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516 E 6th St (at Ave A, Manhattan), New York City, New York, USA, 10009

Est. 2009 formerly as Lula's Sweet Apothecary with name change in 2013. All vegan frozen dessert and vegan ice cream parlor, styled after old time soda parlors. Also serving baked goods, coffee and tea, snacks. FEB 2016 SHUT THIS MONTH. Open Tue-Wed 3:00pm-10:00pm, Thu-Sat 3:00pm-11:30pm, Sun 3:00pm-10:00pm.

Reviews (37)

First Review by gonepie

Awesome vegan ice cream shop - Edit

Awesome vegan ice cream shop. Totally incognito. Not only is there no vegan indication on the outside, but not even a sign saying "Blythe Ann's." Strange. You must know the address. It's like a weird word of mouth only spot, but the ice cream is delicious. My non-veg friend loved the cake batter soft serve, which I also got. And because I was just visiting NY, and couldn't stop at just the soft serve, I also got a second serving of the mint chip ice cream with chocolate cookies on top. Yum. Wish I had one of these out in CA!

Pros: Delicious, Soft serve! A vegan dream

Cons: Must know address! Odd secret spot, Cash only

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Best Vegan Sundae Ever! - Edit

The vegan cookie dough soft serve is without a doubt the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. So delicious. I was sad that I had gotten another flavour in my sundae as well because that meant I had less cookie dough soft serve. I highly recommend this place. So good. I wish I lived in New York so it could be more than just a memory!

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Great vegan ice cream - Edit

After a dinner in a restaurant nearby that didn't turn out as expected the ice cream in this little shop managed to save the day (food wise talking). Incredible brownie sundae with toppings, cream and a cherry. What else could you wish for?

Pros: Excellent ice cream, Great toppings

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I was in this place a couple of years ago and thought I had landed in paradise. There were different base alternatives -soy base, cashew base... and maybe more?-, plus lots of flavours and toppings to choose from.
I had dark chocolate ice cream and peanut butter ice cream. Both were mouth watering but, even though I am a chocolate addict, I thought the peanut butter was the BEST ice cream I had ever had, great flavor, rich, heavenly creamy and not too sweet. I am usually very demanding and I found it just perfect!

Updated from previous review on Saturday August 16, 2014

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Go there! - Edit

As a heads up: This place is so tiny I walked passed it even though I was looking for it. I don't even want to spend a lot of time on this review because there is really just one thing to say about it: Go there!
Some of the best ice cream I have ever had. And it's not your usual soy stuff. The atmosphere is super sweet, it's like you are stepping back in time, and a time I at least didn't see coming. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and you want my advice go there... and if it's between this and Babycakes which is almost around the corner: Go to Lula's.

Pros: Delicious, Lovely , Something special

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Great sundaes - Edit

Vegan ice cream parlour = paradise

I recommend you go all out and get a sundae with all your favorite ingredients.

They sell Go Max Go Chocolate Bars as well.

Pros: deliciousness, nice neighbourhood, nice vibe

Cons: not open everyday

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I just got back from NYC. Unfortunately Lula's only opens at 3 pm, so it didn't work with our trip to go in person. BUT Blossom carries Lula's ice cream so I was able to have 3 flavours after dinner. And. it. is. a. fricking. mazing.

I had 3 cashew-based ice creams and they were all so flavourful and creamy. And the flavours tasted so natural, unlike most ice creams (vegan and non-vegan). The flavours I tried were almond-vanilla, pumpkin and apple (the latter two might have "spice" or something like it in the proper name). All 3 were heavenly. I literally shut my eyes while eating them to experience the flavour. It is just so high quality. I have been vegan for almost 7 years, and have sampled vegan ice creams around the world, and this is the winner so far!

If you are vegan or do not eat dairy for any other reason, I cannot recommend Lula's highly enough. It was a highlight of my trip to NYC.

Pros: Creamy texture, Rich flavour, High quality

Cons: Ridiculous store hours

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It's alright - Edit

My partner and I came here for dessert after having dinner nearby. He wasn't really the adventurous type and happily settled for the chocolate flavor. I was up for something more interesting and creative but felt a little disappointed with the flavor selection that evening. Ended up having the caramel with ginger cookies. Was good, although a tad too sweet for my taste. Place was very small with only a few bar stools.

Pros: vegan ice cream

Cons: place too small

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Vegan Ice Cream Shop - Edit

Vegan ice cream sundaes! That's all that really needs to be said I think. Some of the best I've cream you'll ever eat.

Pros: Amazing flavors, Brownie sundaes

Cons: Tiny space, Very limited seating

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Cash ONLY, ATMS not near! Cake batter soft serve! - Edit

Lula's is beyond amazing. The Cake batter soft serve had us hiking to an ATM to double down on that insanely sweet confection. I have a hard time wrapping my taste buds around how soft serve can taste like you are licking the beaters @ grandma's after she's made your birthday cake... Cute small ice cream shop with a few additional treats, bring your cash, however, no plastic accepted!

Pros: soft serve

Cons: cash only

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Heavenly! - Edit

I've been hearing so much about Lula's that I was able to convince my friend to walk across town for some ice cream. It opens at 3, and we arrived as soon as the door opened.

The place is small, and it only has 4 stools to sit on (be prepared to go for a nice walk while you eat your ice cream), however the decor is reminiscent of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, which definitely makes for a fun experience.

I had a chocolate shake. It was absolutely delicious, and it's completely soy free for those who cannot, or will not eat soy. In fact, Lula's is more than friendly for those not wanting to consume soy, and you won't feel as though you are limited to only a few soy-free options.

My friend also had a scoop of ice cream (can't remember the flavor), and she thought it was delicious. She is also lactose intolerant (still eats dairy) and was so happy when her stomach was not bothering her after she ate.

The woman next to us was enjoying a banana split. I already know what I am going to ask for when I return.

Pros: great taste, good menu, plenty of soy free options

Cons: not many places to sit

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Verry Sweet - Edit

Too sugary sweet for me and my bf, but cute place. We ordered shakes. I think next time I would just get a soft serve and not cake batter or chocolate peanut butter (way too heavy on the pb).

Pros: Friendly service, Cute shop, Open late

Cons: Not the best I've had

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Vegan heaven - Edit

A tiny little cafe, so small I couldn't find it at first, but what a find it was once inside!! I didn't know it was possible to make vegan ice cream til I ate here. Absolute paradise. I had a sundae of peanut butter and chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, a hot fudge sauce, pecans and coconut whipped cream with a cherry on top. Wow!!!! Absolute heaven to the tastebuds. And I think it was about $7. Seriously you couldn't tell it was non dairy and I know my friends who're all carnivores and think I am a crazy person going vegan would love to eat this sort of ice cream. Wish I'd been in Nww York longer to be able to go back and back and back and back

Pros: delicious

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Updated review 2012! - Edit

My previous 2009 review is below but a june 2012 update - we were disappointed in the changes found this week on our second trip, there was only one soft scoop ice cream option (cake batter which is not the most exciting of flavours and was the only soft scoop back in 2009!) and there were lots of hard scoop options but seemed to be safer (boring?) than back in 2009. The mixed berries flavour was nice but no vegetable flavours and the server was not that smily or welcoming. The whip coconut cream was excellent but looking at my previous review its time Lula went back to her earlier creativity especially as competition is hotting up with Stogo now open. We expected a lot more given how good it was last time and how friendly she was.

Even heavy snow could not keep us away from Lula's and on our holiday we went there twice. Really friendly welcome, you can try as many ice creams as you like before you buy and you could buy everything!! Absolutely amazing, the ice cream is made daily on the premises mainly from cashew cream and they do some unusual flavours. The green juice is an aquired taste, it's like vegetable ice cream but does mix well with a chocolate ice cream. The cake batter soft scoop ice cream was amazing as was the rocky road. Highly recommended, I'd have gone back again if it wasn't so cold in January!!
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 10, 2010

Pros: excellent food, Cool venue, Nice topping choices

Cons: Not moved on from 2009 , difficult to find and not nice area, doesn't open until 3pm

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I LOVEDDDDD this place! - Edit

On a recent trip to NY we made a stop here. OMG it was amazing. I had a hot fudge sundae with peanut butter & bittersweet chocolate icecream, cream, nuts and a cherry on top. Everything tasted so wonderful. I regret not finishing it! My non-vegan bf had a banana split and said it was the best one he has ever had. It's way better than dairy icecream. They give you LOADS of toppings too, and you can choose whatever you want. Halfway down, I was stilling getting nuts and topping. Amazing little place, the decor is so cute. I also bought a vegan lip gloss and some donuts & s'mores for breakfast the next day :) You can also buy vegan chocolates. Really friendly staff too.

Pros: Excellent food, Massive servings, Friendly staff

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best ice cream ever? - Edit

I'm kinda embarrassed to admit how many times I went here during a one week trip to NYC. Lula's has the best ice cream. There's plenty of flavours to choose from including soft serve. Oh and their sundaes... the coconut whipped cream is amazing. I'm drooling just thinking about it!

Pros: delicious, friendly staff, wide selection of flavours

Cons: limited seating

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Best in nyc - Edit

-They have the best vegan ice cream. Soft serve is amazing, as well as the normal ice cream, and you can sample them all.
-The store is absurdly precious.
-There's a good selection of other vegan treats.
-The staff is great.
-Good location.---Eat your ice cream inside, at Tompkins, or at the secret garden next door.

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Lula's Sweet Apothecary - Edit

Holy vegan cake batter soft serve!!! That pretty much says it all! The employees were super friendly and very helpful in helping me pick out the perfect ice cream cone. Upon recommendation of the staff, I went with the vegan cake batter soft serve, and I was not disappointed. In fact, it was so good that my tongue actually hurt because I could not put the cone down. A trip to NY would not be complete without a stop at Lula's, highly recommended.

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Amazing! - Edit

Amazing selection with flavours changing every day. Not to mention choices of 3 different sauces and many toppings to go on your cone, banana split, sundae or brownie.

Truly delicious with very friendly staff.

Pros: selection, staff, presentation

Cons: none

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Vegan decadence - Edit

Since I'm from a much smaller city, the capitol of NZ, an all-vegan ice cream parlour was a huuge treat for me. Since I figured it'd be my only chance to sample such a shop for a loong while, I went all out and ordered the sundae... A scoop of coconut-based strawberries'n'cream and one of nut-based chocolate + chocolate sauce + sour gummy bears + coconut whipped cream. Got sickly towards the end but it was worth it! The fact that I remember a dessert which I ate well over a year ago in such detail proves just how memorable I found Lula's.

Pros: Decadent, Choices!

Cons: Don't think about the calories...

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Great treats, awful customer service - Edit

Love the "ice cream" but a few weeks ago braved the bitter cold on a Tuesday night to visit with my husband and, even though the place was empty, found the music in the background so loud that it was painful. Not only was it not my taste (though I could have tolerated it at the right volume) it was impossible for my husband to hear me while standing next to me. The place is very small. Even with more than just the two of us there it would have been very annoying. Nonetheless, we had gone out of our way to get there and wanted to stay; I had planned to buy Rescue chocolate, a tee shirt, and sundaes for us both. So we nicely asked the clerk to turn the music down. He refused, saying he was not allowed to touch the music. We got our ice cream "to go" (one serving only and nothing else) and left. I emailed Lula and was told that indeed the music, including the volume, was part of the "atmosphere" and the clerk was right in refusing to turn it down. The message was fairly clear: Lula's would rather lose a customer than do something as simple (and unrelated to the product they are selling) as lowering the volume of their background music.

Pros: vegan ice cream

Cons: awful customer service

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Jerr202020 22 Feb 2013 - I went to Lulas 3 times and found it mediocre. I think their concept as an old time apothecary just doesn't work. I was not impressed with their vegan frozen treats and found the flavors dull. Something about the ice cream just doesn't feel right in your mouth.I think I would spend my time and money elsewhere.
Oh, yes and I found the music banal and grating, too and feel it was just annoying and didn't add anything to the 'experience.' I would just go to Stogos and call it a day ! I won't bother going there anymore. I gave them a few tries and feel there are so many great places in the East Village it doesn't make sense to waste your time where your patronage isn't appreciated.

We went to Stogos instead and it rocked ! Stogos

Very good - Edit

I tried the swirl with pumpkin flavour (during autumn) and it was sooo delicious! the last time i tried was a scoop of peanut butter icecream based on cashews, this was freakin good. There is a lot of choices of flavours too... banana, orange, pistache...gotta try them all :) The place is very tiny but has a pleasant interesting apothecary look :) This place is highly recommend for everyone, vegan or not!

Pros: vegan icecream, flyers about veganism, enough choices

Cons: tiny, almost invisible from outside

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Seriously awesome - Edit

Lula's is a little gem in the Village that serves yummy vegan ice creams. The three times I've been there--and believe me, I would go more often if I lived in NYC--the majority of the flavors have been cashew-based, but they do have coconut and soy ice creams. The cashew ice creams have a delightfully creamy texture that would rival their animal-based counterparts. You can get floats, sundaes, banana splits, and "egg creams" in Lula's small but charming space.

I usually get a sundae, while my boyfriend gets the banana split. I do wish they'd serve the sundae in a bowl instead of the sundae glass for easier eating. Still, it's fun to sit on my stool (not a lot of seating there) and dig in. The whipped-cream is coconut-based but tasty. The nuts on my sundae on my most recent visit formed a nice salty counterpoint to the sweetness of my ice cream.

I do wish they offered more sauces for their sundaes and splits--they only have chocolate, hot fudge, and marshmallow. A vegan caramel and/or strawberry topping would be nice. But that's really my only complaint.

However, if you're a vegan searching for an ice cream parlor, check out Lula's. It's a fairly short walk from the 2 Avenue/Lower East Side subway station.

Pros: vegan ice cream, hello!, many unusual flavors, friendly

Cons: small space, more sauce flavors--please!

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An oasis of frozen delights! - Edit

Lula's serves the best vegan ice cream I've ever had, hands down -- and I've eaten a lot of it. I love the texture and creaminess afforded by the cashew base. The peanut butter fudge ice cream and the cake batter soft serve are decadent and delicious. The man and woman working behind the counter were both very nice, encouraging us to sample as many flavors as we wanted. If we lived in NYC, we would systematically try everything on the menu! I bet they make a killer root beer float. It's very nice to find high quality vegan ice cream options that are not soy-based or rice-based. Also, the prices are very reasonable! Highly recommended!

Pros: delicious, affordable, friendly staff

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Good but beware the hours of operation - Edit

We loved the soft-serve ice cream (especially the cake-batter vanilla). But be aware of the limited hours of operation. We arrived on a very hot afternnon after 12:00 only to find out that the apothecary does not open until 3:00 p.m.! The late opening-time seemed inexplicable for an ice cream parlour and was very disappointing, on a hot day, especially for our daughter (fortunately, there was a pub around the corner, which helped to pass the time).

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vegan ice cream parlor: need I say more?! - Edit

I loved Lulu's! The young man working behind the counter seemed to genuinely love his job and was proud of his product. I appreciate that. Plus, as others noted, he eagerly offered to let me try any flavors. I went with the blueberry and strawberry, and my brother got the chocolate. All three flavors were cashew-based (the menu board notes what the base of each flavor is) and I enjoyed this immensely. The cashew base added a subtle, yet rich, element to the flavor, which was incredibly delicious. There's really not much space in the actual store, and the few seats were already occupied, so we had to get ours to go (and that would have made a sundae difficult I think.) But there's a nice little park nearby, plus the neighborhood is fun for a stroll, so it worked out fine. The guy in line behind us came in and said "Make me whatever you want!" The young man behind the counter asked if he had any allergies or dislikes, and the customer said no, make whatever you want and surprise me! How cool is it, vegans, to be able to do this? On my next visit I am going to order this way!

Pros: vegan ice cream, delicious cashew base, friendly staff

Cons: small space

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Be-bop-a-LULA'S-It's Amazing! - Edit

Lula's is THE best. I had a hot fudge sundae w/ Rocky Road & Mint Chip. So nice to enjoy my fave flavor of Rocky Road again sans marshamallows. The ice cream had a great consistency and fresh made taste. My guy had a peanut butter fudge shake served with a silver straw and it didn't last long--down the hatch fast, delish! The place is small and decorated cute in an old-timey fashion with old fashioned bottles and signs hanging. I heard the employee mention their seltzer is made special in Brooklyn--it comes in the old school seltzer glass bottles. Lots of toppings and open til 11:3PM--bring cash and mind that it's closed Mondays. If only we had a Los Angeles Lula's! P.S. You can sample 2 flavours free! Enjoy xoxo

Pros: Best Ice Cream, Friendly Staff, Good value

Cons: Tiny space, Cash Only

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Worthy of the hype - Edit

I came here with high expectations after reading the rave reviews, and was certainly not disappointed. This is vegan paradise. I went there three times, and there was a different range of flavours each time. Every one was sweet, creamy and delicious. My (non-vegan) partner was as impressed as I was. They allow you to try as many flavours as you like before you place an order, and as the flavours keep changing, you get five minutes of sampling heaven before you buy a thing. But of course you do then go on to buy something, because it's sooooo good! They have a range of options (cones, sundaes, banana splits, brownies, milkshakes...) or you can customise. I chose to customise on my second and third trips, allowing me to have more flavours (by having 'half-scoops', which were still pretty copious). Flavours I enjoyed over my three trips included rum and raisin, mint choc chip, coffee, espresso, chocolate brownie, coconut fudge, peanut butter crunch, peanut butter fudge, lemon meringue, banana cream pie, orange creamsicle, and probably other wonderful things that I have since forgotten. For toppings, they have a range of delicious sauces including hot fudge and hot caramel with peanuts, and you can round it off with generous lashings of toppings such as oreos, peanut butter cups, gummy bears etc. It was simply the most delicious food I ever ate.
The service was generally fantastic, although the Irish guy was a bit grumpy (but I think he is the culinary genius behind all these flavours so we have to forgive him). The location is not ideal, as it is pretty far out east (between avenue A and B), nowhere near the subway or anything else other than the East Village restaurants. But the way I see it, it's an excuse to eat an extra scoop and then walk it off on your way back to wherever you came from. It is also not cheap, but the quality means that you still get good value for money. They also sell vegan chocolate bars.
I don't think any self-respecting vegan can come to New York and not come here, unless they are diabetic. Vegan tourists - make this top of your list.

Pros: Best icecream ever!, So many flavours, Free samples

Cons: A bit off the beaten track

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Oh my god! - Edit

This place is the most wonderful place on earth!!! They have soy-based and nut-based ice-creams and they even have soft-serve! Vegan soft serve!

I don't know how to describe it... this is what I had: A banana split with pina-colada ice cream, ginger molasses ice cream, and cake batter soft-serve. Pineapples on top, generous dollops of coconut whip cream with a cherry on top. Then, vegan gummy bears sprinkled over it followed by crumbled up ginger-cream cookies!!

It makes me shudder just thinking about it. If I lived in NYC I would gain 50lbs in the first month because I would eat here every day.

The soft-serve swirl (cake-batter/strawberry) is almost like orgasming.

You should go to this place.

Pros: Heaven, Amazing, Soft-serve

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Vegan Heaven! - Edit

Absolutely amazing. We went to Lulu's twice during our trip to NY. First time I had a scoop of chocolate coconut ice cream and my friend had a sundae with carrot cake ice cream, chocolate coconut ice cream with hot fudge topping and mint chocolate chip cookie topping. I tasted his and it was also divine. The next time we had peanut butter chocolate ice cream and that was also superb. They also serve soft serve ice cream. Some flavours are nut- based while others are soy-based. There are a wide variety of flavours available as well as sauces if you are having a sundae (i.e. marshmallow) and toppings like gummy bears and nuts. This shop is so interesting because as a vegan its never been possible for me to have an ice cream from an ice cream shop. The staff were very friendly. If you are heading to NYC this place is a must whether you are vegan or not. The food choices for vegans in NYC are incredible and this place ranks right up there! Price are reasonable too.

Pros: delicious vegan ice cream , innovative concept, ambiance

Cons: only one location in NYC!

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best place ever - Edit

Lula's is the best place I've ever been to. They make their own ice cream and let you do any combination you can imagine. My friends and I ended up going two days in a row and have been dreaming about it ever since. They have a couple of other desserts but it is mostly just for ice cream which is more than okay for me.

Pros: delicious, sooo goooood, amazing

Cons: place is small (but is cute!)

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Sweet excellence - Edit

I love everything about Lula's. First and foremost, the ice cream is amazing! They make it there and have an amazing assortment of flavors. I loved the chocolate coconut! One of my friends had the cinnamon and the other had the cake batter. Both loved their choices. They let you taste until you make your choice. They also feature Gone Pie baked goods. The brownie sundae with the gluten-free brownie is too good!

Pros: Price, Quality

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