Veg stall in the below street level food court inside the mall. A number of dishes available to choose from as well as fried sides and snacks. AKA Maya Mall. Seating in shared area only. Reported to be fully vegan Oct 2019. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-8:30pm. Sometimes closes for 1 or 2 days which are always posted ahead on Facebook page.

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First Review by chinaamber


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02 Aug 2023

Simple and perfect

We live nearby and go there a few times a week. The food is really good and not too unhealthy, there is even the potato curry which is oil free. It is really cheap and the staff is incredibly caring and nice 🙂🙂🙂
We love it so much 🥰

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25 Jul 2023

Can’t go wrong

Stall in Maya Mall food court serving typical “jay” vegan fair. Look out for the red and yellow เจ flags! Point at what you want from the buffet and choose up to three toppings served with rice—a massive portion for only 55 baht! You also have the option of having it heated in the microwave so you don’t have to eat it room temperature like at many similar stalls.

They also have an à la carte menu with a couple of noodle dishes, a burger and some other sides. We’ve heard good things about the burger, which only costs 40 baht, but it was sold out at that time. We live nearby, so we’ll surely be back!

UPDATE, June 2023:
Tried the burger. Nothing incredible but a nice, quick little snack for only 40 baht. Definitely more of a veggie burger than meaty burger. Tip: open up the bun and add in some chillies, the ones in the soy sauce! Adds a good kick and the extra touch of salt it’s lacking. Buffet is as yummy as ever and continues to introduce new dishes regularly.

UPDATE, July 2023:
I just want to emphasise how adorable the guy is who works here. So friendly and welcoming, he greets us with a “wai” and a massive grin every time we go by, even if we’re not ordering from his stall (which we usually are, to be honest). Always brightens our day!

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Pros: Yummy jay food 🍴, Very cheap 💸, Lovely staff ☀️

Cons: Limited seating 🪑


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29 Jun 2023

Love it

The food was amazing here- I had the veggie burger and the Chinese noodles- very cheap too


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14 Jun 2023

Delicious and cheap!

My goodness - what a wonderful stall in the basement of Maya! Everything was so cheap and a delicious little surprise. And the guy who served us was so friendly. Contemplating coming here every day of our stay…😄


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08 Jun 2023

Amazing vegan food

If you visit Maya mall and your veg/vegan, this stall is a must visit. Tasty food, friendly service, and cheap. We have been going there frequently. Try their vegan burgers.

Pros: Clean, Tasty, Cheap

Cons: I wish if they served noodle soups


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05 Mar 2023

Tasty & cheap!

Yummy mild flavors, super kind staff, and very affordable plates! We tried rice with three different dishes plus a chive dumpling for a total of 70 baht (shared between two people.). All delicious. He offered to microwave the food to heat it up but we preferred to eat it room temp rather than microwaving. My only wish is that the food was kept warm (without microwaving). We ended up ordering some stuffed sticky rice to go for breakfast too. Overall very kind and worth the trip for the affordable plate!

Pros: Affordable, Tasty, Kind staff

Cons: Luke warm unless microwaved


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25 Jan 2023

Loved it!

Out of every vegan meal I had so far in Thailand this was my fave. Staff was incredibly friendly and spoke English. Even though it was in a mall it was super yum and I liked the seating area nearby. Highly recommend and would come back (also it was super cheap for a huge portion! I paid 60BHT)

Pros: Great and flavourful options, Super friendly, Good price and big portions

Cons: In a mall (but I didn’t mind)


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18 Jan 2023

Friendly ImJay Vegan

lots of vegan options with very good price. The foodstand located in B1 level.


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28 Dec 2022

Incredibly delicious!

There is such a huge variety to choose from. The hardest part is choosing what to eat! Everything looked amazing. I chose 2 items with rice for 40 baht and added 2 fresh spring rolls for 10 baht each. My plate was an explosion of flavour! The staff at the shop are also so incredibly sweet and friendly. I’d happily go back again and again! Easy 5 stars!

Pros: All vegan , Inexpensive , Delicious!

Cons: No cons at all!


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24 Nov 2022

Delightful place

A very good selection of dishes, affordable prices, wonderful taste. And lovely and friendly staff.


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18 Nov 2022

Wide variety of that vegan foods

Tasty level of spice, super cheap. Meals between 30 and 50 baht.


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14 Nov 2022

Great for the price

So cheap! The food on the pictures cost us only 240B and the young man who served us was very kind.


16 Nov 2022

Yes, they are so friendly and kind people! They always make my day beautiful!


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25 Oct 2022

so good!

one of my favourite jay foods so far. everything very good and affordable as always. loved it!

Pros: all vegan 🌱 , very yummy, nice staff


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25 Oct 2022

Oasis in maya mall

They have so many things to eat
I need to try fresh summer rolls next time!
Friendly staff and yummy food

We also got coconut thai mylk tea next to this!


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07 Oct 2022

The best Veg food in Maya Mall

Love this food stall. They have so many options to choose from, buffet style. The portions for the price are decent and the workers are very friendly to new/old customers. Definitely try out this place. The spring rolls are amazing.

Pros: Many food options, Spring Rolls, Mock meats


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18 Sep 2022


Honestly, I love this family. And the food was delicious as well. Thank you for having such huge energy and for being such a gift. Miss you guys.


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12 Sep 2022

Awesome food surprise in Maya Mall

We loved the violet potatoes and tofu, little soy nuggets snack to take away and sooo many options too choose from , thanks!

Pros: Prices are awesome

Cons: The seating is rather uncomfortable , It's from all places together, plus TV everywhere

Mike Munsie

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03 Sep 2022

great vegan stall

I was at Maya and called in for a mini burger … ฿35 and it was delicious … there is a great selection of pre-cooked food on display so no waiting before you are eating … down stairs on the same level as Rimping Supermarket … shared food court seating
2nd visit today 3/9/22 and I had the Chinese Noodle for ฿40 … great value and great food

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Pros: cheap


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01 Aug 2022

Wonderful surprise

Heaps of amazing options in a location we would never suspect, a food court. The workers were so lovely too! Very cheap!

Pros: Cheap, Yummy, Kind staff

Cons: Not made to order


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10 Jun 2022

Say hello to Smile!

Absolutely a staple for any vegan living in chiang mai. The food is already prepared and ready to be served. It’s affordable, quick and tasty. Say hello to the owner Smile! She is awesome!!

Pros: Inexpensive , Friendly service


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23 Mar 2022

Fully Vegan and Many Different Choices

Super friendly, inexpensive and a great selection of Thai dishes.

Pros: Fully Vegan, Many different dishes, Friendly staff

Cons: Limited seating, Dishes start cold and can be heated up if desired


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06 Mar 2022

Very affordable Jai food

There are so many options here every day. The vegan sausage and tofu-seaweed roll is sooo good. I think through one improvement could be adding more spice.

Pros: Affordable


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30 Jan 2022

Perfect comfort food

Situated in the Hawker market of Maya this stall has been a vegan staple there for many years. Lovely lovely owner - pick from buffet type dishes ranging from pumpkin curry to eggplant stir fry, mix and match, with rice or without. There's also burgers, sticky rice, etc. You can also order dishes 'cooked to order' like Khao Soi. Easy seating around and very clean. Good portion sizes and so cheap. I love it.

Pros: Delicious and comforting, So cheap, Clean environment

Cons: Buffet dishes cold and microwave heated


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08 Apr 2021

Love this place very much

We tried many dishes from this stall and all of them was good. I'm in love thai northern vegan sausage, which they served and delicious fried shiitake mock-meat. Also here very friendly staff. Miss this place very much!

Pros: Tasty food, Cheap


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21 May 2020

Lovely people 💚💙 delicious 😋 foods!!

I have eaten meals there many times in 2016, the food is very yum 😋 especially their fried mushrooms and rice 🍚 so simple yet so delicious!! The people are so welcoming and nice! Only good memories! Can’t wait to go back one day 🙃🇹🇭💙

Pros: As far as i remember there were only vegan foods!, Lovely people, Delicious foods

stanley Sng

09 Jul 2020


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03 May 2020

Amazing vegan food!

This is one of my favorite vegan places to get food in Chiang Mai! It's a small food stall in Maya mall with lots of different food. They serve curries, spring rolls, noodles and burgers. I have never been disappointed with the food from there! The burgers are particularly good!

Pros: Everything is vegan, Oil free options, Very cheap


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12 Mar 2020

Cheap and delicious

Amazing vegan stall in the basement of Maya. Huge variety of dishes at a very cheap price!

Pros: Delicious, Cheap

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