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Veganizing popular comfort foods since Nov 2018, Munchies offers plant-based versions of burgers, hot dogs, fish n' chips, and nachos in addition to other choices like pad thai, sticky rice with mango or durian, potato wedges, onion rings, and vegan ice cream. Uses organic and ethically grown ingredients. Relocated from 4 Ratchaphakhinai Rd. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-3:00am. Open every day.

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First Review by redpill17


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04 Sep 2023

I couldn’t even sit down

If you’re going to go to the effort of making a restaurant PLEASE understand the basics of lighting.

It felt like I was in a hospital waiting room. Whoever thought the coldest fluorescent spotlights on the ceiling was a good idea should be sacked.

Really disappointed.

It’s so important for me to feel a warm cosy feeling when I eat, something relaxing, this restaurant was unbearable…. because of the lights.

If the owner is reading this : get some small warm (yellow / orange) spotlights.

Pros: Vegan

Cons: The terrible depressing atmosphere



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25 Aug 2023

Basic takeout food

My partner's burger was delicious (although slightly cold)

DO NOT get the hot dog, it was awful.
Mozzarella sticks were nice and so was the chocolate milkshake.

It's a good experience to have a vegan takeout but not the best food.


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31 Jul 2023


I’ve given every vegan place great reviews just because I want to support them, but this was so bad. When I opened my order and saw this, I just had to laugh. The hot dog was sooo dry and the bun was so hard it was like it was a month old. The bun wasn’t connected. I asked for some more mustard because it was so dry it was hard to eat and barely had any sauce on it. The person at the register said the mustard would be 30 baht. I showed him the hot dog I received and he said “sorry” and walked away. 89 baht and extra mustard would make it 119 baht. The sign on the wall was just ironic. I’m sure other things are good, but I just didn’t want to buy anything else overpriced at that point. I wanted to post this so you can have realistic expectations.

Also, I went to the bathroom, and one of the staff members was on their hands and knees in the bathroom with the door unlocked, so I walked in on them. I was shocked and asked them if they were okay. They looked very awkward like I caught them doing something and ran out past me once as I was staring at them and didn’t even say anything. I hope they washed their hands somewhere because they didn’t wash them after lying on the bathroom floor. Very weird behavior from all of the staff, and it felt so awkward in the restaurant.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-25

Pros: Diverse menu

Cons: Bad service, Small portions, Bad quality


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26 Jul 2023

Yummy ‘fast’ food

I enjoyed the food at Munchies! We got a chocolate milkshake (which I highly recommend, it was so good) 😍 the egg and bacon muffin, and 6 pc crispy drumsticks. The food was yummy, although the muffin wasn’t in a breakfast muffin as pictured, it was in a burger bun, and was missing cheese; and the drumsticks were much smaller than we expected! It was absolutely empty in there too, it doesn’t seem to be a popular place to eat at, and I wouldn’t say it was particularly ‘fast’ food service, but I would recommend trying it once whilst in Chiang Mai.

Pros: Biodegradable cups and straws , Yummy food

Cons: Dead atmosphere, Quite expensive , Products not as pictured


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26 Jul 2023

Portions don’t reflect the prices

I think there’ll always be a demand for fast food, especially in popular tourist areas, so I love to see a vegan business cornering this market. This branch is near Tha Phae Gate, the eastern entrance to the Old Town, and they have another in central Nimman—two prime locations. And yet, every time I drive past they seem empty. It’s a shame because the food is pretty good and so is their ethos. It makes me wonder if their prices are simply too high.

We got a cheeseburger and a chicken sandwich, both in a meal set, costing 179฿ and 229฿ respectively. This wouldn’t be a bad price for a burger, fries and a drink except that the portions are really rather small and the drink is just a bottle of water. If you want to upgrade to a milkshake you just have to buy it at full price which will set you back a further 116-258฿ depending on the flavour you choose. It also says that a dipping sauce is included, but anything other than ketchup you have to pay extra for.

They also serve a few different pastas, a B.L.T. sandwich, gyoza and various Thai dishes. The Thai food in particular feels out of place and is even more overpriced than the rest of it (263฿ for khao soi?!). Out of everything, the regular cheese burger at 99฿ is probably your best bet. It was a bit plain for my taste and could’ve done with some salad, but it still had a nice, grilled flavour. I’m not sure the meal set is worth it though. If you do go for the meal, I recommend the wedges over the French fries, as the latter have a strange, chemical taste and an unpleasant powdery coating.

The restaurant’s interior certainly feels very fast food-esque, with cold lighting and brash primary colours dominating the space. There’s even a small soft play area at one end to keep your kids occupied whilst you munch on your burger. It’s not the cosiest hangout spot but it’s what you’d expect from a cheap fast food place—if only the prices reflected that!

What is great about this business, of course, is that it’s fully vegan and seems to be ethically motivated. They even promote plant-based food in a way that’s easily digestible for kids—a TV screen next to the play area shows a video on a loop which explains why we needn’t eat animals and how we can make ”meat” from plants instead. With just a few adjustments, such as providing condiments on the table, offering free drinking water, and being slightly less stingy with their portion sizes, the overall experience at Munchies would feel more generous and hospitable.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-07

Pros: Fully vegan 💚

Cons: Small portions 🤏, Overpriced (especially the Thai food) 💰


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25 Jul 2023

Major quality control issues

I read a few negative reviews on this place (mainly that they can see how it could be good but it just failed at delivery) and should have listened lol. I was desperate for Mac & cheese as I just had my wisdom teeth removed and finding vegan Mac in Thailand is a bit tricky (as expected). The Mac & cheese was actually quite good and I was served a huge portion, however it was cold to lukewarm at best. Also, most of the noodles were hard. And don’t even get me started on what my partner ordered😔 She got the hot dog and it looked about a month old. The presentation was horrible but I can deal with that if the taste is good, but it was not. It was very dry and pretty lack luster. On top of that, she asked for more mustard because there was barely any, and the person working said it would be 30 baht…. This baffled me as the sign on the wall says “we want you to be 100% happy, just tell us what we can do to fix it!” .. that really doesn’t seem like they care lol. Like I understand this person was just trying to do their job but come on if you see that something looks horrible making it right is the least you can do. Both my partner and I work in food and so we really try to be as forgiving as possible but this might be one of the worst vegan food experiences we’ve had. It was so eerie in the shop and it made for an overall bad experience paired with the less than desirable food.

Normally if a place is vegan I’m happy to give a good review just because more vegan restaurants is always a good thing! But I really feel a lot of work needs to be done at this place to bring it back up to par. The quality control is really an issue and I would hate for other vegans to spend their money here when there are so many amazing vegan places in Chiang Mai that are going the extra mile to make the food delicious every single time. I gave two stars because it needs improvement. There is potential for sure and I can see how once upon a time it was great.

Pros: Mac & cheese - good flavor (but 🥶 cold), Fully vegan!

Cons: Very bad quality control , Eerie vibe , Lack luster food


26 Jul 2023

Ah, this sucks! They really seem to be going downhill with time ☹️👎


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21 Jul 2023

Incredible flavor. Pricey

Munchies lives up to the positive reviews. I was reluctant to pay for what would be one of the most expensive meals I’ve ordered in Thailand, but I got good vibes from the servers.

The local soup, fries, and milk shake were beyond what I’d expect from fast Thai food. Inside is cool and sterile so I sat outside on the patio as I waited for my laundry.

Pros: Delicious flavor, Friendly service

Cons: Expensive, Fast food


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08 Jul 2023

Biodegradable plastic!🌽

The staff doesn’t speak English, so it’s hard to communicate dietary needs like asking what kind of oil they use or returning food. Our pasta had way too much black pepper and we had to send it back. They remade it, but then changed the type of pasta to pene for some unknown reason and the sauce was so watery, like soup. Still, the taste was good.

Would not order it again, but may come back to try their fried v mozzarella sticks.
Update: they’re delicious, but quite expensive.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-28


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29 Jun 2023

Not the best

The food here isn’t that great- the Mac and cheese and hot dog were ok, but I found the khao soi and drumsticks terrible


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24 May 2023


I have eaten at Munchies several times over the past few years, at their previous location in the old city as well as the newer one near Tha Phae gate. I was hoping things would improve with the new store, but both times I have ordered from the current restaurant have been disappointing. I couldn’t even finish half my meal the last time because the taste and texture of the pea protein burger was not good. The only thing I have enjoyed from their restaurant is the Passionfruit shake, which was tasty! After several attempts at giving Munchies another chance, I’ll probably not order from them again.

Pros: Completely vegan , Vegan shakes are yummy, Unique food offerings for the area

Cons: Disappointing food, Small portions , High price


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24 May 2023

3,5 stars

How good the food is depends on what you're ordering. The burgers are decent but nothing special and the fries are a bit soft. The drumsticks weren't good at all. What the highlight of that restaurant is are the Mac and Cheese. Those were one of the best vegan ones I've ever had. So creamy and the faux meat in there was mindblowing incredible. I could eat that any day if it was more affordable.


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29 Apr 2023

Amazing options but a little overhyped

The food was good but not amazing and was quite expensive. There were so many options that you don’t usually see as a vegan, especially in asia so was hard to make a decision.


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25 Mar 2023

Not special

Ik had eigenlijk meet verwacht van het eten. Ik vond de burger echt niet zo lekker. Het was vettig en slap en de bacon vond ik echt geen toevoeging. Als je houdt van een vette hap en vlees is het misschien wel lekker. Maar niet voor mij. De friet was naar mijn mening niet knapperig genoeg en had weinig smaak.

Pros: Als je van vlees houdt, maar vega bent

Cons: Vet, Niet speciaal


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22 Mar 2023


Food was good, and always thankful for these options!!!! The mozzarella sticks were a bomb!

Pros: Lots of options , Great


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16 Mar 2023

Food was so so good, but did take a while to come. Also very fairly priced

Food was great. Could be quicker d


19 Mar 2023

Thanks Eve, we are working on the speed part😄Hopefully soon with new innovative equipment.


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16 Feb 2023

Good fast food option

Kind and helpful waiter.
Tasty food.

Pros: Food was good.

Cons: Plastic fork. Why? Please change to reusable., The mango smoothie tasted too much of coconut.


21 Feb 2023

There is no plastic in Munchies. It is compostable PLA made from corn 🌽. It is marked on the forks, straws and cups 😇


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12 Feb 2023

Amazing Vegan Thai food and more

So friendly and so yummy! I loved the array of options

Pros: Comfort food options, Thai food options


Points +118

12 Feb 2023


Very colorful place and very friendly people. All vegan food!😄We had Pad Thai, French fries a burger, and a banana shake. It was okay.😄

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-05

Pros: Junkfood or Thai food, Delicious shakes , Friendly people

Cons: Looks closed from the outside , Potato’s were a little flat , No vegan mayo


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12 Feb 2023

+ 1/2

I'm always looking for the 3 and 1/2 star option on Happy Cow coz Munchies was better than 'fair' but not 'VERY good' - it was just good, okay? Okay. Seems like it might have opened around the time marijuana was legalised in Thailand. It's definitely that sort of food. And there's a little play area inside - for kids or grown-up stoners? The inside area is brightly lit with fluoros and not very pleasant - never saw anyone eating in there. Most people sit outside on busy Chaiyaphum Rd but we opted to take away and sit in our hotel garden, which was conveniently only a few doors down.

I enjoyed the drumsticks - crispy rice paper skin and sweet Korean sauce worked well. But as another reviewer mentioned, they were loaded with garlic, probably powdered, but very little chilli. Should have been the other way around. On the other hand, the mac and cheese was very subtly flavoured. Rather than cheese sauce, they stirred grated cheese, bacon and green onions through the pasta. It was still pretty comforting and a big serve. My husband really liked the hot dog and the fries were fresh, crispy, and nicely seasoned.

Although Munchies was less than 100 metres from my hotel, I only ate one meal here in almost a week in Chiang Mai and would not cross town for it.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-12


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09 Feb 2023

Vegan McDonald’s

It’s like Mc Donald’s but 100% vegan ! The menu feels like being in vegan wonderland 😀

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-09


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02 Feb 2023

Great burgers and shakes

Very tasty place. This is the closets thing I’ve had to a fast food burger in years. It did take about 10-15 minutes for a small order to come out while being the only customer there. Delicious burger though! And date shake. Nice staff too.
Just don’t get the sweet potato wedges though. It ended up being a whole sweet potato that was cut but fried whole so the inside wedges were raw and it all wasn’t crispy at all. Other than that, delicious.

Pros: All vegan, So many options

Cons: Sweet potato wedges were a whole raw sweet potato


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19 Jan 2023

Not that good

We ordered the Penne Carbonara and the chicken Drumsticks.
The carbonara was kind of bland, I little more seasoning would be great. I really liked the fake bacon on it.
The chicken drumsticks were a nightmare, weird texture, weird flavor and it had so much garlic ( I love garlic but it was to much)The lady said it wasn’t spice at all but it is, the Korean sauce is already spice. I would still go back and try another dishes.

Pros: A lot of options

Cons: To expensive


Points +7654

10 Jan 2023

Expensive but worth it

A nice treat if you’re into your vegan junk food. It’s pricey so it wouldn’t be a place to visit regularly. The food was really good and the portion sizes were decent. We had a meaty burger and a chicken type burger, wedges, fries and a chocolate milkshake which was perfect. Up there with the best burgers I’ve had #Veganuary


Points +269

06 Jan 2023

Left me a very happy vegan!

This was an absolute gem of a find in Chiang Mai and the food was incredible! The portion sizes are huge, be warned, so I got half of the tray to take away for later (an added bonus I suppose!). We had a banana milkshake, bacon cheezeburger, mozzarella sticks (not like mozzarella sticks but delicious nonetheless) and fried green beans. The dips were also delicious. Waited around 20 mins for food which was quicker than they estimated (30 mins). Around £20 for it all but worth every penny. Non-vegan husband approved too and he’s a hard crowd to please. 10/10.

Pros: Lots of choice, Big portions

Cons: Not “fast” but worth the wait


Points +16

05 Jan 2023

Fully Vegan but costly

I’m not for fast food but I wanted to try Munchies. Fully vegan but costly for one like me who lives in Thailand full time

Pros: Fully vegan

Cons: Costly


Points +167

23 Dec 2022


Food was sooo good! We loved our burgers! I didn't enjoy the mozzarella sticks as the cheese was firm & not soft but that's all :))) I wanted to try more items


Points +191

21 Dec 2022

Feel Good Food

Visited 3 times while in Chiang Mai and the food and drinks were consistently very good. The burgers and shakes are rich and tasty, but don’t leave you with the “heavy” feeling that fast food usually has. Everything seems to be made with care.
Note that this is “slow fast food”, but I never waited more than 5 or 10 minutes for my meal. Also, if you’re picky you might note that the ingredients don’t always exactly match the photographs (never did see cheese on my cheeseburger), but the flavour was great.

Pros: Tasty, Feel good

Cons: Limited variety , Not the cheapest

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