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Oregon chain of natural food markets. Stocks a large range of food products, including many vegan food items and alternatives. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by viriam


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03 Jun 2023

vegan friendly supermarket

I lived in Boulder, CO for many years and there is three Whole Foods there. Boulder had a Co-op that lasted a few wonderful short years, but I think because of the "bigger/better" Whole Foods was hard for them to make it.

Upon returning to Eugene Market of Market of Choice feels like Whole Foods even looking oddly like it. In fact the Register-Guard said a Whole Foods is moving into Eugene in 2016 bringing in 150 jobs.

Will Sundance, Kiva, Capella, and New Frontier survive with MOC/Whole Foods? Let's hope or rather let's stop hoping by voting w/ our dollar walking our talk where we spend our $.

I believe in a green economy and voting w/ one's dollars. Each dollar spent is voting for the kind of world you wish to see. Market of Choice is very vegan friendly like Whole Foods is. It is massive like Whole Foods and like Whole Foods it has both organic/ conventional produce. I love that Grower's Market, Friendly, Sundance, and so on are all organic not giving the consumer the option to buy conventional produce.

Also, Market of Choice unlike Whole Foods has a lot of junk foods ie conventional diet unhealthy foods found in typical supermarkets such as King Soopers and Fred Meyer.

Of course you can say well Market of Choice is better than King Soopers or Fred Meyer which it is and carries organic/vegan foods (it does), but still why settle for bronze when you could go for gold at the stellar above average anywhere natural food stores in the country.

I think Grower's Market is one of the best natural food stores on the planet that encourages package free diet w/ all organic produce and wonderful bulk. Sundance is nearly all vegetarian w/ the best hot food and cold bar on the West Coast not too much anywhere I've traveled in North America.

Grower's Market, Sundance, Capella, and New Frontier are much better shopping experience in my opinion, so vote w/ your dollar and experience it there.

Pros: vegan friendly supermarket



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21 Feb 2020

Like Whole Foods though local

Just like a Whole Foods though not. Bakery. Salad bar. Hot foods.

Pros: Vegan options, Healthier options

Cons: Expensive like WFM


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22 Apr 2019

Good for vegetarians

Not a restaurant but has good options for make your salads, bowls, sandwiches and pizza. Has vegan and veggie soups as well.

Pros: Great quick lunch spit

Cons: Not a restaurant

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