Ms. Julie's Kitchen

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1809 S. Main St, Akron, Ohio, USA, 44301

Mostly a takeout place with 20 tables for seating. All vegan except for honey and buscuits with honey. Open Mon-Fri 8:00am-7:00pm, Sat 9:00am-5:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, American, Organic, Juice bar, Take-out

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First Review by moonwomyn13

Not that great - Edit

Honestly, when I first read these reviews online I REALLY wanted to love this place, especially since it was vegan and I love supporting local restaurants! However, when I visited recently, there was such a limited selection of food AND my boyfriend and I were the only people on a weekday at around noon, which made for a very awkward and quiet meal. We took a cookie and a brownie to go, which turned out to be a huge mistake since BOTH the cookie and the brownie were rock hard and definitely not edible. I am from Columbus, so maybe my standards were too high but I definitely wouldn't recommend unless you want to chip your tooth on overpriced sweets. I'm pretty sure they were old when we got them or overcooked, but either way, I wish we would've been able to get our money back for the bad tasting food. I did, however, really like my chili I just wish that the service had been better especially considering we were the only two in the restaurant and my water was never refilled. All in all, not worth the money for bad service and PLEASE do not get the cookies or brownies. .

Hello! Okay so I was given the giftcard from Ms. Julie so I decided to make the venture back out to Akron. Wow! What a difference it was. We were no longer the only people there, our waitress was attentive and the food came out fast! In regards to taste, I got the sloppy mac and seriously was in love; it was a generous portion and my boyfriend ate half of it and i was still stuffed! I also tried the no tuna sandwich, which was good and had a nice creamy consistency! Overall, I must've come during a wrong time because my second trip definitely made me eat my words. Thank You Ms. Julie for a wonderful meal and I will definitely be back in soon!

Updated from previous review on 2017-03-03

Pros: location, taste

Cons: bad service, over priced, limited selection

3 Responses

JulieCostell 06 Apr 2017 - Hi Sydney! No excuse (I just returned to work from knee replacement surgery) and my staff had their hands full keeping up with our basic items hence the limited selection! Really no excuse for bad service however and I will gladly return your money if you send me your mailing address...[email protected]..I debated trying to stay open while I was in hospital but decided to try...sorry you had a bad experience and please stop back next time you are in Akron...seriously send me your mailing address tho:)  

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Sydney711 20 Apr 2017 - I have emailed you twice with no answer. I am not sure if you gave me the incorrect email address or not, but either way I have yet to receive anything in the mail from your company.  

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JulieCostell 19 May 2017 - hi did you get the gift certificate? i sent it to the columbus address you gave me...hope it got to you and please come back and visit now that my legs are working again we are back to normal!

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Loved it! - Edit

My bf and I are from Sydney and we have tried some great vegan cafes in our area. We have been trying out vegan places all over the states since we have arrived. After reading the reviews on Miss Julie's kitchen I was really excited to try it out. We were really impressed with Miss Julie's kitchen. The hempattywich was exceptional! Everything was so fresh and lovely. The bread was so soft and silky that it was practically falling apart in my hands. We also shared the carrot cake (incredibe!), the protein balls (delicious!) and oat/granola square (amazing!).
Thank you! Loved it!

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Ms. Julie's should go viral - Edit

Since I live a bit away and prefer to eat out as a treat, I don't eat at Ms. Julie's as often as I would otherwise like. Their vegan food (yes, watch for honey in the granola bars) is amazing and has this lovely "yes I was made at home what you lookin at" sort of feel. It's not haute cuisine, but you won't care after your first bite. Or first whiff. The menu changes depending on what's in season, as all good restaurants should. Most of the produce is grown on Ms. Julie's own farm (yes, she runs a farm AND a restaurant. You don't get more committed than that.)

The food is all organic, based on the core principles that started the organic idea. This is not the corporate machine. This is people living in harmony with the earth and wanting to share that with everyone around them.

Ms. Julie's hosts events from time to time, from fundraisers to movie nights to pizza parties. You MUST have the cashew cheeze on sprouted grain pizza crust.

The parking lot is small. Park on a side street if you have to and walk a few steps. Won't kill most of us.

Pros: OMG local organic vegan food, Staff that feels like my family. Except vegan, whi, Julie is a walking, talking miracle. Ask her how s

Cons: Oh no, you might have to walk from a side street, Not near most other things I like, Expensive but worth every damn penny

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I'm not sure what the other review was talking about when they said the sloppy mac n cheese was pasty- mine was creamy and delicious! It literally tasted like Stouffer's Mac n Cheese. There was a thin layer of lentils on top which I think is what made it "sloppy". On our way out we saw Ms. Julie carrying in her pulp from her juicer for the composite pile. So cute! Can't wait to come back!!

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Unprofessional staff left unhappy customer - Edit

After reading many good reviews I was excited to try this place. When entering we asked for a menu and the waitress just pointed at a chalk board. We ordered - I had the spring rolls - my boyfriend had the macaroni - which was great. My spring rolls were hard, and when I took my first bite I saw that the veggies seemed to not be the freshest - the cucumber had no moisture, the sprouts were dried and turning brown and the cilantro was dark green and slimy. I stood for about 5 minutes at the kitchen until someone noticed me standing there. I showed her the food and asked when it was made - she told me Friday - and today is Monday. Doesn't seem very fresh to me. If I wanted 3 day old food I would eat leftovers from home, not $9 spring rolls. When I go out to lunch I don't expect to eat food that was made three days prior. I explained the produce was all wilted and old and she looked at me like I was crazy. I gave it back and went and sat down - was not offered or asked if I wanted something else. A few minutes later I saw and heard the two girls eating my spring rolls and making faces. Then a customer they knew came in and they called him back and also had him try them and then continued to talk about them. Extremely unprofessional as I was about 5 feet from them and heard and saw all that took place. I was so shocked at this behavior and will definitely never return to this restaurant. And also, the floors could be swept once in a while.

Pros: Good macaroni, Cool looking restaurant

Cons: 3 day old food served, Unkept floors, Unprofessional staff

1 Response

JulieCostell 05 Nov 2015 - Hi Mereasa! Thank you for coming and trying our food...sorry you left unhappy:( I remember coming in after this and asked what was wrong with the spring rolls and tried them...i enjoyed them but sorry you did not...however i did not realize my gal didn't offer you a substitute item-i would be more than happy to hook you up fresh out of the oven so to speak! Did you pay the $9? If so we certainly owe you a refund if nothing else! and boy oh boy do we ever sweep those floors...i drive my workers crazy coming out of the garden with dirt and mud everyday!! please come back and visit if you wish but i would gladly mail you a check to make up for your loss...330-819-3834 [email protected] have a wonderful veg filled day!!

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Delicious! - Edit

Found this Ohio gem on a road trip and have missed it ever since. I got the falafel sandwich, and it was amazing! Also got a chocolate chip cookie, which was also really yummy. Everyone was so nice, and I loved the positive and calming vibe of the restaurant. Definitely would recommend this to anyone in the Ohio area!

Pros: delicious food, great service, also had baked goods (great surprise)

Cons: a bit run down looking, but adds to the charm

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Addicted - Edit

Both myself and my girls are addicted to Ms. Julie's Kitchen. #1 favorite is the Sloppy Mac though we have had many other menu items and all are very good. Love the cashew 'cheese' as well. And...don't even get me started on the baked goods...brownies are fudgy, deliciousness and the chocolate cookies are awesome as are the goo balls, granola and cakes and cobblers. No limited availability of baked goods for vegans here! Comfort food at its best!

Pros: Best baked goods in town, vegan or not, Staff is friendly and welcoming

Cons: Can be a little pricey-worth every cent!

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This place is a great find! - Edit

Ms. Julie has great vegan and other healthy food choices. I LOVE her baked goods, she has the BEST brownies ever...and they are whole grain and vegan:) Enjoyed her Swiss Chard Lasagna and Chili.

Pros: Locally grown/seasonal food, YUMMY, Friendly staff

Cons: The curb appeal is non existent

1 Response

JulieCostell 30 Jan 2015 - thank you glad you enjoyed your visit and you are right curb appeal sucks especially in summer my herb garden along the fence makes up for our weird spot!

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Good healthy vegan food - Edit

A healthy vegan (except for honey) restaurant that serves some oil free items. The food is very good. It is well named because the atmosphere is very much like walking into someone's kitchen and being served their homemade food.

I have had many of the items like the Hemppattywich, Stuffed Pepper Casserole, Beet Greens Casserole, Swiss Chard Lasagna, Kale Soup, Tunisian Sweet Potato Stew, Sloppy Mac, and the Falafel Wrap.

Some items are always on the menu and others come and go. There is always something yummy, interesting and healthy at Ms. Julie's Kitchen.

It is also like a little shop with some items from her gardens, cookies, brownies, kale chips, Sweet Potato Spice cake, frozen waffles, and other tasty items.

My only complaints are that it can be expensive if you eat a lot of food like I do and they occasionally use some honey so you always have to ask.

Pros: Healthy including some oil free items, Organic, local, ingredients, Quick service

Cons: Not 100% vegan - look out for honey, Can be expensive if you eat a lot, Poor location

1 Response

JulieCostell 01 Nov 2014 - hey Passout...thanks for the positive time you come please notice that we upped our container sizes so you get to eat MORE...wootwoot!!  

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It was ok... - Edit

I wanted so badly to love this all vegan, locally grown organic produce restaurant in my hometown, but I just didn't. I ordered the sloppy macaroni and cheese and neither I, nor my macaroni and cheese obsessed child were fans. Of the others in our dining party, one had a pretty decent dish, while the other ordered soup and it also just wasn't good (and was cold). Aside from the food, this is a really different kind of restaurant. As was said in previous reviews...really low key. I was confused during ordering as I tried to figure out how to order and whether the chalkboard was the menu or just daily specials (it was the menu). Additionally, our table was sticky and didn't appear to have been cleaned after the previous diner. I wanted to give this restaurant another shot, but just wasn't motivated enough by my first experience to return during my visit stay.

1 Response

JulieCostell 01 Nov 2014 - dear Vegetarian1994, we are so sorry you didn't enjoy your visit to our kitchen. yes you are correct that we are very low key but we work hard to serve up great food always. please consider giving us another visit...and tell us when you come so we can offer you a treat on us!  

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Ms. Julie's Kitchen - Edit

I just started eating here during the summer of 2014 and wish I would have gone sooner. Hemppatty sandwiches are great. Black bean and falafel pitas seem to be a mainstay. Love the sloppy mac n cheese. I enjoy all the gluten free breads and cookies. The Plant Kingdom Bakery also operates out of her kitchen, and their hemp seed snack bars are so delicious. Most dishes are 7-$9.00 each and snacks are 2-$4.00. They grow their own organic produce on urban farm lots in the Akron area.

Pros: Delicious, fresh and fast, Reasonable pricing, Great community resourcing

1 Response

JulieCostell 01 Nov 2014 - dear ConchHiss, thank you for taking the time to write such a kind review...come see us again soon!  

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Wonderful food - Edit

We stopped while traveling through Akron. The food was amazing. We had the Cheesy kale bake and the mock tuna sandwich. The ladies at the restaurant were so friendly and kind. They made us feel very comfortable. It is a very relaxed atmosphere which I really like. If I'm in Akron again, I will definitely return.

1 Response

JulieCostell 01 Nov 2014 - dear Debra Winter, thank you for writing a good review for glad you enjoyed our kitchen! come again when you are in town!  

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Yummy in my tummy! - Edit

My boyfriend and I went this evening. I am vegetarian, while he prefers meat. All in all, I was taken back by this restaurant. It's VERY low key. You walk in, there's the owner right there greeting you. There's a black board with what you can pick from, no menu was given. No drinks were given either. You just pick one up from the fridge. You also pick up your own silverware and napkin. There's not only food to be served, there's lots of things sold such as cookies, hemp, other vegan items. Which was pretty interesting.
Now the food!
My boyfriend bought the hempatty, while I bought the felafle . I really enjoyed the hempatty, but did not like the felafle.
I can't wait to come back and try more.
Very interesting place, people, and atmosphere!
Check it out if you get the chance!

Pros: All vegan, Inexpensive, Other products for sale

Cons: Not served, Uncomfortable (for those new people), No menu

1 Response

JulieCostell 01 Nov 2014 - hi Il0veyouAlexis, thanks for the yummy review! we are certainly low key for sure...homey at best...that said we are always wanting everyone to feel welcome and comfortable here...please come visit us again!  

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Fabulous! - Edit

This restaurant is fabulous! When you walk in you are greeted by a friendly staff in a very homey atmosphere. The food is delicious. I had a spicy black bean burger which was full of flavor. My husband enjoyed his falafel sandwich and our friend said the 13 bean chili was really good. Also sold at the restaurant are homemade vegan treats, like brownies, energy bars, breads, etc. Everything we tried was delicious. The prices are comparable to that of a non vegan restaurant--not cheap but not expensive. The only complaint I have is they use honey (which i do not consider vegan) in some of their treats and I didn't know this until after I ate one. I'm really not complaining tho because the ingredients are labeled on everything and I simply failed to read the label. I definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone.

Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly Staff, Homey Environment

Cons: Uses Honey In Treats

1 Response

JulieCostell 01 Nov 2014 - dear divancic, thanks for the great review! sorry about the honey...we are only using honey in one product now and it is from our beehives at our gardens...our energy bar...please come visit us again!  

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Vegan fare non vegans will love.... - Edit

I am neither vegan nor vegetarian.......but I love this joint.....I have eaten in the restaurant twice and have gotten take out once.....The food is delicious......the stuffed peppers, Not Rib sandwich and collard greens are so so so good!!! The chocolate chip cookie...not so great....I will be back and I will bring friends with me......good good food except for the cookie :-)

Pros: Good Food, Good Portions, Quaint / Cute Aptmosphere

1 Response

JulieCostell 01 Nov 2014 - hey Kolange, thanks for the review...sorry so long for me to respond! we tweaked the choc chip cookie recipe and it is quite addicting...come back and grab one!  

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It's Vegan but.... - Edit

Been waiting to test out this restaurant for ages after reading a few good reviews. Everything is supposed to be local, fresh and organic. A few options are gluten-free but you have to ask. There are a about 5 options for entrees. We ordered one sandwich and it was terrible. We have been vegan for two years now and it was the worst "vegan" sandwich. It was pasty and not at all good. I didn't eat my half of the sandwich and left all the homemade sauce. There were a lot of older restaurant customers so I assume since the meals are very bland, the older generations will enjoy more than younger ones. There was also just one employee and she didn't seem to be pleased to have customers. Maybe it was just the day but I can honestly say it was very uncomfortable to dine in (which I'm assuming you can't dine out since we weren't given an option even though we wanted to dine out). Would have given 1 cow if possible.

Pros: Vegan, Local Produce, Available

Cons: EXPENSIVE!!!!, Not welcoming or comfortable, Bland Tasting Food

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Wish I lived closer! - Edit

Was traveling through the Akron, OH area and found Ms. Julie's Kitchen on the Happy Cow iPhone app. What a pleasant surprise! The food was wonderful (had the stuffed cabbage). There are no vegan restaurants within in a 50 mile radius of where I live. I wish there was a 'Ms. Julie's Kitchen' near by. My highest recommendation to anyone looking for vegan food in the Akron, OH area.

Pros: Great food, Wonderful staff

Cons: None

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Best hippy food hangout in Akron! - Edit

Always fresh & fabulous, Miss Julie does vegan well! Not one for using anything processed, it's almost always whole food freshly made. Menu changes daily. Shops locally & sources responsibly. Not only good cooked food but also raw treats, locally produced baked good, seasonal & local items to take home and KALE CHIPS! :-) Responsible in the community, co-hosts film nights with The Akron Peace Project and knows her stuff about both vegan & raw foods eating. Talk to her!

Pros: Fresh, Ethical, Friendly

Cons: Not a massive place, Varying hours

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