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Serves meat, vegan options available. The last page of the menu lists the veggie dishes. Each main dish (such as kimchi soup) come served on a tray with a side dish (such as rice to complement the soup), 3 little sides, and a little sweet.

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First Review by s_k_


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25 Nov 2023

Great Vegan Options...

Simply ask for the vegan menu when you go in. Several excellent items available. When you order from the vegan menu, they will bring you vegan side dishes. They always seem very conscientious about vegan items - however, as with any non-veg place, it's good to double check. Our go to is always the bi bim bab. Pay the extra to get the hot stone pot!

Pros: Vegan Menu - just ask for it.



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03 Nov 2022

Be aware of kimchi's sneaky fish

They could be clearer about it in the menu, but be aware that almost NO kimchi is ever vegan or vegetarian. Every family & regional recipe of kimchi has some sort of fish or fish sauce in it. So unless you see kimchi that's clearly labeled vegan, assume fish.


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30 Jul 2022

Yummy bipimbap

This place was delicious, be aware even on their separate vegan menu I feel I remember seeing honey or eggs on some items so just be sure to confirm items are vegan


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28 Oct 2021

Pretty good

The lunch special is a good deal. They have a separate vegan menu and are happy to answer questions. Good music choices, as well!


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06 Sep 2020

Excellent Vegan Option

This place was so so yummy. I had the Tofu Gang Jeong and it was incredible. The tofu was crispy and the sauce was delicious. My partner had Jap Chae which was equally delicious. The service was really amazing, and our server had no problem verifying with the kitchen about certain ingredients. Be sure to ask for the speciality menu.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great service, Delicious!


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29 Dec 2018

ask for the vegan menu!

Nice atmosphere and friendly service. They have a separate vegan menu, so make sure to ask for that.

I got the fried rice which came with rotating sides that included kim chi, picked cabbage and cucumbers in a spicy sauce. The fried rice itself wasn’t to impressive and I wished it had come with tofu or something.

Staff needs to be trained more on the vegan options. My vegetarian friends and omnivore partner enjoyed their meals.

Pros: vegan menu, friendly staff

Cons: staff not trained on vegan menu , mediocre vegan food


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29 Sep 2018

Vegan menu..but automatic meat sides??

The food was amazing and I love that they have a vegan menu, but they serve all meals with meat sides automatically so I was served sausage, chicken and fish as sides😒it’s probably the first time I’ve had animal products served to me because of something I’ve ordered, and now that meat is just thrown away. I’m feeling some vegan guilt. Ask for no meat sides!!

Pros: Vegan menu, Really friendly service

Cons: Meat served as sides


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12 Feb 2018

PLENTY of Vegan options

I LOVE this place - awesome atmosphere and large portions. Lunch is pretty cheap and there are tons of dishes to easily make vegan if they aren't already. Each meal comes with three (small) sides.

Pros: Lots of options, large portions

Cons: Vegan options not highlighted on menu


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24 Aug 2017

NO vegan options and not willing to accommodate

I was very blatantly told they would not/could not accommodate a vegan diet by the hostess.


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28 Jun 2017

outstanding option

A terrific new option in Providence. Walked past, went in to ask if they had any vegetarian options, and got pointed to the last page, which summarizes the veggie options from the rest of the menu (and there's a whole page of them). So, despite knowing nothing about them, we decided to give them a try.

The main dishes come served on a tray with the main dish (say, a kimchi soup), a side dish (rice to complement the soup), three little sides (today, for vegetarians: a Korean "mapo tofu", pickled greens, and corn salad), and a little sweet (watermelon cube with apple bits in syrup). So the presentation and experience is itself something.

Every single thing we had was excellent. The main and rice were great, the mapo was unusual, the pickled veggies were fine, and the corn salad, which was surprisingly sweet, was stunning: like every-taste-making-your-nerves-jingle stunning. The sweet was also gorgeous. Couldn't have had a better meal.

We don't usually get dessert but we did here -- an ice cream flight of East Asian-flavored ice creams -- and that was also worth it.

Though the prices are technically not cheap, they are very reasonable given the ambiance, quality, and quantity. For instance, we had intended to order a starter until we found out about the dinner trays, and we're glad we didn't order one. But there's more to it.

As several people have commented, they do not accept tips. It's not just a recommendation: the credit card receipt comes with no tip line. Once you factor that in, the prices are even more reasonable. And no-tip is of course in many ways a much nicer experience for customers.

Though several reviews have said the food was very slow, we didn't have that experience: it was around 6:30pm on a Tuesday night but the place was mostly full. It did take a _bit_ longer to get our food than we expected, but not unreasonably so (certainly no hour-long wait or anything of the sort).

Also, the service was excellent, and the no-tip policy improved the service dynamic: it left the waitstaff free to act as a team. They came around frequently, all seemed on the ball, and we got service from whoever was available nearby rather than having to wait for "our" waitress.

I had only one complaint. The bathroom in the back is through a service area that had a really strong bleach smell, and the restrooms were not quite up to the standard the restaurant set. They really need to work on that: it's just not consistent with the mood that everything

Pros: veggie menu + veggie mystery sides, delicious, interesting, classy food, prices reasonable once you consider portion/no-tip

Cons: only so many veggie mains

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