Asian restaurant serving vegan noodles and rice plates, buns, dim sum, drinks, and desserts. Reported fully vegan July 2023. Open Mon 12:00pm-4:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm, Wed-Fri 12:00pm-4:00pm, Wed-Thu 5:30pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 5:30pm-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-4:00pm, Sun 5:30pm-10:00pm. Closed Tue.

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First Review by RoseDelaney


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20 Sep 2023

Coconut Grove's gem

Amazing find on my layover

Pros: Awesome food! , Great people work here, Great ambiance, nice music!

Cons: None



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25 Aug 2023

Favorite spot

My all time favorite spot I recommend to everyone! It’s the perfect place for date night 🩷
All the food is so flavorful you won’t regret ordering anything. I definitely recommend the Chocolate Ganache Dumplings it’s our favorite

Pros: Brussel sprouts , Chocolate Ganache Dumplings, King Oyster Mushroom Bao


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14 Jul 2023

Unfortunately not impressed

Unfortunately we were not impressed by Minty Z. The restaurant is small, dark, dingy and dirty. They’ve put no effort into making the atmosphere inviting. We were still hopeful when we were seated but when we asked our waiter if everything was vegan he replied that everything was made with vegetables, which made me wonder if he knew what vegan means. We had the buckwheat scallion pancake with ginger tamari dipping sauce. It’s basically a hard tasteless bread-like substance, and the sauce was unimpressive. When the waiter asked how everything was we mentioned that we were definitely not impressed with this dish. He replied that it’s one of the best sellers. We thought he might just be saying anything that came to mind. We also ordered the Orange Tofu. Not a lot of flavor in this dish, or any of the sauces for that matter. The only good things about this dining experience were the Avocado Spring Rolls, and the Thai Curry Cauliflower. Neither were incredible, but both dishes were worth ordering again. The Avocado Rolls were not as light tasting as spring rolls typically are, but they were a treat nevertheless. The Cauliflower was particularly interesting being served as a whole head of cauliflower. It was cooked well and quite tasty.

Pros: Thai Curry Cauliflower , Avocado Spring Rolls

Cons: 2 dishes, and several sauces, Service , Atmosphere


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08 May 2023

One of my favorites!

Always a great experience and so much fun to try the varied selections

Pros: All vegan imaginative Asian


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23 Apr 2023

Ten-course tasting menu (Premium omakase) was a good experience

Most of the dishes were great. A few of the dishes were mushroom based which weren't my favorite, but overall it was a good experience.


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27 Feb 2023

Amazing Asian Cuisine

Everything is delicious 😋 Definitely try the curry noodles, corn cuban wonton, vegan beef gyoza and Matcha pancakes. Also super nice people!

Pros: Delicious, So many options, Tofu!!!

Cons: Expensive, Not generous with tofu


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14 Feb 2023

Great Food, Great Staff, Great Setting

Fantastic food, great staff. Everything I tried was very enjoyable, the mushroom bao in particular shined. I've had vegan bao a number of times, and savory "meaty" ones tend to come up short. The mushroom bao is exactly what I hope a vegan bao to taste like. The hostess was charming and humorous, and the servers were very vigilant.

Pros: Full vegan menu, Very flavorful food, Great ambiance and service

Cons: A little pricey, but it's Miami


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14 Feb 2023

Flavorful dim sum

The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They made sure to make sure our food didn't contain onion or garlic as requested. Food was very flavorful and tasty.


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13 Feb 2023


Pretty much everything was excellent except for the "chicken" mushroom potstickers, which tasted a bit too fishy (I don't like fish). The pineapple fried rice really blew me away. For drinks, try the Thai iced tea.

Overall a great experience, although quite pricey.


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19 Jan 2023

Decent, don’t get the tasting menu

Had the 10 course tasting menu to experience more of the menu. The highlight by far was the cauliflower kimchi, sweet & sour mushroom & mushroom bao buns. the rest of the dishes were just ok but nothing blew me away. The truffle rice was so bland & greasy & the miso soup wasn’t good at all . The staff we REALLY friendly & attentive. I would visit again but wouldnt pay for the tasting menu.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-19


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25 Dec 2022

Insanely good

Went here while on vacation it was the best. I ordered the Garden Omakase a 6 course tasting of all there best dishes, I can’t recommend this enough. The food here is on another level 5 stars.

Pros: Friendly staff, Expertly prepared dishes , Great drink menu


Points +5775

23 Dec 2022

The food doesn't justify the hefty price tag

Despite the lovely service, I shouldn't have walked away with a $105 for a lunch for 2 that included the smallest portions of average tasting food plus one alcoholic drink each. 

I compare my food experiences with those I've had elsewhere in the world based on quality, presentation, preparation, and value. I tried other places in Miami to compare to, as Miami is very overpriced anyway, but for me, I feel that Minty Z fell short of the others. 

We ordered a seitan banh mi which came out with tasteless rubbery seitan: not the kind you get in other places that have a pull-away texture of chicken. Where was the sauce to flavor it too? The shrimp dim sum is nice but the 'shrimp' was mixed with rice as a cheap, filler ingredient, and the rice noodles had few vegetables with the Just Egg completely getting lost in the dish, and the same, rubbery mock meat with a small portion priced at over $20. While the king mushroom bao buns tasted nice, they were half the size of any I've ever bought in any other country, with barely any filling, and outrageously cost $15 for 2 (before taxes and the mandatory tip!)

The portion sizes are woeful for the high prices. This is not a fine food restaurant. Even though New York hurt my pocket the last time I visited, I got great tasting food with better portion sizes. I'm quite disappointed with this visit.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-23


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28 Nov 2022

Some of the foods are good but some can be improved

And dim sums are so overpriced


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10 Oct 2022

Overpriced, disappointing food

I am surprised that this place has such high ratings. Each item is way too overpriced for small portions. Recipes are basic. I suggest going elsewhere!


21 Nov 2022

It’s your only review and also very negative. Someone sounds like a hater. 🙃


28 Nov 2022

Very observant of you! It’s intended to be negative because the food was bad and overpriced. I created this account to leave a review because it was that bad.


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09 Oct 2022

Very overpriced!

Very overpriced for small portion size and unspectacular food preparation


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04 Sep 2022


My husband's bday is coming up. I was looking for a Vegan restaurant, which is not easy to find in Miami at least a good one. I didn't know this restaurant existed boy! I'm glad I found it, We couldn't wait until his bday, and we went tonight, and I couldn't wait to post a review. The food is outstanding!..the service as well, they kept checking if everything was good, not only our waiter but everyone, kept our glass of water full and our table clean after we finished. They seem to work collaborative. We had the dumpling feast and felt it was a perfect amount for two persons and a great way to get to try all the different dim sum that they had. On the pricier side but worth every bite. We also had a delicious dessert! -peanut butter ice cream with a delicious sort of pancake. The drinks were also so good.
We can't wait to go back to try the rest of the menu. Absolutely recommend to everyone Vegans or not,. Amazing!
We we were too busy enjoying our food, not pics this time.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-04

Pros: Vegan , Excellent service , Location of the restaurant with free parking

Cons: Music a little loud


Points +49

13 Aug 2022

FAVORITE restaurant in Miami!

My meat-eating partner picks Minty Z every time we go out for dinner!!!! We can't get enough. Absolutely EVERYTHING on the menu is worth trying but some personal faves are the cauliflower kimchi, king oyster mushroom bao buns, lemon miso yu choy, seitan wings, shrimp shumai, chik'n mushroom potstickers, and the sesame bubble sundae for dessert! Exciting, creative, delicious. Staff is incredible from kitchen to front of house. Just the BEST all around!

If you are vegan and visiting Miami, make the trip to Coconut Grove no matter where you're staying! It is so worth it!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-13


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12 Aug 2022

This is my favorite vegan restaurant! My non-veg partner loves it here too.

There are so many great options to choose from. The staff is so friendly and the atmosphere is uplifting.

Pros: All vegan, Lots of options, Delicious dumplings


Points +310

31 Jul 2022

111% vegan 🌱

Always fantastic!
My Favorite place in Miami, very good quality, every single dish is remarkable and flavorful. Service is A
It doesn't matter if you are going for brunch, lunch or dinner, their products are so fresh and made from scratch that is worth it to try almost every day!
Highly recommended 🤍

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-11


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20 Jun 2022

So good!

All I had was delicious and I wish I could try more. Not many tables though, and the place is popular so better book if you want to sit inside.

Pros: Fully vegan, Delicious


Points +68

18 May 2022


Clearly one of the best, most creative vegan restaurants I’ve found. It had such good reviews we decided to go all out and have the six course tasting menu. Every plate was outstanding. From dumplings to bao to cucumber salad to kung pao tofu. Even the desert was creative: whole wheat dumplings with a carmelized sesame sauce. Service was great but a little pretentious.

If you’re in Miami and don’t mind spending the money, I can’t recommend this restaurant enough.

Pros: Outstanding food, Great service

Cons: Expensive , Parking


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22 Mar 2022

Dumpling feast!

This restaurant is definitely a must try for the vegan Asian cuisine lover! I had the dumpling feast and felt it was a perfect amount for one person and a great way to get to try all the different dim sum that they had. On the pricier side but with the atmosphere and surrounding neighborhood, I am not surprised. I want to go back and try some of the other dishes now.

Pros: Hip atmosphere, Great flavor, Quick service

Cons: Price


Points +51

13 Mar 2022

Z Best For Vegan Date Nite!

We came down from Tampa for the weekend and we’re so happy we found this place. The atmosphere feels trendy and fun but the food is the real star. Our waiter, Gazeem, was delightful and advised us to go with the Garden Tasting Menu, which was truly spectacular. Highly recommended!

Pros: Entirely vegan menu. , Nice wine and beer options, Great for date night.

Cons: Small and popular- reservations recommended!, Tricky parking - downtown coconut grove


Points +125

06 Mar 2022

Haven’t stopped thinking about cucumber salad

I got the tasting menu and the food kept coming, was blown away with flavors and textures but the cucumber salad stole the show. It has a numbing chili oil and tofu skins. The meal overall was probably the best meal I’ve ever had.

Pros: Vegan dim sum


Points +149

10 Nov 2021

Very unique and Vegan delicious..

Went to MintyZ on a Sunday, and of course several delicious looking items were already sold out. The Dim Sum was delightful and very exquisitely served. wish I could have tried everything !

Pros: So delicious Chinese type Vegan Dim Sum variety, Tasty and exciting are the words., Minty drinks are tops.

Cons: It may not be pricey to you, but pricey for me.


Points +5877

04 Nov 2021

Scrumptious, high quality food

As I am an Asian food lover, I was excited to hit Minty Z’a prior to coming to Miami, especially since my fellow Happy Cow’ers gave great reviews. We braved south beach traffic and traveled about 45 minutes to get there—we’ll worth it!

We ordered the Dumpling Feast, smashed cucumber salad, Massaman curry noodles, and lemon miso yu-Choy. Everything was super delicious, but the smashed cucumber salad was the best item in my opinion. The feast is a good place to start so you can try different things.

All in all, order everything until your heart is content. You will not regret it.


Points +15

11 Oct 2021


I’ve been here two weekends back to back and everything on the menu is amazing! Service is great as well!

Pros: Delicious

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