Serves meat, vegan options available. Cafe with vegan dishes including acorn pancakes, soups, tofu dishes and more.

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First Review by Chloe_Y


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16 Aug 2023

Flavorful Korean Culinary Adventure!

My visit to this Korean restaurant was a treat for the senses. The lively ambiance, coupled with the owner's English proficiency, made the experience even more enjoyable. They easily catered to our vegan preferences. The restaurant's unique focus on acorn jelly jam was intriguing. We indulged in the generous portion of salad, eggless Bibimbap, and a note-worthy acorn jelly pancake (non-vegan). The portions were hearty, almost too much to handle, yet the flavors were so irresistible that we devoured everything. The overall culinary journey left us satisfied!

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-16

Pros: Acorn jelly salad, Eggless Bibimbap, Communication in English,understanding of veganism



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20 May 2023

Colorful Korean acorn food

This restaurant specializes in acorn-based dishes and creates unconventional and curious food that attracts even regular Koreans.

There are a couple of dishes that are either vegan by default or can be veganized upon request.
For example, their cold noodles with spicy sauce (쟁반국수) and the acorn jelly salad (도토리묵무침) are vegan. The Bibimbap or noodle soups have egg toppings, but if you tell them in advance what you don't eat, they can omit those ingredients for you. They assured me that the soup base also didn't contain anchovies.

Update 2023: Staff told me that their dishes deep-fried acorn jelly with sweet and sour sauce (도토리탕수), sweet-and-sour mushrooms (표고버섯탕수) and acorn pancake (토속전) contain egg now. ⚠️

Overall, I quite enjoyed their food! (I'm a fan of acorn foods anyways!) The food tasted fresh and clean, while looking colorful and creative.

The restaurant consists of two dining rooms, so it is rather large. It is popular among Koreans and it was so crowded we were lucky to get a table (even during the pandemic). Even on weekdays, there may be a line in front the restaurant!

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-30

Pros: taste good, price ok

Cons: always crowded


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11 Nov 2022

Great option in Suncheon

It’s a busy place, we had to add our name to a waitlist and then they called us for our table (~30 minutes). When I asked for egg and meat free dishes, they said the bibimbap and acorn sujebi soups were the only options. Google translate came in handy and there were two staff members that helped us that spoke English. They also had an English menu. They were super kind, the ambiance is great, and that acorn sujebi soup was soooooo good!!!!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-15

Pros: Kind and helpful staff, Great price for quantity

Cons: Busy!


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23 Jul 2022


I had troubles finding vegan options in Suncheon but this restaurant itself makes up for the lack. The large variety of dishes that are originally vegan or can be veganize is great and everything was delicious. You can take away your leftovers (what most locals seemed to do considering the gargantuan portions). I also highly appreciated the freshness and variety of side dishes. However, remember that this restaurant is not all vegan so ask for any fish sauce/anchovies. Furthermore, the staff does not speak English and they don’t have an English menu so if you don’t speak Korean you will need a translator.


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02 Nov 2020

Speciallised in aircon dishes

Nanulteo is specailised in aircon food. We ordered a set which includes perilla seed soup, jeon, fried shitake mushroom❣
Fried mushroom was greasy, so I could eat them endlessly 😳
And perilla seed soup was so smooth and savoury...☺️

I would def recommend this restaurant to my friends who visit Suncheon 👍

🌰3시가 넘었는데도 대기가 있었고 맛있는 냄새가 새상에.. 블로그에서 얼핏봤는데 보쌈 빼고는 모두 채식이었다고 해서 기대도 있었다.
#나눌터 는 도토리요리 전문점으로 도토리 묵밥, 도토리 탕수육 등을 팔았다.

🍄우리는 #임자탕 (들깨도토리수제비)와 #표고탕수 , 토속전이 세트로 나오는 세트를 먹었다. 밑반찬도 정갈하고, 전도 쫄깃하고 맛있었는데, 정말.... 임자탕은....보통 들깨수제비는 깔깔하기 마련인데 곱게 갈아서 한번 체에 내린건지 엄청 부드러웠다 😋😍🥰
난 수제비를 별로 안좋아하는 편인데 반죽 자체도 얇고 쫄깃쫄깃해서 맛있다 💕 #수제비맛집

💛표고탕수는 강황가루를 조금 넣으신건지 완전 샛노란색. 에어프라이어에 튀기신건지 기름끼가 전혀 없어서 부담없이 계속 먹을수 있었다 . 순천가시는 분들 나눌터 강추!! 순천에서 #소울푸드 찾았습니다 😁 #순천맛집 #순천여행

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