Opened Aug 6, 2021. An all-vegan sushi & izakaya restaurant serving starters, entrees and various kinds of sushi. Ingredients are organic and non-GMO. Located in Reyes Adobe Plaza. Open Mon-Thu 2:00pm-9:00pm, Fri-Sun 11:30am-9:00pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by veganmightymouse


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29 Nov 2023

Best sushi

I lucked out on my way back from the beach when I looked for vegan restaurants. Ma-Kin makes the best sushi around. Their menu is extensive with so many great options. Their creative sushi rolls are loaded with delicious ingredients. If you like sushi- definitely visit Ma-Kin.

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23 Nov 2023

Best Vegan Sushi

This place will blow your mind. I take all my non-vegan friends here and they can’t believe how good it is! The chefs are so kind and super talented. The service and food are always superb. Located in a nice quiet area it’s a great spot for relaxing and enjoying a bomb-ass-meal

Pros: The Red Lady, Brussel Sprouts , Creativity


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20 Oct 2023

Better than the real thing

I love this place excellent food, good environment,and great service. The speciality rolls are off the charts

Pros: Tempra mushrooms are a must, Volcano roll is excellent, Six seven roo is also excellent as are many others


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11 Oct 2023

Vegan sushi to drive for!

This menu is absolutely delicious! Everytime I come here I leave feeling so satisfied! I drive all the way from Ventura when I'm craving this quality sushi because it's worth the drive! Had the pink lady roll today and i must say it did not disappoint!

Pros: Vegan Sushi - no fish were killed for this sushi, Outstanding textures and flavors , Clean and tidy restaurant

Cons: It's all the way in Agoura Hills, They don't have one near my house


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10 Oct 2023


Everything I have tried here is delicious. Had the volcano roll and orange chicken today. Love how crispy the orange chicken was.

Pros: All vegan , Friendly staff


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27 Sep 2023


The food was so good that I went back the next day to try more and it did not disappoint! I was so excited to try it that I forgot to photo everything except my dessert. We order warm sake, chik'n katsu curry, a rainbow roll, cucumber sunomono salad and the matcha cheesecake. All that for less than $60 before tip. Besides the cucumber being sliced sooo thin that it didn't have the crunch I prefer, everything was DELICIOUS!! I can't wait to go again and bummed its not closer to where I live!!

Pros: Great variety on menu, Food presentation was great

Cons: Long wait- don't take reservations under 4 people.


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27 Sep 2023

Best sushi I’ve had in years!

The authentic textures and flavors of the sushi here make my heart sing- I didn’t try any of the elaborate rolls, went straight to the seared albacore and a grilled king oyster mushroom sushi and they were just what I’ve missed about traditional Japanese sushi joints. The chefs’ skilled techniques have created the most wonderful melt-in-your mouth and surprising textures, and all 100% guilt free. Tamari on the table and plenty of gluten free choices- Love them!

Pros: All the sushi was excellent , Servers were very kind and helpful, Great choices


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26 Sep 2023

Must Go!!! The BEST Vegan Sushi

Wow! This is by far the best all vegan sushi restaurant I’ve ever visited. Even my non-vegan friends were amazed and said they couldn’t tell it wasn’t fish. Don’t pass this place up. The owner was as friendly along with the staff as the sushi was amazing!

Pros: Everything! , Food, Staff

Cons: No dislikes other than I didn’t get a to go order


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10 Sep 2023


One of the best vegan Japanese food I’ve tried! Sushis are so good, today I’ve tried the chicken karaage and it was delicious! Wish it was closer to my house!


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04 Sep 2023

Delicious and vast menu

We just happened upon this place on the way home from a day at Zuma beach. We got seated right away on a Saturday night just before 6 . I’ve been vegan/vegetarian for so long that I’ve never tried most sushi. So I can’t tell you if it tastes authentic. But I can tell you that it’s incredibly delicious. I ordered the Red Dragon and Spicy Vegan and my 14 year old got the sushi sampler. I took half home, I was so full. My kid loved everything in the sampler, and they’re very picky.

Pros: Selection, Quality, Deliciousness


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13 Aug 2023

Excellent Food and Matcha Tea

We ordered the teriyaki chicken, crunch rolls, alaska baked salmon rolls, and rainbow roll. The scores were 9/10, 8/10, 9/10, and 10/10, respectively. The rainbow roll was particularly impressive, as it didn't rely on any tricks to hide the taste of the fish substitute. The person who ordered them was a sushi-lover, and couldn't believe that it wasn't real fish. She's also a matcha enthusiast, and loved the matcha tea.

Pros: Rainbow Rolls, Matcha Tea

Cons: Basic Daiya cheesecake with matcha dusting


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05 Aug 2023

TOP NOTCH vegan sushi (too busy at dinner time)

The food was GREAT but it took 45 minutes to be seated & then another 15 min for them to come to our table to take our order (no water or anything)

Maybe they were short staffed because the wait really sucked but I will absolutely be coming back because the food was awesome

Pros: Loved everything I got, 100% vegan

Cons: Longest wait time


05 Aug 2023

We are so sorry for your waited, We will find a solution to this problem ASAP.


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13 Jul 2023

Sooo good

Wonderful, fully vegan Japanese cuisine. I wanted to try a lot of different parts of the menu so we shared the cucumber sunomono, gyoza (steamed), spicy miso mushroom soup, chicken teriyaki bowl, the sexy lady roll, and the matcha cheesecake. Just about everything was amazing and I'm so glad I discovered this place. The hot green tea was also really nice.

A few small complaints, to be a bit nitpicky - the cucumber salad wasn't very flavorful, the gyoza fell apart really easily, and the veg in the teriyaki bowl was pretty oversteamed. Still a wonderful experience overall tho

2nd visit update:
Still super amazing. I recommend the pork buns and the rolls have all been really good. Oh and go fried gyoza over steamed (they don't fall apart)

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Pros: Fully vegan


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03 Jul 2023

Veg sushi :p

Definitely one of the better vegan sushi spots I’ve ever had.
I would highly recommend this spot for anyone. I’ve been here a handful of times and can easily say the baked lobster roll and spicy tuna rice cakes are the best.
This place is tucked away in a quiete parking lot and is very spacious inside. The food always comes out quick.
I never enjoyed fish so I don’t like some of the sushi dishes as the vegan fish texture is strange to me.


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14 Jun 2023

is this real life?

Finally hit up Makin this week and must say was completely blown away. Firstly, the restaurant is very cute and cozy with a classic sushi bar vibe. The staff was very sweet and friendly.
And of course, the food was fantastic!
My husband, 18-month old and I ate more than we could handle, plus more.
We ordered the Sumo, Red Dragon, Philly Tempura, Caterpillar & Jalapeño Tempura rolls and not one disappointed in the slightest.
The Bun Bun was very good as an appetizer along with an order of the tamago sushi (sweet egg), which hit the mark as well. If you’re vegan and miss having a full Japanese sushi experience, this will fill that void.

Pros: fully vegan, clean and cozy, fair prices


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13 Apr 2023

Must try for all vegans

As someone who avoids mock meat/fish, I was hesitant to try this place. But, the spicy "tuna" turned out to just be tofu, and I've yet to try any of the sashimis yet. The restaurant is decorated really cutely and the 911 role was excellent!! I would also come back just for the vegan miso soup alone😁🫶

Pros: Vegan versions of classic sushi, Customizable , Cute experience

Cons: Pricey


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11 Jan 2023

Girrrrllllll 💁🏻‍♀️

This place is FIRE. Every roll I tried here was so good!! It really feels like they care about serving the best vegan sushi! The Jalapeño roll and the Alaska roll were my favorites 😍.
We also had the Bun Bun appetizer which is siopao with vegan pork. It was SO tasty and the first time I've gotten to enjoy siopao since before going vegan 8 years ago.
Not only was the food delicious but the atmosphere is really nice! It's a small, nicely decorated, clean restaurant and the staff was very sweet and accommodating. The prices are truly fair for the whole experience!
I highly recommend having your next date night here!


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08 Jan 2023

Great food

My dad and I enjoyed the bun buns and teriyaki chickn plate. I also got the california roll, which was ok, didn’t wow me or anything. I usually like putting ginger on my sushi and it didn’t come with that. I also ended up using some of my dad’s teriyaki sauce on my sushi because the soy sauce provided was too salty (I tend to use low sodium soy sauce).
The chocolate cheesecake was fabulous, in that it was dense and rich. I just wish it was a chocolate cheesecake rather than a basic cheesecake with a cocoa dusting and chocolate drizzle. I was expecting it to be brown, not white lol. Anyways, it was all still amazing bc it’s vegan and many years ago you couldn’t get any of this vegan.

Pros: All vegan, Good service, Great selection

Cons: Parts of menu are very pricey


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08 Jan 2023

Delectable vegan morsels

I really enjoyed the speciality sushi rolls at Ma-kin from the presentation to the artisan crafted flavors. The menu overall has a nice variety of items however the sushi is what they are known for.
I’ve visited multiple times so far and explored the menu a bit and quite few things stood out as highlights. If you’re undecided on what to order I highly recommend the Alaska baked rolls, rock shrimp rolls, crunch rolls, crispy shrimp pop, dynamite baked roll, low rider roll and the matcha cheesecake. Their vegan cheesecake is by far the absolute best I’ve ever tasted. The consistency and flavor is really good and you won’t be disappointed. The bun bun rolls as an appetizer was flavorful but the vegan protein tasted like beyond meat or something and it really overpowered the dish more than I would’ve liked. The prices for the special rolls are pretty much in the same range from other vegan sushi spots I’ve had like Shizen in SF and not as pricey as Shojin in LA but with Shojin the service and ambiance is excellent and some of the cost coincide with the overall dining experience.

Overall Ma-kin is a must try and it may turn into your favorite vegan sushi spot. The dining experience is more casual, the staff and sushi chefs are friendly and from the looks of it, it has already become a local favorite spot in the area.

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Pros: Vegan, Artsian sushi

Cons: Parking can be limited during dinner hours., Tables are bit too close amongst diners., Table service is still a bit slow when busy.


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04 Jan 2023


This is the second vegan sushi place I’ve been to, and both were great. The one thing that separates this from the other was the prices. This was more affordable all things considered. The tastes and textures were outstanding, service awesome, and atmosphere was nice yet casual. Truth be told, I ordered five different items. I’ll definitely be back!

Pros: Tons of vegan rolls, Other vegan Asian dishes, Matcha cheesecake


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30 Nov 2022

Vegan Sushi

We ordered four different rolls and they were all absolutely delicious!


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24 Nov 2022


The food was amazing, the waitresses were friendly and outgoing, the ambiance was nice. I’m definitely going back!


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04 Nov 2022

Better than the real thing

Ma Kin is incredible. The food is other worldly and the servers are very friendly and polite. Highly recommend.

Pros: All vegan, Crazy imitation meats


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10 Sep 2022

Delicious Vegan Sushi

Super delicious sushi but I had to wait a while. The fact that they are busy and it took a bit is a testament to the quality of their food, though.

Pros: Very tasty, Lots of options, Good atmosphere

Cons: A bit of a long wait


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05 Sep 2022


amazing vegan sushi for a great price. i loved how many options they had. i haven’t had a salmon avocado roll in so long, and this hit the spot!


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27 Aug 2022

Yes!! take me back already!!!

It was a very busy night and seems short staffed...didnt mind the wait. The food was outstanding and I will be coming back!!


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07 Aug 2022

This place is a MUST for vegans

Excellent! No matter how far away from this place in the Los Angeles or Ventura area that you may live, if you are vegan, you have to go here. Probably the best vegan meal that we've had in years anywhere in the world. It's a real gem in the middle of a shopping plaza in Agoura Hills. Who would have guessed it? Because of its location, it rarely comes up in searches for LA. So glad that we discovered it. Prices are very reasonable. We ate like kids in a candy shop and ran up the bill on this first visit but honestly worth every cent. Also, it's worth the drive from wherever you are. Can't wait to go back and try more things. Go... Now... Best!

Pros: Prices, Creative plant-based ingredients, Helpful and prompt service

Cons: Nothing bad to say about this place

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