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Its 2nd branch est. fall-2015. Serves mango based dishes plus hummus, burgers, salads, smoothies and juice. Open Mon-Sun 11:00-21:00.

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First Review by yuppi0094


Points +170

29 Nov 2023

quite pricey

My order was nothing special, but still tasted well. What lowered my rating is the slightly higher price and unfortunately the unpleasant service that day.



Points +186

15 Nov 2023

Mango Falafel Pita

A combo I didn’t know I needed – was quick and delicious!😄Also, I loved the lamps!

Pros: Mango Falafel Pita, The atmosphere


Points +20

17 Mar 2023


Not the worst, but really nothing special. The taste is dull.

Pros: Close to BUW

Cons: Pricy, Not delicious


Points +79

28 Jan 2023

Kiedyś było lepsze

Inflacja inflacją, ale kiedyś było nie tylko taniej, ale i smaczniej. Zdarza się chamska obsługa


Points +356

10 Jun 2022

Good fast food

I tried beyond cheese burger and it was tasty. Nothing extraordinary, good portions but a little pricey.


Points +1030

16 May 2022


Food is fine but not great, gluten-free options

Pros: Gluten-free options , Nice interior , Fully vegan

Cons: A bit pricy


Points +2907

26 Feb 2022

Obsługa mehh... jedzenie smaczne

Bardzo dobre jedzenie. Obsługa nie wyksztusza z siebie żadnego słowa, które nie musi wypowiedzieć. Żadnego dzień dobry, do widzenia... szkoda, bo jedzenie jest smaczne.

Pros: Smacznie

Cons: Obsługa


Points +16

23 Jan 2022


Fajna restauracja


Points +1790

10 Oct 2021


decent vegan food. sweet potato fries were🤌 but felt like menu as a whole was kind of pricey for what it is. nothing special but still nice all vegan option:)


Points +3064

05 Aug 2021

It's okay

Like many other Mango Vegan Street Food establishments, this one also maintains a very similar level. Nice hummus, falafels, few weird options that are less successful in my opinion. Overall, it's a "better" fast food. The interior is cool. Service could be nicer but no drama. The perfect option if you need to grab a bite to eat quickly.


Points +114

25 Jun 2021

Good for the good price

I have ordered a delicious shakshuka, baklava and coffee. All for less than 40€. Quick and nice service

Pros: Lots of vegan options for a quick bite


Points +24

17 Aug 2020

Poor quality, poor service

My girlfriend and I just wanted to grab a quick coffee before an appointment.
The waitress was not at all friendly and. For a frappe and a cappuccino we were waiting a ridiculously long time and even the people rn to us were complaining about having to wait way too long.
The cappuccino was way too hot and we had to leave before it was cool enough to drink, plus it looked like it came out of a vending machine, the frappe was everything but a frappe, basically just coffee with milk and a bit of foam on top, not good.
On top of it, this place is awfully expensive, 29 PLN for low quality coffee and poor, unfriendly service. Very disappointed.
Would have given only 1 star which is not possible bc vegan restaurants on HC get two stars automatically.

Cons: Expensive , Poor service/unfriendly, Bad coffee


Points +84

27 Jun 2020

Really poor service.

And dishes does not taste as in other Mango places in Warsaw. Soups are cold. Falafel super dry. Stuff is really annoyed to see guests. Big disappointment. I will still go to other Mango places but that one is not on my radar anymore if I am nearby the Kopernik.


Points +2146

12 Feb 2020


The falafels and hummus were great! Ideal for a quick lunch!


Points +66

23 Aug 2019

Good food, bad desserts

The mango falafel is great. Wouldn’t think mango would work well, but it’s worth making the trip over for it! But the cake was not good!! I had a chocolate brownie cake type dessert, and it was so dense and dry. It tasted like a cocoa powder mixed with water, and nothing else.

Pros: Very close to university, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Very hit and miss with the dishes


Points +279

15 Jul 2019

Avoid! (Try another location?)

Had a really bad experience here. The falafel was very very dry. And I never in my life had a hotter cappuccino served to me. My tounge got burnt so bad, no coffee should be that hot-ever! Then I noticed that the foodbasket that my food was served in were full of stains and others guests old food, dried in. Got the idea to check my coffee cup, shouldn’t have because it wasn’t clean at all, underneath it was so greasy. ! Left without drinking my coffee, couldn’t even begin after 10 min. Never coming back!

Cons: Dirty place, Dry falafel, Hotter than hell coffe


Points +58

11 Jul 2019

Good food

Good food, poor service. The guy at the cash desk didn’t speak English almost at all. You have to get up and go get your food ar the counter (as opposed to getting it at your table after you order it at the counter as in the other Mango restaurant I was in 2 days ago). The toilet was kind of dirty and lacking TP.

The chickpea soup very good although the way it looks makes you think differently. The beet burger - yum!

The prices are the same in all locations and it’s not cheap. I don’t know why this location has only 1 $ while the others have 2. It deserves 2.

Pros: Tasty food

Cons: Not cheap, No English speaking staff


Points +188

20 Jun 2019

Average at best :(

Not sure if we just picked badly off the menu, but the tofu pineapple burger I had was not great. There was a thin sheet of pineapple in it, and most was the middle so it was hard and inedible, plus the bun was reaaaaly dry and an effort to eat. My partner ordered the falafel wrap and that was dry also with not a lot of sauce or flavouring


Points +2888

12 Jun 2019

Tasty Middle-Eastern food

Stopped by this place as it was close to our hotel. They offer a wide range of Middle-Eastern style vegan options such as various types of hummus, falafel-filled pita pockets, and a stunning hand-shaped meze plater. They also serve salads, various types of vegan burgers, vegan ramen, and have a “meal of the day” as well as some gluten free raw vegan desserts like chia pudding, energy bars, and some sort of coconut and oatmeal peanut butter cake.
I ate with a group of friends and everyone seemed to like the food, though we all agreed it was nothing spectacular. The falafel is good, as is their hummus and bread. The meze platter is served very beautifully and is perfect to share with a group. Dish sized vary considerably, as the mango salad a friend ordered was quite small and underwhelming while the burgers or the ramen were very generous. I found this odd given that all dishes cost roughly the same (around 20 zloty). I personally tried the eggplant falafel pocket and found it to be tasty and flavorful. I also shared the meze platter and everything I tried on there was good (warning that some dishes feature cheese, including the meze platter). Finally, I tried their cake, which was some sort of gluten free raw vegan oat and coconut concoction that tasted like banana and peanut butter. It wasn’t amazing but also wasn’t bad,however it did not really have the texture of a cake but more that of a protein bar or something along those lines. I liked that it was not too sweet.
Overall, this is a nice spot with plenty of options to please vegans and omnis alike. They have English menus and some of the staff speaks English. Good service (you place your order and pay for it before sitting down to wait for your food) and tasty enough food.

Pros: Varied menu, Friendly, English-speaking staff

Cons: Needs better desserts


Points +1550

09 Jun 2019

Bad day?

Maybe we were just unlucky and they had a bad day but they seemed totally out of control of the situation.Although the place wasn’t full we were informed that to get a kebab and pita we would need to wait 20-30 min. We received our order after 50 min!
The toilet was very dirty and there was no toilet paper.

Cons: Ridiculous waiting time (50min), Dirty toilet


Points +1206

26 May 2019

Chili falafel!!!

I can’t resist the chili falafel!!! Amazing!!


Points +175

13 May 2019

Soooo gooood!

Very happy with this restaurant. Nice cosi place!

Pros: Very friendly staff ( english speaking) , A lot of choice on the menu! , Delicious food for small price!

Cons: /, /, /


Points +54

18 Oct 2018

Falafel + Mango = Love

I hade one of the best falafels ever at this place. Have never thought that mango would work with a pita falafel, but it did! Really juicy and good balanced!


Points +688

01 Oct 2018

Great food

I tried eating at one branch of mango and didn’t really enjoy it as the seating area was far too small but this place is lovely and the food is amazing. Adding mango gives a really interesting flavour & the staff were lovely!


Points +22

13 Sep 2018


I found a hair in my sandwich, so do not recommend it at all. Unfortunately, I can't give one star as it deserves it.


Points +298

13 Jul 2018

tasty foods

Just had a delicious kebab with garlic sauce and fries. My boyfriend had the Arabic burger. We also got lemonade and the mango sorbet and salted almond ice cream. Super yummy and I def recommend it for anyone in town

Pros: lots of tasty options , affordable


Points +982

27 Apr 2018

good middle-eastern food

they serve many different vegan foods, including falafels, burgers and kebabs (my favorite!). they have many seasonal options, which is nice. the coffee's good too. the prices are OK.

Pros: the kebab!, lots of options, fresh and good

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