Cafe located in the Teramachi-dori pedestrian arcade, between Rokkaku-dori and Takoyakusshi-dori, est. since the 2000s. Stopped using fish stock in 2019, and honey in 2020. Wide selection of food and dessert. Last order 8pm. It's on the 2nd floor above a vintage lifestyle store of the same name. Has special seating area for families with small children. Relocated from 2F, Teramachi-dori. Open Mon-Tue 11:30am-5:30pm, Thu-Fri 11:30am-5:30pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-6:30pm. Closed Wed. Last order is 4:30pm on Mon.

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First Review by wanderingvegans


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23 Sep 2023

Better than expected food, a tad tricky to find

It took us two attempts to actually find this place, it's on the second floor and the entrance is in the back of a rather large shop selling a whole bunch of eco-fashion stuff. But I'm glad we kept trying as the food was very good and the portions were excellent.

Set meals consisting of a few main choices with a host of side dishes that go along. We each got a different one and both were very tasty. We finished off with some vegan ice cream, my partner loved it, I thought that part was a bit average & icy.

For a place that was a touch hard to find, there was easily 15 people waiting to go up when it opened (we arrived like 10 minutes before it opened). It's a fair size place upstairs so that wasn't an issue and in true Japanese fashion, they opened the doors the exact minute that they said they would.

Pros: tasty food, good portions

Cons: challenging to find



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28 Aug 2023

Really good!

The place is very nice and the food is delicious, I tried all the three main dishes
I also eat the tiramisù with ice cream


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27 Aug 2023

Parfait déjeuner à deux pas de Nishiki Market

Tout était très bon, le personnel est très serviable et la cuisine permet de découvrir des mets japonais sans se poser de questions sur la composition. Tout ça à deux pas du marché et des rues commerçantes. Tout est parfait.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-27

Pros: Nourriture , Gentillesse du personnel , L'emplacement


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05 Aug 2023

Good vegan ice cream

Got the tiramisu parfait and the soft serve was delicious


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25 Jul 2023

Still cool.

Mumokuteki was one of only a few restaurants offering vegan food in Kyoto years ago. I am glad they turned fully vegan & was able to keep their customers.
We were lucky to be seated without waiting during Gion matsuri and ordered one Gozen set with karaage and one with katsu style fry with miso paste.
As always, the experience, the ambience , the hall staff - all lovely.
When it comes to food, the taste was a bit too mild for me. Karaage is only seasoned on outside, probably not marimated before, all of the small “okazu” side dishes are cold during summer and taste similarly.


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23 Jul 2023

Great food

I have known the place for a long time, but after this place is fully Vegan it was my first visit. Very good food and potion. I enjoyed my omu rice a lot. And also katsu, karaage was very delicious. I wish to try dessert there too;)


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19 Jul 2023

Cute little restaurant, amazing flavor!

This review is a bit old but nonetheless i remember my experience here with my Sensei and classmate who were visiting for a month long KHIIS trip in college. The food was something I've never had before and If i could i would have licked the plate clean haha! I remember getting some sort of falafel meal with rice and a few other things that came with it (sorry for the vague food description this was in 2017 😅) i loved every single bite!

Pros: Amazing hospitality, Large, filling, delicious food

Cons: Very popular restaurant so the wait can be long


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18 Jul 2023

Yummy and healthy🥰

Love this place.
I almost always come here when I am visiting Kyoto. Their teishoku is amazing and so are their desserts.
The strawberry milk shake reminded me of the one from McDonald’s I used to drink before I went vegan.


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04 Jul 2023

Best vegan omelette rice

I've been there several times to try different dishes and was never disappointed. Their yuba omelette rice is super creamy and mild, the best vegan omelette I've had so far. Don't forget to try also their great tofu hamburger!


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24 Jun 2023

Amazing vegan variety

We had a set meal and the delectable dessert tiramisu parfait


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23 Jun 2023


Today, I had lunch at mumokuteki, a trendy vegan restaurant in Kyoto. The restaurant is not only a restaurant but also a part of the restaurant that is like a "vegetarian" Muji, selling locally sourced organic food, comfortable and simple clothing and decorations, handmade utensils, and well-preserved vintage furniture.

Their lunch is a fine selection of brown rice 🍚 , curried pumpkin, pickled potatoes 🥔 , vegetables 🥬 , radishes, etc., served with lettuce salad, fried plant steak 🍃🥩 with special sauce, and miso soup.

The best part is the dessert - sundae! A frosting made from soy milk 🍼 , topped with black coffee ☕️, and served with tiramisu, blueberries 🫐, and strawberries 🍓, it's a taste you won't find anywhere else!


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20 Jun 2023

Delicious meal set

One of the tastiest vegan meal sets I tried on my visit to Japan. First of all, the staff were wonderful, explaining every dish on the tray when it arrived and very polite and patient as I fumbled my way through ordering in Japanese (they did speak enough english to the people next to us though). And they gave us english menus immediately. The place itself was on the second floor and we sat by the window. Very comfortable seating and tables and calm relaxing atmosphere. The food was fresh and tasty, salad crisp and fruits sweet. Every mouthful was a joy and so flavoursome. The combinations of flavours worked really well. So glad we found this place, was almost going to go back the next day.


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20 Jun 2023

Tasty, but small portion

The food was very nice. Especially the fried stuff 😀 Salads seemed a bit plain to me and I could definitely use a larger portion overall, but still great place for lunch. Definitely would recommend.


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20 Jun 2023

Loved it

The restaurant’s atmosphere is very relaxing and the food is delicious! I especially liked the parfait and the ramen.


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18 Jun 2023

All vegan, delicious

The establishment is many years old. (17 years old?) And as we understood, it was not vegan before. Now completely vegan. Great!
The food was delicious, served quickly. The atmosphere of using antiques is attractive.
There are two comments - it is worth doing a facelift in the toilet.
The counter sells honey - which is not a vegan product.


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17 Jun 2023

Really good food, lovely arranged and wonderful staff

Mumokuteki is a fully vegan restaurant that offers local and sustainably sourced food. The food was so delicious and very well presented. It was flavourful with every bite. I really truly enjoyed it. We browsed the shop downstairs, which had lots of sustainable goods!

Pros: Sustainably and locally sourced, Great taste, Wonderful ambience


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09 Jun 2023

Great drinks, no gluten free food options

No gluten free lunch options but great vegan other options. Drinks are also gf vegan so got a soft serve chocolate shake.


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06 Jun 2023

Great Place

Excellent vegan food in a relaxing atmosphere right off Teramachi. What more could you want?

Pros: Tasty Japanese style meals with a new twist., Spacious dining area., Friendly staff.


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05 Jun 2023

Don't skip this place!!!

This restaurant is located above a stylish eco friendly shop, it has a very good menu and a relaxing atmosphere.
The highlight for me was the omu rice which is almost impossible to find in the vegan version, it's a Japanese home style comfort food which is quite popular with children. This egg free version was utterly delicious, the "eggy sauce" had pieces of yuba (soya milk skin) to remind the egg white and a umami rich brown sauce over tomato rice.
I also tasted the kara age, it was very pleasant but a little too plain.
The tiramisu was highly praised by my tiramisu loving husband.

Pros: The omu rice!, Related atmosphere


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30 May 2023

Nice lunch set

The lunch set was really nice. The place is a bit pricey. The Tiramisu ice cream was delicious.


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29 May 2023

Super good!

The food was delicious and the side dishes offer a lot of variety. If you aren’t a fan of one dish theres several others to choose from. The meal was quite filling and I left very satisfied. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try any of the desserts but watching the waiters bring them out to other patrons made me want to come back another day!

Note that the food is more mildly flavored (some parts were subtly nutty, others mildly tart, etc) than some other similar places I’ve eaten at. If you’re a fan of strong flavors like pickled vegetables or spicy food then this may not be the place for you.

Pros: Delicious, Nice presentation

Cons: Very mild flavor overall


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28 May 2023

Great food

Great flavours from the selection of dishes. The food was quite filling too.

Pros: Ambience, Food quality, Service


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24 May 2023

One of the best vegan spots in kyoto

There are a brilliant amount of options here and food is well presented tatsy and decent value. Their Google opening hours are also accurate (increasingly a rarity in Japan) and they have free WiFi.

If you're looking for a cosy all vegan place to dine, this is one of kyoto's best

Pros: Lovely presentation , Free WiFi and actually sticks to opening times


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12 May 2023

Delicious washoku!

Their food is flavorful and very filling. A good ammount for the price you pay. Curry is also delicious! They have a variety of vegan sweets too!

Pros: So many options, Relaxing atmosphere , English menu


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01 May 2023

Authentic Japanese Vegan food

During our 4 days stay in Kyoto we visited this place twice. The first was when we arrived from Tokyo at around 3.30pm after checking into our hotel. At this time the place was pretty much empty, and my wife and I ordered the set with all the different dishes with an additional rice to share between the 2 of us. The food was fantastic at a reasonable price (we thought it was expensive when we first visited, but after eating at all sorts of vegan restaurant throughout Japan we realized that the price was reasonable).

During our second visit which was at lunch time on Sunday, the place was very much crowded, and this time we weren't allow to share the same meal, so this time we ordered a yuba egg with rice as the both of us could not finish 2 main sets.

Pros: Plenty of seating, Food preparation is fast, Lots of choices


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30 Apr 2023

Nice cafe vibe worth a try

Cute cafe vibe on the second floor (have to go through the shop on the first floor with the same name) with wonderfully presented food.

I had the Toroyuba Omelet Rice (¥1,700) and the Gozen Board (Large: ¥2,500, Regular: ¥2,200) which had three specials on.

I had never had Yuba egg before and whilst the consistency was great, resembling soft scrambled egg but there wasn’t much flavour to it, that came from the Demi sauce which was really rich with unami flavour (almost gravy like),

The Gozen board had the three types of protein options on it - Tofu Karaage/Soya Burger Patty/Tofu Miso Cutlets. I was underwhelmed by the Karaage, lacking any flavour and was somehow almost soggy even though it was fried, confused me. The burger was a great consistency and came with a sweet BBQ style sauce, but feel like that should be the easiest one to get right. The cutlets were disappointing, just tasted of oil and the miso sauce didn’t taste very nice.

The board comes with plenty of side accompaniments, some better then others. The curried sweet potato was fantastic and the miso soup was really flavoursome but everything else lacked anything special in it for me.

The desserts did look really nice though I was just already very full to try any of them.

Pros: Atmosphere and Setting, Yuba Egg , Presentation

Cons: Gozen selection lacked flavour


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29 Apr 2023

Interesting & healthy

Very original place. I wasn’t blown away by the food but the presentation and concept were very interesting.

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