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11 Fownes Street, Dublin, Ireland, Dublin 2

NOV 2013 CLOSED AT THIS LOCATION, PER OWNER, MOVING TO DIFFERENT LOCATION. Please update happycow when/if it re-opens.

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First Review by Jezz1980

Wonderful - Edit

I visited Lurve at its former location and was totally delighted. The interior of the restaurant was very special and I liked it immediately, and staff were very friendly and welcoming. Unfortunately, as we were a bit late, some meals on the menu weren't available anymore, but there were plenty of alternatives.

We ordered a couple of sandwiches which tasted very well, and also a chocolate cake for dessert which was simply delicious.

I am looking forward to visiting Lurve in its new location when I visit Dublin again!

Pros: Good meals, Very friendly staff

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Never enough love for Lurve - Edit

I cannot praise this place highly enough. I have only been twice, both when it was at the Mary St. premises. If there's one thing I dislike about cafes is if they feel to elitist or if you walk in and don't feel comfortable. That would never be an issue here. The volunteer staff greet and treat you as if you have been good friends for years. I'm sure if you wanted some quiet alone time it would be given but I was happy to chat and share stories, and so were they! As for the food, well safe to say it didn't disappoint either. I was there with a friend (non-veggie) and she was a little hesitant, but both of us were amazed. We both had different sandwiches and they were amazing, some of the best I've ever tasted. Washed down with fresh mint tea, it all left me feeling very happy. I popped in once more to order something quick but mostly to say goodbye, I was leaving the country the next day. The volunteer there remembered my name and my story and wished me all the best. I was devastated to hear they had closed and delighted when the new cafe arose from the ashes! Next time I get back to Dublin it will be one of the first places I visit. Until then, I hope you will visit for me.

Pros: Genuinely wonderful staff, Ethical, delicious food, Low prices

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Fantastic - Edit

Lurve is absolutely fantastic - the best veg* place in Dublin an beyond.
I visited twice during my stay in Dublin - once for lunch and once for brunch on Sunday. The lunch menu has changing salads, soups, burgers and another dish - and there is an unbeatable offer for soup + main for 10€, which is a real deal for Dublin. Portions are huge and very tasty, so its great value. I had a bean burger that came with two sauces and four (!) kinds of salads. For brunch I had a vegan Irish breakfast, which was nice as well. Their cakes are also lovely.
Atmosphere: The atmosphere at Lurve is really nice as well - there are around 5 small and one large table and the room is very nicely decorated. Staff is lovely, service is quick.
For me, this is a clear 5-cow-place, no cons. If you have the chance - go visit Lurve for lunch, breakfast ode coffe+cake. They are planning to open five days a week soon - so check out their website for news.

Pros: Wonderful food, Lovely atmosphere, Great value

Cons: A Lurve-dinner would be nice ;)

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excellent. i'll be back - Edit

i was in dublin for the weekend and most of my preparation was trying to locate places i could eat without having to explain what veganism is.
location. if you are in the temple bar area for more than half an hour then you will probably chance upon it quite easily. i wasn't even looking for it.
i didn't notice a problem with the hygiene or the service. the staff were friendly and the big tables meant that you couldn't really avoid having a conversation with the person next to you. if you want fast service and an antiseptic environment there are plenty of convenience food outlets you can rush into and get food without making eye contact with another human being. i really felt at home.
price. reasonable for dublin. perhaps too reasonable. you are allowed to make a profit.

the bean burger was good (they often go soft and have no bite) and the salads that came with it filled the plate.
the best thing was the cake. i love cake and i actually had a choice of 3 or 4. it was a huge piece of rainbow peace cake. it was so delicious.
in the end i didn't bother going to the other places on my list. this is my first port of call when i go back to dublin (the information rack was particularly useful as there was nothing on the tourist map that was of any interest). i have been to many vegan restaurants around the united kingdom and this is one of my favourites.

Pros: lovely vibe, friendly staff, reasonably priced

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Confused - Edit

Like "Disappointed", I too thought I was visiting Lurve last Monday when it now appears to be a cafe run by someone else on days other than Thursday to Saturday. I am not surprised by the confusion as it is not clear to a first time visitor when you enter the cafe itself that it is not Lurve. In fact, the menu board had "Lurve" written on it even though there was nothing written below. It wouldn't take much time or cost much to write the days of opening on this board or put up some posters outside or inside for people who are passing by to clear this up. I think this is a very important point in order to avoid confusion and, in fact, to preserve Lurve's reputation as I agree with Disappointed about the standard of hygiene and lack of interest in customer service when I visited too! Surely Lurve wishes to distance itself from this?

I look forward to visiting Lurve on a day it is actually serving. One other thing is that there seems to be a lot of sudden wonderful reviews about Lurve since Disappointed's review when there previously hadn't been one since March. A little over-defensive! Just be clearer inside the Cafe about the days Lurve is operating (not just stating hours on Happy Cow, Facebook, etc.) and Lurve's wonderful reputation should be preserved! SweetVegan, I rated in the middle to be fair (it's neither positive nor negative) as I haven't yet tried Lurve's food.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday June 25, 2013

Cons: Confusion on days of operation

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SweetVegan 25 Jun 2013 - Lurve has only been open again for 3 days!!! It takes time to replace signs, etc. Most of us check their facebook page as that's where they post all their info & it's very clear that they are just open Thursday, Friday, Saturday as present.

Perhaps the reason that they have suddenly had a number of reviews in the past couple of days is that they only re-opened on Thursday 20 June. They have been closed since March!!

Seems harsh to me to give them only 3 stars when it looks as though you haven't actually experienced the café on Lurve days.  

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SweetVegan 25 Jun 2013 - You have amended your original review (but not your rating) since I posted my response. I think this makes it confusing for everyone.

I'm sure Lurve know what they are doing & there will have been a reason why they were not able to put up/ change signs in time.

I'm sure we all wish to support Dublin's first vegan café not snipe at it.

I am not going to post any more responses to a review which you keep amending, without highlighting your amendments.

I hope you visit Lurve soon. They are a lovely lot & you can see how hard they are trying!

Al the best to you, Veggie Smiles :-)  

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SweetVegan 25 Jun 2013 - PS Reason I mentioned your rating is that it has affected Lurve's overall rating, which seems a little unfair when you haven't experienced their café yet.  

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Veggie Smiles 25 Jun 2013 - SweetVegan, I don't "keep" on amending my review. I edited it once only to include responses to your comments as I was not aware I could post a response to your comment, being a first-time user of Happy Cow! I am not trying to confuse anyone and don't have any hidden agenda as you seem to believe.

Of course I haven't amended my rating as I haven't tried the food. It would be unreasonable to expect me to give 5 stars to Lurve for food I haven't tried! What would be the purpose of the Happy Cow website reviews then? I gave a fair rating (a middle 3 stars) so that it would have no affect on their rating! Also, there was no "swiping" on my part. My point asking them to clarify the days they are open for passers-by should get them more business! You seem a little overly sensitive about it.

Being a strict vegetarian, of course I want to see veggie/vegan businesses doing well and wish them all the best. My comments should be taken as constructive in order for them to bring more feet in the door!

All the best to you also.  

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SweetVegan 01 Jul 2013 - I just think it's odd to review a café you hadn't eaten in yet.
I could be wrong but, as I understand it, a café has 2 reviews both of 5 stars then its overall rating is 5. It has 2 reviews of 5 stars & 3 stars then its overall rating is 4 stars. That's why I think it was unfair to rate Lurve as 3 stars (which is not neutral). I don't think you should have rated it at all. Just my opinion.
I think we all hope to see more vegan/ veggie restaurants/ cafés in Dublin - here's hoping!!  

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Veggie Smiles 02 Jul 2013 - SweetVegan, there is no option not to rate when leaving a review. I even tried to edit to "unrate"(due to your last comment as I thought I might have missed this option) but it wouldn't accept a comment without a rating. Therefore, as before, I chose the most neutral (to me) to be fair, neither positive nor negative, until I try the food. I am sorry you seem so upset that Lurve has lost a half star due to this (isn't 4.5 a great rating?) but perhaps when I try the food and if I find it outstanding, I can give 5 stars in honesty!  

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I am in love one more time. - Edit

Lurve is back!

How something that was already awesome could get even better?! This is Lurve!

Loved the delicious cupcakes and the new location, in Temple Bar, so much easier to get. I heard they will make vegan quiche, sausage rolls and scones as well. Can't wait to taste it. I highly recommend to anyone seeking a place to meet a lovely staff with friends. You can go everyday and never get bored. =)

Love to you all.

Pros: Lovely staff, Tasty food, 100% vegan!

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MUST GO. Excellent food, atmosphere, and prices. - Edit

A must-go for everyone.
Really GOOD food (quality and value), amazing staff, vintage and original decorated cozy cafe in the coolest and most famous neighbourhood of the city...
PERFECT in every way. I absolutely love it.

Pros: Fabulous vegan food + value, Location and interior design, Really nice staff

Cons: None!!!

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Anything BUT disappointed - Edit

The reviewer who was so sadly disappointed was also sadly mistaken. Lurve is 100% vegan, is very clean & has exceptionally friendly & dedicated staff. I think confusion has arisen because Lurve is operating their café at Lucy's Lounge from Thursday to Saturday each week & someone else is operating the café on the other days.

I cannot recommend Lurve highly enough. Read their facebook page - they really engage with everyone & they seem to be genuinely trying to build a truly ethical business.

Their food is delicious.

Pros: 100% vegan, Location in the centre of Dublin, Exceptionally friendly staff

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Vegan, Delicious, and Great Location! - Edit

I highly recommend 'Lurve', Ireland's only 100% vegan cafe, to everyone!

The food is fantastic, the location is brilliant, and the staff are lovely!

Very fairly priced too!

Support veganism in Ireland - support 'Lurve'!

Pros: Great food, perfect location, lovely staff

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Very Disappointed - Edit

Very small menu & didn't have everything on menu at that....this was at lunchtime (not late in day). Bit too hippyish a setting for my liking. Staff not really sure what they are at....advertised as vegan but its actually vegetarian. No hair nets or gloves used by staff in kitchen area & one guy has a biker beard that Santa Claus would envy. Staff could make effort to welcome people especially since relatively new place...seemed bit disinterested. Couldn't enjoy my food unfortunately & not even particularly cheap at that.

Cons: Bit Grubby, Staff Seemed Disinterested, Poor Choice Of Food

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RubyShoes 25 Jun 2013 - The cafe premises are open all week but it is only Lurve Thursday to Saturday and it is 100% vegan. The staff are of course all volunteers and don't get paid. Lurve has vegan society rating and is most definitely 100% vegan.  

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It Must Be LURVE! - Edit

I'm always excited to try new, vegan food so when I heard 'Lurve' was opening, a visit was inevitable! I visited with my mother who is not vegan or vegetarian, and she wouldn't stop talking about it afterwards! The staff are exceptionally friendly, polite & accommodating. Pretty much everything you could possibly ask for in a group of people running a vegan cafe!
They have a daily special for €10, which included spicy lentil & bean soup, along with a potato and broccoli burger with salad. This was beyond magnificent. Everything was perfect. I had the mushroom & coriander burger on a sesame seed bap with couscous & pasta salad. I was too distracted by how amazing everything else was that I didn't notice which two sauces hugged the burger but whatever they were, they were goooood. I also got the mixed berry cake & the carrot cake - so amazing.
Overall, I was very pleased with everything from the decor & the staff to the food & the location.

Pros: Delicious food, Good value, Very friendly staff

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One of the best things about Lurve is its location - the north side of Dublin has long needed a haven for vegetarians. That it is vegan is an added bonus. My husband is vegan and places like Lurve are fantastic for him.

I have eaten there twice so far - once just carrot cake (sweet, dense, spicy) and another time for soup and sambos. The soup was delicately flavoured with coconut. The sandwiches with hummus and salad were delicious, extra special. The bread was the star attraction: full of nutty, seedy flavour - absolutely fab.

Prices are great - very affordable - and the welcome is super friendly, if a tad batty. Service can be scatty as many of the workers are volunteers and new, but they are all very friendly.

I have followed their story from the start on their Facebook page and am willing them on always. I gave them a small review on my blog after my first visit:

A must-visit for vegans/veggies in Dublin.

Pros: Bread, Location, Friendliness

Cons: Slow service (may improve!)

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Lurve is simply fantastic! - Edit

I followed the whole Lurve set up from the beginning as it's very exciting to see there's actually a vegan place in Dublin now. I went for a bite in the evening with a non-vegetarian friend, and it was simply fantastic! We both had the veggie burger and it was the best one I ever had. Of course there was a nice selection of salads with it, all super fresh and really tasty. The welcome in the cafe was also very nice, so they work with volunteers but they really take care of you in a personal way and is that not what you would like in every restaurant? My friend was also really impressed as he did not expect to enjoy a meal without the usual meat (hopefully it convinced him to do it more often :) ) After this great main course we both had a really yummy desert so it was overall a perfect dinner! Ok, it was a bit cold that evening as there was a bit of an issue with the heating but I suppose that's all sorted now.

Lurve is a lovely place, with great food and great staff, whether you're vegan, vegetarian or not!

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What is this thing called Lurve? - Edit

I'd like to make it clear from the outset that I am also a volunteer at Lurve (though like Jessica I was a customer first).

Lurve is a small independent Vegan cafe on Mary street selling a variety of fresh, delicious vegan foods every day. A typical daily menu will consist of: a choice of two freshly made soups, six types of salad, a variety of sandwiches with a choice of three kinds of bread and half a dozen spreads all made fresh in the cafe, two or three main courses and three or four sorts of delicious vegan deserts. All of our coffee is organic, fairtrade AND rainforest alliance certified, and we also stock a number of organic herbal teas.

The staff currently consists entirely of volunteers, all of whom are warm and friendly, and eager to make your Lurve experience as good as they possibly can. Why? Because they, like myself, all recognise the importance of a place like Lurve; if we are ever to have a vegan world we need to support the people who try to make it happen. If you are a vegan in Dublin and have not yet visited Lurve you really need to ask yourself: do you really care about creating a vegan world?

The only real downside to Lurve is the fact that it sometimes has to close early due to lack of volunteers, and sometimes the food runs out before the end of the day. These are minor teething problems that will soon be taken care of, and we have big, big plans for the future including language exchanges, cultural evenings and live music. So treat yourself; come experience Lurve and support a more ethical and compassionate Dublin.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Delicious Food, Friendly Atmosphere

Cons: Sometimes closes unexpectedly

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A loving warm place! - Edit

Well first of all let me mention that I was once a regular costumer at Lurve, but ended up to be a volunteer!
Lurve exists out of a group of volunteers now, mainly because we BELIEVE in the cause! We don't donate our free time for something that isnt worth fighting for and we all believe there is a way to create a better world!

I am here to give an honest review.
True, Lurve has some bumps to overcome. In the beginning there were days we had to close because of lack of volunteers. Sometimes it can happen you have to wait for your order a bit longer, or we simply run out of our food because the day was unexpectedly busier then we anticipated.
Everyday we try to make Lurve a better place, by learning from your feedback, from our experience being there. But the truth is, we are all not experienced business runners. We are simply people with a warm heart, trying to make your visit to Lurve as wonderful as can be and trying to make a difference to the world against all of the other BIG restaurants out there!

When you pay Lurve a visit you will find; a warm loving cafe, fresh and affordable wonderful food, not only vegan food, but also fairtrade, biodegradable waste and a warm lovely team of volunteers.

The best way to experience it, is to come and see it for yourself. Be as honest as you can and just enjoy!

Ps. The opening time is 11:00am - 8pm.
Exception; Monday its closed.
Tuesday and Sunday the cafe is open till 5:00pm.
Wednesday we have a English-French language exchange till 10:00pm.

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