Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers a separate vegan menu with choices including Japanese style pizza, ramen, pickeled veggies, and sukiyaki. Open Mon-Tue 11:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm, Fri-Sun 11:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by YukiFujii


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03 Sep 2023

Id skip it

The restaurant has a great ethos which I really wanted to support but sadly there's nothing authentic about the food that's served up.



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17 Jun 2023

A good way to experience vegan Okonomiyaki in Osaka

I had the vegan Okonomiyaki and the vegan 'octupus'balls. It is difficult to find either of them vegan anywhere in Japan, but also in Osaka. So Matsuri is a great place to try them both!
It is a small restaurant which is easily reachable by train or bus.


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18 Mar 2023

Not disgusting, just kinda bad.

The service was poor. Almost 0 [censored] given by the owner. Water and green tea costs money unlike basically anywhere else in Japan. The ramen had a bit of soap in it and that half egg that came with it, was hard boiled and not marinated.
The vegan takoyaki was sloppy and had octopus in it and the vegan stir fry had bonito flakes on top. Sure, the whole place caters to people wanting a rare thing, vegan/vegetarian/halal versions of Japanese food, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I'd rather eat konbini food than this.


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16 Mar 2023

worth the detour

Came here just for the takoyaki as seemed to be the only place in Osaka that did it. The takoyaki was super delicious, the restaurant is cosy and has a nice vibe, and there is a small shop as well which sells things like vegan ramen kits. Restaurant is also 100% muslim friendly.

Pebbles K9

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18 Jan 2023

Vegan Takoyaki!

We made a special trip out here because I wanted vegan Takoyaki. That was great and if I was in the area, I would stop in for that again. The stir fried noodles were meh and the wasabi ramen was not my jam. I think I was expecting a clear broth with a hint of wasabi or a bit of fresh wasabi to customize. This was a very thick creamy broth with an overpowering wasabi flavor. I love wasabi with sushi, but this was so strong that I couldn’t take a normal bite without it feeling like my head was going to explode. Lol. It didn’t have much going on flavor or texture wise beyond the wasabi, just some corn and green beans. Your mileage may vary and if you LOVE wasabi then go for it, but if you are on the fence, just get the Takoyaki (or try the vegan curry ramen or Okonomiyaki- I didn’t have those).


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31 Dec 2022

100% Need to go again!

I loved stopping by here in 2019. I would love to stop by again and try more vegan options on my next trip! The owner was friendly, everything was made so quick and it was so yummy. We had a lot of non-japanese vegan food on our trip so having some okonomiyaki and yaki-soba noodles was very nice! I really want to try the takoyaki but when we went in 2019 it said it was vegetarian and not vegan (slightly confusing since I was previous vegan reviews that had the takoyaki, but maybe the menu changes depending on ingredients available at the time). i loved the hand-made vegan menus.

Pros: Great atmosphere, Labelled vegan options, Yummy


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16 Mar 2020

Average food but very friendly owner

The food was average and quite expensive. We ordered two okonomiyaki but we got only half each. I understand that vegan ingredients are more expensive, but we were very surprised. The owner is very very friendly and I like the variety of foods they offer.

Pros: Many options

Cons: Expensive, average taste


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12 Feb 2020


To be honest the food really wasn’t nice. The okonominyaki was very gooey and I didn’t enjoy the flavours.


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19 Nov 2019


okonomiyaki and the takoyaki taste exactly the same. The food tastes a little flat not variations with flavour. It was ok.


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10 Oct 2019

Loved it!

They have a really large veggie/vegan menu - so much to choose from! I got the veggie ramen and it was so tasty. My partner got a meat dish and loved it too. Would definately recommend!!!


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09 Oct 2019

Great vegan versions of Osaka classics

The vegan okonomiyaki and vegan wasabi ramen were delicious.


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09 Oct 2019

Fabulous vegan options with a dedicated vegan menu.

Delicious food with great service.


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21 Jun 2019

False advertising

I had the okinomiyaki and the takiyako (which are actually the same dish in different shapes...), the sauce was good, but the overall texture was mainly gooey... not my cup of tea. My partner had the sukiyaki which is advertised on the menu with mock meat, tofu and 3 types of mushroom. The dish missed most of these... it was basically a salty broth with a bit of cabbage, a few mushrooms, and a tiny bit of carrots... when asked where are the other ingredients, the cook told us they did not have those today. Felt like a scam. Not going back there again...


28 Oct 2019

FYI - takoyaki and okonomiyaki are completely different dishes. One is a battered donut-like ball cooked in a special mold with just octopus in the middle. The other is an omelet-like pancake with veggies and other ingredients mixed in, cooked on a grill and topped with mayonnaise.


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08 Jun 2019

This place is Amazing!! Large range of vegan options and staff are lovely!!

This was one of my favourite vegan restaurants in Osaka. Food was amazing and staff were lovely.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Staff are very friendly , Traditional and delicious vegan Japanese


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29 May 2019

Lots of vegan options

Great vegan menu featuring many options for vegans and nonvegans. I was the only vegan person in my group and everyone else still enjoyed their meals.

Updated from previous review on 2019-05-29


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29 May 2019

Tasty vegan takes on traditional Japanese

DELICIOUS and fresh okonomiyaki and yakisoba. One of our first stops in Osaka and did not disappoint!!

Pros: Awesome food, awesome service, Separate vegan menu, everything clearly labeled

Cons: Not fully vegan


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Non Veg
28 May 2019

All gangs here!

You can get not only japanese local food but also some souvenir!

Pros: There is beer , some alcohol, It is really close to the station here!


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27 May 2019

Home-cooked deliciousness

Try vegan takoyaki, okonomiyaki and yaki soba (the best!).

Pros: Traditional Osaka food made vegan, Friendly host

Cons: Small place , No alcohol


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14 May 2019

Cosy and friendly

Cosy and friendly restaurant with separate vegan menu and vegan takeaway foodstuffs like instant ramen and curry.

We had the takoyaki, okonomiyaki and curry ramen. Takoyaki was by far the favourite. Okonomiyaki was basically the same as the takoyaki but in pancake form.


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05 May 2019

Was not a fan of the Okonomiyaki

It was chewy which surprised me, I can’t really describe the flavours but it was just odd. I didn’t enjoy it but the curry ramen was delicious! In total it was ¥2,700 for the pancake, curry ramen and ginger soda - pricey if you ask me.

Pros: Curry ramen good

Cons: Didn’t like the Japanese pancake , Expensive for what I received


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01 May 2019

Great food!

Matsuri is small Japanese restaurant, that serves some Osaka-style dishes. They also serve meat but they have a vegan menu.
We had the vegan ramen which was really good, and the vegan okonomoyaki and takoyaki. It was soooo good and I was happy I was able to taste the local food and the signature dishes of Osaka. At the end they gave us a book that other vegan customers wrote in, and a quick survey about what else we want to taste and why we became vegan.


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30 Apr 2019

Great vegan okonomiyaki!

There's a vegetarian/vegan menu with many good options. We tried the vegan okonomiyaki and it was delicious! Perfect place to try some of Japanese best food


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21 Apr 2019

Very nice Vegan okonomiyaki!!

I had vegan okonomiyaki and ramen.


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12 Apr 2019

Good option after USJ

We came right after USJ. They offer a separate menu for vegan. We ordered almost everything from the menu, and vegan ramen is our favorite!! They also offer vegan souvenirs!!! No need to worry anything at all! Couldn’t love this place more.

However, it’s a small restaurant with only 1-2 staffs. So it takes a while to wait for the food.

Pros: Close to USJ, Plenty of vegan options , Vegan souvenirs

Cons: Takes time to wait


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11 Apr 2019

Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly Restaurant Near USJ

We went to Matsuri directly from USJ. Easy to reach, just take JR 3 stops from USJ, and only 7-minute-walk from Nobe Station. They have a one separate menu book for vegetarians n vegans, so amazing! We can choose any food without worrying whether it contains fish flakes and non vege broth. Vegetarian Takoyaki is our most most most fav one!


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10 Apr 2019

Vegan lunch

We had the vegan curry ramen, takoyaki, okonomiyaki and fish shaped pancake with red bean. They were delicious. The curry ramen was amazing and our favourite even after having t’s tan tan in Tokyo! Would recommend for any vegans or vegetarians in Osaka.

Pros: Lots of options, Separate menu, Clearly vegan items marked


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Mostly Veg
08 Apr 2019

Great choice

Came with a couple of friends and we tried a lot of the menu. We all loved every bit and were impressed by the options available. Really loved the vegan okonomiyaki.

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