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Serves meat, vegan options available. Latin food restaurant using Beyond Meat products. Please note that beans are not vegan. Rice may contain meat stock, clarify when ordering. Reported limited vegan options June 2021. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-9:00pm, Fri 11:00am-10:00pm, Sat 9:00am-10:00pm, Sun 9:00am-8:00pm.

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31 Jan 2022

Great options here!

Oregon City is seriously lacking in solid vegan options, but this place was great. I haven't had a quesadilla in ages. It was pretty basic but amazing all the same.

Pros: Let's of veganizable food



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27 Jun 2021

Do your homework

Looked promising! A menu with many vegan options achieved by subbing the real meat with Beyond Products! Most of these dishes have refried beans and rice listed as ingredients so it spurred the next logical question “Do the beans have lard in them?” And the answer from the server was YES… didn’t bother to ask if the rice had chicken broth but I can guess. So, if you like your vegan dishes to have lard in them, this is the place for you. I ordered the Beyond taco trio (not served with beans/rice) it was too heavy on the fake meat and way too skimpy on all the good things that make a vegan taco good. Keep trying Mesa, learn more about what vegan means.

Cons: Lard in beans, Possible/probable chicken broth in rice


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12 Oct 2020

If you are looking for a gut bomb, this is the place!

Ordered two vegan burritos for my coworker and me and was charged $32.00. Yes, $16 burritos! Not to mention it took 55 minutes before my order was ready. There’s more, when I returned to the job site and opened the box it was a wet burrito, and no silverware was provided. Imagine eating a wet burrito with your bare hands having it fall apart all over you, because that’s what happened. I’d give the flavor of it a 2 out of 5. Smothered with a mediocre red sauce and melted cheeze, inside was beyond meat or impossible with rice, beans and more cheeze, bombs away! Eat at your own risk.

Pros: Aesthetically nice environment

Cons: Extremely expensive, Not very good flavor , Poor service


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20 Jul 2020

5 stars, although happy cow will only allow 4!

The food was great! With vegan cheese and beyond meat, just about everything can be veganized. Everything was great and our server lyndsey was super sweet!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Vegan cheese , Beyond meat


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03 Nov 2019


If I could give them 5 stars I would. I have the beyond nachos delivered A LOT and they are always amazing. They substitute things without adding extra fees. They offer great portion sizes. Seriously tasty AF.

Pros: Great options , Food is delicious, Fast service

Cons: A little more expensive than most places


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13 Jun 2019

Lots of Vegan Options

I’d give 5 stars if allowed. Service was great. There were at least 17 vegan/vegan-optional dishes in the menu, and they have Beyond products. They serve complementary chips and salsa. They didn’t have hot sauce, which seemed odd, but they did have a spicy salsa.

Pros: Many items can be prepared vegan, Beyond Burger is available, Staff were helpful and friendly

Cons: They don’t have hot sauce, only hot salsa, Beyond Meat is more expensive to add than animals


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01 Jun 2019

SO MANY “Beyond” Options!

Their new menu is full of veg-friendly options=)

Pros: LOTS of vegan options!


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26 Jun 2018

Pretty good

There aren't many options for vegans in Oregon City, so it's nice to go to a place that has a clearly indicated vegan section on the menu. That being said, the four or so options are basically all the same thing. I ordered the vegan rancheros, it was pretty tasty.

Pros: Vegan options are clearly indicated, No wait on a Sunday morning, An option where there is not many

Cons: All vegan options are pretty much the same, Weird tension between front and back of house


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15 Jun 2018


I was pleased to see a separate vegan section on the menu. There are only four options, however. I had the taco salad it was excellent!The cocktails and service were excellent as well.


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08 Jun 2018

I found vegan food in Oregon City!

After going to three separate places boasting "Veg-friendly" options only to find out after driving there they meant salad 🙄 I found this beacon of hope 😍. I had an actual MEAL that was filling and delicious. Thank you for restoring my hope in this town, I'll definitely be back!

Pros: Separate (although small) vegan menu, you don't ha

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