Vegan diner inside the public market offering breakfast and lunch foods including bagels, burritos, hash browns, 'vcgriddle' sandwich, burgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and hot pockets. Has shakes and desserts. Black-owned. Est. 2018 previously at 515 N Main St. Reported closed January 2023.

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First Review by ChloeRuiz


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03 Aug 2022

So delicious!

Can’t wait to go back please reopen soon. I have been craving the nachos and mozzarella sticks.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-03

Pros: Dairy free environment



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01 Jun 2022

Awesome place to eat

The mozzarella sticks were super tasty. Ordered the food to go and picked it up about 40 minutes after it was ready. Picked it up and the food was still warm and wasn’t soggy!

I enjoyed the tacos too!

Would recommend checking this place out.

Pros: Amazing to-go packaging! Kept the food very fresh

Cons: Parking might be difficult if going on weekend


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30 Apr 2022

So great

Stumbled upon this place late at night and boy did it hit the spot. Best accident ever. I wish I had more stomach to try more options

Pros: Lots of options , Food is delicious , Open late

Cons: Pricey


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27 Apr 2022

True junk food

This place is a true diner, lots of options and super greasy.

The vcmuffin is so bomb and I appreciate the gluten free option. The strawberry cheesecake vcflurry is insane.

Their website has been broken for some time so it’s very difficult to find the gluten free options or the menu in general due to this. I’ve had to call a few times.

The food is very heavy just as a warning. But it’s truly delightful and a must if you are looking to chow down.

Pros: Large menu, House made burger / sausage , Gluten free options

Cons: Pricey , No gf menu, Website unreliable


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22 Apr 2022

Nice comfort food

Loved the options, the specials, and the atmosphere. And always love supporting Black owned businesses. ❤️

Pros: Huge portions, Super speedy, Friendly staff


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Mostly Veg
13 Apr 2022

Sinfully Delicious

The family and I went and all enjoyed. They have breakfast all day, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, shareables and shakes. We had the Vcmuffin, Vcgriddle, chicken pesto sando (fried oyster mushroom), jalapeño burger, human fries (similar to in-n-out animal fries) and mozzarella sticks. All were good, the fries particularly were awesome and the kids like the mozzarella sticks a lot. The vegan shakes were truly awesome. We tried the cookies n cream, smore’s, Chocobutter and banana cream pie shake. We will definitely go again

Pros: All vegan, Comfort food we can usually never get , THE SHAKES

Cons: Expensive but similar to many other vegan places , Seating area is small


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13 Apr 2022


Everything has been so good every time that it’s hard to decide what to order on the next visit. The breakfast sandwich and the burritos always catch my eye, but then asada fries…mmmm


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Non Veg
10 Apr 2022

Yummy Vegan junk food

Been here a couple times and the food was good. The shakes are giant. Vegan food fair monthly in their parking lot

Cons: Expensive


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06 Apr 2022


The food looks as good as it tastes!
For classic American fare with a flare, Munchies is your go-to spot. Burgers, shakes, and more.
A friend recommended this place, now we recommend to you! Bring a friend so you can try more items.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Food presented beautifully

Cons: 2022: lots of construction so parking harder to fi


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19 Feb 2022


Second time I have been and it’s so gooooood!!! All of the portions are huge! I just wish they had a kids menu.


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17 Feb 2022

Meh and Overpriced

Food isn’t bad, nothing special, but for the quality it’s way overpriced and not worth it.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-29


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21 Oct 2021


I had the Chik’n Parm and while it was delicious it was super pricey. That alone has me reconsidering a return trip.

Pros: All vegan options

Cons: Expensive , No healthy options, All junk/comfort food


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05 Sep 2021

Mediocre food for high price

The food at Munchies is all meant to be vegan junk food (chili cheese fries, buffalo wings, etc)

It was all very overpriced and Mediocre at best, and gross at worst.

I had chili cheese fries and buffalo wings, the chili cheese fries were okay at first, but the more I ate them the worst the texture got. The buffalo wings were okay but very very spicy.

My friend ordered the carne asada fries and the mozzarella sticks.

The mozzarella sticks had a completely wrong texture and the carne asada fries were so overloaded with filler like lettuce and cabbage it was nearly impossible to eat it, and they just weren't very good.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-05

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Pricy, Mediocre


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04 Sep 2021


We tried several items. The food felt like pretty standard junk fare but it was priced more like a lower end sit down place. It wasn’t the worst but I wouldn’t bother with it.

Pros: Well marked allergens

Cons: Overpriced for the items you get


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26 Aug 2021

Yummy vegan junk food!

(Updating this in August 2021)

I went to Munchies last year during the pre-vaccine times of the pandemic, and I’ll admit that I had a negative first impression due to things like wrong orders and such. I’ve since come back twice, once as a takeout order and another as a dine-in experience.

To start off, the food is great! I highly recommend the shakes, cinnamon rolls, and all-day breakfast menu (the VcMuffin is good, but I especially love the pancakes on the VcGriddle). When I first ordered from here, I got something that I didn’t really like that much (the crunchy taco burger), but I think that’s been removed from the menu anyway so… neat!

The service is splendid as well. I haven’t come here that many times to understand if this is a normal occurrence or not, but it seems like this place is always busy (which I’m happy about because I love seeing vegan businesses thrive but you know). That said, when I dined in recently with my boyfriend, we sat for quite a while waiting for our food to come out. To make up for the wait, a staff member gave us an extra order of fries on the house. Then we had to leave before our main orders came out due to our parking situation; however, the staff was accommodating and packed those items to go for us. As for another situation, during my first time getting takeout here, I noticed that the staff packed only one cinnamon roll instead of the three I ordered. Luckily I noticed before my boyfriend and I left the area, and when we went back in the staff gave us the other two cinnamon rolls. That wasn’t the only thing they got wrong with our order (they gave my boyfriend a burger with just buns, a patty, and no toppings when he ordered a western bacon munch burger), but I’m sure if we noticed that mistake before we got home they would have also fixed it right away.

In conclusion, give this place a try! I would just say be prepared for it to be potentially busy. I feel like the management needs to put a better operations system in place because the workers seem like they’re always stressed.

Updated from previous review on 2020-06-10

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-26

Pros: Tasty food, Accommodating staff, Casual setting

Cons: Busy, Expensive?


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14 Aug 2021

Makes me feel like an excited child again

Treat yourself 🌯. There’s no place like Munchies. This place shows the passion they have with the food they create.

Pros: Good vibes, Outdoor dining area


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07 Jul 2021


I was nearby and quite hungry. All I can say is the breakfast sandwich I had was absolutely delicious! The “egg” was tofu and sooo much better than a fake egg product. Potatoes were crispy and delicious! I had the sausage which added nice flavor. This was all sandwiched between two perfect pancakes. It came with syrup. It was big enough that I had half then the other half for lunch. Because it was a hot day I got a chocolate shake. I didn’t try the flavors because some were out of stock and others said “Oreo” which I don’t consider vegan due to palm oil. It was all absolutely delicious and I look forward to trying something else. Highly recommend!

Pros: Absolutely delicious - every bite!, Nice variety of choices.

Cons: Use products with palm oil , A bit pricy


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25 Jun 2021

Too Heavy to Enjoy

I enjoy decadent vegan food and junk food, but I found some of their items too heavy to even be enjoyable. That said, I've only tried their food once and would be open to trying other items to see if other items are a bit lighter.


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20 Jun 2021

A must visit in LA

We had the best buffet of apps with wings, onion rings, cheese sticks, etc followed by really delicious diner food. If you are gluten free and vegan like me you will be overwhelmed by your selection. Such a great place

Pros: A large selection of appetizers that are great , Mega milkshakes to share , Ease of ordering

Cons: Can be a wait some time


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19 Jun 2021

Awesome Vegan Junk Food

Walked out with a total food baby thanks to the immediate bloat 😂.. waited a long time for service but the food servings were generous and tasty

Pros: All vegan , Satisfies junk food pangs

Cons: Expensive , Took ages , Felt terrible after eating 😂


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18 Apr 2021


It’s simple: unhealthy vegan food plus big portions = happy people. Although I will say that I feel pretty yucky after eating here but that’s to be expected with junk food! I give 10 out of 10 vegans! Would recommend!!

Pros: You know the drill: everything is vegan, Fantastic unhealthy vegan food, Absolutely delicious

Cons: Gives me chest pain if I eat too much, Feel a bit yucky after eating, Really long wait for the food


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30 Mar 2021

Vegan junk food lover unite!!!

Visited during the pandemic in March 2021, they were open everyday from 11-9 for dine in. However, they seat the last table for dine in at 8:15pm.

If you're vegan for the animals and not your health, this is your SPOT! The staff is friendly and fun. The nachos are so loaded you can't even find the chips! The buffalo cauliflower was also great. And the milkshakes are killer. Portions are huge, share with a friend.

Pros: Easy parking, Dine in open, HUGE portions

Cons: Paid parking only.


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03 Dec 2020

The milk shake was bomb

Big portions, decent prices for the amount of food.


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23 Aug 2020

Best Veggie Burger and Fries Combo ever!!!

Awesome when kids and Moms are Happy

Pros: Yes they are fast too, Excellent soft drink options


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27 Jun 2020

Nice place

I really love the food and the service

Pros: Lots of options


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Mostly Veg
27 Jun 2020


If you’re in the transitioning to a plant based diet, this place is the place to go!!! This place proves vegan food is super delicious!


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15 Jun 2020

Very yummy comfort food

You should have a big appetite to come here. The food is delicious although it is quite caloric and on the heavier side.

Pros: Big portions, Alot of Varied Options, Black Owned

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