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Bakery offering gluten free cakes, cookies, donuts,and more. Open Mon-Wed 9:00am-6:30pm, Thu-Fri 9:00am-3:00pm. Closed Sun - Mon.

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First Review by Simcha


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16 Apr 2022


Tried at the farmers market. I had the cinnamon roll, not very cinnamony, more chocolate, but still really good!! Mom, who’s very much not vegan, had a donut and thought it was so good!

Pros: Refined sugar free, A lot of options

Cons: Pricey



Points +16

27 May 2021


As a mostly vegan with a dairy allergy, I am super grateful to have Moon Maiden in Charlottesville. A bit pricy, but they have a wonderful selection and almost everything I've had had been very tasty. One or two items have just been OK, and a few are exceptional (I am a sucker for the chocolate chip cookies and the chocolate donuts). Plus everything is extremely beautiful.

Pros: Tasty, Many options, Beautiful

Cons: A bit pricey


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09 Oct 2019


this is a tiny one room bakery hidden in the back of the mall, theyve got a lot of baked goods avaliable though! I had a donut and it was amazing but a bit messy

Pros: adorable and tasty, everythings vegan!, lots of options

Cons: suuuuuper expensive


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26 Jun 2019

Hit or Miss

I've had some really delicious treats from Mood Maiden. Had one miss, which was a specialty cake we requested made. I am a sugar-free vegan, but this cake was not cake-like in the basic sense in terms of taste or texture and that was agreed by about 12 attendees at a party. It was decidedly not appealing. The bakery's response to our polite feedback was disappointing as well and turned me off from further purchases.

Updated from previous review on 2019-06-26

Pros: Unique in central VA

Cons: Some things not tasty


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06 Apr 2019

Excellent savory muffins

We came to Charlottesville for the marathon. My wife runs, I write reviews while she's doing that. Anyway, I was intrigued by the website for this bakery, and we stopped in yesterday. Unfortunately, the website looked more promising than the offerings we encountered.

This could be twofold: the bakery itself is in a kind of mall with no windows to the outside, just to the indoor walkway. And the day we went there was very rainy and gloomy. We entered the bakery and found the décor somewhat bland. The walls are painted a pastel pinkish color that could be cheery, but which I found a bit depressing. There were not many things on display in the cases, either. I guess mostly it's because I have gotten used to very mainstream vegan sugary treats, and these strike me more like the kind of treats from the early 1990s - healthfoodish, not necessarily bad, but not exactly what I crave these days. HOWEVER I want to stress that I did not even buy a slice of cake (I'm not gluten-free, just regular vegan, and sometimes I find the gluten-free stuff a bit dry) but it could be excellent. Because we did buy a savory carrot muffin and it was OUTSTANDING! DELICIOUS!

Still, I was a little afraid to try some of the other things, like the apple tarts, because I like to buy things that I feel I cannot make myself. Again, this is not completely fair of me. Those apple tarts could be delicious. I'm just less a fan of gluten-free flour than I could be. Based on the muffin, I bet the baked goods here are wonderful, particularly if you're gluten-free. The main hitch is that the muffin cost $6.00 for one. And that kind of pricing, while I understand it, can really be prohibitive.

Nevertheless, I feel comfortable recommending this place for gluten-free people for sure, and also for the more health-conscious vegan who may wish for a sweet but not all the cane sugar and junk that I so enjoy myself.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious savory muffins

Cons: Pricey, Bland decor

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