Oakland which I found hard to believe. He told me he had this business for 4 years and had no complaints, because he had fooled the white Americans who have not tried the authentic vegetarian foods. I am vietnamese americans and I can tell what is authentic and what is not fresh. I could not believe he also denied he was the initiate of Supreme Master Ching Hai when he was asked. If you do not operate your business honestly with good conscience you will start losing a lot of customers. By the way your waitress whom she claimed was the manager was very rude and unfriendly. When we got back to our hotel we were feeling sick the whole night. We decided that we would never go back to that restaurant as long as we live or even they offer free meals. All the positive reviews submitted previously which I believe from the owner himself and his family or relatives or friends. To all the customers please ask the chefs or the waiters or the waitress to show you all the ingredients before ordering and do not be fooled the decoration of the restaurant premises. There is a saying "do not judge the book by its cover".To the waitress: please smile.


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snoopy888 22 Feb 2013 - Hello Freedom2007 and whatever you called yourself.

Regardless whether I am dropped out student or a slow progress practitoner it is NONE of your concern. The only thing I concern is that by hanging Master's picture in the restaurant means you can charge any high prices to the customers or ripping off the customers. I have been to restaurants belong to the initiates they offer good food with reasonable prices. Unlike this New Star Vegetarian Restaurant at Fresno, they were rude and impolite when they asked for my opinion of the food. I told them exactly what I thought.

Yes there are 978 days to help the world, Instead encouraging people to live on vegetarian diet they are turning people away by ripping off people. And what about you what have you done? Stopped lecturing me ! Go and do you meditation and shut up!

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freedom2007 22 Feb 2013 - Dear Brother and sister,

Today I surf the Happy Cow web site and see your comment on the New Stars restaurant ... since I had something in common with you, I would like to respond to it.

First, i am a Vietnamese American so I know our culture, we were very hospitality, we appriciated someone who had done something for us, we had a saying: "Eat the fruit, remember the planter" ...

Second, I am a vegan, I will very appriciate anyone who run a vegan restaurant. Look around, there were so many non-vegan/vegetarian restaurants ... they can't survive if they don't do good. You should appriciate and encourage them.

Thirdly, I am also a Supreme Master Ching Hai disciple, I knew Her teaching, She only taught us Love and forgiveness, not to criticise anyone.

After read through your commentary, I see all you have were the anger and hatred, that were not what Supreme Master Ching Hai Teaching.

To my simple opinion, you were a very slow progress QuanYin practitioners or you were a dropped out students ...

You should check up yourselves and change quick. We have only 978 days to help the world.

In God's Love and always remeber God.


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freedom2007 22 Feb 2013 - Dear Tim,

I re-visit the HappyCow.net, and found out that you had changed your commentary on the New Stars Vegetarian restaurant. It's now less aggressive, less anger, less hatred than the previous' one. It's good, it's good.

You had learned your lession. You had improved your human quality. It automatic earned you 2 stars... I would give you 5 stars if you re-write a new commentary to apologize to the Owner, the Manager and the Readers .. liked Janesmith, and liked me... for the untrue comment that you wrote earlier.

Here is my humble suggestion: You should think twice ... even 7 times before you speak/write the untrue things ... because it haunted you, it will haunt you for a long time ...

Ah, 1 more thing. It's not easy to fool American people, they may have different taste of the foods, but they're smart ... they know how much they should pay for the foods.


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snoopy888 22 Feb 2013 - Hey freedm2007,
Please stop giving me this nonsense. Neither I need you to give me any stars nor I will apologize to anyone. I am entitled to give my honest opinion to any restaurants for the food and the service they offer. YOU and the restaurant owner and his staff are the ONE should be apologized.
Don't waste your time GO and DO your meditation. YOU are a HYPOCRITE.


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A highlight of the trip - Edit

I read about this restaurant when planning a trip to Yosemite from San Diego with my non-vegan husband and 8-yr-old daughter. I knew there would be many meals at standard cafes. I'm so happy we made the effort to find this restaurant. I was NOT limited to one or two options, NOR did I need to say hold the cheese (but still have to pay for it). I had a choice of many options and ordered Basil Eggplant Tofu. My daughter and husband shared Broccoli Beef. When I took a piece of "meat" from my daughter's dish she said, "That's meat Mama." All three of us were pleased with our meals. Next time, I'd ask to split juice order since my daughter couldn't drink the large portion provided. The restaurant was not busy at all from 4:45 to 5:45 PM on Saturday night. Our GPS had a little trouble helping us find the place...I guess since it's deep w/i a shopping mall.

Pros: vegan choices, atmosphere, excellent food

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Wonderful Atmosphere, Delicious Food - Edit

I really enjoy eating at this restaurant. Its more of a formal atmosphere (but not too formal) compared to most veg cafes. The food is always delicious - the basil eggplant is my favorite! The staff are friendly and almost all of the dishes are vegan (including the chocolate cake!)

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It made me a believer - Edit

I began dining at New Star because my sister was a vegetarian. I was a meat and potato gal and was a little hesitant about this new way of eating. I started off easy with the pasta and then the won ton soup. This quickly became my favorite restaurant. The service is wonderful, and the selection is wide. I committed to eating at least everything on the menu at least once. Everything is good. In fact this restaurant proved to me vegetarian=good food. I have become a sucessful vegetarian and encourage you to give this restaurant a try. The food is so good even the meat eating folks will leave satisfied. My only suggestion is to relocate to the Fig Garden Shopping Center.

Pros: Staff, Excellent choices , Carrot Cake- to die for

Cons: Limited parking, Not a central location

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Yes please - Edit

I could just eat their salads all day everyday, but thats besides the point. This place is very very good. I've eaten at a ton of vegan/vegitarian resteraunts in california and oregon, and this one is still my favorite. I always get the same thing (tofu salmon claypot) and eat my girlfriends. The service is great. It is expensive, but you get quite a bit of food.

My one complaint, is that it is so far out of the way of anything. I live west of 99 and it's like driving to an entire different city. They should move it more central, somewhere off of blackstone maybe, but it's just too far out of the way.

Pros: Great, Service, nice place

Cons: So far

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What in the world?! - Edit

I have taken my family to this diner many times since it opened recently. Over the past few months, everything has gone downhill with regard to the service and pricing. There has been a growing attitude with the main waitress about what you order and how you may want to change the order, i.e. "May I please have some extra gravy on my potatoes?" The face she makes was not seen a few months ago! Last night, 7-18-08, our "extra" gravy came to $6 on the bill! What?!! For the three of us, the bill was $40. I can safetly say that there is no way we ate $40 worth of food. I can also safetly say that I don't think we will be going back there any time soon. It's sad to say... One last thing, we had to summon the waitress each and every time we needed a refill on the sodas or water or extra napikns or whatever. Never once did she drop by to ask if everything was all right or did we need refills and such. In the past, we have always left her a $5 or $6 tip. Last night we left one penny as a message to her... It is a certain let-down for me that we are probably not returning as I had enjoyed our trips there when they first opened.

Pros: Fresh food, healthy and tasty., Lighting is subtle and romantic., Located in a great part of town.

Cons: Value! Too small portions for the price., Not a friendly staff., Service is at a minimum.

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One of my favorites - Edit

I've had excellent food and service here.

Fried foods are very light and not oily. Soups and sauces are hearty, with a comfort food level of spiciness. This is food I'd cook for myself at home if I had the time. The ingredients taste fresh. The menu is inventive and playful. And the chef is consistent in the presentation.

Be sure and get directions because it is not visible from the street. I think the decor is very nice. This is one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Nice decor

Cons: location - get directions

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pretty good - Edit

pretty good, wish there was more space, a little cramped, the kung pao chicken was good although they were a little skimpy on the chicken but im lookin forward to going back. Lubys kung pao isnt spicy worth beetle dung

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Just okay. - Edit

Stopped by here on a road trip up to Portland, and it was nice to find an all-veggie restaurant in the Central Valley. The food and service were both adequate, but nothing overwhelming. New Stars is your typical filling and serviceable vegetarian pan-Asian cuisine, and well worth stopping by if you're in town. But I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way.

Pros: clearly marked vegan options, good value

Cons: sterile environment

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First Rate - Edit

We travel a good deal and were delighted to find the Stars restaurant in Fresno (through the Happy Cow website). It is one of the nicest places we have been to, and the food was really first rate. We plan to take Hwy 99 instead of I-5 went driving through the center of California just to visit Stars again.

Pros: Great Food, Very Clean, Beautiful Restaurant

Cons: None

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Some updates - Edit

The Restaurant is now open on Sundays.

If the alcohol is a problem, a few steps away is Sequoia Brewing which has some award winning beers and a variety of wines. So stop there on your way in or way out.

Great food, I eat here at least weekly.

Pros: Reasonable prices., Great food.

Cons: Service can be spotty.

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Vegetarian New Stars Restaurant ROCKS! - Edit

We ate 'Imperial Rolls' 'Club Sandwich' 'Fried BBQ Chicken' 'Steamed Vegetables' and all the food was outstanding. Each menu item is marked with either a "V" for vegan; or with a "VO" meaning it's vegetarian with a vegan option. You can't beat how delicious the food is!

Pros: outstanding food, really nice staff, vegan options abound

Cons: atmosphere lacks, slow, no alcohol

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent!!! You must try this restaurant!!! - Edit

I am ecstatic! I am a vegetarian and I have a severe egg allergy. This restaurant is a dream come true for me. The food tastes amazing, atmosphere is beautiful, and the service is impeccable. Check them out for yourself and I'm sure you'll agree! The only downside is that they don't have any nutritional info. on their food and I am on a weight loss adventure and this would be extremly helpful. Check them out and let's see what you think!

Pros: Excellent Food, Amazing Cake, Friendly & Helpful

Cons: No nutritional info.

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