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Warschauer Strasse 33, Berlin, Germany, 10243

Opened Sept 2013 above the Veganz store, this restaurant features fresh Italian cuisine prepared with seasonal and regional ingredients. Makes pizza, pasta, and antipasti, and weekday 3-course menu at lunch (from 12pm) and dinner (from 5pm). Weekend brunch 10am-4:30pm. Kitchen closes 11pm. Has full bar and serves cocktails. Prices moderate to slightly more. MAR 2015 SHUT, MAYBE MOVING, LET HAPPYCOW KNOW IF/WHEN IT RE-OPENS!

Category: Vegan, Pizza, Italian, Mediterranean, Beer/Wine

Reviews (22)

First Review by pavese91

wonderful, perfect for dinner - Edit

Mio Matto is a very cozy, yet elegant and stylish restaurant with a beautiful view on Friedrichshain. Perfect for a dinner, romantic but grounded and not to chic. Very friendly staff, helpful and explaining. 4 course menu was excellent with little snacks inbetween. A very tasty, thoughtful and creative trip into vegan gourmet cuisine I can only recommend. My highlight was the dessert: marzipan-foam with (on the table) caramelized apple and crumble.

Pretty expensive, nothing to enjoy on a regular basis, but that might just make the experince more unique.

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, stylish but grounded

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Amazing food and drinks! - Edit

It's very cosy and the food and drinks are amazing. GO FOR IT! =)

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Nice Atmosphere - Edit

Very good food, Nicely laid out, nice atmosphere, maybe somewhat expensive but otherwise the highest rating.

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A good effort at fine dining - Edit

I really like what Mio Matto is trying to do - any place that offers vegan fine dining should be applauded. But while the presentation and price are quite high end, I'm not sure the taste really reaches the same heights. There are three menus to choose from. I went for the creative one, and loved the sushi and the main course, which was a curry with deep-fried quinoa balls, but the soup and dessert were just ok. My boyfriend had the regional menu and was very underwhelmed by the main, but blown away by the dessert. So it was a bit hit and miss, but the service was fantastic and it was a nice occasion.

Pros: Ambitious

Cons: Expensive

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Sadly disappointing - Edit

I wanted to find a nice restaurant for my anniversary so a couple of months before our trip, I picked MioMotto based on their menu, which showed pizzas and pastas as well as salads and starters. I booked the reservation on OpenTable when I could but didn't look at the menu again. I was really looking forward to getting some vegan italian food. We are not really into super fancy foods, but we like nice looking restaurants.

So when we got there, on a Sunday evening, we were handed a totally different menu. Apparently, they had changed the entire menu, which I confirmed by looking up their site in the Wayback Machine. The menu was not really Italian. I would categorize it as food you get from Noma (one of the fanciest restaurants in Copenhagen). We tried to choose menu items that sounded good, trying to keep an open mind.

The food just wasn't for me. I didn't like any of the flavors or combinations. It also didn't help that I was expecting to get pasta with cream sauce.

It is also hard to tell what the food will taste like based on the menu descriptions, like if it will be sweet or salty. I don't like sweet dinner food and my main course had a sweet and sour taste, which is my least favorite combination.

However, the staff were so friendly and nice that I felt really bad for not really eating my food. They were friendly and did a good job at explaining the dishes when they brought them out. So it was a nice experience in that way.

If they bring back the menu with all the pastas and pizzas for dinner, I might consider visiting again.

Pros: Nice staff and service

Cons: Expensive

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Paying 17€ for tofu...? - Edit

I went there with my boyfriend, I begged him to go literally I've heard only good stuff about the place but now, I just don't see which ones.
I mean, is it Just because it's "Fancy" with the cookbook of Björn whatever that this place is so damn expensive?
I don't think it's normal to pay 10€ for olives or even 17€ for a block of smoked tofu.. It was so called "Roti" but it was just a tofu right out of the package. What a scam!!!
I was so disappointed, the waiters where out of space, did not listen to us at all, did not know anything about what's in the dish, gluten and stuff, and I had to ask 3 times for bread!
The first time my boyfriend came here, they forgot his dish and closed the kitchen while he was sitting here, waiting for his dish!! At the end, because there was nobody in the kitchen, they served him some random pasta with a canned tomato sauce...Do you call that a restaurant?

Pros: place is nice

Cons: too expensive for the quality, no originality, waiters don't know what they are doing

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try it !!!

great location in a busy berlin area

great design of the food

Pros: great location, nice interior design

Cons: a bit pricey for small portions

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Great food, but not cheap - Edit

Nice vegan restaurant with great food. The prices are not cheap and the portions are not big. So it's more for visiting for a special evening than for a filling diner.

Pros: Good food

Cons: Not cheap, Small portions

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favourite place in berlin - Edit

We went several times over our 1.5 weeks in Berlin. We had lunch, dinners and brunch. All the food is so fresh, beautifully presented, and rich in flavour.bI really enjoyed the ravioli with parsnip cream. Brunch was a great value buffet with sweet and savoury. Th staff is wondering land the space is warm, inviting and well laid out. The only small thing is that English menu translation descriptions do not adequately capture how wonderful the dishes are.

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I expected something more - Edit

I was disappointed by this restaurant. The staff is friendly and talkative, the view is impressing but the food is a drama. We had pizza and it was definitely the last time we went there. In their menu it was filled with all the good stuff, in reality - it had some meat and cheese substitutes and nearly nothing more. What a pity!

Pros: staff, view

Cons: food

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Good vegan food - Edit

This vegan restaurant in Berlin offers good vegan pizzas and pasta dishes. Located in downtown Berlin, this restaurant is not hard to find. There is a vegan shop and café (Goodies) downstairs. The waitress was friendly and she spoke good English. The furniture is modern and inviting.

Pros: Food, Staff, Location

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Amazing brunch - slightly odd service - Edit

I went here for pizza but as it was Sunday, only the buffet brunch was available. This was certainly not a bad thing as there was many dishes to choose from and everything looked amazing. I had a plate of antipasti vegetables which included the most convincing vegan smoked cheese I have ever tried and an "egg" dish which tasted very authentic. Then I tried a little of the main dishes: the cheesiest lasagne, ravioli, goulash, potato wedges, vegetables. All delicious. There was also bread, seeds, spreads, jams, fruit and desserts. Unfortunately they had ran out of chocolate mousse but the cherry mousse was very nice instead.

The only bad thing was that the waiter was a bit odd. He showed me to my seat and then I had trouble tracking him down again. He eventually took my drink order and told me I could only have the buffet after I'd been sat there for 10 minutes. The price of the buffet was not displayed anywhere. I couldn't see him to pay my bill and so I had to go to the counter where another guy served me. He was very pleasant but tried to charge me for two brunches (despite dining alone). FYI it's 12.50 for brunch.

Pros: Great food, Nice space

Cons: Staff, Price not displayed anywhere

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excellent lunch - if you are lucky! - Edit

Wonderful lunch. I got superb spinach soup for starter. Main course less interesting but not bad.
Updated from previous review on Thursday February 13, 2014

Unfortunately I have to update my review. I had some nice lunches at Mia Matto since my first time 3 weeks ago but every time the service was slow and weird. They would forgot you all the time even though you are almost alone there.

Today I arrived for lunch but they were out of the daily lunch option and offered me the ordinary menu! No, thanks, I checked in internet and came all the way to Fhain just to have this lunch at Mia Motto. I arrived 14:20, which should not be too late for lunch. It is not just acceptable that they stop serving the lunch option before lunch is over at 16:30!!!! The restaurant is basically tricking me to have to choose a more expansive alternative. I left because I am not into pasta and pizza.

So have can I recommend anyone this restaurant, when you never will know if they have the lunch dish which is announced in internet. A restaurant with style and class like this, should be able to prepare more lunch until 16:30.

Pros: food if you get it at all, great atmosphere and view

Cons: service, attitude, lunch hours?

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Hit or miss - Edit

This place has potential, but if you're not into fake meat and cheese, beware because they have a lot of this, and the execution is not so great. We had the winter tomato soup that was excellent, but our main dishes were okay to bad. My ravioli dish was okay; my husband pizza's was mostly burnt and since we're not a fan of the vegan cheese, it was mixed in with the sauce. It would be nice if you have the option to choose to have it or not. The menu didn't imply it came with vegan cheese. I don't think this place is bad but maybe it's not for everyone.

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Great view, pizza needs work - Edit

We found this restaurant by accident while visiting the East Side Gallery, and were so excited that we waited around until it opened for dinner to try it. The decor and especially the view are fantastic. It's a great setting for a romantic dinner.

For some reason, the menu comes as a stack of sheets on a clipboard. This is hard to flip through, especially because even though it was dinner time, they did not remove the pages for the lunch menu (isn't that the point?).

The wine and appetizers were tasty. We both got pizza for the main course, and it was extremely disappointing. Pizza is ALL ABOUT THE CRUST! It doesn't matter how good your toppings are if your crust is bad! And if your crust is great, you can get away with just about any topping. Unfortunately the chefs here don't know this. The crust was soggy and fell apart as you tried to pick up slices. Needless to say, it wasn't pleasant to eat. Also, the pizza did not come pre-cut, so it was even more challenging to deal with it. The real shame of it is, the sauce and toppings were actually quite good. But the wet crust ruined everything. I'm really confounded by this, because all pizza crust is actually vegan, and its quality really has nothing to do with dairy. It's flour and water. Please send someone to Italy for a short course, because this restaurant has some serious potential.

Pros: Great view, Beautiful decor

Cons: Soggy crust, Uncomfortable menu

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losthighway 07 Dec 2013 - Hear, hear!
You might want to try Bistro Zeus, nearby on Boxhagenerstr.
The decor and atmosphere is the total opposite of this place, but they get the crust right! and that's what matters.  

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vegan pizza - not yet - Edit

We went there to check out the vegan pizza as this place specially advertises pizza & pasta. Well, vegan pasta is not a big challenge so we tried the vegan pizza. To be honest, not really recommended. Though it may be the closest thing currently possible with vegan cheese, it still isn't convincing. Rather dry and not cheesy.
Atmosphere and staff quite nice and friendly.

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Disappointing - Edit

Unfortunately I have to say I was very disappointed with this restaurant.

We went the other night as the menu sounded great and it's right around the corner.
Simply put, we found the dishes to be bland and uninspiring - despite the lavish descriptions given on the menu.
The tagliatelle was of packet pasta quality and the soy filet was tasteless strips of TVP. At 13,50€ that's unacceptable.
My partner had the millet risotto, which not only did she report to be very bland, but the millet was slightly undercooked.

The panna cotta desert, on the other hand, was passable.
We were interested in trying the cannelloni desert, but apparently the kitchen ran out. I did see a few others having it and it looked very nice.
The wine was excellent.

The atmosphere was pretty decent. The view is nice, and the decor was better than most other up-scale vegan places (though still a bit tacky). The staff were neither rude, nor particularly friendly.

Pros: Good wine

Cons: Bland food, Price and food quality don't match

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Time for a fancy vegan restaurant! - Edit

Cool atmosphere and excellent service with nice views in Warschauerstr, along with 100% vegan italian food, make this restaurant totally advisable if you want to have kind of a fancier/more elegant vegan dinner.

Food is italian, so you shouldn't expect mind-blowing flavors, but one of us had the four seasons pizza and was very very good. There are also some desserts options. The panacotta wasn't very good, but the cannollo was very tasty.

We were 3 people dinning, we shared one starter and 2 desserts. 1 main dish + beer each, 20€ per head.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 08, 2013

Pros: Atmosphere, Service, Food

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More than just pizza and pasta - Edit

This restaurant is located above the Veganz supermarket. To get in, you have to go through the entrance to the supermarket, up the stairs, and to the right. The decor is quite swanky with a full bar with lounge-style area.

I first went here for the opening evening and they put on a buffet of pizza, past and antipasti. The pizza was with vegan "cheese" and "meat" and the base wasn't particularly special, although I later learnt that they offer a gluten free base, which is good. The pasta and the antipasti (mostly marinated veg) were also good. The food lived up to the tag-line 'Pizza. Pasta. Passion', but I wouldn't really recommend going there just to eat that kind of thing.

The second time we went there, we wanted to experience the "fine dining" that they offered, so avoided the pizza and pasta and opted for the more exotic-sounding creations on the menu.

For starters we ordered the fennel and lemon soup (€5,50) and "ravioli" made from thinly-sliced kohlrabi stuffed with lentils (€7,90). Both were pretty good, although the rather bland lentils could have been better seasoned and perhaps coated in a nice dressing. For mains we had the millet risotto with porcini mushrooms (€11,70) and the smoked tofu served with fava bean mash, "caviar" and salsify (also known as winter asparagus, apparently) (€15,00). These were both delicious. The tofu was generously portioned, surprisingly complex in flavour and had a good texture. The mash very tasty and the porcini mushrooms perfectly cooked.

We didn't bother with a dessert, but on the menu were panna cotta and a kind of sweet cannelloni stuffed with fruit (both around €5,50).

I was pretty impressed with the food and now wonder they have undersold this new restaurant as a pizza-pasta place. I would give it 5 stars, but unfortunately I'm going to have to deduct a star due to the rather rude, self-important, inattentive staff, who seemed to think that we should have been honoured that they were taking the time to serve us - I guess that's just Berlin though!

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Posh Nosh for vegans! - Edit

We had already eaten but were intrigued to see what this place looked like. We felt like we might get turned away for being too scruffy but infact were welcomed into this super fancy/stylish/posh whatever you get the idea restaurant. The menu is not huge but its bilingual and the food is interesting. We had a lovely porcini soup, a couple of drinks and a fancily presented dessert that was interesting if a little underwhelming. It came to 20 euros which was less than we expected! We,re going back to have a full meal in a couple of days time, hopefully they,ll let us in again!

Pros: interesting menu, very ,impressive, decor, good food

Cons: a bit posh!, not cheap

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Fine Italian Food - Edit

Owned by one of Germany's most famous vegan cooks Björn Moschinski, this brand new (Sept 2013) classy place in Berlin Friedrichshain offers a variety of vegan interpretations of Italian classics as well as some more experimental dishes. For starters, we had a mushroom cream soup and a minestrone followed by tagliatelle with a sophisticated coffee sauce & soy filets and a pizza calzone. Everything was without a doubt very delicious. However, for most of us from a budget point of view, this is not your place to go every day but rather something for special occasions (comparable to Koops and La Mano Verde in Berlin, where we are, of course, blessed with all sorts of very good vegan places). For 2 starters and 2 main dishes + 1 glass of wine each we paid 50 €.

Pros: delicious food, very good quality, elegant setting

Cons: rather pricy

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Vegan Designitalian - Edit

This is a newly opened trendy restaurant just off Warschauer Brücke situated on top of the Veganz supermarket.
The mastermind behind this "Italian" restaurant is Björn Moschinski, vegan "celebrity" cook and former chef of the Koops.
It´s a stylish place with a nice view over the neighbourhood. Some of the design decisions are not quite up my street, but it´s a nice place and definitely compatible if you want to take your parents out to a vegan restaurant.
There´s pizza and pasta, a very good selection of starters and a small number of main dishes and a good selection of wines. This is not your average vegan place, the food is geared towards a wallet with a few more Euros in it than the average vegan burger affecionado can afford. But then the food is of excellent quality. Very fresh and original, the service was excellent.
I had a minestrone, and tagliatelle with mock soy meat marinated in coffee and herbs. It was very tasty, although for the above average price I missed the extra 10% that would make the dishes pure bliss. I am nitpicking here as the food is really very good, but it falls one inch short of excellent.
Still, it is the kind of place you can take friends to in order to demonstrate how far vegan cooking has come.

Pros: excellent service , good, fresh food, almost haute cuisine

Cons: on the expensive side

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