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Vegan food business well-known in Sheffield since 2013, now housed inside The Old Workshop (which has turned into a 100% vegan bar). The menu by Make No Bones features chicken-style wings, burgers, pesto fries, stew, seitan ribs, and fried pickles. Bar features all vegan beer, wine, and cocktails. Also offers a Sunday roast with pre-order only. Previously located in Church - Temple of Fun and prior to that, 85 Chesterfield Road. Doesn't accept cash. Reported closed July 2023.

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First Review by Meaks


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21 Jun 2023

Always consistently brilliant

Make no Bones is one of my fav restaurants in Sheffield. Both as takeaway and in person, the food is tasty, plentiful and always innovative. I love the Big Make, caesar salad and cheesesteak fries, and have also tried lots of other amazing options!

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16 Jun 2023

Lovely little place

The seating isn’t the most comfortable but the food has always been delicious


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08 Jun 2023

Extremely disappointed 😔

We recently visited Sheffield and being vegan was mega excited to try Make No Bones, after sitting for ages drooling over their beautiful looking food we decided to order for delivery way to much food has it all looked so amazing! When it arrived we sat horrified at the absolute pity full food we had been sent! The garlic crispy maple potatoes looked like microwaved boiled potatoes and the box they were in was swimming with at least 3 inches of oily syrup which spilled and ruined the dress I was wearing! The burger was limp and cold and looked like it had been sitting on a hot plate all night, the parmesan triple cooked fries looked like they had been quickly reheated and where limp and cold, the battered pickles where soggy wet mush, the barbecue ribs where drowned in barbecue sauce but slightly edible!! After sitting for a few minutes in disbelief at the shocking food we had been delivered we called Make No Bones and asked why our food had been sent to us like this, no apology was given, all what was said was we are closing now take it up with Uber eats!! So at 9pm at night and £52 down we could not reorder any more food, my 11 year old son was beyond disappointed! On reflection we decided to message Make No Bones directly and received a prompt reply stating they would look into this, and get back to us the following day. Their reply was a dreadfully long winded excuse blaming everyone but themselves, no apology was given, I thought at least they may have said to visit the restaurant again for a meal to redeem themselves, but no! just pathetic excuses which are to many to mention!! I am so upset as a vegan to be writing this about a completely vegan establishment but after attempts to write in Sheffield vegans Facebook page about my experience and having the post suspiciously taken down twice and not being allowed to vent my frustration this is my only other alternative!!
I have since been blocked on Make no Bones Facebook page for putting this honest review on there, so sad all I wanted was an apology 😞

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04 Jun 2023


One of our favourite restaurants in the city. Always delicious food. Love the burgers, caesar salad and the new maple garlic potatoes. The roasts on Sundays are the best vegan roast in Sheffield!

Occasionally the food doesn’t hold up as well when being delivered unfortunately but is still tasty and has never stopped us from ordering again.

Love the food and atmosphere when eating in. MNB are a proper staple for us!!

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25 May 2023

High End Junk Food

Excellent vegan 'junk food' with a regularly updated menu. Laid back and cosy vibe!

Everything is excellent and the bar has a particularly good selection of beers.

The only criticism I would have is the price, it's on the high end. You have to order sides to your burgers separately (which is a blessing in disguise as the loaded fries are incredible) and there is no table service.

Pros: Incredible food, Great vibe, Lots of beers on draught

Cons: Highish price, No table service, Occasional items out of stock


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04 May 2023

Amazing food

Best vegan food in town. Quick service, cozy atmosphere, friendly and professional

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Pros: Delicious food, Big selection, Lovely place


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15 Apr 2023

Extensive vegan menu

Their Philly cheese steak topped chips are 10/10


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20 Nov 2022

Best vegan food ever

This has been a favourite of mine and quite a few people I know for many years! I will always keep coming back here, the food is amazing, delicious and soooo tasty. The atmosphere is brilliant as well. Recommend until the cows come home you HAVE to come here.


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13 Nov 2022

Bring an empty stomach!

Incredible food across the board, from small plate junk food classics to loaded fries and more. On Sundays it’s roast day and you definitely need some empty legs and a lose belt. Accept the challenge and enjoy.

Pros: It’s all vegan., Epic roasts., Naughty but so so nice.


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07 Nov 2022

Quirky place

Really cool little bar/restaurant, and the food was awesome. Highly recommend

Pros: All vegan


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06 Nov 2022

Very tasty and amazing choice

Had an amazing meal, loved the cheeseburger, avo wings and fries. Kids had some fried pickles.

Defo go back, pre book for there Sunday roast.

Pros: All vegan, Also offer hot drinks, Decor is lovely

Cons: Is a little cold but was wrapped up anyway


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01 Nov 2022

The best vegan junk food

Love this place! Ive have been many times, the best vegan junk food I’ve tasted in my opinion, my fave is the double cheeseburger! The poutine chips are divine aswell! Would highly recommend this place to everyone!

Pros: Delicious vegan junk food , The best burgers , Lovely chilled atmosphere


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23 Oct 2022


Wish they sold the dressing that goes on this salad in cups


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09 Oct 2022


The loaded seitan brisket sandwich was really nice tho a lil heavy on the mustard. But good value for money & would eat again
The Philly cheese steak wasn't as good and was almost double the price.
The doner fries were really nice
The roasts looked good which is what we came in for but were told u had to preorder? So tip if you go


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09 Sep 2022

Amazing food

Fully vegan restaurant with amazing food especially the kebab

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Pros: All vegan , The best food


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09 Sep 2022

Great burgers

Delicious burgers and loaded fries (the poutine was so tasty!). Need to come back for their Sunday roast dinners.


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08 Sep 2022

Great Sunday roast

Absolutely cracking Sunday roast

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-08

Pros: Great vegan food, Dog friendly

Cons: Bigger plates please!


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29 Aug 2022

Great Sunday dinner

Went for Sunday dinner yesterday, great food. Massive portions. Looks like they had a lot of choice on the menu as well.
Had the ‘roast beef’ but will definitely go back and try the ‘chicken’ Sunday dinner. Great selection of IPA’s too

Pros: Lots of options , Big portions , Great beers


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09 Aug 2022

Highly recommend!

I visited with my uncle who's not a vegan but wanted to try a vegan place in Sheffield to see what the vegan craze is all about! 😎

We got quite a few things to try: We both got burgers and chips (parmesan and cajun) as well as deep fried pickles, BBQ ribs and avocado wings.

...as you can tell the menu is so unique and has options I've not seen anywhere else before!!

Everything was so so tasty and brilliant value for money! It all arrived without much delay too despite how busy it was!

I say this a lot but as it's a fully vegan place, I love the satisfaction of not having to worry about ingredients and being able to freely explore the whole menu and order whatever I want!

Warning: Bit of a loud bar n drinking environment, especially on the weekend but this review is for food so it gets 5 stars from me!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-09

Pros: Spoilt for choice, Absolutely delicious, Good value for money

Cons: Loud on a weekend


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10 Jul 2022

Great place. 100% vegan

Great place in Sheffield with an extensive vegan menu. My non-vegan friends were happy with their meals! Although we didn’t try them, they had a large cocktail menu. Seemed to be a specialty.

Pros: Large menu - salads, sandwiches, burgers, fries

Cons: Limited gluten free options (sides and salads)


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04 Jun 2022

Amazing Sunday dinner

My first proper Sunday dinner since becoming vegan and it did not disappoint. Every item was just as good as the other. I had the beef dinner but also tried the chicken from my boyfriends plate and it was very nice too.

Also had a few other items since and they were all good

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23 May 2022

Love it!

I loved their food when they were on Chesterfield Rd, when they were at Church and now I still love them. I tend to go for the lighter stuff on the menu, this time I went for the Caesar salad and the mushroom side so I can't comment on the more heavy things but everything I've tried from there (even in other locations), has been great.

I wish they did the duck pancakes they used to do at Church, they were my absolute fave!

Pros: All vegan, Lots of options, Desserts too

Cons: Very fast-foodie


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27 Apr 2022

Make No Bones

Super disappointing burger. It also fell apart immediately. The bread was super dry and didn't taste good, I suggest they find a new option for this. I had to eat my burger with a fork and knife. The flavors could have been better. Maybe more sauce would have done the trick.


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17 Apr 2022

A Sheffield favourite!

We ate here on opening night and we’ve returned many times after! Here’s some photos of our last visit! Really good menu and portion sizes.

Pros: Fully vegan menu , Great Sunday dinner


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28 Mar 2022


Really tasty vegan food. I enjoy every time I go there, nice people and pleasant atmosphere. Best vegan restaurant I visit so far.

Pros: Vegan 100%, Fast service , Friendly stuff

Cons: Expensive


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07 Feb 2022

Great improvement!

This place has moved from when we last went here over 5 years ago!

This place is a lot bigger now and it is buzzing.

The ribs are the same as when we had the kebab, still yummy with generous portions!

Both burgers were great but the best thing were the fries, the wings and the coleslaw. Simple yet delicious, however, the coleslw being very creamy became a little too moorish after a handful of bites.

Would come here again!

Previous review below:

We came here at night and had the poutine, the crispy "beacon" bits were burnt/ salty and the overall gravy and chips was underwhelming.
My partner made it clear that he hated mushrooms and the vegetable pie listed no mushrooms hence ordering it.....it came with mushrooms....a hoard of mushrooms...
The pie top/ crust was nothing we've seen before, it was like an overcooked hard, cardboard chewy flatbread. So the whole thing was basically vegetables in a glass bowl and that piece of pie crust flatbread thing on top....
I had the mixed kebab and it was fantastic, so tasty, but had to swap dishes with my partner, ended up just eating all of the mixed kebab and left the pie.

The place is small, dimly lit, the wooden tables a bit rickety especially the one near the ordering counter. It's an interesting environment, feels rustic :)

Pros: Generous portions

Cons: Bar is a bit too far to get to and from


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13 Jan 2022

Amazing fast food

Really enjoyed our burgers here as well as the atmosphere! Would love to come back when in Sheffield.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-13

Pros: Options, Friendly, Nice atmosphere

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