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Health-oriented "vegetable cafe" founded 2002 and operates a handful of outlets in Japan. Offers American-style salads, burgers, sandwiches, and pasta plus smoothies and cold pressed juices. Reported fully vegan December 2022. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by Ayefam


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24 Sep 2023

Tasty Burger but Expensive!

I had the soy cheese burger and a side salad. I would be lying if said it wasn't super delicious. Putting 4 starts though just because of how pricey it is. It's in a pretty upscale neighborhood. They water they offer is very tasty.



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18 Sep 2023


I went with my wife and children 2 years ago to the former Shinjuku one but today's Mr. Farmer is a complete new experience.

It was never bad but the place used to be more cramped and not 100% vegan.

The harajuku restaurant is beautiful and spacious. The food is flawless and the portion are OK. We tried 3 of the items in the menu, for me the classic burger was the best because of the grilled flavor of its patty. The Mexican salad was also very nice. The soup was amazing as a side dish. Also despite the crowd the service was fast.

Overall I couldn't ask for anything more. The only downside is that you pay the price for this quality (and location probably)

Pros: Amazing food, Comfortable seats, Clean and classy place

Cons: Pricey


Points +240

12 Jul 2023

Best breakfast

We actually didn’t know this place was full vegan until we arrived. We were so happy! This is the best breakfast we’ve had in Tokyo. We went twice.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-11


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28 Jun 2023

A cozy place that is sure to offer something for everyone

This place offers what can best be described as vegan comfort food. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed. Staff doesn’t speak much English, but there’s an English menu. Ranging from salads and the like to began burgers and deserts for those who wish to indulge, the menu here will probably have something for everyone even in a group with quite diverse preferences.


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09 Jun 2023

Organic, rustic, delicious.

Super organic and rustic vibes with great food and service. We came twice and highly recommend this place is worth a visit. Great variety of option and something to satisfy everyone.

Pros: All delicious healthy vegan food.

Cons: Nothing. We loved it.


Points +173

05 Apr 2023

Great curry & innovative detox water

Had a great green curry here, even if the portion could have been a bit larger. They have great detox water options such as 'bell pepper - red cabbage - rosemary' and 'carrot-cale'

Pros: Cosy place , Great free water options

Cons: Not the biggest portion sizes


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02 Apr 2023

I’m still full

Good sized servers of tasty food. It’s fairly easy to order your food from a camera scan point on the menu. Despite being busy my food still came out reasonably quickly.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-02

Pros: Good sized portions , Tasty, Fast service

Cons: I was happy with everything


Points +35

29 Mar 2023

Yummy!better then 5 stars!

The food was all very good!Everything there was vegan including a variety of desserts.The burgers were a bit hard to eat but in all delicious! When I ordered lemonade I received it and apparently it had soda and I can’t drink soda so I told tell about it and asked for some water but instead they made them without the soda for me and I didn’t even have to ask!


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30 Jan 2023

Delicious and healthy!

We had lunch here and the restaurant is a cozy spot. The menu is extensive and all options seemed delicious. I chose the hamburger rice and it was very tasty. The salad my mom ordered was also good. Quick service, you order yourself online through a QR code and complimentary water with fruit/vegetable flavors is available. All in all, nice spot!

Do note: it’s not the cheapest place around.


Points +47

26 Jan 2023

Delicious Food!

No wait time. There was an assortment of complimentary water to choose from. Menu is completely vegan, though they give a warning about cross contamination of shell fish. The food arrived quickly. A little expensive. I ordered the vegan avocado teriyaki burger and the UpLift smoothie.


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28 Dec 2022

Fully vegan

Soy milk ramen was yummy but small. Classic burger was one of the best burgers we’ve had - and we’ve had many!


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Mostly Veg
17 Oct 2022

comfortable vegan cafe with terrace seats

Mr. Farmer has many branches, but this flagship cafe in Omotesando reopened as a fully vegan cafe with terrace seats.
We ordered Salad Plate (1419 yen), Fig, Beet & Soy Cheese Plate (2035 yen) and Poke Beet Bowl (1859 yen), which were all nicely presented and tasted great.
It would be perfect if the portion was larger.


Points +66

10 Oct 2022

nice gourmet vegan

gourmet vegan options little pricy but good


Points +585

02 Aug 2022

Recently became fully vegan

This branch recently became fully vegan (July 2022). I had the vegan Cobb salad and it was really good, the vegan carrot cake though was very dry. Very nice staff though, totally worth the visit.

Pros: Fully vegan

Cons: A little on the expensive side


Points +1823

27 Feb 2021

Used to be better

For the money they take their quality had gone down a little since I last went..

Cons: Pricey


Points +152

11 Mar 2020

Amazing burgers!

I know they have salads and other vegan options here, but it is 100% all about the burgers! The burger is so good that I can’t think of anything else whilst I’m there. I dream of these burgers! So juicy and flavourful, and none of that weird texture you often get with soy meat. A non-veg friend of mine tried it and said it was the best burger she’s eaten in Japan.


Cons: Reservations not possible


Points +433

27 Jun 2019

Large Menu & Yummy Food

We read the previous reviews ahead of time, so we didn't order the vegan burger in case we were disappointed. Instead we spent a long time looking over the BIG menu and ordered the Green Curry and the Deep Fried 'Chicken.' Everything was DELICIOUS. I would recommend this restaurant for the quality of food but I would warn against the high cost and also the difficulty finding the restaurant's location (We're not from Tokyo and even after going, I couldn't tell you how to get there again. We had to ask around and be pointed in the right direction.) In spite of the difficulty in finding it, in the end, we're glad to have had such yummy food.

Pros: Delicious curry & fried chick'n, Cozy atmosphere

Cons: Expensive, Hard to find


Points +218

26 Jun 2019

yeah just okay

i paid 3000 yen for some nuggets and a burger and the burger had avacado and soy sauce on it and it was kinda hard to eat but i did it cuz i paid a lot of money for it

Pros: they had cool vitamin water


Points +72

06 Jun 2019

Unreasonably expensive for such a low quality vegan burger

The food was cold, and it felt like i got canned vegetables. The most expensive meal we had in Tokyo, yet it was the worst one.

Pros: Water, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Expensive, Low quality, Cold food


Points +234

20 May 2019

Not great

I ordered the vegan burger which would’ve been tasty but sadly came out cold. It came with ratatouille (which I normally love) but that too was stone cold which made it disgusting. It’s a shame as we visited another branch and loved the vegan wraps and the fried ‘chicken’, which was incredible. Maybe they were having an off day.


Points +125

05 May 2019

Vegan burger

We ordered a vegan burger. The taste was so good! It was perfect. And as dessert we had a strawberry cake which was nice! A little bit too dry but it was okay. Nice stuff but one of them do not speak English. So she forgot or order, so we had to wait for like 40 minutes.


Points +2755

05 Apr 2019

Needs improvement

I've been here before and both times had the vegan burgers which were really good. This time the burger wasn't that hot, and it doesn't come with the roast potato which was disappointing, but maybe it was an off night for the chef? My girlfriend had the vegan pho which she enjoyed.
We'd come on our first day looking for breakfast but the only vegan options were a salad and smoothies which isn't great for breakfast choice. In my opinion it would be worth your time walking to one of the other more vegan places close by.
Updated from previous review on 2019-04-05


Points +25

04 Apr 2019

Wish I could give 0 stars

This place is over priced. I paid $20 for a mushy vegan burger (the worst thing I have EVER ate). I wonder if they even try the food before they decide to put it on the menu. I took two bites and almost puked. It’s not worth it.

Pros: The water is good


Points +1493

16 Jul 2018

Cute - Convenient for mixed groups

If a mix group of vegan and non vegan people, then it is a convenient place as they have good options for everyone. The food is ok to good, the decor is nice, as is the service.


Points +27

09 Jul 2018

Pricey and Popular

Be prepared to wait at crunch times, there's a list at the door and space to wait. A few items (all veggie) had sold out so all we got was a "green salad" each, which was really nice, just a bit too green themed. would have preferred some colour. Nice flavoured "detox" waters for free from the front of house and obligatory drink out of a screwtop jar with a straw drinks. Pricey for what you get, but an elegant interior and exterior that makes it a pleasure to be in.

Pros: Great surroundings

Cons: Pricey, Not much choice


Points +320

09 Jul 2018

nice looking place

very nice atmosphere. some vegan options.

Pros: nice atmosphere

Cons: expensive. burger was very small.


Points +48

02 Apr 2018

Nice but expensive

The restaurant has a great ambience and is on a nice quaint street away from the hustle and bustle of Harajuku street. We just tried the vegan carrot cake which was nice but nothing amazing for the price paid. Saff are lovely and welcoming.

Pros: Ambience, Friendly staff

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