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My Kitch'n

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82 rue Lemercier (at Batignolles), Paris, France, 75017

My Kitch'n opened this casual, neighborhood restaurant in the Batignolles area in October 2014 (and shut its original cafe in the market in early-2015). The menu is vegan and organic and features items like veggie sandwiches, sushi burrito, salad, hot dogs, and risotto. Serves beer and organic wine, bespoke cocktails with a personal twist. Open Tue-Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm.

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Reviews (29)

First Review by KhadraHayati

excellent vegan - Edit

I have been to this restaurant with my non-vegetarian boyfriend and we both enjoyed it a lot!! He generally doesn'tlike the taste of vegan foods such as seitan,tofu,ecc but he ate the hot dog frenchie and found it delicious. Sushi burritos are great, the prices are low (we spent more or less 26 € for lunch for two sharing one dessert) I highly recommend it!

Pros: cheap and various menu

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great place for vegan - Edit

I generally go vegan with my wife when we take short breaks away from busy london life. Loved the place decoration- MJ every where - really 80s move. Got introduced to Faux Gras- all the consistency of the foi gras - no cruelty, no fat - just bursting with flavours.

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Good and healthy food - Edit

I went there for lunch and had great expectations after reading previous reviews. The place is a heaven for vegans in a so hostile French environment. And it's great! The staff is friendly, helpful and prepare food with great attention. We took a smoothie (excellent) and the soup of the day that was excellent and so tasty. Then, we ordered the green veggie burger and the big plate of the day which is composed of the three dishes of the day: the burger, an eggplant curry and an exotic salad. All were very fresh and tasty but I was still a little hungry after that. As a dessert, there was a raw carrot cake, that was not bad but not my cup of tea.

I more recently tried the pizzadilla with vegan cheese (excellent) and the risotto (excellent as well). The dishes seem simple but are in fact very flavorful and perfectly balanced. I also recommend the banana split, a must!

Because the food is homemade and fresh, you must be patient here, but it is worth!

Pros: fresh and healthy vegan food, tasty soups, excellent flavors, friendly staff

Cons: sometimes slow service, small place

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Small cozy kitch place - Edit

went there for a seitan atelier on a sunday evening. Was quite surprised the room is small ..but we could sit in 15, watching the lady making seitan. Pink colors and michael jackson wearing an apron made me smile;)
Have to try it next time (vegan food)!

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Good stuff! - Edit

The food was excellent and I recommend the carrot cake as a dessert which was super tasty! The green juice is also excellent.

I would definitely go back to My Kitch'n when visiting Paris again!

Pros: Excellent food, Entirely vegan, Smoothies

Cons: Scary Michael Jackson poster :-)

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umimpressed - Edit

The service was slow, the restaurant was messy, and the food was not great given the prices.

2 Responses

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JenniferLoveParis 27 Feb 2016 - Hi there! Wow "unimpressed"... This is by far the worst review so could I please ask you to expand? "Not great considering the prices"; could I ask you to please elaborate? Keeping in mind we are 100% organic (which means at wholesale our raw produce is more expensive than conventional at retail prices). Also, we prepare and cook everything on location. Nothing is frozen (except the sorbets..) and we do not have a microwave. There are no additives or preservatives in the food. We prep in the evening and cook in the morning. "Service is slow"? Please elaborate. Keeping in mind that cooking is time consuming; the kitchen has one stove with 4 hot plates o prepare everything (plus cook more rice/lentils/soup etc as needed). Cooking is labor intensive, but even with keeping the prices as low as possible (which means cutting the largest cost which is staff) people such as yourself seem reluctant to pay the actual price. Which means "service" will obviously take longer. "Take longer" and "slow" are, however, not interchangeable. I run back and forth all day every day. I'm not having a coffee break when behind the kitchen wall, I assure you ;) Also, please explain (given the above), how the "restaurant was messy"? Keeping in mind that everyone shows up at the same time for lunch, and one person needs to prep and cook for those still eating, a well as keeping the restaurant tidy. We start where we are, and we do what we can, right? Please be more elaborate in your feedback (given the above). It is important. Our regulars are happy, they know what goes into it all. That's why they come. A one-stop-shopper will not be able to appreciate the work that goes into it all. So "wont come again" is too bad. Your response would be valuable, I look forward to reading it. Cheers

fievos 29 Feb 2016 - I don't want to write a long complaint; I think my short review covered everything.

I did not enjoy the food, and while I am happy to wait and/or pay more for good food, if I don't enjoy it, then high price and poor service are much less welcome. I understand that there are no doubt reasons for the slow service, but an enjoyable restaurant experience shouldn't need a long list of excuses.

Others may enjoy your restaurant, but it is important for me to be honest about my experience.

Great! - Edit

I just had a great lunch there and really recommend it.
The place is lovely and the lady who welcomed me was kind. The dish I had was delicious (risotto of the day) and I will definitely be back there to taste some other dishes.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly staff, Good value

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Amazing one woman show! - Edit

If you like awesome food, this is the place to go in Paris!

It is a very small space with only 6-8 tables decorated in 80's flair. You see the fresh ingredients stacked behind the counter - during our visit it was zucchini, fennel, pears, and a few others.

You place your order and, if you listen closely, you will soon hear the sound of a knife cutting fresh veggies. Not only is your meal cooked to order, everything is fresh!

You will pay the price of time for this freshness, but good food is worth waiting for - and we did not have to wait too long. It was Paris and we were having a great time and I was not at McDonalds...meaning, I did not expect my food in 5 minutes.

Highly recommended!

Pros: Great food, Great food, low, low prices!

Cons: Only open for lunch, Only accepts cash

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Lovely place - Edit

I read the reviews prior to going to My Kitch'n. Here's my opinion. The decor is lovely. It's a music theme. Old Rolling Stone magazine articles and covers on the table and walls. Not just Michael Jackson but Chilli Peppers, Prince, Brian Eno. Like! Like! Like!
The meat market is a block away - inside a building. We never passed it going there and wondered what the fuss was about. Only saw it after we left.
The woman who served us is a walking advert for vegan food. And yes, she is friendly.
Among the options was a soup and a sandwich special for €9 or a drink, meal and desert for €12 which is excellent value.
Lovely place.

Pros: Well priced, Lovely atmosphere, Vegan only food

Cons: None

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Interesting, lovely place. - Edit

As it was quite busy when we visited and just Jennifer was working there was quite a long wait for food which of course we didn't mind as it was a lovely little place to be. Some reviews have stated that the decor and music are over the top which I completely disagree with, the decor is unique and I think really quite cute. I loved how the whole place looked and would definitely like to visit again in the future.
I went with my non-vegan boyfriend who ordered a cola, the vegan hotdog and for dessert the oreo milkshake. He was content with his food, he didn't have salad with his hotdog in order to have dessert which did make it a very small meal. He didn't like the brand of cola they serve here, which I also tried and it definitely was not the best organic, sugar-free cola I had tried, you could tell it was made with agave which he is not used to. He did however like the oreo milkshake though complaining it was a bit 'banana-y' (I also tried this and I thought it was nice).
I ordered coconut water, the Sushi Burrito and the Banana Split for dessert and I was over the moon with my food. The sushi burrito alone does not look like much but it was super filling and really tasty and the banana split was just incredible. Overall I had a lovely experience and would love to go back to try more of what they have on offer.
The food here is all healthy but super tasty and for me was a nice break from the bread I had eaten with practically every meal during my week in Paris!

Pros: Good, healthy, wholesome, vegan food., Lovely staff., Nice ambiance.

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Charming Place - Edit

This is a quirky and fun little cafe that serves a good range of vegan food - what really comes across is how much the owner cares about animals and the vegan cause in general and how much she cares about serving quality food. I had the spaghetti bolognaise, made from lentils and really tasty. The cheesecake was amazing and not too sweet or rich.

I would happily go back here. The owner speaks good English too. To get there we took the 54 bus from Gare du Nord to Legendre (15 minutes) and it's a 5 minute walk from there. The area isn't that far from Montmartre so this could be a good bet if you're in that area.
Updated from previous review on Monday August 31, 2015

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Too kitchy - Edit

The restaurant provides a wide variety of delicious organic vegan food. The owner, Jennifer, is a delightful young Swedish lady who goes to all lengths to greet you in a friendly and helpful way.
However, why is there all of this "kitch"? Why are the walls covered with ugly old vinyl records? Why the piped-in rock music which has no relation to the friendly healthy concept? Why the pictures of Elvis, Michael Jackson, etc. all over the place?
Why not create an atmosphere of a good tasting healthy vegan "Kitchen" rather than an atmosphere of "kitch" (bad taste)?
And why not have visibility of the juice bar, as before???
Updated from previous review on Friday July 24, 2015

Pros: Delicious healthy organic vegan food, Friendly owner, Good service

Cons: Horrible outdated decor, Outdated piped-in music, No visibility of the juice bar

2 Responses

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Maiskeks 08 Aug 2015 - Don't really get your arguments. Everything is fine but you don't like the design concept? Is that enough for giving such a low rating? Or did I miss a point?

JenniferLoveParis 09 Aug 2015 - Too "Kitch"? But the name is "My Kitch'n"!(?) Kitch is everything that you LOVE that is borderline bad taste, but that isn't bad taste! Answer is simple: maybe I am not as young as you think ;) I grew up listening to those vinyls! Those are my ugly vinyls on the wall. I love MJ! I love rock. There is no visibility of the juice bar as unfortunately the wall to the kitchen is now a bearing wall that I may or may not have the right to even break open a bit. Discussion is underway with regards to that with the rest of the proprietors in the building.

I loved this place! - Edit

My Kitch'n is a great little restaurant well worth a visit. My GPS wasn't working and I got a bit lost along the way, but the exta walk just made me look forward to trying the food that much more. And the food was indeed delicious. I had raw spaghetti, nori burritos, salad, a green smoothie, mint-infused water, and hot herbal tea. Oh, and a great raw carrot cake that was also amazing. I had a chance to talk with the owner a bit and she was super-friendly and great to talk to. They sell some great cookbooks and other vegan reads (French and English), I picked up a couple and the owner kindly signed a copy of her cookbook for me. I'm looking forward to returning to My Kitch'n next time I'm in Paris!

Pros: Great food, thoughtfully prepared , reasonably priced , wonderful staff

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Sweet, creative little place with great food - Edit

We enjoyed our visit here very much. It's a small place, not very busy in the evenings, but the food is outstanding, and the space buzzes with music-loving creativity of the owners: Tables decorated with decoupage photos, vintage music magazine covers, and vegan memes; vinyl and a wide variety of Michael Jackson paraphernalia on the walls, and red ceiling lamps which give the place a pink glow at night. We had faux gras on fresh bread and a hearty soup from root vegetables for starters, the risotto du jour and a spaghetti bolognese with lentils for mains, and raw carrot cake and cheese cake for desserts.

Pros: Tasty food, Interesting interior, Very nice owners

Cons: No private bathroom, A bit on the pricey side

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A Real Gem - Edit

Last night we invited a couple to join us for dinner in this tiny restaurant. For both of them it was their first vegan dinner. The husband is a chef in a parisian two Michelin star restaurant. We took the evening menu with wine included for twenty euros. Entrée was faux gras and everybody loved it. I had a sushiburrito for main dish and it was an excellent raw food portion with a spicy twist. The chef had a hot dog and his wife and my partner a pasta bolognese. Again eveybody purred with satisfaction. For the dessert, me and the chef had a raw carrot cake. Again it hit the mark.
This unpretentious place hides a real gem. The service was attentive. Only thing I would change here is the lightning. A little bit softer light would create a more pleasant ambiance.

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Yummy food in a cute space - Edit

We found this restaurant (a second My Kitch'n opened by the original owner's daughter) online only a few days after its opening and went by to check it out for lunch. The space is snug, we had a party of five and took up most of the restaurant, but the atmosphere was nice. Fun tables with pictures and stickers, books to flip through while waiting, and simple music that was neither offensive nor sleep-inducing. The food we ordered was basic (we had hot dogs, sandwiches, and soup) but delicious. The hot dogs come on baguettes, making it a little tough to bite but a nice flavor. Their mustard is hot/Dijon-style, so be warned if you prefer the basic yellow stuff. The soup of the day (a veg puree of sorts) was good but a little bland, a bit of salt may have helped. The carrot "cake" we ordered was good, but not cake the way I think of it. It was a formed shredded carrot mash topped with an interesting cream "frosting" (for lack of a better word). The flavor was carrot cake but the consistency was something else. The pear juice (ordered for my son) was amazing, but just a bottled juice, nothing made in-house. The menu wasn't fully available yet, as they had just opened, but we had no complaints about anything we ordered.

The owner was unbelievably friendly and accommodating. She spoke fluent English but conversed patiently when we attempted French. She went to the other restaurant (down the street) to find more juice for us, showed us to the (building-shared, small, not spectacular) bathroom in a back courtyard, and had a nice chat with my five-year-old about adding PB&J sandwiches to the menu.

We will definitely be adding this restaurant to our "Eating Out in Paris" list (which seems to expand every visit!)

1 Response

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JenniferLoveParis 09 Aug 2015 - Hey thanks for stopping by on your other trip as well!!! I didn't recognize you until your son's thumbs up ;) They grow so fast that age!!!

i wish this really were my kitch'n! - Edit

i love my kitch'n...much more than i love my kitchen! for a start, jennifer, who owns them (there are now two locations - bravo, jennifer!) & who prepares all the spectacularly fresh & delicious food is much friendlier & less grumpy than i am when i'm in the kitchen. if it's not too busy, she's always happy to have a chat & a laugh. even though she speaks english very well, she'll indulge my buffoonery as i attempt to pick my way through a french conversation.
don't be put off by the juxtaposition of the batignolles market restaurant. it is just across from a stall that sells stinky meat, that's true - but you'll be heartened as you people watch. there are many people who are curious about this colourful, cosy corner. they'll often stop & have a look. there's always a steady stream of customers, too.
whenever i've had the good fortune to pop in for a meal, i always have to take something away with me. there's just too much choice - & it's all very colourful, healthy & very filling.
you won't be disappointed, so go! after sating yourself at my kitch'n, you've got the underrated neighbourhood of batignolles to explore. it's an undiscovered gem in paris.

Pros: amazing, freshly prepared, healthy food, friendly & helpful atmosphere, colourful & quirky

Cons: located near meat stall :(

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Beautiful, healthy and thoughtful - Edit

I have been to almost every vegan and vegetarian in Paris, (as well as London, Madrid and a couple in a bunch of other European cities) and I would rate My Kitch'n as one of the best and most attentive to detail. If you're familiar with other Parisian veg places, I would place it alongside Sol Semilla and Cafe Ginger in style of food. Food is different every day which is a big plus for someone like me who loves eating out and often comes back to places. I would encourage you to look at the facebook page to see the large variety and thoughtfulness that goes into the food each day (and how beautiful it looks!). Everything is prepared right there, fresh and is local; it's also very clear how much thought goes into it, preparing delicate tastes and healthy dishes, lovely mixes of different veggies and ingredients. I actually still remember the little mixed juices in sets of 3 I tried when I first went and how interesting they tasted.
If you're looking for a fat greasy burger, then no, this is probably not the place, although there are places to satisfy those cravings as well but I'm not sure it's fair to blame My Kitch'n when they never claim to serve that type of food.
On a side note, it's also nice to see some attention to design, even with the limited space a market offers, it looks modern and friendly, those little touches can really make a difference. The second My Kitch'n restaurant which just opened due to the success of the first is also very bright and colourful!

Last thing: yes, it is opposite a meat counter. I find it hard to believe many people would be so attentive to that. I saw it when I was eating but it's pretty easy not to look at it (and I am particularly sensible to the plight of animals). We don't live in a vegan world (yet!) unfortunately and I would say existing in the face of this and in fact, right next to it, is especially important and takes courage. It also shows French market-goers other options. Between having another ordinary food stall and a vegan one in front of the meat counter, I'd say the choice is simple. You can also take the food to take-away.

Lastly it's really great to get to support a little joint run by someone invested in the community, interested in making people and animals' lives better and who is really dedicated to the food and the customers as opposed to a place just surfing the healthy food craze, serving pre-made meals and only being involved from 9 to 5.

TL;DR: yummy, pretty, friendly and healthy

Pros: Food is a hug to the stomach, Friendly staff, Cute place

Cons: No greasy burgers if that's your craving, I wish they had a bigger place!

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Reminds me of my kitchen! - Edit

Coming to My Kitchen was a unique experience. The restaurant is based in the heart of the market, surrounded by fruit stalls, other cuisines, and a butchers.

The menu was simple, easy to navigate around, and above all delicious, healthy and fresh!

All food was made on site, and reminded me of my own kitchen at home, except the food made here was more imaginative and better!
PS I really enjoyed using metal straws! #betterfortheenvironment

Pros: Menu choices and Smoothies!, Location, atmosphere and friendly staff, Board games to play while you wait

Cons: I wish it was open longer!

1 Response

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JenniferLoveParis 05 Oct 2014 - We are opening a second venue and it will be open later in the evening! ;)

Great atmosphere - Edit

During our short one-day-trip to Paris we checked out this little cosy place that was not easy to find. It´s located in a market hall that sends out a really nice atmosphere. But we really disliked the butcher just over the way... :(

The food was good but not as good as we expected but in exchange, the service and decoration is brilliant :)

Pros: atmosphere, extraordinary food

1 Response

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JenniferLoveParis 05 Oct 2014 - Unfortunately the price for all organic produce is still high in. France. Hopefully that will get better with time!

Great Food, Great Concept, Nice People - Edit

This place is simply cool. Jennifer (the owner) is a very nice lady who understands veganism and who understands her business. the place is a little hard to find, since the address is not easily visible from the street. It is actually IN the market square, but worth the trouble finding.

All of the food is freshly cooked, so bring a little time with you when you go the place. On the day I went there, they had 3 daily specials and it was possible to pay a little more to have a sampler from all three platters (a Thai salad, chili con tofu and a breadless, vegan hamburger. It was delicious. There were three ladies working behind the counter, all of whom were very courteous and helpful.

The smoothies are also great. I tried the "green machine" and was not disappointed. They also had one that had a beet base. I frowned at it and did not even consider ordering it.

The restaurant also has a dessert of the day. On the day I went there, it was a vegan carrot cake. Since I am a chocoholic, I left it alone, but I assume that it was as good as all of the other dishes.

The food, the service, and the location were all great. The good news is that in September, Jennifer will be opening up a tiny restaurant around the corner. She showed it to me and it will be wonderful! I wish her and the crew the best of luck with the new project. This will be in addition to the stall in the market.

Good stuff!!

Pros: Great people, Great food, All vegan

Cons: Hard to find place, Very few and tiny chairs

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Healthy and delicious food - Edit

Cute and cozy place in the covered market. The owner is very friendly and prepares all food by herself with great care. We had a green smoothie, soup, salad and a brown rice salad/risotto and all was very tasty and healthy as well.

Pros: Tasty and healthy, Affordable price, Nice deco

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one of my favorite spots in Paris :) - Edit

I have had the chance to visit My Kitch´n a couple of times by now.. i make sure i get a chance to drop by for their delicious food every time I m in Paris! It is sooo delicious! Easy, clean, healthy food! Pure fuel for the body tasting super nice! Definitely try the green machine!, also the moussaka was awesome as well the super fresh crunchy salads or my absolute favorite the fennel-risotto! If you go for dessert, which you definitely should try the raw chocolate brownie..YUM! The staff is very nice and I very much enjoyed the "old school" vibe of the place! I also find it awesome that it is placed right across from the classical french butcher.. maybe people will think twice and let them selves be seduced by the fresh, colorful food of My Kitch´n instead of the traditional french pate or steak! All and all, awesome place! Very much worth a visit or two or five or.. ;)

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Nice And Rare In France - Edit

Have a variety of choices. Quickly served. Located inside a closed market right across a butcher's shop which makes awful site and smell.
I had the burger. Had better in the past but it was still yummy.

Pros: Clean, Tasty, In Paris

3 Responses

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JenniferLoveParis 01 Jul 2014 - I'm happy that you liked the food, but not so happy to see the word "awful" in a review about my restaurant, obviously ;) We picked to put our first My Kitch'n in the market because vegan and vegetarian food and our lifestyle is not very well knows in France; it is a vegan "showroom" if you will. Most people here think we are members of some kind of strange, malnourished sect... We try to prove them wrong on a daily basis. This is the first vegan (or even vegetarian) place in a traditional French food market. We are pioneers! ;) I am sorry that the sight and smell felt awful to you, but please keep in mind that we are working very hard to make vegan options available in what could be very hostile territory. We let people discover they joys of vegan cuisine, without having to make the commitment of walking through the doors of a restaurant where they feel like they don't belong (and would most likely not even enter). Your choice of wording in your review may make people think twice before coming to support us. And we obviously need all the support we can get, happy healthy vegans cheering us on, and showing all those people in the market that vegans come from all walks of like. Please think of what would happen if we were not there: people would most likely have a traditional French [meat based] meal instead.

Nuflood 22 Jul 2014 - Sorry but I will not change my review. Vegans or vegeterians should know what to expect and make their choice with all the info. I will not be coming back next time I'm there because of the smells and sights. Hope you open somewhere else and then I would be glad to come!

JenniferLoveParis 22 Jul 2014 - Hey nobody asked you to change your review? Just offered you a reply as to why we picked to be where we are. And yes, we have a second location now, currently in renovations. It's on 82 rue Lemercier only 100 meter from the first one. Hope to see you there! It will be open by early September ;)

I want to be a Vegan all because of My Kitch'n - Edit

I've been a meat eater all my life and always thought about how veggies and vegans survive without meat. I mean don't get me wrong, i luv vegetables, but im way to lazy and and always take the easy way out.

I came across My Kitch'n because the luvly lady who is the brains behind the concept use to live in Dubai, so when i finally sorted out my trip to Paris this year, my first stop was to check out what Jennifer's dream for real.

It was my first time having an all Vegan meal, i took a friend with me who is a local Parisian to taste these wonderful meals i have been seeing online for the last couple of months.

Jennifer prepared a few dishes for us to taste, and being a meat,dairy,pasta eater all my life, i swear i didn't miss any of it, i luved everything we had, and ohh the desert. So i have been turned, i can be a vegan for the rest of my life, i just need Jennifer to teach some of her wonderful recipes so i can get the vegan party started.

If you are visiting Paris, this luvly place is a must see, trust me, you will not be disappointed.

I just cant wait for Jennifer to open a branch in the UAE, so i can go.

Well done Jennifer, keep up the great work.

Pros: Food , Service , Decor

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