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Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers a large selection of vegan dishes; at least one in each category (including desserts). Cuisine is based on Shojin (Japanese vegan) following traditional Japanese cooking method. Owned and operated by Japanese. Has over 12 vegan appetizers including a sampler platter. Relocated from 678 W Street Rd. Open Tue-Thu 5:00pm-10:00pm, Thu-Fri 12:00pm-3:00pm, Fri 5:00pm-11:00pm, Sat 1:00pm-10:00pm, Sun 1:00pm-9:00pm. Closed Mon.

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11 Reviews

First Review by miniu81


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23 Jan 2022

Veggie Patty Platter 🤩

We have been here to dine in, which is great. Most recently, though, we ordered a veggie party platter to go. It was incredible. I will absolutely be getting another one for a party! Be sure to give them a heads up if you can the day before you order. It was about 104 pieces of sushi!



Points +52

13 May 2021

Wonderful Place

Fully vegan-friendly. Nice atmosphere.


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25 Jul 2019

Slow service but yummy!

I stopped in and had a nice weeknight dinner. I had the vegan ramen, vegan miso soup, and veggie gyoza. Everything was great. Each item as well as the bill took forever so that wasn’t great but the food is. The decor is very extensive making an already tiny restaurant really tight.

Pros: Vegan ramen!, Friendly service, Fair prices

Cons: Slow service, Cramped seating


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14 Mar 2019

Great food

The staff was very knowledgeable about vegans. You can ask for the vegan menu, that has all the vegan options. Th vegan dessert is delicious and the soups are good. They also have a lot of children’s toys and other Japanese items for sale.


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06 Mar 2019

Yummy Food! Lovely Service!

We had a very nice vegan meal! The greater Philadelphia area is very difficult for a vegan diet. This is the first restaurant we have found in the Philly suburbs that had eel vegan choices. Yay!


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04 Oct 2018

Great service and food

This place is very cozy, our serves was extremely sweet and helpful. They do have 5+ options for vegan apps, we got tempura veggies-very good, and edamame shumai which I personally didn't like, but my bf loved it. I recall at least 4 main vegan options, we got vegan ramen, which was very very good, the broth was just amazing, however it did not come with the things listed on the menu, it had no eggplant or yellow squash, seems like it was subbed with corn and bamboo shoots. We also got veggie curry which was delish, curry was flavorful and veggies were well prepped. The place is not overpriced and BYOB!!! Def check the place out.

Pros: BYOB, not expensive


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20 Sep 2018

Not a "must go"

Was happy to hear of another restaurant that had vegan options. Vegan options just weren't up my alley and were "odd" food choices to me. I ended up with a salad and cucumber roll. The staff was asked what something on the menu was and they didn't know, so I wasn't too impressed. Food was sub par and not a good value.

Cons: Not good value, Food sub par


Points +75

03 Feb 2018

Superior Vegan (and non-vegan) Sushi

I would never disagree with a review or opinion or a reviewer. Heck, some people like Coldplay or The Cowboys, go figure.

This aside, I'm surprised to read that other reviewers found a lack of -vegan- options at Musashi. I found quite the opposite. Perhaps we meet in the middle and determine that Musashi has good-great vegan options and also good-great non-vegan options.

I would prefer to find an establishment where I can take non-vegans so that they are comfortable, can chose options they prefer, and possible explore vegan options. Mushashi is exactly such a location.

I've taken multiple non-vegan and vegan friends and they all (not hyperbole) have given a glowing thumbs up in regards to the food, ambience, and ownership.

In regards to the lack of -vegan- options. I'll take a shot.
- Vegan Green Roll
- Vegan Pink Roll
- Multiple Vegan 'single' rolls: I'm recalling 6-8.
- Multiple Vegan appetizers: I'm recalling 3-5.
- Multiple Vegan entrees outside of sushi: I'm recalling 3 or 4.
- A Vegan dessert option or two.

My experience with vegan sushi has been varied. Often, a restaurant will offer a few poorly executed simple veggie rolls. Musashi exudes quality, uniqueness, and attention-to-detail in even the simplest of items. Again, I avoid hyperbole unless I'm referring to the idiots currently in charge of the United States. Oops. Not food related. I legitimately feel that every item ordered (appetizers, 'simple' rolls, dessert) has been flavorful, detailed, and clearly a dedicated effort by the staff.

I may invoke a call from the Vegan Police, but, I should also assert that a certain non-vegan sushi expert I associate with was thoroughly pleased with Musashi and echoed similar sentiments.

Sure, service can be a bit slow. Go to Taco Bell if you desire food in four minutes. Honestly, I would happily trade a bit of service for a clear attention to detail. Give Musashi an honest and open-minded attempt and I assert that you may well agree.

NOTE: This is an easy 5 star. I respect the Happy Cow 4-star model and, therefore, fight the system to bring you:

4 STARS out of 4 STARS.

Deal with it. Rad!

Pros: Superior Vegan (and non-vegan) Sushi, Unique and Quirky Ambience, Coffee Vegan-Gel Dessert (oh my yes)

Cons: Service can be a bit slower on busy evenings, Bring your own sake (BYOS)


Points +222

31 May 2016

Great service

I agree with a previous reviewer in that there are not many vegan options here for a place that uses the word vegan in their business name. However, what they do make is very good especially the truffle edamame potato dumplings and the pink and green vegan sushi rolls.
We've been a few times and the service has always been very welcoming, courteous and attentive.

Pros: attentive service, tasty vegan sushi

Cons: not enough vegan options, cigarette smell (from previous establishment)


Points +73

19 Feb 2016

A few good vegan options if you stop in

I checked this place out while I was staying in the area. For a place that has "vegan" in their name, they didn't really have a whole lot of options to choose from. I had a vegan ramen bowl that was delicious and my husband had Seitan VegDon which he said was good. We also had a vegan Flan for desert and they had soy whipped cream for the topping which was a nice surprise. Overall good but not as many vegan options as the name would have you believe, there is 3 or 4.

Pros: Good food, Nice staff

Cons: hard to see from road


Points +26

11 Nov 2015

Great Food

This place is amazing. Great vegan options, amazing atmosphere, nice spot (although if you are new to this area, check Google map first).

Pros: Delicious vegan options, decent parking spot, real

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