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Upscale vegan French restaurant offering 2-course, 3-course, and 4-course lunch sets plus a la carte items such as pesto, daily juices, and cakes. Afternoon tea available from 3-5:30pm. Dishes are clearly labeled. Est. 2020. Reported closed April 2023.

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First Review by veganangiep


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14 Mar 2023

Perfect for vegan fine dining!

French-inspired, creative, beautifully-presented dishes. Each dish was delicious. Great service. Stylish ambiance.



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23 Feb 2023

Surprisingly French Vegan

We invited two friends who are not vegan to join the dinner with us. They were amazed how the taste of the food and were very happy with the meal. We were also very happy with how delicate of the meal. It is a really nice place when you want to have a nice French cuisine but vegan. Price is definitely not on low end but we thought money was well spent with the food, and the service.


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04 Feb 2023

Sort of fine dining

Very tasty food, creative dishes

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-04

Pros: Very tasty, Excellent cheese, Professional staff


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08 Oct 2022

Fresh and creative

Went for dinner and we were super impressed. The service was great. Menu is extensive and makes it hard to choose! Everything tasted incredible and the ingredients were fresh and vibrant. Will definitely be back to enjoy again. Great place to go for a fancy meal to celebrate.

Pros: Fully vegan

Cons: Expensive


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27 Jul 2022

Beautiful food

Fine vegan dining that is made fresh. Four menus so going once a week for a month, can get different choices. They said they also change menus 3 or so times a year to keep things fresh.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-27


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13 Jul 2022

Posh vegan delights

A refreshing menu that changes weekly. Locally sourced produce in most cases. Great service but best to a reservation as it gets rather busy in peak times.


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18 May 2022

Healthy Fine Dine

My friend is leaving her chef position there so we had to go try it while we could still enjoy the staff discount. We had the Sunlight lunch set and enjoyed everything dish.

Those cherry tomatoes are really flavorful and the tiny rolls with cream cheese are delightful. The pizza was pretty light and good. I also loved the rich pumpkin soup with the special dried mushrooms. The zucchini rolls were also nice. Risotto is not as outstanding, actually we wanted to try the burger but it was sold out 🥲 Lastly, don’t envy us for having the special dessert and cheese platter from our beloved friend 😝

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-18

Pros: Lots of textures and flavors , Nice slow paced enjoyment , Healthy nutritious food

Cons: Not the best view


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05 Jan 2022

Good for vegan fine dining

Lovely space and interesting menu. All the dishes we had tasted good, although we were not at all full after 2 courses each. Service was attentive but a bit inexperienced in some areas. Very very expensive, would only come here for a special occasion.


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11 Nov 2021

Devoted to veggie goodness

Walked out feeling nourished and satisfied! The vegan cheese platter ($118 for 2 cheeses, $168 for 3 cheeses or $308 for 5 cheeses) is very filling and also plated beautifully. It is amazing how the vegan cheese resembles dairy cheese. Would be great with organic wine!

Pros: A lot of healthy, good for you vegan options, Tranquil, cosy and clean environment, A lot of thought goes into each creation

Cons: Little pricey but reasonable for the ingredients


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06 Nov 2021

Every time I enjoy raw vegan meal here, I naturally enter a state of Zen eating.

Every time I enjoy raw vegan meal here, I naturally enter a state of Zen eating: I slow down, appreciate the beautiful food, feel every bite with heart, and enjoy the high energy.


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30 Oct 2021

My absolute favorite restaurant in Hong Kong 🥰❤️ everything tastes amazing.

Servers were super nice and polite 🌸 ate there several times.

Pros: Everything is vegan 🌱

Cons: hard to find if u going there 1st time


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21 Oct 2021

Truly like “eating nature”. Feels good

Wonderful to eat so many whole plants and genuine, natural ingredients. Makes you feel truly nourished. The presentation is true artistry. This is a gem in Hong Kong - not enough places like this exist.
Special mention goes to the wide selection of artisanal plant based cheeses.

Pros: Makes you feel so nourished , Presentation is stunning , Flavours in each ingredient/ herb are so potent

Cons: Expensive - some dishes not worth their price


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15 Sep 2021

Innovative vegan restaurant

I’ve been to this restaurant three times for dinner and the menu appears to change seasonally. The dishes are visually stunning and the food is delicious and fresh. The prices are a bit on the pricey side, so I choose this restaurant for special occasions and celebrations.

The service is so-so, and I have had to flag down the staff for attention when they were huddled, hanging out and chatting.

Pros: Fresh vegetable-forward menu , Innovative dishes

Cons: Pricey, Service is so-so


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08 Aug 2021

A bit disappointing

I heard a lot of people raving about the food here so I decided to try it out. I had the 6 course dinner menu since I wanted to try a range of the dishes on offer. Firstly, I felt like the portion sizes were way too big - by the time dessert had come I felt like I couldn’t eat any more food. Secondly, all of the dishes to me felt quite bland and boring but also very heavy at the same time. Thirdly, the restaurant is pretty pricey. Overall, I was disappointed and I’ve had much better meals at non-vegan fine dining restaurants for better prices.


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02 Mar 2021

French vegan fine dining! Wow

Wow - loved my experience here. There aren't many places like this in Hong Kong that can create such unique, wholesome, vegan cuisine, in this kind of atmosphere. We had two set lunches (3 course and 4 course) so I got to try a wide range of items. Definitely going to return. Great place to go with friends, for a date, or for a business meeting. Very attentive service. It is on the pricy side, so if you want to save money, book to have the set lunch or afternoon tea set rather than a la carte.

- Chiaviar with cashew cream and blinis - my favourite of the starters. Really unique and the chiaviar actually tasted sealike (I think she has used seaweed powder?) and tasted divine with the lemony cashew cream. Beautifully presented.
- white soup - extremely smooth, like a cream, wholesome, delicious
- sans apple Waldorf salad - lovely presentation, good taste

- French mushroom stew with rosemary mash - just delicious. Mushrooms bursting with flavour
- Zoodles putanesca with meatless balls - I loved the taste of the sauce here. Found the zoodles a little crunchy

To end:
- Daily cheese - taste and texture of this vegan cheese was insane
- Daily dessert - this included two cheesecakes (lychee rose and spirulina frankincense). Transported somewhere else when I tried these!

Pros: Unique, wholesome and vegan cuisine , Classy decor


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16 Jan 2021

Vegan fine dining finally

Updated for Dec. 2020

Environment: Classy, cozy, bright

Food: All foods are vegan so that's encouraging. The vegan cheese platter that my friend ordered was yummy, according to him, and it was a meal on its own. The portions of the set lunch were small, that's why he could order another main. The lentil salad was a healthy choice on the menu but the presentation was bland and unappetizing. The rest of the food were decent. We wanted to order the Christmas menu that was advertised on IG but didn't know that it had to be pre-ordered. So it was a little disappointing.

Service: The staff were in suits or other uniform, and looked professional and smart. The female staff who served us was knowledgable about the menu and eloquent in recommending options.

Price: Very high. I think we spent close to $1000 for two people including drinks.

Opening party at Ma tonight. Due to social distancing rules, guests had to wait outside until some people left. They were serving canapes and cocktails but since there were 23 more covid cases today and all guests were without their masks, it's better be safe than sorry so I only stayed for a few minutes to congrats the owner and chef. It's a chic restaurant when it's a normal day. Will update the review when I visit again.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: In the middle of a wet market


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18 Dec 2020

Vegan fine dining

Finally an upscale vegan dining experience in Hong Kong.

Pros: Stunning deserts, Dishes beautifully presented


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16 Nov 2020

Top quality food in a stylish, comfortable setting

Tina's new restaurant offers Michelin-star quality food and a cosy setting at a reasonable price.

Every single dish is made with the best ingredients and prepared with an exquisite sense of detail, including the little flowers that adorn the plate and bring out the colours of this culinary palette.

Half of the dishes are raw, and Tina sure knows how to make delicious raw dishes! It is difficult to say which dish or dishes are my favourite(s), because they are all so tasty.

The soups are honest, in that you can taste the real ingredients and you notice that no 'tricks' were used to make the soup taste great (it is easy to boost taste by using salt, soy sauce or less natural tricks).

The same goes for the other appetizers and the main dishes, which excel in freshness and truthfulness. Some of these dishes (the ratatouille, the potatoes) take me back 40 or 50 years, to a time when products weren't processed and you were served real food at home.

The desserts deserve a separate appraisal, as they really show the artistry of Tina's cooking. The cheesecakes are a sheer delight, as are some of the other desserts that I have tasted so far.

In short, if you want to invite your business contacts or surprise your friends & family, I highly recommend Ma... for its top quality food, comfy setting and overall excellent service.

Pros: Fresh, healthy ingredients, tasty food

Cons: Toilet not in the restaurant itself

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