Serves meat, vegan options available. Health-oriented "vegetable cafe" founded 2002 and operates a handful of outlets in Japan. Offers American-style salads, burgers, sandwiches, and pasta plus smoothies and cold pressed juices. Menu has markings for vegan and gluten-free. Reported closed April 2023.

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First Review by Greyskies


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15 Mar 2023


This place was tricky to find so I’m going to make it easy for you. Google maps mosaic street and walk up the ramp. The restaurant is outside despite what maps say.
The food: I ordered the green salad which is an all greens salad with avocado and a pesto sauce. I got it with a side soup and bread.
The salad itself was okay, what I expected but what I was craving, fresh and delicious. The soup was ok, I thought it was a tomato soup being red but it was more of a root vegetable soup, unsure which. It was okay. The ginger lemonade hot drink however was awesome. I wouldn’t call it a lemonade more of a tea but wow. Was the meal outstanding, no. Maybe I should have ordered something else?

Note: ginger drink may contain honey keep this in mind.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-15

Pros: Vegan menu

Cons: $$$, Difficult to find



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10 Mar 2023

Fresh tasty salads

A nice range of salads to
Choose from with delicious dressings.

Pros: Lots of fresh vegan options , Nice bright restaurant

Cons: Had to order using a barcode at your table, A bit pricey


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25 Feb 2023


What a great find in Tokyo! Absolutely delicious food and it is a big space so the wait to get a table is minimal.

Pros: Really good vegan options, Not long wait times, Great staff

Cons: A little pricy


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14 Feb 2023


Loved the vegan burger with avocado and teriyaki sauce. Several friends have enjoyed other items on vegan menu as well.


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26 Dec 2022

Good vegan cheese burger

Good burger. A bit heavy use of curry in the mustard. Carrot cake was also nice. Keep an eye out for the signs for Mosaic Street. Otherwise it’s a bit hard to find as it’s surrounded by a busy subway/train station.


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03 Dec 2022

Fresh plates and detox water

Vegan options clear, tasty for an area without much.


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04 Nov 2022

Opens at 10.

Didn’t get to try it. Just came here to correct the timings.


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01 Nov 2022

Good burger

The burger is good considering how few vegan burgers are in the area - I’d definitely get it again.

The iced lemonades are amazing - do recommend


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23 Oct 2022


Both my partner & I got fully vegan options here and loved both. I had a pumpkin soup, salad & bread. The soup was so cozy tasting- like a hug from fall. My partner had a vegan burger that was fried, I believe it was Tempeh- absolutely delicious and the potato wedges were great too. It was a great feel good meal after a long day of walking around. I loved their water selection. Would highly recommend.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Infused waters for free


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24 Sep 2022

Very tasty

They have meat substitute. Very tasty but expensive.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Expensive


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Mostly Veg
10 Sep 2022

Pretty good

Pretty good restaurant with vegan options. I ordered a Vegan Mexican Burger for ¥1,830 and it was delicious, with jalapeño peppers, beans, salsa and soy meat. The place is quite popular, so, especially at the weekend, you’ll have to write your name down on a list and wait to be called when some seats are available. In my case it didn’t take longer than a few minutes to get in. You order your food with your phone, using a QR code. English menu available. Friendly staff. You can pay by card.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-10

Cons: Burger comes with few fries.


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08 Sep 2022


There is only one vegan salad, but the restaurant said you can choose a non-vegan salad and ask for it to be vegan. But they didn't know the meaning of vegan and put eggs and cheese in it. We let them replaced it with a new vegan one.
They have 4 vegan desserts and I think the vegan cheesecake is gluten free. The ice cream is plain.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-08

Pros: Vegan options, 4 types of water to choose from

Cons: Non-vegan menus, They should know what vegan means


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03 Jul 2022

Organic and delicious

Visited this place after walking around and looking for restaurants with my friends. The menu has a lot of vegan options and they all looked really delicious. Tried the vegan wrap, loved how balanced the flavor was and quite unique from other vegan food I tried. Looking forward to going back again and trying the other menu.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Accessible, Plated nicely

Cons: Quite expensive, Usually packed with people


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22 May 2022

Many vegan options

Some good vegan options including vegan scrambled eggs, burgers, desserts and wine. Nice atmosphere and convenient location.


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27 Feb 2022

Good but overpriced

I ordered a salad with mushrooms that was very good, but it was advertised as having soy cheese and there were maybe 2 very small pieces. The salad itself was quite small for the price, especially since there was hardly any protein. Unfortunately I probably won’t go back, there are better priced options in the area.

Pros: Tasty

Cons: Expensive, Small portion


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13 Feb 2022

Has some good options

Not a bad place to visit. It’s busy and has meat options, but the vegetarian and vegan options are decent and worth going for.


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03 Dec 2021

Good place

It’s close to station and it’s easy to find.
I like their salads. And water server is my favorite too. They always prepare free detox waters.


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20 Nov 2021

I loved the cakes

Had my birthday dinner here and loved both warm dish and dessert (beet cake). Some people say that they dont like the cakes here, but the beet chocolate cake was actually very good!

It is a bit overpriced, but still ok. I love their water containers with fruit/veggies in them. I would def come again. Although this is not a vegan places, it looks like 70-80% of the menu items are vegan, so they should go fully vegan.


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28 Apr 2021

Not worth the price

If you are new Vegan, the taste will be okay for you. I ordered vegan burger, it kinda taste like meat, in a good way of course. But, i wanna eat Vegan food not a Meat like food. So that's a minus. The side dish also so sad, they not giving you the same plating as in the picture. So that's also a minus. And the price, was so sky high. And that's also a minus. They keep their quality so well.

Pros: Nice interior, Taste like meat

Cons: Expensive, Taste like meat, Sad side dish


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28 Apr 2021

Restaurant looked good..

I came to try the vegan burger after enjoying their loco moco at a different branch. I enjoyed the burger patty just because I haven't eaten burgers in a while, but it wasn't any special considering the cost. Plus, the side of veggies was so sad.. obviously sprinkled with herbs but tasted like they weren't seasoned at all.
Overall, I don't think it was worth the price.


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16 Apr 2021

Clearly labeled and nice ambiance but pricy and nothing special

A good place in a pinch. Nice free flavored waters but the food and drinks are overpriced for what you get.


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22 Feb 2021


My partner and I went there on a weekend for lunch, the place wasn’t crowded and we were shown to our seats immediately.
Vegan options are clearly marked on the menu, which was nice.
Due to Covid, they have apparently drastically reduced the number of items on the menu. Not sure whether it is just to avoid having people stay for too long.
Together with the range of choice, the amount of food on the plate also seems to have diminished though. The only thing that seems to have stayed the same is the price, quite high for what you get.
We ordered the burger, which came with THREE (not kidding) small pieces of vegetables as a side (two broccoli florets and one bite of potato). The burger was not filling at all and the flavor did not make us go crazy either...
We ended up ordering another plate to share, I think it was a tortilla wrap. Without ordering drinks (they have free water) we ended up spending around 6,000¥ for two people, we left and were still hungry...
Sorry to say I would not recommend this place. I haven’t been to the Komazawa Daigaku one since COVID begun so not sure whether they have a similar situation going on or not.

Pros: Vegan options clearly marked on menu, Free water with different fruit in it

Cons: Disappointing menu , High price for too little food , Lacking taste


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06 Oct 2020

Salads are good

I liked the place and the food but since the restaurant is in the station, it's always full...if you are going, be aware you may need to wait. Or just make a reservation :)


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29 Aug 2020

Nice little restaurant

This seems to be a very popular restaurant among the younger crowd. Had to be put on a waiting list so be sure to get there early. Had a great vegan burger here.


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15 Jul 2020

Fresh, delicious but comparatively expensive

I had a burger here and I have had some great vegan burgers in Shinjuku. This one was indeed delicious although a bit dry.
They offer a range of dishes; many of which are vegetarian. The vegan options are there but rather limited I would say.

My biggest complain are the prices. This place is expensive! My burger was around ¥1800 or something and you can get better ones elsewhere.

Pros: Vegan options , Fresh food, Nice atmosphere

Cons: EXPENSIVE!, Not the best there is


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15 Mar 2020

Super fresh!

I loved it here! I had the vegan greens and it was super fresh. All of the desserts are vegan too!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Fresh

Cons: Can be difficult to find


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29 Feb 2020

Overrated and expensive.

It was hard to find, you enter through Shinjuku Sth entrance train station mosaic st and it’s outside towards the end, took a while for us to find. We sat outside and were starving and ordered soy lattes and vegan burgers, the coffee arrived nice and hot but the burger and roast veg served with it were stone cold. For the price it was super disappointing but we were hungover and just ate it. Wanted to split a cake slice and have another coffee but we had to go find a waitress to take our order. The food is expensive for what it is and while it a nice atmosphere we wouldn’t go back, there are too many yum places around.

Pros: The vegan cheesecake was lovely, Soy latte served in a nice big coffee mug

Cons: Cold food, Expensive, Slow service

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