All vegan shoe and accessory shop for both women and men. Reopened Sep 2016 post-renovations. Open Mon-Sat 12:00pm-7:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-6:00pm.

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First Review by SonjaCPA


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22 Aug 2023


I don't know where the comments come from that the shoes look outdated. I love the style of the shoes, clothing and accessories. I got myself a t-shirt and shoes that are made out of grape leather. The employee was really friendly and motivated and the cat was super cute!

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23 Aug 2023

Those comments seem to come from folks who aren鈥檛 from NYC and don鈥檛 know that people dress like this here right now 馃槀



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27 Jul 2023

Wish shoes were cooler looking

Major points for being a vegan shoe store. Maybe their style is just more on the classic side. But the shoes seem a bit outdated. I wish they had cooler options.
They have nice shorts and hoodies.


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23 Jul 2023

Nice store with adorable feline assistant

Bought a beautiful animal rights t-shirt for a friend; I was searching for something like that all through my NYC visit, and this was the only place I found it. The staff is really friendly, and Georgie is adorable :)


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03 Jul 2023

Moo Shoes

This place has been around forever (it seems) and it was nice to pop in after several years to see how it has evolved. I agree with one of the previous reviews about the shoes not feeling very fashionable. I'm pretty obsessed with my vegan Birkenstocks (which I was already wearing and I realize are not the most fashionable!!!) and didn't see anything else at the store that sparked my fancy that didn't already look like them. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to popping in again in the future.

PS- The sandwiches next door are AMAZING. Don't miss Orchard Grocer!


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13 Jun 2023

Totally want to buy a vegan shoes

Arrived too late , didn鈥檛 get the chance to see the cat and buy a footwear , totally will come back again馃槃


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23 Mar 2023

Vegan but not super fashionable

I have always loved that MooShoes exists but they have not really kept up with fashions and a lot of their shoes are heavy and clunky-looking. There are so many new and exciting options for vegan leather these days that it鈥檚 disappointing a pioneer in the field isn鈥檛 bothering to create or source cuter products. Additionally most of the vegan leather is made of less-sustainable oil-based materials rather than plant-based leather (mushroom, apple, pineapple, etc).


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11 Mar 2023

All Vegan Shoe (& other items) Shopping!

Moo Shoes offers a shopping experience that is vegan and cruelty-free. Every item in the shop has been thoughtfully selected to offer an amazing selection of shoes, shoes, shoes! Even hiking boots! I have purchased many shoes and handbags from Moo and appreciate not only the quality of the products but also the personal service I receive when in the store. They also offer coats, home items, books and more. The warmest coat I own came from Moo!

I love shopping at a store where kindness for all beings is a top priority. Thankfully, they also ship! One of the hilights of shopping at Moo is their shop cat, Georgie! I love knowing the owners are vegan and committed to veganism in both their personal lives and their business. Need after shopping nourishment? Go next door to Orchard Grocer! Also all vegan!

Pros: Staff, Quality, Selection

Cons: None!


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06 Jan 2023

Really friendly and lots of choice

A great selection of vegan shoes, bags and accessories. The lady was really friendly. #Veganuary

Pros: Completely vegan, Good range of styles , Friendly


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10 Jul 2022

So many choices!

I loved the variety of quality vegan shoes. I wear a women's 11 and they had my size in almost everything I wanted to try!


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17 Jun 2022

Great place

Amazing options, great space !


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13 Feb 2022

Great options

So lovely to go into a footwear store and know that everything is vegan! Organic cotton socks too.

I have a pair of doc marten style vegetarian shoes and have always been quite happy with the quality.

Go check them out! The cutest wall paper awaits you.


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30 May 2021

Expensive but good quality

Sometimes they鈥檒l have good deals on shoes. Otherwise the items are expensive (understandable as it鈥檚 luxury brands). I got a great pair of flats for a cheap price on sale. High quality! Right next to orchard grocer


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21 Sep 2020

Vegan for a better world!

I frequent this place every time I鈥檓 in town. I save up to shoe shop, and to treat myself to a new vegan T-shirt each time. Bought my first pair of vegetarian boots there and wear my Beagan for a better world T as often as I can. The staff are amazing and always willing to share food recommendations (I found out about RAW Food and Wine while visiting once). Say hi to the shop cat when you are in.

Pros: Great selection of vegan footwear and accessories


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03 Nov 2019

Vegan shoes plus

Nice to shop knowing everything is cruelty free. Got a great pair of shoes and the kitty is a great addition to the experience!

Pros: All vegan.


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27 Mar 2019

Incredible Shoes For Men & Women

I've purchased several pairs of shoes here for myself, slip-ons and sneakers byNovacas, chukkas by Good Guys, boots by Ahimsa, etc. Their selection and service is amazing. I also purchased matching sneakers for my sister and niece by a new brand they carry called Loyal Footwear, which is made in the USA (very important to my sister). But my favorite part about Mooshoes is that when you're finished shoe shopping, you can go right next door to the all vegan grocery store, Orchard Grocer, to grab a delicious sandwich and/or stock up on the best ingredients before heading home.

Pros: Amazing Selection, Great Service, Shoes by Loyal Footwear (Made In The USA!)


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10 Mar 2019

Great Experience

Cute shop that鈥檚 all vegan with feline ambassador. So fun!

Pros: 100% vegan, Great, high quality products , Helpful staff


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02 Feb 2019

Still terrific!

I鈥檝e been coming here for the past 2 years and love it more with each visit. Great shoes, bags, accessories and great Vibe. (The 2 resident felines are a big draw too.)

I love the idea of non-animal product footwear, bags and assessories. The sells help know the merchandize, and are tireless in trips to the basement to retrieve items on request.

Updated from previous review on 2017-04-20

Pros: Unique retail, Good quality merchandize, Has a resident store cats


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20 Oct 2018

Great vegan shoes!

Best vegan shoe shop, I found in New York.

There is a nice vegan shop a side as well; https://www.happycow.net/reviews/orchard-grocer-new-york-city-89415

Updated from previous review on 2018-10-20

Pros: Great vegan shoes, Lovely staff

Cons: None


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24 Jun 2018

Very nice shop

I like this shop, it's a NYC staple for vegans who are into fashion, which I'm not but I have a 15 year old daughter who is. The shop has been around for a long time. If you like shoes and bags that are fashionable and cruelty free this is your place. Be prepared though, it's quite pricey.

Pros: Nice cruelty free products.

Cons: Prices


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30 May 2018

Beautiful shop with extensive collection

From the outside, Moo Shoes looks tiny, but inside the selection is vast. They carry many of the most stylish vegan shoe brands, and even accessories like belts, wallets, and t-shirts. Friendly staff and two companion cats.


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25 May 2018

Such a hidden gem

Pretty awesome little spot to find all vegan apparel and love that it鈥檚 attached to orchard grocer!


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10 May 2018

awesome selection

Awesome selection of both men鈥檚 and women鈥檚 shoes in a variety of styles and price ranges. Few T-shirt鈥檚, belts, socks, and bags. Sits right next to the Orchard Grocer. They have a nice shop car as well.


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16 Dec 2017

nice little hidden shop

The shoes weren鈥檛 the typical 鈥榦rganic鈥 boots - they looked like actual 鈥榥ormal鈥 shoes. It鈥檚 a cute shop and is located right next to a small vegan grocery shop (which comes in handy when you鈥檙e hungry from all the shopping). I bought 2 pairs as well as a belt. They also offer some t-ahirts with vegan messages, purses and other small stuff. Plus there was a cat on the counter 839494 bonus points


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09 Dec 2017

Lots of choice for vegan shoes!

Best vegan shoe shop I've visited to date. Great selection and service was friendly and patient as I tried on various pairs and sizes. I bought a pair of Veja trainers and Melissa sandals.

Some shoes can be expensive, but check the sale section (or ask the staff if you can't see it). Good website with pictures if you want to get an idea first.

My shoes were more than USD 110(?) cant remember exact price which meant they added tax on top, which I wasn't expecting and didn't realise till I left the store, so check before you pay.

Check out the adjoining shop housing food, or the vegan bakery around the corner.

Updated from previous review on 2017-12-09

Pros: Friendly staff, Lots of choice, Food next door

Cons: May add tax on top, Some shoes quite expensive


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10 Dec 2016

Different brands

There was a reasonable selection of shoes with a lot of different brands. I bought one pair of vegan dr martens. Service was helpful.

Cons: Don't forget to add tax to the price!


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18 Sep 2016

So fresh and so clean

The newly renovated shop is gorgeous! The layout provides much better interactions with the sales associates. Friendly service, fancy cruelty-free shoes, and a great atmosphere.


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11 Sep 2015

Great option to find vegan shoes!

It can definitely be a bit daunting in finding dressier shoes as a vegan... so many brands still use leather exclusively. That's where Moo Shoes comes in - convenience in finding a well made pair of cruelty free shoes for work or school. I will agree with other reviewers, the customer service could be friendlier, but where the humans lack personality, the shop cats make-up for it! Moo Shoes also has a (limited) selection of t-shirts, purses/bags, belts and wallets. They also carry Laika magazine, which I couldn't find anywhere else in NYC! All in all, great shop for vegans!

Pros: Shop cats

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