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Loving Hut - Westfield Mall Food Emporium

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Contact 415-975-3888

845 Market St (at Westfield Mall), San Francisco, California, USA, 94103

Chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Offers various appetizers and noodle dishes plus salads, sandwiches, and buffet combos. Each location is individually operated. This outlet is downstairs in the mall food court. Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-8:30pm, Sun 10:00am-7:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Fast food, Take-out, Asian, Vietnamese

Reviews (42)

First Review by SynthVegan

Restaurant prices for fast food - Edit

Limp salad, small portion. If you want to pay 10-15 bucks and still feel hungry, this place is for you.

Pros: Tastes pretty good, Convenient

Cons: Pricey, Small portion, Better food is available cheaper nearby

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vegan mall food - Edit

I have been to several Loving Huts around Europe. They've varied in quality (from excellent to pretty good), but this one is nothing like the other ones I've gone to. Another review said, "like Panda Express, but vegan." That's a good summary. The food is quite greasy- sort of the quality you would expect in a mall food court. I ordered a "choose three" platter from the buffet, so maybe their other items are fresher/ better. The seating and ambiance gave me flashbacks to my days as a teenage mall rat.

I definitely wouldn't go out of the way to eat here, but if you're in the mall it's very convenient. If you're craving greasy vegan fast food / good-bad Chinese food this is a good stop.

Pros: All vegan, Good value

Cons: Mall basement, Greasy food

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Thai inspired vegan food court option - Edit

quick and easy option for a vegan snack of lunch. located on lower level of Westfield in emporium food court. has cold drinks, salads, sanwhiches, soups and a hot bain Marie of Thai style fried dishes with lots of mock meats. my $9.50 Philly sandwich was tasty but not the most amazing vegan thing I've ever had. it filled the gap and was nice to talk some Thai to the staff. no coffee as the listing suggests.

Pros: all veganfasteasy

Cons: nothing new or too specialShopping Centre location

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Vegan fastfood in a mall - Edit

Coming from a city with near zero Vegan options, I was just ecstatic to find a Vegan fast food store inside a shopping mall of all places. Their sandwiches taste excellent but air a little on the small side

Pros: Everything is vegan

Cons: Sandwiches are on the smaller side for the price

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Plant-based menu adapted to local foods and tastes - Edit

I wasn’t bowled over by the appearance of their food in the Westfield, but I tried the sweet potato curry and it was most excellent! I like pumpkin curry but have never come across a sweet potato version and have to say it was at least as good as any pumpkin curry I’ve ever had. Lots of perfectly cooked sweet potato, tofu and veggies in a well-balanced curry sauce and some fresh rice on the side. Their vegan cakes looked good, but the only other thing I had was their sweetened hibiscus tea, which not too sweet and made a nice change. Service was quite friendly too and the curry + rice was reasonably priced at $8.50.

So, 4/5 stars for quality and value, and I’m also giving the Loving Hut 5/5 green stars for social and environmental impact. First, obviously, a plant-based diet is clearly better than a meat-heavy diet for the planet on several fronts: better use of land for feeding the population, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, avoids the animal cruelty that comes with the intensive meat industry, and is better for human health. Second, I really like their business model: each restaurant is independently-owned and comes up with its own menu. For a chain restaurant with over 200 locations worldwide (about 40 in the U.S., four in the Bay Area) it’s a great idea to not replicate the same menu in every restaurant. Each restaurant can come up with their own menu depending on what’s available locally, and can also suit local dietary trends and needs. The idea of walking into a chain restaurant that has thousands of locations worldwide and knowing that they churn out these identical meals in huge facilities (and then waste energy shipping them all over the country/world) is really a repulsive concept. Finally, if you’re vegan or vegetarian, it’s nice to know that you can order anything on the menu without having to ask the staff for a history of the dish.

Pros: Delicious curry, Good for a quick meal, Entirely plant-based

Cons: Not fancy, Food Court can be a noisy/busy

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Asian food I can eat! - Edit

Loved this place! Usually I don't eat Asian dishes because of a sesame allergy! I had marinated tofu and eggplant with rice... Delicious and filling... Very huge portions ... You will not go away hungry :-)

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Solid - Edit

Cheap, filling and relatively healthy. I had the spicy noodle soup and it was delightful - lots of beansprouts, noddles and herbs. A little light on the fake meats but with an adequate amount of tofu. Sadly not particularly spicy, but I have a pretty deep desire for tear-inducing heat in my soups. Getting a good, filling meal for $10 in downtown SF is an achievement in and of itself

Pros: Cheap!, Filling, good portions.

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how is this in a mall?! - Edit

So delicious- a bit greasy, sort of like Panda Express but it's vegan! The vermicelli salad was so perfect! The boa "pork" bun was very tasty, and you can't go wrong with the Thai ice tea!

Pros: everything is vegan!, good flavor, some stuff is organic

Cons: a bit on the greasy side, not everything is organic, it's in a mall basement

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The food is really good here and the portions are generous.

But the best thing about it are the vegan desserts:
Pumpkin cheesecake (seasonal)
Vanilla cheesecake
Mint cheesecake
Carrot cupcake
Mocha cake
Oreo cake

We tried them all (except the mocha) and they were all AMAZING!

This place alone makes me wish I lived in SF!

Pros: All vegan menu, Vegan desserts, Vegan cheese cake!!!!!!!!!!

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Very nice - Edit

Had the STEAMED TABLE COMBO - two items with rice or noodles.

I had an aubergine dish which was lovely and a sweet potato curry which was very nice, though I think it was regular potato rather than sweet! Excellent value for money as a whole plate is under $10 and they have tap water available

Pros: good value for money, range of food options available, tasty

Cons: fighting for a table!

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Great sandwiches & noodles - Edit

Went here twice on a recent visit to San Fran. The menu here is reasonably small, featuring some noodle dishes and sandwiches as well as some stir-fry dishes on the bain marie. The two sandwiches we ordered were both delicious, and the Vietnamese pho noodles were the best I have had outside of Vietnam. The smoothies were a little lacking in flavour. Overall, fantastic food and well worth a visit.

Pros: Amazing sandwiches, Authentic Viet pho noodles, Easy to find in a mall

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tasty and not "mall food court" food - Edit

I was hesitant to go here because I didn't want to eat in a dirty mall food court. I was so wrong! This is maybe the nicest mall food court I've ever eaten in. Very upscale feel. The food is just as good as the other Loving Hut restaurants. Solid choice in the area.

Pros: price is low, flavors are delicious, in an upscale mall

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Really Good! - Edit

I had my food and also wanted what everyone else had. The vegetables were cooked perfectly and the food comes out fast. The non vegans we were with loved it as well.

Pros: great food

Cons: very busy area, hard to find a seat

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Disappointing - Edit

Used to LH in other countries, this SF location had very few choices. In the end, I just had a smoothie (yummy), tasted my friend's noodle dish (yummy) and myself had a veggie burger from the "meat place" just opposite - it was fantastic.

Pros: Convenience

Cons: Lack of choices

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Loved the Queen Sandwich - Edit

My first mall food court Loving Hut experience. I ordered the Queen Sandwich to go and it was great. I would most definitely go back. The menu is limited since it isn't a real full sized Loving Hut but considering that it could have been a Panda Express or something, I am very happy with it.

Pros: Nice that a mall has a vegan restaurant

Cons: You have to go into a mall to eat here

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Fast and easy in an upscale mall food court - Edit

Yes, it's in a food court -- but this is a nice food court. You get glasses made of glass for water and real metal silverware to eat with. You can almost always find a comfortable place to sit down and employees bus tables and keep things clean. There are 10-15 different food places and a compact grocery store, so if you go with friends not into Loving Hut there's plenty of choice.

It's in the basement of the Westfield mall, where there are actually two food courts -- make sure you go to the Bloomingdale's end of the mall (not the Nordstrom end) to find the right one. In fact, the easiest way to get to the Loving Hut from outside is to go in the Bloomingdale's entrance on Mission Street, go down the stairs and walk out toward the mall. As you emerge, wa-la, tasty vegan food sits before you.

Well, you do actually have to order first. Like all Loving Huts the food is 100% vegan, Chinese influenced with a good variety. You can choose a combo plate with 2 items (I recommend basil mushroom and sweet potato curry) along with white rice, brown rice, chow mein noodles or fried rice. Pro tip: you can also substitute rice with their steamed kale if you want to be super healthy. Or, order a dish made on the spot; the garden vermicelli is a fresh noodle soup that comes with 2 fried rolls. Basically all of the dishes are the same price, $9. They have a few fun desserts and drinks too.

They have a stamp card so if you go here a lot be sure to get one.

Pros: Fast and friendly, Tasty, Pretty healthy

Cons: Not a romantic setting

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Great - Edit

Very good that this small sit-in restaurant is located absolutely in the centre of a shopping district. They don't offer that much meals like they do in their other branches but anyway very delicious!

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Not bad, handy location - Edit

Great to see this vegan place in such a busy spot, I'm sure many animals are spared when non-vegans eat here by accident or out of convenience. That said, I only tried buffet items, and I wish I could say they were amazing but it was a little so-so. It just seemed a bit gloopy and like the flavours of the 3 different items I selected were not very distinct. Seems like some of the sandwiches are a better option. It was pretty good, with lots of vegies, just a bit oily and flavours didn't really pop.

Pros: Handy location, fast food, All vegan, lots of vegies

Cons: a bit oily and lacking zing, meat eating at nearby tables

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Nice food - Edit

The food here was pretty good. Out of convenience my husband and I ate here twice in our 3 day stay. The first day we both had a bread roll with some fake meats and veggies, they were pretty good. The second day I had some sweet and sour veggies with tofu and rice. My hubbie had fried rice and eggplant with tofu. The food was pretty good but nothing amazing.

Pros: location, friendly staff

Cons: not much change in menu daily

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Wow, vegan delights in a mall!!! - Edit

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this place was just opposite my hotel, jippie!!! I LOVE Loving Hut and this place makes no exception. I got the fried rice, noodles, egg plant and sweet potato curry for under 10 dollars! The taste was amazing, the food fresh, the only downside was the amount of oil (maybe because the eggplants were fried), but still great food!
Oh and I tried the mocha (nice!) and cheese cake, and the cheese cake was simply one of the best vegan cakes I had the pleasure of trying. As for drinks, I tried the limonade (hm, not my cup of tea as they say) and the thai tea, which I LOVED. What can I say, I will be back... and back... and back again!

Cons: Mall can be crowded

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Non Vegetarian

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great little option for a mall in America - Edit

a really nice surprise in an otherwise unremarkable American shopping mall. was slightly disappointed to see them pour krasdale orange juice in their kale smoothie, but hey at least they had kale!

Pros: in a mall, good balanced vegan options

Cons: questionable ingredients in smoothie

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Great to find a vegan restaurant at the mall - Edit

I went here twice during my week in SF. The first time we had been shopping, but had completely forgotten Loving Hut was in the mall, and were happily surprised to find it. We went back the second time as we wanted to try other things on the menu.

I'm from the UK and finding an all vegan restaurant on the food court of a major mall is a great novelty to me. We'd been to the one in Paris and (as others have remarked) all seem to have a slightly different menu. The sandwiches are massive and very tasty with saitan and lots of veg and sauce. The second time, I had the 'buffet' trays, chow mein and potato curry. Both times we had cakes, lovely pumpkin 'cheesecake' and an oreo cake. While this was all very very good, the stand out thing for me was the avocado smoothie, clean, creamy, subtly flavoured, it was heavenly. The prices were decent, 2 sandwiches, 2 cakes, 2 drinks for around $30.

Pros: all vegan, big portions, good price

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vegan fast food - Edit

I was staying in Union Square and happy that there was a mall with a vegan fast food joint across the street! I've been to LH in New York and this one was different and I think better. There is a smaller menu, but the two items I tried - The Loving Hut Sandwich and the Grilled Philly Sandwich were great on-the-go meals. There was about a 5 minute wait for the food. The sandwich was big and filling and it came with some orange slices and coleslaw. They also sell stirfrys, desserts, and salads.

Pros: quick, in the mall, yummy

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I'm quickly becoming a fan of this place - Edit

I've been to Loving Huts in San Jose and Milpitas (close to home) and I like those a lot too. This one is in a busy mall food court and reasonably close to my workplace.

All Loving Huts seem to be a bit different from each other. This one offers a two-item buffet-style Asian food lunch in addition to some sandwiches. Think of it as a smaller Panda Express, but vegan. I usually get the brown rice, a mushroom choice (love mushrooms) and something else. Very filling.

It's quick. The servers always very sweetly warn you if you pick one of the spicy items. If you order something other than the buffet items then you get a pager and have to wait a bit.

Pros: Fast, Tasty, Friendly stff

Cons: Can be crowded

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Great Food and Location - Edit

It is a great place to go when travelling with a non-vegan as they can eat elsewhere in the food court of the mall, and it is right near the station for the tourist cable cars. I had their mocha cake, which was the best cake I've had in a while. Also I had chow mein with sweet and sour fake chicken and garlic broccoli and veggies. It was all good, but as I'm not a huge fan of chinese food in general the cake was the best part. The caramel flan was not as good, it was just silken tofu which didn't really taste that much like caramel.

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Hit the spot! - Edit

After a crazy down in downtown San Francisco, to walk into the food court and find Loving Hut was a blessing! I got a papaya salad and Thai iced tea, and it was so refreshing and light but satisfying. The menu had a lot of variety and the items on the steam table also looks delicious and fresh. Service was quick and everything was clean. I'll definitely stop back by next time I'm in the area.

Pros: Good price, Friendly staff

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Food Court Vegan - Edit

If you've eaten at any Loving Hut you know what to expect. If not it is a chain of religion motivated vegetarian restaurants that serve up a little bit of everything, but primarily Chinese fast food. Nothing spectacular, but it is good enough. And it's in the food court at the mall- pretty cool to see a vegan restaurant in this type of setting.

Pros: Food is good, Location, Cheap

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Great addition to the food court!!! - Edit

This location is situated in the food court of the popular Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre. Normally I wouldn't be jumping up an down about food court restaurants, but I'm surely jumping up and down about this one. First thing, this is a great place to go to if your traveling with someone that is not veg*n, as there are plenty of great choices for them within the food court and there are actually good options. This food court is also connected to the BART stop at Powell, so if you just got off the subway, walk on in.

As always, the employees at Loving Hut were very nice. One thing I noticed is that they didn't have the TV's broadcasting things from their religion/beliefs - although I don't have a problem with their TV station, I often have a hard time getting some friends to go to their restaurants because of it. The location is very clean, cute, and inviting as well and there were many people ordering food from here (a very good sign). I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak and absolutely fell in love - I'm not sure if I loved it so much because I hadn't eaten for over 14 hours, but wow! The sandwich itself was very flavorful, they even had a garlic flavoring on the bread, the flavor of the sauce was very well done, and the seitan was very tasty and had a great texture. The sandwich also came with a side of cole slaw (very good) and two slices of orange. Overall, this place is great and I will surely be eating here at least one more time before I leave - this is the train stop that goes back to the airport.

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SynthVegan 22 Sep 2010 - I ate here a second time and got the Loving Hut sandwich - equally as amazing!

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