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Chinese restaurant with basic, cafeteria style seating. Choose from a large selection plus a drink for your meal. Lots of soya meat, noodles, rice and vegetables. Air conditioned. No smoking. Free water and hot tea with food purchase. Reported closed, Feb 2019.

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First Review by maynard7


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Mostly Veg
25 Jan 2018

cheap and tasty

The more you take the cheaper it is and they give really delicious drink for free. Super tasty food too!



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12 Nov 2017

cheap and delicious!

Here you can eat plenty for little money. It’s buffet asian style, varied menu and good food with a lot of vegan options.


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01 Sep 2016

Very good and super cheap

This is a small buffet that offers chinese vegan food like some types of vegan meats and also offers Panamanian vegan food. The taste is really good. The place is very clean and cozy but it only opens from monday to friday from 11 to 2 pm. The food has a great taste and you can get free soup or juice... it is very cheap, about $3 for a good plate. The owners are a very nice taiwanese couple.

Pros: Food is delicious, Very very cheap, Clean and nice place

Cons: Closed on weekends , Closed on week days at night


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23 Jan 2013

Inexpensive vegan choice

Cafeteria/buffet style Chinese and Panamanian vegan cuisine. The food was okay, but the prices were rock-bottom - five items of food, filling a whole plate, for less than $4. This place got pretty busy around lunchtime and seems to be popular with students and office workers. There are similar cafeteria style restaurants nearby, like El Jardin Vegetariana, and the neighbourhood (El Cangrejo) is convenient and accessible.

Pros: Cheap, Variety


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08 Jan 2012

Decent option in a sea of no options.

Panama isn't particularly veg*n friendly so it's great that there are options such as Me Gusta Comida Vegetariana. It's mostly uninteresting food presented cafeteria style (~$0.75 per scoop/serving) but again, I'm glad it's an option.

Note: The hours on this listing are wrong. It's not open on Sundays or Holidays and it is only open until 5pm on Saturday. I also think it's only open until 9pm on weekdays.


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08 Sep 2009

Our breakfast, lunch, and dinner...

Given the limited number of vegan friendly places in Panama City...we ended up eating here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on most days. The food portions were 50 cents (juices are also 50 cents). There is a (small) free vegan soup for dinner with your order. For $3.50, the two of us were pretty full for dinner. You will want to add your own soy sauce / salt / hot sauce as they intentionally make the food a bit bland. The owners/staff speak minimal English but all you really have to do is point at the items you want as they are all behind a glass counter. I would recommend you stay at a hotel by this restaurant if you are vegan as there really arent a lot of options in panama city. We stayed at Torres y Alba ($89/night).

Pros: Large variety, Friendly staff, Very cheap

Cons: Bland


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Mostly Veg
13 Aug 2009

Take tupperware to take some home, it`s great!

I could eat at this place 3 times a day, I really liked it. Great selection, good juice for free with order. Went back for more and it was still super cheap. If you have trouble finding it ask for the Continental Hotel, it`s on the same block, near a hostal called Zuly`s, also. Sweet find.

Pros: yummy, big selection, cheap

Cons: no dessert, buffet style

Richard Myers

Points +737

11 Feb 2009

Hard to find restaurant

The streets in Panama City are very confusing and I found this restaurant by accident at the Palerias Miami near Centro Commercial off El Dorado. I don't think the address given is the right one? The restaurant is a bit of a hole in the wall but I quite liked the vegan food and since I have no Spanish, I had to go by sight in determining what it was. Most of the food I was able to identify even from a distance and found it tasty and satisfying. The price of each item was small from 35 cents up and I only paid a little over a couple of dollars for the meal. This was the only vegetarian restaurant I ate at in Panama City so eating there did pose some challenges.

Pros: good food, low cost, seemed clean

Cons: difficult to find, not exactly fancy


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07 Dec 2008

Great value

I have had better food, but if you are looking for quick filling decent food with lots of choices then this is the place. A full meal with soup, plate with a variety of hot food, and a juice only came to US$3. Open late every day.


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02 Aug 2008

Great food, amazing price!

So it's basically 50 cents a scoop full, and you don't need more than a few scoops. Most if it is good, and for the price, it might as well be amazing.. Also good are the large, hearty bowls of soups for $2.50. A meal in themselves.... Not the best place in the world, but definitely one of the best values!

Pros: Good, easy vegan food, cheap!, most everything is vegan

Cons: none that I can think of...


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Mostly Veg
19 Mar 2007

Not the best, but it will do

The food here is cheap... still only 50 cents per item. They don't add much spice or other flavoring, so it's not the most tasty food in town, but at least it's healthy. It's buffet-style, but you tell the employee what you want and they put it on the plate. You have to view the food from a distance of about 7 feet.

Pros: Good location, Cheap

Cons: Not really flavorful

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