Vegetarian restaurant at the street corner. Note that La He Road runs diagonally between National Highway 5 and Psah Nat Market. Big menu with Asian and western dishes. Has air conditioning. Re-branded in 2016, was formerly known as Te Kuch La.A and prior to that Mercy House. Open Mon-Sun 7:30am-8:00pm.

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First Review by sanayha


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24 Apr 2023

Tasty and cheap

Really enjoyed the food here & the theatre of a sizzling plate. The place is very clean and cool. The menu is very big and it’s unclear what’s vegan but we just asked for dishes without egg and hopefully we ended up with vegan food!



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25 Mar 2023

Extensive menu and lots of dessert options

Lots of rice, noodles and western dishes are on the menu. They also have a whole page of shaved ice desserts! I got the dumpling noodles, which came in a gigantic bowl with tons of veggies and some mock meat (veggie ham, “fish” balls and crispy “pork”). Need to ask for no egg because it’s not clear what items contain egg. Dumplings fell apart and weren’t stuffed much and the noodles were a bit overcooked. Otherwise, great food!

Pros: Lots of vegan options (especially desserts!), Comfortable seating with A/C, Generous portions with lots of veggies

Cons: Items with egg/dairy are not labelled


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22 Jan 2023

Tasty and friendly

It would be so much nicer if they put vegan sign on the menu. We had to ask is this with egg or milk? Many times… and they have big menu so I couldn’t ask for everything i wanted to know…

Food is really tasty and staff there are friendly and kind. They have this Taiwanese instant noodles which i was looking for!!! And let me buy different flavours separately awww so nice😭 and the noodles are really tasty


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22 Jan 2023

Ask for egg free

Solid veg food. just make sure you get the vegan ones and ask. Some staff can understand english. Most of the dishes contain egg.


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30 Oct 2022

Great place

Highly recommend when in Battambang! Loads of veggie and vegan options, many meat replacement options available.


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14 Oct 2022

So yummy

We tried the fried buns and they didn’t have a lot of filling but they were still delicious, the fried meat was really nice with rice and a bit of sauce and the sweet and sour tofu was so yummy because it’s tofu with pickled papaya salad on top, it was delicious and refreshing. The prices are great and the portions fill you up.
I went back and tried the stoned pot rice and it was fantastic. Tbh there aren’t many vegan options (taking in consideration that the menu is huge) and they’re not labeled so you’ll have to ask before ordering!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-12


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19 Sep 2022

Good vegetarian option

One of the rare complete vegetarian places in Battambang. They have a big choice and also a lot of vegan options. Just ask to veganize a meal! It’s a Chinese place so a bit different, but nice!


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11 Jul 2022

Delicious !

Delicious !
We took noodles soups, and we enjoy so much !

Pros: All veggie food


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23 Jun 2022

Came for the buffet

…Stayed for the mock meat!
Arrived at Monorom around midday on a Thursday but there was no buffet. Ordered from the regular menu instead. If you are a fan of mock meats, I 100% recommend the Fried Vegetarian Meat. It was seriously so good, I could have ordered 2 plates of that and been happy! The Sweet & Sour Tofu is good too. Paid under $7 for two plates and a drink.

Pros: Amazing mock meats, Good prices , AC indoor restaurant

Cons: No buffet as stated, First impressions of the menu aren’t good


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09 Mar 2021

We missed the buffet again!

Yet again, we visited Battambang at the weekend and the buffet is only week days. The a la carte menu is decent though and we enjoyed our food. As one of only 2 veggie restaurants in Battambang we are happy to support them and would return.


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15 Feb 2020

Awesome tofu

Just been here the once and had sweet and sour tofu. It was so good that I’ll be going back tomorrow to have it again. The ac is also very welcome.


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14 Feb 2020

Ok food

There was a bit of a confusion with my order so they brang me 2 plates and didn't really know which was which...

The food was ok but not amazing.


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10 Feb 2020

The food is not that good

I've had croquette, which tasted like old chewing gum and curry dumplings. The dumplings were ok. Definitely will not go there again.

Cons: Bad food


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29 Dec 2019

Slow service, okay food

Went for dinner on a busy Saturday night, the restaurant was full - mostly locals having hot pot. The menu is large and quite vague, but the accompanying photos helped.
I had lok lak, a veganized version of the Cambodian beef dish. I liked the pepper and lime seasoning, and the mock meat was tasty. Would’ve liked some more veggies but overall really good. My bf ordered 2 dumpling dishes which took ages to come out, about 45 min from ordering and a long time after mine so I’d finished eating. Staff were apologetic about the wait though. The dumplings were decent but could be better, the curry dumplings had a strangely sweet flavour.

Pros: affordable (mains 8, 000-10, 000 riel)

Cons: slow service, average dumplings


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02 Jun 2019

Great buffet and menu

I went here for both the lunchtime buffet and went for an evening meal too.

The buffet dishes were tasty and mostly vegan. You pay by weight but they don't include your big bowl of rice when weighing out your food so it becomes very reasonably priced. Includes a soup and glass of cold tea too.

The items I tried from the menu were delicious and again, very well priced (around $2 per meal). A lot include egg but the staff speak good English so you can easily discuss your dietary requirements.


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11 May 2019


The staff was very kind and friendly, food was so delicious, it is possible to order any kind of food as vegan. They have vegetarian options too. I ordered dumpling soup and it was delicious.


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10 Apr 2019

Delicious tasting food and lovely service!

Really tasty food and very cheap as well the staff are very kind and lovely, had the teppenyaki minus the egg and it was delicious will definitely come back again!

Pros: Everything is pretty much veganizable , Lovely service


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25 Mar 2019

Reasonably priced, vege and mock meat

I can never resist a buffet, and this one was pretty good. Some dishes were better than others. The fried and fresh spring rolls were awesome, and the fake meat was tender and flavoursome. Veges were a little weird. Mushrooms were too chewy. The beans/green mix had waaaay to much lemongrass and lemongrass is the soapiest of all herbs forget what they say about corriander. Came with a delicious little soup and iced tea and the staff were friendly and helpful. My meal costed $3, it’s pay by weight (there was also another spring roll but I gobbled it down before I had a chance to take a picture)

Pros: Pretty cheap, Nice springys , Helpful staff

Cons: The lemongrass


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06 Mar 2019



Pros: 種類多,交通便利,附近旅館多,價格經濟


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22 Jan 2019

A great variety of food

Ordered 2 favours of hot pot, very yummy. There's sushi, popiah, burger etc.


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04 Jan 2019

Good value and very tasty

Nice place, friendly staff, big selection of vegan food, egg in some others. I had a couple of dishes on my first visit, the dumpling noodle and a BBQ thing with rice. Both were really tasty.


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21 Dec 2018

Great service but bland food

The people that run the restaurant are lovely and the menu is full of a lot of options but unfortunately we found the food to be tasteless. I was with a group of 4 people, all having different dishes and we all found the food to be very bland and disappointing


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17 Dec 2018

Many vegan dishes

I went there for the Lunch Buffet, 11:00-3:00pm. Many different dishes and mostly vegan. The owner speaks good English and explained me the food. The food was good also the fake meat, but nothing special. You have to pay per kilo.

Pros: Many vegan options , Friendly staff, Clean

Cons: The taste was good


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05 Sep 2018

good cheap food

The burger was very small and bland but the tepanyaki (10,000riel) was quite good.


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18 Mar 2018

Great for hot plate fake meat and noodles.

Reasonably good food. We went three times and really enjoy twice but one of the fried rice versions was bland. They do the fake meat stuff quite well.


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19 Feb 2018

Original y barato

Platos que no se ven mucho en Camboya, incluidos los asiáticos. Espectaculares los teppanyaki. Los mejores precios que he visto hasta la fecha, el que diga que es caro es que no sabe la cotización del riel. Muy recomendable.


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07 Feb 2018

Delicious food & cheap

We've been here many times and the food is delicious.
11-14.00 they have buffet; a lot of veggie options and comes with soup and rice. We spend less than 2 dollar and have a full plate.
A wide variety of a la carte options also 2 dollar average (try Teppanyaki noodles and their mushroom dishes!)

Pros: cheap, buffet with lots of veggies

Cons: no buffet in the weekend and like many asian veget

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