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Serves meat, vegan options available. Burrito bars making customized tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, and salads. Hs vegan cheese. Open Mon-Sat 11:00-21:00.

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First Review by NathalieArnone


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09 Aug 2023

Some of the Best Customer Service Ever

I have to start by saying that the staff were beyond exceptional. Even though the store was about to close (a fact I was oblivious to), they were ready at the drop of hat to make suggestions about the best vegan options and to give their informed opinion about what was best. They were personable, friendly and polite, an absolute credit to the store.
Now on to the food! I ordered a burrito with a double filling, which consisted of the lime tofu and the new fajita spiced vegetables, along with nachos and guacamole. As others have said, the spicy salsa and jalapeƱos donā€™t provide much heat, but the burrito itself, with the addition of vegan cheese and vegan sour cream, was delicious and the nachos were as nachos are. However, the best was yet to come! As the shop was closing, they had a mound of left over tofu and vegetables that were going spare, so they offered them to me for free. I gladly accepted and they even threw in the remainder of the vegan sour cream as well; I was in heaven!
Safe to say, I am definitely going to return when I can and I highly recommend this place to anyone who happens to grace this wonderful city.

Pros: The staff!



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11 Jan 2023

good vegan options

create own vegan burrito/ bowl/ salad, many different options incl vegan cheese and sour cream

Pros: fully vegan toppings available, create your own dish, vegan cheese, sour cream, tofu/veg

Cons: also serve meat& dairy


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29 May 2022

Vegan burrito bowl

My go-to choice is the burrito bowl with chipotle-lime tofu and vegan cheese. It's a solid and tasty option if you are up for a Mexican style dish.

I usually go for take away as they have only a few seats available.

Pros: Delicious vegan burrito bowl, Friendly and helpful staff, Reasonable prices

Cons: Only a few places to sit


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05 May 2022

Vegan taco

Tasty with vegan optionsšŸ˜„enjoyed the meal

Pros: They have vegan cheese, vegan sour cream.., Instead of meat- tofu or grilled veggies (both)


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26 Aug 2020

Delicious Burrito

Amazing burrito filled with tofu, avocado, grilled veggies, beans and cashew sauce.


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20 Feb 2020


It's not bad! The staff is friendly and they have vegan cheese wich is a big plus!


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20 Dec 2019

Great options

Nice and cosy place with lots of good vegan options. Nice being able to see the foodade in front of you, also caters for fast service, then being able to go upstairs and enjoy the meal.


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08 Dec 2019

Very good

Had a burrito with beans and vegan cheese. The quality is very good and I will certainly go there again.


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13 Oct 2019

Quick and Easy

šŸŒÆ Had a burrito with veg and tofu which was nice and filling. Would recommend if you're looking for a quick and easy lunch. Cute decor inside.

Pros: Tofu as a filling option


Points +553

20 Aug 2019

Nice place, reasonable prices

This place seems to be very popular during lunch time. The food was good, the portion size is well adjusted. Not special but definitely good and quick if you're hungry. You have to be lucky to get a place outside. Not many vegan options, but the one I had was good.

Pros: Nice food, quick serve, reasonable prices

Cons: Seems loud and busy during lunchtime (inside)


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01 Jul 2019

Food portions good, but not enough flavour.

Our family of four ate here. We all liked the decor- tounge in cheeck humour. The wall art upstairs is a lot of fun. We ordered 3 burritos and one burrito bowl. Which are made to order along an assembly line. They have tofu and mixed veges as a vegan option, and also vegan cheese. The spicy salsa isnt really spicy and adding jalapenos only helped a little, so if your after a spice kick this isn't the place. I've had much better burrito and bowls before.

Pros: Vegan cheese, Meal size

Cons: Tofu a little bland, A lot of meat visible as not a vegan venue


Points +100

12 Jun 2019

Good Food

Had a Burrito Bowl with lots of toppings and vegan cheese for ā‚¬6.90. It was tasty and filling and I'll probably go there again when I need a quick lunch.

Pros: Vegan option , Price is OK

Cons: Tastes good but nothing extraordinary


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07 Sep 2018

great food

had the vegan burrito with vegan cheese it was really good and a nice portion. Just a note for the spicy lovers: the spicy salsa and jalapenos arent that spicy, so ask for more jalapenos :)

Pros: good vegan option, friendly staff, good vibes


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11 Aug 2018


Had a burrito with vegan cheese and it was very tasty. Perfect meal if you like the concept.


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13 Jun 2018

great food

Store concept is like chipotle. They also have vegan cheese if you ask for it.


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18 Apr 2018

Lecker und frisch

Nett eingerichtetes Lokal mit freundlichem Personal. Man kann sich den Burrito oder die Reisschale vegan befĆ¼llen lassen, mit gegrilltem GemĆ¼se und schwarzen Bohnen. Ganz nett ist, dass die Guacamole, die man sonst extra zahlen muss, gratis ist wenn man nur GemĆ¼se hat. Alles in allem frisch und man wird satt. Gut, wenn man mit einem Fleischesser unterwegs ist.

Pros: frisch, preislich ok

Cons: weitere FĆ¼llungen wƤren nett


Points +144

02 Jan 2018

Lovely Burrito

we just stopped in for a quick lunch; a beer, vegan burritos with cheese and some tortilla chips with guacamole. very quick service, everything looked fresh, tasted lovely, and staff were helpful and friendly towards vegan requests. would definitely recommend!


Points +77

20 Jun 2017

Excellent vegan burrito

I really enjoyed my vegan burrito here, one of the best vegan burritos I have had the pleasure of eating in Europe. The beans are tasty and flavourful, which is rare as most burrito places that cater to omnivores, vegetarians and vegans seem to have flavourless beans in my experience. I presume that they count on the meat to give the burrito its punch and hence not focus on the beans. Not this place, both the pinto and black beans were packed with flavour. There offer vegan cheese as well, which I had. The cheese had a convincing flavour and texture to it. In my daily life I rarely eat mock meat and cheese, so I don't really have a taste for it, next time I shall leave it out, however I presume that many vegans that that are into mock cheese with enjoy this variety as I swore I was eating real cheese. The toppings were very good and there were many delicious vegan ones to choose from. The staff was very easy going as to what toppings could be added, basically anything I wanted was added without hesitation. The burrito was large, jam packed and could barely be folded closed by the dainty hands of the pretty young lady that was preparing it. They understand how a Mexican burrito should be and approach the real deal very well. In Europe I find this to be rare, most other burrito joints in Europe are pretty clueless as to what makes a good and authentic burrito, these guys however know what they are doing. The guacamole was also very tasty. Pity they didn't have any Chipotle (Tabasco) sauce on the tables, they did have Habanero and Green Tabasco sauces though. The coffee was top notch too, made from fresh grounded coffee beans and an expresso machine. The place has a pleasant and neat ambiance and clean lavatories to boot. I will be frequenting this place often for lunch during my stay in Vienna.

Pros: Excellent vegan burritos + dito coffee, Flexible with composition of burritos, Pleasant ambiance, clean tables, dito lavatories

Cons: Pity they didn't have any Chipotle sauce


Points +44

31 Mar 2017


The burritos were good. Although the food might not be the best or the most authentic, I still enjoyed it and paid a reasonable price for it. Vegans can have roasted vegetables with rice and beans, as well as lettuce, tomatoes, corn, coriander...etc


Points +22

23 Mar 2017


To start, the food was edible..

I am from the states and have been to California several times as well as had chipotle many times (the restaurant this place was modeled after).

1. The guacamole was made with unripened avocados and is not something I would ever ever consider true guacamole.

2. The only vegan option is vegetables. These are mostly largely cut squash and bell peppers. I LOVE bell peppers, but those were not cooked well, and the squash was hard too and all were covered in oil, salt, and too much pepper. Thats all the seasoning you get, folks!

3. They give u a tiny bit of beans and rice. (I should have really just asked for extra beans and rice instead of the veggies but i really love peppers so ugh).

4. I ordered chips. Any American, Latin, or Latin experienced human being would classify these chips as a [censored] excuse from a bag to resemble tortilla or corn chips.

In summary,... I MISS CHIPOTLE SO [censored] MUCH.

I miss home made chips with lime and salt, I miss seasoned tofu, I miss real guacamole.

This is the only problem I have with Europe and Austria (besides cold winters). YALL DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO LATIN FOOD, Let alone the americanized cali-mex that is so dear to my heart.

If the owners of this franchise ever read my sincere review here on happy cow, I encourage you to ACTUALLY go to America, if you can, GO TO CALIFORNIA and have yourself a real burrito.

* note * if you are looking for real Mexican food, I have tried it a long time ago and that just means everything is cooked in pork fat so I would recommend it as a NO-GO for vegans, vegetarians alike.

All the best, XOXOX

Pros: easy, cheap, beans

Cons: fake, no flavor, wannabee

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