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Plant-based burger chain serving fast food classics such as cheezburgers, buffalo chick’n nugget, tater tots, fries, and thickshakes. Some locations offer a breakfast menu with breakfast buns and pancakes. Open Mon-Thu 12:00-22:00, Fri-Sun 11:00-22:00.

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05 Nov 2023

Kimchi Crunch out of this world

Fab kimchi crunch burger with so much flavor and different textures. It was messy to eat but my favorites of their burgers I’ve tried so far. I love all their cauli wings products too. Yummy lemonade as well.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-05

Pros: All vegan!, You can earn loyalty stamps, Cauli wings

Cons: Pricey, I’d like to get cauli wings with meal deal



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04 Oct 2023

Tasty but pricey

I had the smash burger which was quite good but not value for money. Watermelon lemonade was. Tasty, and star of the show was the chilli fries ! Would go again if it was a little more affordable. Happy as it’s fully plant based

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-01

Pros: Fries!, Yummy burger

Cons: Expensive, Unclean


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29 Sep 2023

Loved the wings!

I loved it! The wings were amazing! Also loved the way my non vegan friends didn’t know everything was vegan and they will never know 😂

Pros: Location , Food


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12 Sep 2023

Good burger

Really good menu the fries were really crispy and the burger was tasty


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01 Sep 2023

Happy vegan food :)

Lovely food, quick service, lovely server by the name of Uthesh, overall positive experience!

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-01

Pros: Cauliflower wings, Quick Service , 50% off first purchase

Cons: Not a lot of variety on drinks, I think there was a more limited menu than normal


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30 Aug 2023


This place was so nice, burger was great as was the Mac and cheese.


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16 Aug 2023

Will change your mind about American food

I like curries pizzas and anything with lots of spice and flavour. Burgers are not for me. Even when I've had good gourmet burgers I never craved having more.
The cheese burger here (and the tater tots) is an exception. The burger was perfect. It was like eating the cheeseburger that Ralph Fiennes cheffed up in the Menu.

This isn't the sort of vegan place where they do bean, falafel, mushroom burgers etc (those are great!). This is basically all classic American style stuff.
Take any meat eater here and don't tell them it's vegan. They will tell you it's the best meat and cheese they've ever had.
If you've never had a meat burger in your life, or if you miss it, come here.

The thickshake was also perfect.

Pros: You wouldn't know it's vegan, Great thickshakes, One of few places in Camden market you can sit dow

Cons: Pricey but not too bad, Could be more sides , Small


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08 Aug 2023

Delicious milkshake

Great milkshake. Looking forward to trying some other items from the fully plant based menu.

Pros: Fully plant based menu, Delicious milkshake , Accessible as there is more than one branch


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08 Aug 2023

It's nice

The staff are lovely!
We had the cheez burger and the ceaser wrap they were great

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-08

Cons: I would not recommend the caramel cookies thikshak


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22 Jul 2023

“You deserve it”

So delicious, cheeseburger was amazing, ribs are so fun, the place is a relief from the smell of meat in the market. Nice people, cute and instagrammable.


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16 Jul 2023

Great fast food!!

almostvegan_london on Instagram
Neat burger 9.5/10

Corn ribs 7/10

Cauliflower wings 10/10

There are quite a few branches of neat burger now. This is from the Camden branch which is situated in the market. Launched by Lewis Hamilton it now has a branch opening in New York!

Neat burger - double neat patty, cheez, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, neat sauce. I love a burger that has a slice of tomato it's a cop out when they don't so this was perfection. The grilled onions were a nice touch. The patty itself isn't dissimilar to the beyond burger but it's thinner. However there are two so it actually ends up the same thickness in reality. The cheese is slightly melty and adds a creamy texture without that horrible vegan cheese smell. I would have scored this burger a 10/10 but it completely fell apart and I really couldn't work out how to eat it and ended up covered in sauce (which is good as you want lots of sauce). In the end I had to resort to a knife and fork, I think the bun itself needed more toasting which is why. Maybe eat it in the packaging if you are on the go!

The cauliflower wings were similar but 100x better than the papa John's version. They were clearly cooked in quite fresh oil as I have a thing where I can always taste when the oil isn't right. I think they needed to come with a sauce included in the price as I wouldn't eat them alone really.

The corn ribs were okay. They were too spicy for me so just not my thing but they were kinda paprika-ey.

I ordered the neat sauce and I'm glad I did as I needed it with the sides. It's kind of a mayo and ketchup mix sauce.

Overall I really enjoyed this meal, prices rival any other London burger place. Under £10 for burgers and £5ish for sides.

Pros: Vegan, Delivery, Friendly

Cons: Mac and cheese not on delivery


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15 Jul 2023

Great for takeaway

I have visited a few of the neat burger branches and I would say this one is one of the smallest - It’s situated in the heart of camden market by the canal.

We did actually sit in here but I would say it’s more of a takeaway vibe as their is limited seating. The food was amazing as per usual, I had the BBQ bacon stack and some tater tots with “cheese” 🍔

Pros: Amazing food , Great location

Cons: Limited seating, Decor not as aesthetic as the other branches


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09 Jul 2023


Amazing hot dog and the tater tots were delicious. Also had a delicious milkshake. I did find it a little bit expensive though!


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02 Jul 2023

Tons of options (fully vegan); a bit expensive for small portions

I was super excited to come across this fully vegan fast food shop and ordered the Cheez Burger. Unfortunately, for nearly £6, it was quite small and I ate it in less than 5 minutes. I loev to see fully vegan stores opening but wish it was more reasonable to make it more accessible to people. I would consider coming back to support the vegan food community, but hope that one day prices will be lower, or portions larger to make up for the price. The flavor of the burger wasn't anything incredible, but was delicious nonetheless. It comes with cheese, ketchup, mustard, tomato, and pickles.

Pros: Fully vegan, Variety of fast-food type options

Cons: Small portions, Expensive, Taste isn't anything revolutionary


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26 Jun 2023

Big vegan choice but Expensive and lacking flavour

I was super excited when I stumbled across this place, all vegan but unfortunately Mac and cheese really lacked flavour, was an extra £1 for pickles and was literally 4 tiny slices. The hot dog was ok but for almost £17 for a hot dog, small bit of Mac and cheeze and a can of cola I felt it was very overpriced. Expected the food to taste better.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-26

Pros: Good choice

Cons: Not very tasty


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20 Jun 2023


I got the mac and cheese (pretty small for £4!) and it was just okay, and I got a salad with fun ingredients but the dressing on the side was not the orange-y one pictured on the menu but mayonnaise instead, and I don’t like mayo haha! Maybe that’s on me for not saying something after. Great that it is all vegan but what I got wasn’t amazing.

Pros: All vegan!

Cons: Average flavours


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10 Jun 2023


Cauliflower »wings » lecker, neat nuggets und pommes auch aber der smash daddy burger war next Level widerlich 🤢 und genauso das karma cola sugarfree mit stevia.


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08 Jun 2023

Just. So. Damn. GOOD.

I was just very surprised about this [censored] awesome Buffalo burger. Tbh, the Mac and cheese was a bit disappointing though.
Enjoy !


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29 May 2023

Tasty, Great Value and I wish they had one back home!

Great variety of food, the ability to add or change toppings. Basically McDonald's for vegans but way nicer! Food is made fresh to order and is served piping hot. Gluten free options also available!

Pros: Indoor and outdoor seating available, Great prices, Made to order


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27 May 2023

Delicious vegan fast food

Nice vegan menu, food tastes like “regular fast food”. Had the loaded Fries which where a little bit spicy but delicious.


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22 Apr 2023

Fine food, dirty place

The food we ate was fine, it tasted alright just very bland especially for somewhere only doing vegan food seasoning is normally something they have down. So I would give it a 4 star but the place itself was so dirty there was mud all ove the floors and skirting board to the point that I was confident it wasn't all from the same day which is a real shame as in theory this sounds great but it wasn't a good experience.

Pros: Vegan 100%

Cons: Extremely dirty


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10 Apr 2023


I went for the smash daddy with tater tots and buffalo nuggets . Food was delicious and I would definitely go again .


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09 Apr 2023

I absolutely love it

I think it's the best vegan cheese burger and milkshake that I've ever tried. Everything was so delicious.
It was a little expensive, but for me worth it. The place is also quite and comfortable to eat in or outside. I would like to see it in other places, and not just in London.

Pros: Delicious, Vegan

Cons: Expensive


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04 Apr 2023


Very nice, enjoyed it, all good quality.


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02 Apr 2023

Decent, but not the greatest

I was doing a good crawl through Camden and stopped in to try the mac. I added crispy onions, which were amazing, but that was the highlight. The mac itself was a little dry and bland.

I would, however, go back to try the other food as it looked really good, so possibly this was just a dud choice.

Pros: Good menu, wide range, Quick , Value for money

Cons: Mac wasn't great


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30 Mar 2023

best vegan shake

love their dessert menu and highly recommend trying one of their milkshakes! 10/10 😍


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27 Feb 2023

Milkshake heaven

Had the best vegan choc milkshake I’ve ever had . If I could have those everyday I would, tasted like drinking a chocolate marshmallow 🤍

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