Serves meat, vegan options available. Seasonal operation, modern eclectic restaurant down a side alley. Includes a vegetarian page on the menu, most of which are vegan suitable, including tofu dishes. Has smoothies. Open Mon-Sun 08:00-23:00. Open April thru October only.

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First Review by freshandalive


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Mostly Veg
28 Jul 2023

Excellent food

Unexpectedly found this restaurant had received a Michelin star after we had originally booked. A bit pricey but no worse than many dubrovnik restaurants. Several vegan main options but not starters. They did have vegetarian starters. Best tasting falafel. Lovely location and attentive staff. Worth a visit.

Pros: Great food, Lovely ambience, Attentive staff

Cons: No vegan starters



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24 Jun 2023

Good Food

Food was good, ambiente is pretty nice.

Staff is friendly, did ask a bit much if the food was good.


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16 Jun 2023

Excellent vegan food

I had the tofu steak with low expectations but it was so good! Surprising tasty and would go back again. Waiter was so friendly and polite.

Pros: Excellent tasting food

Cons: No vegan dessert


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27 Nov 2022

Hidden Gem

This restaurant is just off to the side of the main strip, making it a great quiet, relaxing and intimate experience. Although they have limited vegan options the food is amazing! I had to tofu steak and was not disappointed!

Pros: Good with allergies, Staff are very friendly and polite

Cons: Limited vegan options


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09 Oct 2022

Staff A1

The staff always make a place and the team here was amazing. In dept knowledge of vegan life. All choices were of top standard. Had the “finger-liking” salad which was amazing followed by tofu steak!!

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-09


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12 Sep 2022

Fab tofu steak

Travelling with an omni and struggling to find places to eat in Dubrovnik with a vegan protein source that give us both what we want. Excited to find this place!
Had the tofu steak with noodles and thought it tasted fab. Only thing was it came with no veg - just tofu and noodles - so a bit of greenery would have been a treat.

Pros: Protein based vegan dish, Appeared to be 3 to 4 vegan options


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31 Aug 2022

Its ok

The tofu was Good, but the falafel(without tzatziki) was super boring. Staff was not so friendly

Pros: Cosy atmosphere

Cons: Lack of options , Expensive , Rude staff


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05 Aug 2022

Tofu steak was amazing

Tofu steak was unreal! I’ve never tasted tofu like that before. We also have the rice noodles with veggies, but the only veggies were a few strips of red pepper. Not big servings. They had no vegan options for dessert and no plant based milks for coffee. Server didnt seem especially helpful or welcoming.

Pros: Tofu steak!

Cons: No plant milk for coffee, No vegan dessert options, Service was meh


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21 Oct 2021

Didn't enjoy

I chose the tofu steak, and it was inedible. Just really lacked flavour and balancing. It wasn't pleasant in any way.


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19 Sep 2021


It's a cosy little restaurant in a side street. The service was nice and helpful and aware of vegan dishes.

They serve three vegetarian(veg.) / vegan (v) Main Courses:
1. Falafel (veg.)
2. Tofu Steak (v)
3. Wok rice noodles with veggies (v)

Besides you can order a vegan "Finger lickin' salad" and typical side dishes (grilled or steames vegetables, French Fries)

We had the Tofu Steak and the Wok rice. Both delicious, but especially the tofu Steak was a tiny portion and therefore overpriced.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-19

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-19

Pros: Good Service , Delicious Food

Cons: Expensive, Small portions , More vegan options would be nice :)


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09 Sep 2021

Few but tasty options

Had the tofu steak with noodles, quite amazing tasting. The service was amazing but also keep in mind you'll most likely need to make a booking in order to be seated.

Pros: Tofu was delicious, A few veggie and vegan friendly options, Sides available

Cons: Not the biggest serving but to be expected, No vegan starters


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25 Sep 2019


Enjoyed vegan tofu “steak” with rice noodles, spinach & miso sauce; side salad

Pros: Full menu available at lunch time; friendly staff, Good food, pleasant quiet location, Lovely Vugava white wine from Stina Winery, Brac

Cons: For salad, next time I’ll have dressing “on side”


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06 Sep 2019

Awful attitude from staff

We were looking for something, anything for breakfast. They offer a vegan smoothie, but we wanted a coffee and toast too. Seeing they make the smoothie with almond milk we thought, great! We asked for two coffees with almond milk and the woman told us she can’t. I then I asked if it’s not possible for two black coffees and a small glass of almond milk? Her words exactly were “I can give you coffee with milk and I am not going to give you coffee with that (almond milk) as it’s not on the menu.” We were going to ask if we could get toast with marmalade but after that we left in disgust.

Cons: Awful attitude


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17 Aug 2019

Only one vegan smoothie option

The lady that served us wasn’t welcoming at all, when we asked about if we could take out meat from the omelette to make it vegetarian she made no effort to ask the chef and just told us bluntly no.


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13 Jul 2019

Good food, small portions

Nice atmosphere with friendly wait-staff.
The tofu steak and noodles is a great vegan find in a not too vegan-friendly city. However it was around 120 kuna, which quite pricey, and then was a tiny portion - there should at least have been more noodles, as I was left hungry afterwards. My partner got a (veggie) pizza for only 77 kuna and that was a lot more food!

Pros: Interesting vegan option, Quiet and nice place

Cons: Small portions, expensive


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03 Jul 2019

Tofu Steak, & Wok Noodles 🌱

Marco Polo may take a few minutes to find, yet that’s due to it being located in a small beautifully decorated alleyway. They have three vegetarian options, two of which are vegan, and one being a wonderful tofu steak.

Pros: Beautiful Outdoor Seating, Two Vegan Options


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23 May 2019

Probably the most expensive tofu in Europe

We went here because Nishta was closed. Firstly, kudos to the restaurant for actually providing vegan options (2) and having friendly wait staff (that's why I gave it 2 stars) but seriously, a slab of tofu coated in sesame seeds on a tiny bit of tasteless noodles should not cost the equivalent of €16, even in Dubrovnik. I have no idea what other reviewers were raving about and I rarely leave bad reviews, but I felt that this dish not only had the 'vegan surcharge' added to it but was just really bland and disappointing. I left feeling hungry ☹️

Pros: Vegan option in a non vegan-friendly city

Cons: Too expensive


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19 May 2019

Great atmosphere and food

Seating is an entire small alley so you don't have people constantly walking by which was a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle. We had the sesame tofu and rice noodles which was really good.


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22 Aug 2018

Excellent food, fantastic service

Had a lovely dinner at Marco Polo and although not a lot of vegan options what was available was outstanding!! I had the Tofu steak which was amazing and my partner had the wok fried noodles, both were amazing!! Highly recommend a visit when you’re in Dubrovnik

Pros: Great service , Excellent food

Cons: Not a huge amount of options


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15 Jul 2018


Bonne cuisine mais très cher pour les portions

Pros: Deux options vegans

Cons: Très cher


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03 Jul 2018

Wonderful and friendly

Marco Polo is a family run business, which really comes out in the service and food. So friendly and attentive!
The lady who served us all evening was so lovely and genuine, you could really tell she was happy to be at work and passionate about the food.
They may not have a massive selection, what a lot of other reviews complain about, but I think you really need to appreciate that veganism has come such a long way and what they have created is so lovely and well put together.

Thank you for a wonderful evening and giving vegans the ability to eat amazing and delicious food on holiday!

Hvala vam puno,
Georgia x


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22 Jun 2018

Refeição deliciosa!

Havia 3 opções e todas pareciam ser deliciosas, mas eu pedi o prato de falafel sem o molho de natas, pois não era vegan. Estava maravilhoso, adorei!! O sítio é giríssimo, perfeito para quem viaja com pessoas que não são vegan.
Os empregados são super simpáticos.
Achei um pouco caro, mas tudo em Dubrovnik é um pouco caro..!


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17 Jun 2018

limited choice but good food

Only 3 options but the food was incredible. Quite expensive but in keeping with other places in the old town. I had the tofu steak and it was delicious.


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10 May 2018

Finally I found tofu!

After walking mindless around the lanes trying to find something that was vegan and wasn’t a salad we found Marco Polo. I was excited to see a tofu dish on the menu and it tasted delicious.

Pros: Not eating on the lane itself.

Cons: Small portion for a large price.


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Mostly Veg
05 Sep 2017

we enjoyed it

There are not a lot of vegan choices but the location is amazing and if you're a group with both vegans and not you will for sure enjoy it as there are meals for all diets!

Pros: open on sundays


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20 Jun 2017

Went there for lunch

And I wasnt really that impressed. The place is really cozy, and a nice place to eat lunch. The vegan options were very slim, but my meal was OK. The price was way too High for the amount I got, but it tasted pretty good.


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14 Jun 2017

Mediocre, Smelly Dining Area

We had a party of 5 eat at 4 pm before the dinner rush. Marco Polo is in the heart of the tourist district. Vegan options were slim, but decent. Portions were small, flavors were bland and mediocre. Service was very slow considering there were only 2 other tables with guests. Waiter did not clear empty dishes until meal was over, so our table was crowded with dirty dishes for most of the meal. Dining area was a small outdoor plaza that smelled of sewage and dog feces (no exaggeration). Prices were high for the portion sizes and level of service.
Would never eat here again.

Pros: Fresh food, vegan options.

Cons: Small portions, mediocre service.

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