Vegan bakery that's also top 8 allergen-free. Facility has party room for rent and play area for kids. Accepts orders for custom cakes. Black-owned. Open Tue-Wed 10:00am-6:00pm, Thu-Fri 10:00am-8:00pm, Sat 10:00am-7:00pm, Sun 11:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by AllyssaJadeAcevedo


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05 Jan 2023

Decent Desserts

Super inclusive and delicious! Frosting is a little hard, but that's to be expected of vegan/allergen free frosting. Overall a lovely treat!

Updated from previous review on 2021-04-10

Pros: Kind staff, Good products, Vegan

Cons: Website wasn't that great



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09 Aug 2022

Great desserts

I love their cupcakes and whoopie pies. The owner and staff are super friendly and this is the perfect place if you are looking for allergy friendly options as well as vegan!


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24 Jun 2022

Great Custom Cakes and More

I’ve been here twice in the past 2 weeks even though it isn’t close. The first time they made my personalized graduation cake with the letters of the college I will be going to in fondant. The second time I picked up a dozen mini cupcakes for my friend for an occasion of his. He’s not even vegan/allergic but friendly, but I knew he would still still approve (which he did). I suppose it’s a bit pricey though. There was also a non-vegan cake at my graduation party, but many of the omnivores still migrated towards the vegan one, and everyone who tried it enjoyed it. It’s also black-owned!! I will keep coming back if I need or want anything!

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Mostly Veg
14 Jun 2022


I love their chocolate sin cupcake even though it’s a bit pricey, it’s a good once in a while splurge!


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22 Jan 2022


Delicious bakery! Everything is vegan and gluten free. #Veganuary

Pros: All vegan and gluten free


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30 Nov 2021

Loved it! You will question if it’s really gluten/allergen free!

The baguette and linzer cookies are excellent. Even my non-allergic family members enjoyed them! Looking forward to trying more items.


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01 Jun 2021

Delicious & Great Delivery

These cupcakes were amazing!!! I ordered them online for my mother’s birthday. There was no issue with the website order or delivery. They arrived a day early, which was two days before the birthday celebration. They were still moist and delicious for my mon’s birthday. Each jar has two cupcakes. My mom had the beautifully photographed Mo’ Marble Yum Yum Jar. I was greedy, and I forgot to take my pic. As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed the Rockin’ Red Velvet Yum Yum Jar. These will only be special treats due to the price, but the Yum Yum Jars are perfect to take on the road or travel to others’ parties. I highly recommend trying this bakery, and I can’t wait to visit in person.

Pros: Multiple vegan cupcake options, Quick delivery, Easy online ordering

Cons: Expensive


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11 Sep 2019

So good you actually won't believe it

These cupcakes BLEW my mind. To be vegan is one thing, but gluten free is another. They perfected these cupcakes, man and they are GOOD. The frosting is the best part as always, but for once I'm actually gravitated towards the cake part too because it's so good! I tried Red Velvet, Mocha Madness and Pumpkin Spice which was the best one.

Pros: Gluten free, Not a thing wrong with them


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04 Nov 2018

OMG...Vegan Macaroons!!

I stopped in hoping for a brownie, which I did get and it was just ok, not the best vegan brownie I've ever had, tbh. BUT they had macaroons, which I honestly thought I'd never get again when I went vegan. I asked the girl behind the counter how in Earth they made vegan macaroons, and she just smiled and said they were as good as the traditional version. I was skeptical, but she was correct!! They were awesome, 5 stars just for that. :-)

Pros: 100% vegan, Macaroons!!

Cons: Brownies just ok


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17 Jul 2018

The best Linzer Tarts!!

I met these awesome bakers at the NJ Vegfest and had a difficult time choosing from their beautiful treats. I ended up going with the Linzer Tart and Pineapple Guava lemonade. The cookie was phenomenal and the lemonade was delicious and refreshing. I definitely look forward to trying more from them!


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25 Jun 2018

Good Desserts

It's wonderful to have a 100% vegan bakery in northern NJ; however, I hate to say this, but all the cupcakes that I've tried have tasted the same. They have many cupcakes in a variety of flavors; they all taste good, but they just taste so similar to each other. I've also had a cookie sandwich (type thing) which was yummy, and some cookie dough that was just okay. Nevertheless, I still go back every so often.

Pros: 100% vegan bakery, Friendly staff

Cons: Cupcake varieties taste the same, Street parking


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22 May 2018

Disappointing Customer Service

I'd love to have given 5 stars because the wedding cake, cupcakes and cookies I ordered were absolutely delicous and beautiful. Everyone was raving about these desserts at our wedding. However, after communicating with Christine directly via email I found out that they couldn't deliver the items on Sunday my actual wedding day. We worked that out and I was to pick everything up on Saturday between 12-1. Christine confirmed this time herself saying "perfect."

On Saturday at 11:30 we were on our way to pick the items up and I received a phone call asking if I could pick my order up at 4 PM. I told the girl that we were on our way and that Christine confirmed that my order would be ready to be picked up between 12-1. The girl said that they were told 4 pm which didn't make sense because if that was the case why did she call and ask me to come at 4?? She put me on hold and then came back to tell me that they needed until at LEAST 4 PM and that they closed at 7 but some of them would be there cleaning up so if I came after 7 that would be fine. I told her to call me when the order was ready and we would come then. Well, I finally got a phone call at 6 PM saying that my order would be done at 6:30. I had emailed Christine right after I received the first phone call at 11:30 AM. I expressed how unhappy I was. We had rehersal dinner plans that night and this had completely ruined our plans.

As of today, I have NEVER gotten a response from the owner, Christine. No apologies from anyone....nothing. This was a $500 order and it was for my wedding. I really would have expected this to be a priority. I'm completely disappointed with the lack of communication and response after messing up and important order.


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15 May 2018

Spreading the word

My first visit to get an item (birthday) shipped out and could not decide which cupcake to get as they have amazng flavors. Im glad I found this place on happy cow because the nearest vegan bakery from my home is 30 miles away in PA. MoPweeze is just 7 miles from my job.. I bought the mini cupcakes to share with some of my "non-vegan" coworkers and they could not believe they were free of "junk". They were literatly in "AWE" with the taste. I may have incorporated some new non vegan customers by spreading the word (and cupcakes). Perhaps they will pass it on to their friends and so on.

Pros: Earth friendly - saved animals, People friendly - healthier/safer, They deliver some items

Cons: no such thing


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10 Aug 2017


Absolutely incredible... what they are able to do at this place.. everything I've tried has been so good. The only downside, stopping. So good i need to ask my husband to hide what we bring home!


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22 Jun 2017


This place is still very new but I know it will only get better with time! The owner is so sweet. As far as the decor it is still pretty empty and they don't have that many options to choose from as far as the baked goods but what they did have looked delicious! I tried a chocolate cupcake and it was amazing!! I will definitely be back for more and hope to see them get super popular.

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